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    • Virtue signally arseholes like the ones doing it public wise…
      People get sucked into it like the fake pandemic…
      People have no self respect for there own free will and are weak minded

  1. How many empty palaces & castles & mansions & houses & land does the parasite Liz-ard & family have? All paid for by us! With open arms? You first!

  2. They can f*** right off I don’t believe it what what it is anyway propaganda to make you go and their agenda

  3. “ YOU WILL LISTEN AND OBEY” I’m sorry but if you are falling for this bullshit for a second time around you really deserve all that’s coming your way

  4. Took the words right out of my mouth Hugo, self righteous fucking parasites

  5. I do believe Zelensky freed prisoners that were willing to take up arms against russia. Now you want to open arms. Crack on!

  6. You hit the nail on the head there Hugo gd on yi The government as you say should be doing this before anyone considering the last two years that myself and millions of other people I’ve had to go through it simply cannot be done thanks again Hugo. Speak again soon


  8. Sandi Toss-pot! How that creature ever got billed as a ‘comedian’ is a mystery to me. It’s about as funny as an orphanage burning down

  9. Should change its name to PBC Propaganda Broadcasting Corporation.

    • Fucking evil kazarians how many times have these cunts changed there name through history, killing people and stealing there identities..they really did a job on humanity with there evil banking system turning everyone into debt slaves..they don’t like Putin though because he kicked them out of Russia the same thing Hitler did in Germany..

    There’s many other countries which has been at war for years & we don’t see any campaign supporting Yemen, Israel, Palestine, etc. Where’s all the sanctions for these governments?
    Where’s the 24/7 reporting by the MSM on this?Where’s the people who want to get on a plane to go and support them? I don’t see any support of refugees in the way we’re doing with Ukraine either. The Queen opening up her palaces for them?

  11. Once you find you have a nazi in your house what thyen ?

  12. I wonder if they remember the “spare bedroom tax”? If you have a spare bedroom you will be taxed so, how is anyone, except the elites, going to have any room for anyone except their own family anyway 🤯🤬

  13. On a side note… You know Google has the auto complete function in the search bar? If you search for:

    Covid vaccine causing a – it starts giving you a list of things people have been searching for that start with the letter “a”.

    Then you can type:

    Covid vaccine causing b – etc, through the alphabet.

    In order for these to pop up as autosuggests there have to quite a lot of people searching for those phrases.

    Just thought it was interesting.

    Saw it on another video.

  14. Open your arms to a nazi blackhat gangster thats sneaking out of Ukraine before Pugin strings them up, I wouldn’t let them walk my dog.

  15. “Open your arms” to Ukranian Refugees…. where’s the “Open your arms” to UK Citizens forced into homelessness due to DV, job loss, lack of affordable housing, high cost of private renting, and LA’s who dehumanize those in need? What an utter farce, again, from these so-called celebrities. Narcissism in plain sight.

  16. Fucking sad “unfunny” has-bins! They can all go fuck themselves!
    By all accounts, these ukraines want to go back to their country when all this is over, so being put up in basic Nissan Huts within Poland should be perfectly satisfactory. But oh no, once they get a taste of what its like to live in the UK, with all its mod-cons, flatscreen tv’s, lovely food,(instead of veg broth and stale bread, and fancy new clothes instead of the hand/me-downs they have been used to, free wifi, lovely warm FREE accomodation, then do you really think they will ever want to return to the blocks of concrete flats they lived in… have you seen inside these flats?.. fecking disgusting. They live in filth. I mean, come on.. how much does a tin of magnolia and a paint brush cost? Have you seen the rancid lino and tattered bits of carpet, and 1940’s wall paper peeling off the walls?
    Trust us, they will never want to go back to that. And we will once again be left with the really old and disabled, needing really expensive stays in hospital. All at the taxpayers expense.
    We cant put them up in hotels, because they are full with the boat people from France.
    Im surprised i didnt see Lennie Henry’s ugly mug on this video. Its a joke. And not a funny joke at that!

    • Well to be brutally honest Lenny Henry only hangs his colours on just the one mast.
      No way would his ego allow him to gurn money from this.
      His crap world view would fall apart.
      Unless he was looking for a new bird.

      • Has anyone actually ever laughed at a Lenny Henry ‘joke’? Me, neither!

      • @Senga the Lying Jew Propagandist “Sir Lenworth George Henry is a British actor, comedian, singer, television presenter and writer.”

        No he isn’t, he’s a cardboard construct of the Jews – a fake. No n****r can ever be a Knight of the Realm (England). His ‘realm’ is the African Congo where his recent ancestors chucked spears at each other and then ate one another.

        “While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

        — Israel Cohen, 1912, Jewish Secretary of The World Zionist Organisation and co-founder of The Fabian Marxist Society with George Bernard Shaw and Israel Zengwill, author of “The Melting Pot” in 1910.

        That same quote in full:

        “We must realise that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

        – Quoted by Thomas Abernethy, Republican Congressman of Mississippi, June 7th 1957 during a debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1957

  17. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse FFS!!

  18. Watching these celebs is actually making me feel like being sick. Well spotted Hugo. All these slime balls in one place.

    • Just a load of virtue signalling tosspots,who you can guarantee will not be taking any Ukrainian migrants,but expect the working poor to do so,feck em

    • The only ones worse than these vacuous clowns are those who take them seriously. It’s great that all the “successful” comedians think so alike.
      What next ? …Ant or Dec’s I’m a Ukrainian, get me outta here!

  19. Football team wearing yellow and blue away kit today playing at home…
    Flags in windows, badges etc…
    Ukraine prime minster is part of the WEF that includes gates,schwab and melkna gates foundation…
    I dont believe a word of this war crap…
    Ill let other brainwashed tossers lap it up

    • Exactly….we as a Nation have been ‘held down..coersed..bullied..shamed…all in the name of ‘compliance’…quite shocking what it has done to children…a friend who’s Grandson Leo…11 yrs….Said to his Nanny…”l’m sorry Nanny l gave you Cv..”….a child should NOT feel guilty…protect elderly if needs must….but let children be children…l feel angry on so many levels…as for MSM…l simply don’t watch…pick up on varied platforms….this ‘war started 8 years ago in the annexation of Crimea…VP needed a deep sea port….

      • There was no ‘annexation’ of Crimea. They voted by a landslide to rejoin Russia.

      • I was annoyed to hear my daughter’s teacher told the whole class of 8 year olds about the “war” in Ukraine and if they were worried about it to speak up etc. I was not exposing her to it in any way, why would I. 8 year olds do not need to know what’s going on, real news or fake news!!! He practically planted the idea in their heads that they should be worried about something they have no control over or understanding of! Same with the supposed virus rubbish – they were never in danger and should not have been made to feel like they were (or that they were putting grown-ups in danger). Children shouldn’t have unnecessary weight on their shoulders. Let kids be kids!

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. I knew someone back in 2020 who works in the NHS as a mental health practitioner who told me she was going to explain to her friend’s 3 year old daughter and 18 month old son, about the C virus flying around and why it’s important to wear a mask, wash your hands and keep everyone safe like mummy and daddy and others . FFS! These kids are way too young to understand the concept of a virus, let alone how to keep mummy and daddy and others safe. That’s a terrible burden to place on young children who may end up with post-trauma symptoms, who then ask for help with their mental health, by the same people who caused their trauma symptoms in the first place.

  20. Text book sanctimonious lefties.
    Hypocrisy is the name of the game.
    Not one of them will take in a refugee.

    • Never, I repeat never, give to these fake charities, this isn’t going to any worthy cause you are further funding this whole agenda, keep your hard earned money for your family

      • I never have and never will give them a bean.

  21. We are being softened up. I can even see legislation coming to enforce this. Klaus Schwab himself gave us a big clue when he said that we are to ‘expect many more refugees in the future’ and that ‘we will have to become much more accommodating and welcoming’. That why they have the ‘census’ that the sheep all fill in because it tells them how much spare room capacity there is. No longer will the ‘boat people’ be put up in hotels they will be under your roof.

  22. Could the real agenda be to get the Ukrainian Multi-drug resistant TB well established in population so they can sell yet another mRNA genetic therapy treatment.

    • Ray….l like the way you think!…outside the box….

  23. Thomas Sheridan did a good talk about this last night. He said this is the start of giving over your home, your sanctuary, to the government. The refugees will more than likely be those people who don’t eat pork and hate dogs.

    • I follow Thomas
      Really glad you have mentioned him
      Nice one

  24. Your home will become a collective one room per family and a shared toilet comrade. If you refuse your social credit score and access to rations will cease!

  25. Well I presume these comedian’s,rich!
    and Royals who have those numerous mansions at they’re disposal!Will be queuing up!??? Will these refugees be vetted!??by the way!?

  26. It started to sound more like “hope and arms” than “open arms”. Sheep bleeting.

  27. Hugo, you really make me laugh! You’re a born comedian for the unsheepled!

  28. Yep….l will of course open my house up….WHEN..the 36,000 refugees are repatriated back to Calais….as they are languishing in ‘hotel’s up and down the country…costing the tax payer £millions per day with 3 meals ..pocket money…free medical care..and a .mobile phones….yes l would be very happy to have hard working people in our country…(if they are like Polish people…hard workers)…

    • I detest the phrase ‘hard work’. What exactly is a ‘hard’ worker? Who works ‘hard’? Why should work be ‘hard’? And how do we ‘work hard’? Don’t we just go to work and do our jobs? How can the task we perform constitute ‘hard work’? Unless we spend our days in the hot sun breaking rocks. And why should we make life harder than it has to be? Rather than praise hard work, we should use our resources and skills to make work, and life, easier. ‘Hard work’ should be seen as a problem to be solved. ‘Hard’ work is a fetish used across the political spectrum with all parties reflexively using such thought-terminating cliches as “hard-working people” and “hard-working families” which reduces people to commodities.

      • Sent a, l’m talking about the 4 guys working on a friends house…4 Polish guys..extremely good/fast/through…cash only though!…got the job done in record time for our elderly friends….now THEY did/do work hard…

      • Senga…What lm alluding to is a ‘good work ethos’…..l have worked on a ship in their ‘galley’/kitchen…..having to get those meals out at 12.00hr exactly…no ‘it’s or but’s…..

      • @Senga the Lying Jew Propagandist

        “which reduces people to commodities.

        Well you should know, that’s just how those Jew friends of yours see the gentiles (goy/cattle) and then you defend them.

      • @Ericka It depends how they are getting paid. It is not like they would be on an hourly rate or being paid a salary. Or paid to take tea-breaks all day like someone sat on their butt in a Government office. They would be hired cash-in-hand on a daily basis. And paid a pittance. But its a certainty they also claim benefits. So the taxpayer is subsiding the gangmasters. The boss man wants the job completed as fast as possible so he can move onto the next job. And if they don’t work like a dog they won’t be at work the next day. ‘In record time’ gives it away. What does that tell you? The only reason they do these crappy jobs is that they can’t get anything else. If they were offered a more cushy number they would be off like a shot. It is nothing but pure exploitation. You came across as if ‘hard work’, whatever it is, was a virtue but then go on to say that you your ‘friend’ is hiring builders cash-in-hand. The workers will be claiming benefits; the gangmaster is dodging VAT, national insurance etc. Why doesn’t your ‘friend’ hire a proper builder who treats their workers with respect, pays them properly and pays their taxes and Government dues?

      • @ Ericka When one comes to think of it, it is strange that thousands of people in a great modem city should spend their waking hours swabbing dishes in hot dens underground. The question I am raising is why this life goes on—what purpose it serves, and who wants it to continue?

        Down and Out in Paris – George Orwell

    • And why when I see a Polish person doing a job what exactly are they doing that makes them a ‘hard worker’ as opposed to a mere worker?

  29. how significant they consider themselves to be, and it’s already debilitating to consider everyone such idiots

  30. It is the woke middle-classes who are in favour of this but it won’t be homes owners who will be affected, it will be tenants in local authority/council/housing association homes who will be forced to take in ‘lodgers’ under threat of eviction. You would end up with tenants being ‘usurped’ and forced from their homes.

  31. OMG…… it’s laughable. I agree Hugo. Let the Elites take them in. Why do people not see this as pure Garbage LOL

    • If the virtue signallers take them in I’m sure they will want to return to Ukraine ASAP. Can you imagine having to be triple vaxxed, wear a mask, take a daily lateral flow test and be constantly bombarded with BLM nonsense, transgenderism, veganism, climate change and all the other bullshit these people believe in. Gawd help them!!

  32. The Phrase ” Get Stuffed ” comes to mind.

  33. Each and every one of these celebrities should take in a refugee. You cannot tell other people to do something like this and not do it yourself, and yes it is the super rich who should be addressing the country, look at all those empty rooms in Buckingham Palace.
    Everyone in this video is a complete c**t and more fool people for watching them.

  34. LOL! They couldn’t get more stupid! Yes me me me, I’ll get my face in the public again – who were most of those people anyway? Yep, they can stuff their fake refugees in their north, south and east wings. Buck palace, Sandringham, that one in Scotland etc have loads of rooms. Let Charlie and his concubine open up.
    The only ones I’m opening arms to is my family and perhaps friends if in dire need, but nobody else. They can bugger off.

  35. Anybody startin to see a pattern forming here with all these conflicts one after the other causing mass migration of people.we have hundreds commin from france every week which the government are doin jack shit about, and then we had thousands from afghanistan when the US pulled out now they are after bringing at least a hundred thousand from ukraine.

    We have just come out of the scamdemic which left us 400billion in debt at least. I think somebody is take the piss out of the taxayer here. The cost of livin is goin through the roof and we have a housing shortage already and they just keep pilin more and more refugees in.

    • Exactly….nobody culpable…..slippery Governments….all puppets of a much ‘higher order’….

  36. How quickly people can be divided down to us and them. If there are any migrants coming here then we should be focusing on WHY they are coming and who is RESPONSIBLE for it. My bet is 100% of those people who are whining about immigrants coming here that if the shoe was on the other foot they would be first on the bus out of there. Nothing seems to get people fighting between themselves as good as the old ‘immigrant’ shite. They convince people we can’t house everyone. we can’t feed everyone, we can’t treat everyone, why? they have no problem burning hundreds of millions of £’s worth of redundant PPE, 15.000 pallets a month being burnt.

    Let’s us focus on the fact the evil people are sending guns, ammunition, bombs, military training, money, mercenaries and destabilising spooks to countries to deliberately destabilise them. They are destroying the country then telling the people they should leave and making it easy for them, why? The reason is they need a massive change in this region to enable the region to become part of The Army of The North to for fill the prophecy.

    Poor people are not our enemy, our enemy is satan and he knows exactly how to poison us to fall to petty division.

  37. Mindless zombies will be regurgitating this shit! Yep there falling for it yet again!

  38. They vet you but not the people you offer a home to – are you sure government !

  39. Couldn’t resist:

    Title could’ve been: Hugo First 🌚🤓☺️

  40. I will personally greet them and will have my arms raised high with both middle fingers standing to attention. FUCK OFF YOU BBC CUNTS.

  41. I remember similar bullshit a few years ago with Syrian refugees. Nicola Sturgeon for one said she would be happy to take in a refugee. Plenty of other high profile people.

    Can anyone find these video clips, and we can have them ready.

    Look! Nicola said she wants refugees! And Gary Linekar. We can get ready in advance and play them at their own game

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