Conclusive MSM PROOF The Invasion Is REAL! 🤣🤡 Hugo Talks


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  1. May as well show a paintball contest…
    “Pandemic” of bullshit and now a “war” that isnt a war…
    And a society of compliant braindead brainwashed freaks…
    All good then✊🏻

    • You know what the colours would be if it was a paintball skirmish …feckin blue and yeller!

      Good call and another incisive video Hugo!

    • My theory is the MSM are trying to throw us off the scent regarding stuff that’s coming out to do with the pandemic. I mean we got told about what the government got up to during the first lockdown then shortly after that a war breaks out. Plus if it really is so bad how on earth are the reporters keeping safe? (Ok there has been one or two fatalities but not loads) plus the technical crew how are they keeping safe? Wars happen every year so why is this one any different?

      • Hugo (assuming you exist): I was very impressed by many of the videos you posted about various aspects of the Covid pandemic, but many of your recent videos and comments just don’t ring true. What’s more, it seems to me that you are insulting the intelligence of millions of people:
        – Do you really think that 2.5 million (and counting) Ukrainians have fled their country just because they have been spooked by fake news reports? And that no missiles have been fired, no bombs dropped and nobody killed or injured?
        – Do you honestly believe that there is and has never been a Covid virus (I grant that it may well have been a result – deliberate? – of ‘gain-of-function’ experiments, and its virulency greatly exaggerated) and that nobody has been killed by it? I personally knew several who were.

  2. My kids school is yet again telling children to dress in blue and yellow on Wednesday for this bullshit, not a fucking chance!!! What the hell have school kids got to do with any of this crap????? Boils my piss!!!

  3. verified by Reuters, it must be true then .😂

  4. Absolutely agree with you Hugo all about bringing in the Great Reset

  5. Totally staged using digital footage to fake a war

  6. total fake staged war using digital enhancements and stock footage of training exercises

  7. It looks like a setup!a rubbish one at that!few actors playing games!Great Post Hugo!👍

  8. To me it looks like a Dads Army TA training exercise not a war zone. For over two years now we have seen the world’s a stage!

    • The world has been a stage since ww1.. but uh I hear ya… ww3 started on September 11th 2001 in my opinion

  9. Ivermectin? Granted that Convid as in a virus is bs. However they are inflicting symptoms (maybe via 5g radiation) that they then call convid via the fraud pcr test. Some people who are inflicted get relief from IVM. So there is conversation to be had about IVM. Interested to hear other views on this.

    • Covid is not a biological. It is a chemical. The chemical was placed onto masks, it is in the tests, and it comprises 99% of the vaccines. That chemical causes flu to pneumonia like symptoms when inhaled. The chemical you need to look up is called graphene oxide.

      They are also putting that chemical in food, water, medicines, and things like sodas. You can grind a pill, certain foods, and test the powders with a magnet. Certain pill casing can be dissolved in boiling water and tested that way. Milks can be tested by diluting them in water in a glass and checking them with a decent magnet. They are putting that stuff in everything. You should also check meats with a magnet as animals get vaccinated also.

      • The symptoms I got in March 2020 when the Nonsense started was a really annoying cough and high temp with hardly any nasal congestion, so was it the same chemical that was used on me? Is it the same shit that’s bringing on these heart attacks in young people? And do ya reckon they’re spraying this shit in some way, cause I’ve recently been getting a very sore nose just like others have described? A lot of Q’s, but what do ya think? I often wonder why my creepy landlord has been spending all day every day locked in his shed while I wander around the house breathing something in. Maybe he was warned not to be in the house on these days.

      • Jordan, you’ll get a sore nose if you’re wearing a mask!

    • I think Ivermectin is good. There are parasites that are in these jabs. I am guessing Ivermectin and hydroxochoriquin work on those.

      • Hydroxychloroquine will sort a huge host of debilitating conditions … It is a wonder drug but makes very little profit for ‘Big Pharma!’

    • Yes it’s just a complete piss take, and so amateurish as well, you made me laugh with your comments.

  10. Search for ‘chemtrails over Russia’.
    The world’s a stage.

  11. Search for ‘chemtrails over Russia’.
    The world’s a stage.

  12. You make a good point. Even in the, relatively speaking, unconnected time of the Fauklands War, with no citizen journalists with i-phones everywhere, we had more and convincing footage than we do now for the Ukraine.

  13. I agree Hugo…not too convincing at all…ALL PAPERS ..front pages…war war war like footage….people are constantly talking about it in my small home town….All l say….”lm not convinced….and walk away….

    • If they can make Hollywood movie look real they canblow up a few old buildings and make it war. To late uk looking for u 2 put them up in your lovely homes. Wtf is going on. Oh and all uk travel restrictions lifted as of the 18th March look on government Web site. I new they would do that lol. There letting in un jabbed Ukraines no visas ID yet no one can travel in or outwith tests or prove of vax. I’m so glad I stuck to my guns on this one. Never had a test never had a jab. 2 years of bollocks. Convid gone . Lol. Wars that are like paintball parks but with a few large fireworks. Oh please. These reports are getting paid for this. .

  14. That man with his head in his hand looks more like it’s been taken from star trek

  15. Why hasn’t someone, out of the millions ,seen this tobe staged ,as you from a distance and the world of video believe it to be.With the MSM one end of the spectrum and the likes of Hugo the other end somewhere in the middle lies some truth.I guess money can be made either end.Think about it!

    • I disagree, imagine if you’re that far out of reality that you’re still way off somewhere in between, I think there’s people the other end of the spectrum and that’s those that believe Trump will save the day and Putin is a good guy.

  16. Can’t agree with you Hugo on the IVM as it was shown in the Fauchi emails in 2005 that IVM worked for SARS cov 1. Lots of people were very ill in December 2019 (and were treated at home) with what was later called covid. Lots of doctors from around the world have talked about their success with it and Tess Lawrie has done a thorough meta analysis.

    • Tania, you are partly correct. I remember there was a flu outbreak in the UK in November/December 2019. It was never classified as convid. It was the flu and those months are common for flu. People were not taking Ivermectin for it because it was not a common drug in use in the UK. People took the usual cold & flu remedies.

      Lets face it, the vast vast majority of flu cases are treated at home. When did we ever get a test from a doctor to diagnose the flu? Never! Doctor would just tell you you have the flu, stay home for a few days, drink water and take paracetemol. 99.7% of the time that was effective for most of us.

      Nowadays, sheeple are running off for a pointless test with the slightest sniffle and reporting it into a database ,,, seriously wtf!

      Conditioning at its feckin best!!!

  17. Another great post Hugo, after two years of constant lies and staged bullshit people trust the msn n corrupt world leaders, not only did covid leave overnight so did common sense 💯 so glad majority of my family question everything .

  18. “Wag the Dog” anyone?….cracking good film and ahead of it’s time

    • I just watched that film recently. It’s so apt for what’s happening now.

  19. Totally agree here. Thanks for keeping us on our feet Hugo. I agree this is so bull shit. Not seen any real war footage just BBC journalists lying on the floor while people are walking around, CGI fire and smoke coming from some derilict buildings a d some aftermath possibly staged footage. Bull shit.

  20. Ivermectim what ever it’s spelt, is a cold / Flu treatment, Convid is just Cold/Flu renamed, there looking for treatments to solve the common cold / flu, the same as there pretending to be creating a jab for convid, which is the previous cold/flu and by the time the jab is out, there is a new cold/flu and it’ll be 0% effective ofcourse.

    My Kids, ex is over there, and he’s based near Hereford shall I say, but no intel yet, to verify fake war, soon maybe.

    Obviously the sheep are buying it, but 2 truthers in the gym and all the pub meet truthers are it’s fake to distract, which is so so so obvious.

    I spotted the bright blue and yellow, that’s teams for a mock skirmish, there guns looked like paint ball shooters aswell, they still go bang but paint not bullet.

    • Your spot on. I was told in October 2019 by a pharmacy that they the race was on to come up with the first life long cold and flu jab. He said the country that came up with it would be the richest country in the world. Problem was notengough people to test it on and it could take 10 years to be realised. Well looks like they found the people to test it on lol. I wasn’t 1ofthem. That was the last time I had a flu jab. March 2020 covid and after talking to that pharmacy guy it all made sense.

  21. I’m no expert but don’t you fire one mortar shell then get confirmation that it has hit the right spot before throwing another half dozen down the tube?

    • Don’t forget Ukraine armed there own people with guns . Let there very worst of the worst prisoners out of jail to fight the Russians. This isn’t war they look like they don’t even no what there doing . Even the blokes shaking his head ffs. I was sent a link to government Web sit saying all travel restrictions are being lifted from the 18th ? Have a look. X

  22. haha seriously is this the best they can come up with haha my crazy quick temper is million times more scary than this shit seriously what a let down and they actually expect this to pass as war yeah right absolutely pathetic so transparent it’s embarrassing

    • I don’t believe any of the bull shit the news the radio and tv are saying about this war and there is no way any I’m letting anyone that isn’t family coming to live in my house. No way

  23. Archive footage of an old war or some training film. Can they do nothing original?

    • why bother? so little is needed , people want to believe. same pics re different hospitals last year, in different countries, lol, movie footage, people don’t know anybody’s died of rona but ”news ” say they have therefore it’s true.

  24. Great vid. ” What are they shooting at? Squirrels?” 😂😂
    Reminds me of the “bursting hospitals” scenes. That weren’t!

  25. OMG, pure shittin myself !!! That HUGE army battalion of THREE people involved in deforestation !!! WTF …

    Can’t deny though that there is a war of sorts going on, however, is it Putin’s forces bombarding empty residential tower blocks or is Velensky doing it to create the illusion of war to twist a narrative to garner support.

    As far as I’m concerned, Washington with the EU created this! Forced Putin into it! But, how far and destructive will it reach?

  26. So is Putin with or against the World Economic Forum ? If he is with the WEF and in on this orchestrated war in the Ukraine then there is no hope and we are all doomed ! I see no light at the end of the tunnel. Putin had strong traditional family values and promoted the family unit but on the other hand imposed strict covid restrictions on his own people. So is he with or against the Globalists????

    • I so feel you. I am as confused, but could it be that Putin is somewhere “in between”? So many contradictions and paradoxes. One could get a brain hernia, if there ever was such a thing, for less.

      • How are you here yet you still think putin is actually an autonomous guy. Or any one of these puppets? 🤦‍♂️ No wonder you’re confused. Yeesh.turn off the 📺 and give all MSM a break for 6 months. Including ads. See if you’re still confused after that. If you are genuine and not some kind of shill then you have my sympathy because you must be pretty far gone to say the least. Which is of course the reason you are given “information” by the “MSM”. Hint: it’s not there to inform you🤦‍♂️

  27. Hugo it’s all about the graphite and all the other resources thay have thay are getting the people out so that can harvest the graphite and if you look at Ukraine resources you can see why thay are thay won’t to take over Ukraine for the new world order thay need these materials to get on with what their agenda look it up

  28. Most fireworks come up bigger than that. It’s all bollocks.

  29. This footage tooks like a training exercise. I don’t look at the MSM any more at all.

  30. If you want to see some blood and blurred-out images of corpses just watch RT.

  31. @davidandrewstukins , are YOU saying that people you knew died from convid??,if you are then there is a lady in Canada called Christine Massey she and her team have sent out over 170 FOIA to governments and health authorities around the world,asking for evidence that SARS-cov2 exists,as expected not one FOIA has come back with any evidence;so please get in touch with her and give details about these convid deaths your talking about,I’m sure she will be very interested…….and keep your mask on if you believe the BS LOL

  32. Looks like a regular day at my local airsoft site . Rather than real footage of combat.

    • Omg how scary.. might I ask who is wearing the red armbands?.. 🤣

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