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    • “Lol … exactly..
      People are so gullible it’s actually ridiculous isn’t it!

      Hope u doing ok …
      Have nice evening now

      • Its amazing how the common cold has frozen peoples brains😀…
        I pity them with there face nappys on avoiding others with nothing wrong with them😀
        There pathetic…

      • Hi Janie LOL Yes you have to laugh and make light of it, if only as a defence mechanism. You have a good evening too.

      • @Tim These days, if they’re wearing a mask, I get up as close as I can, just to test their reactions, especially in check out queues LOL.

      • I like going up to the mask wearers and saying,you do realise covid is over now Boris said so and wait for there reply…

    • Thank you

      Yes my sense of humour is defo carrying me through!

      Have good one

    • Not paralysed yet? Fancy some myocarditis? Looking forward to getting some clots? Roll up get yer boosters here.

    • I said that today ‘on line’s to someone….’Spike Protein…Graphene Oxide..check it out!…ffs be informed…then make your decision…

      • When your brain is as washed as theres it blocks the normal/intelligent part of it….
        Or the face clamp has shrunk it with all there own chemicals they breath in…

  1. They can piss right off if they think we are going down that bs road again!!! I want war!! Not with any people but against governments!!

  2. Yes, the public will follow the yellow-blue, brick road.
    Imagine what problems with the supply lines would a war+”health” restrictions will bring. As mister klaus the evil turtoise has said 2022 is the year of the great reset, then we will have, probably in 2025 the great narrative.
    Buckle up folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride

    • I’m thinking they may use the excuse of a leaked bio-weapon from a Ukraine biolab as the excuse for the next, big plandemic, as promised by Billy Goats.

      • Yes that would fit so well Lab leak and a War they must be jumping up and down with excitement.

      • Do you know….lm getting the ‘jist’ of this .propaganda thing!…lm losing ‘friends’ though…each question seems to be ‘loaded?….just not confident enough to ask the REAL question…..the ‘great divide ‘. has started…as a Mother/Grandmother..l have to navigate my course very very carefully….

      • I like the way you think….spot on l say….

  3. Two things. The Lancet has published a paper saying the PCR test doesn’t work. We knew it didn’t but for them to say it out loud is a bit of a milestone. Gives the lie to everything.
    However, just had a letter from my local hospital saying I should have a 4th jab. I haven’t had any but just made me think, they’ve still got massive stocks going out of date so they’re trying to claw back some money before Pfizer drops out of the stock exchange.

    • Any letter i had i wiped my arse on it…
      Makes better use of it

    • Check it out….Pfizer had executed its release from New York Stock Exchange this week…..

      • I can’t find a reputable source for this. It appears to be doing the rounds on ‘conspiracy sites’. But I did find this. Nothing to do with Pfizer but a de-listing of a company in preparation for a Pfizer takeover. ‘Conspiracy sites’ are NOT to be trusted. They are full of crap.

        ‘Arena Pharma ticks higher on Nasdaq delisting notice for Pfizer deal
        Mar. 08, 2022 9:08 PM ET

        Arena Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ARNA) rose 1.1% in after-hours trading after a Nasdaq delisting notice indicated the company’s last trading day would be Thursday due to the completion of its sale to Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE).

        The merger is tentatively scheduled to close prior to the market open on Friday, according to the Nasdaq delisting notice. In anticipation of the closing, the stock will be halted following the after-hours session at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

        The notice comes after a Dealreporter story on Monday said Arena’s planned $100/share sale to Pfizer Inc. (PFE) won’t require a longer review from the Federal Trade Commission. The waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) act for the deal is expected to expire on Wednesday without a second request from the FTC. The shares gained 5.4% in trading on Tuesday following the story
        The FTC nod is important as it’s the last remaining regulatory approval needed to clear the $6.7B acquisition before it can close.’

  4. Same lies and bollocks yet again…
    Let the braindead plebs have the jabs…
    Cant stomach even being round them with there virtuous attitude and with the ukraine thing as well…
    Kind of funny how they rush to doctors to get a jab for a cold though😀

  5. Yes Easter…..and on the 22nd April it is EARTH DAY The Pope will be announciating how we must all take care of Our World For the Greater Good…now what could they decide we should do…ummm restrictions on travel Carbon Tax maybe.

  6. Hi from Ireland. Thanks for this Hugo.Have heard people here talking about another wave and lockdown again. Yet as far as I know maybe I’m wrong ‘but Ireland talking about taking in hundred thousand Ukrainians and far as I know less than 40% of Ukrainians not vaccinated. Again maybe my info isn’t correct. But something to think about.

  7. Next scraiant will be the “It was the Russians wot did it, init”

    And people will believe it. Until the last 2 years I hadn’t realised how utterly dumb huge swathes of the population are.

    It’s frightening.

  8. A joke, hotels signing up all over the country to take Ukrainians and closing to guests.more lockdowns and shitty injections on the way .when will the Irish wake up,I would say never.

  9. It’s not a new variant well obviously, but it’s also not a new cold, been tracking this for a few days, it’s the same cold and it’s reinfecting people that have previously had it and it’s affecting them worse, as there no longer able to fight colds or create antibodies to counter them.

    Double the FEAR, Sheep friend I thought I’d got back, the fear level sucked her back into full sheep mode again.

    Someone I know at the gym, had bacterial lung infection, treated, back to gym, been missing for a few weeks, he’s self isolating as his immune system is bolloxed, surprise surprise, yep he’s got VAIDS!! FFS!! My first, not going to be my last.

    People will start dying big time soon, either from the previous very mild cold, or when another cold / flu goes around August area, maybe Flu November, then all the jabbed will be self isolating and still dying.

    This year is shaping up to be UGLY!!!!

    Could Postpone Top Gun 2 aswell even worse 🙁

  10. Perhaps all the sheep ought to have the final injection; it does work, and yhey are put to sleep

  11. Spot on Hugo.
    They are all using the same agenda and here we go again now trying to frighten us with more cases and variants. We have been here before so can get through this just stick to what you believe in everyone.
    People here still wearing masks will be terrified 🤭 if Ukraine people are coming here from a country which has the lowest or at least a very low jab uptake. They will be forever in masks 😂 Just shows it’s not necessary to be jabbed if they are asking us to have them in our homes.

    • Shirley….I have to say my son RAF… back from skiing…somewhere?…feeling unwell…flu type symptoms?…l say ….”Just a cold maybe?”…

      • I’ve had no jabs and have had a head cold for a month now. Lots of people I know are the same both jabbed and unjabbed. I do wonder if they have been putting shit out in the skies as I’m seeing many planes with suspicious clouds forming over my house. Was never one to believe in chemtrails but have been researching recently and think it’s a possibility. I hope your son gets better soon.

  12. The same is happening in Italy, early talks about a new variant and all the worst restrictions still going on

  13. Hmmmm, this crap is definitely one to keep an eye on and one to watch out for……..

  14. Well that’s my laugh for the day!oh what a circus!oh what a show! as Victor Meldrew would say!Bs!I mean! I don’t believe it!

  15. Fuck the sheep…let em get the next round of nanoparticles injected into there sheep arms….IM SO PROUD IM OF PURE BLOOD

    • I know how hard Kevin it has been to navigate your way through this nightmare….loss of friends…family being more remote…(psychologically that is)….a pure blood l am too….l was told the other day…..”why don’t you just go and have the jab for f##k. sake!!”….l have been married to my husband for many many decades…there is such anger around… is fear..

      • Ericka – you’d think the fact you haven’t perished from a scary virus by now without the “protection” of 3 jabs would be proof enough that you don’t need to rush to “go and get the jab ffs” 😬???
        We are living proof it’s rubbish, probably why they don’t want millions of purebloods walking around, it spoils the narrative.

  16. And the sheep will all get their 4th jab.
    Reminds me of the old saying.

    The sheep spend their entire lives being afraid of the wolf, only to be eaten by the shepherd.

  17. Girl in the shop, son’s been sent home, had a headache, can’t go back to PCR BS test negative, she’s pissed off obviously. Why are schools still doing this crap and ruining peoples education FFS!

    She also realised, that Convid is exactly the same as colds in previous years, odd that. 🙂 There is hope, ofcourse she’s triple jabbed then had Convid, so kinda too late 🙁

    Spike Protien is BS, it’s just Graphene Oxide and the mRNA coding, makes your body make more, 1 year on, your still making it to replace what’s lost which means still doing immune system damage, possibly for ever even off 1 jab. More jabs increases the odds and speeds up the process mind.

    • Tell her even if they jump through the hoops and get a negative pcr, the school won’t ask for proof of it. Total farce.

  18. Hey you guys, how is everyone here? Hope you’re all ok. Just wanted to say that I noticed the other day that it clearly says on Co-op thick bleach that it kills coronavirus! So there you have it folks, the proof that absolutely nobody needs to be jabbed, all we need is good old thick bleach to keep our homes clean!!! Well who would have thought it eh!!! lol!!!!!! All those people who have had their lives ruined for something they never should have had, a fact that we are all fully aware of here! Personally I think that all those involved in this scamdemic should be executed by electric chair or a lethal injection, seeing as they are so fanatical about needles in arms! The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bouria should be first, and then the CEO of Moderna to follow him!

    • Doesn’t / Can’t survive on surfaces anyway so no point, like all colds / flu’s it’s airborne and always way, because it’s just a cold / flu renamed.

      The TOTAL FUCKING ASSHOLE, who spread those lied, spread exactly the same lies in the 80’s about HIV, yep Fauci, need killing many times and very slowly.

    • Hi Carolyn!

      I’d been wondering how you were doing. Hope all ok 👍

    • Hey…
      Great to see you back!
      Hopefully you recovering nicely.

      World has gone Nuts Carolyn!
      And now bleach is going to save the day 🙄

      Have great day now

    • AND Schwabstika, Billy Goates, Sorarse, just before All of the politicians that have been in it up to their necks !

  19. They are starting to come up with the reports of ‘rising cases’ because it will enable them to ‘justify’ the push to roll out the 4th jab. If people think that covid is likely to cause another round of deaths then they will probably go for the jab again (although obviously it never caused any deaths originally but the bbc like to continue to spout their misinformation)

  20. @Senga, Check it out with Pelosi, she’s red hot on share prices.

  21. Packed Tube train ?? Aint Transport for London screaming out for government bailouts & customers / commuters to use thier trains tubes busses dlr ect ect all running empty……….
    Suprise,, Suprise a full carrage of blue & Yellow wearing ACTORS with thier fanny pads on thier gobs { Photoshoot oppertunity time }
    It’s all bollocks — Dont Forget Sadiq Khan mayor of London , head of tfl , Is on the world economic forum –
    Sadiq Khan. Mayor of London, City of London. About Us. Our Mission · Our Impact · Leadership and Governance · Our Partners · Sustainability · History … Sadiq Khan | World Economic Forum
    Search results for ‘Sadiq Khan’
    TFL Search results for ‘Transport for London’
    Welcome to the Magic Roundabout

  22. “Local News: World Health Organization Keeping Eye on Omicron Subvariant
    Feb 24, 2022 | 11:18 AM” Atlantic Canada Local News Station. (VOCM)

  23. They can shove their clot shot , death causing injection.

  24. They’re doing the same thing here in Australia. NSW Health want restrictions again! We STILL have no jab no job and covid pass to get into venues here in Australia! Unvaxxed still cannot leave the country!

    • It’s very suspicious why when countries have lifted restrictions, Australia hasnt 🤔

      • Hi Teresa

        Thing is they say lifted
        But non jibbed can’t go anywhere in many countries still.

        Australia have been absolutely hit hard it’s Disgusting!

        Now they want to allow people from different countries coming to England & Ireland like it’s no problem all of a sudden & have these strangers be put in our personal spaces –
        our homes?!

        None of it makes sense
        It never has to me personally

        Because in my 50 years there has always been some kind of ‘Agenda’ being Pushed,Forced upon us in our countries to cause poverty, distress & destruction.
        It’s messed up!

  25. This new variant “one to watch” could be the final out come of those that have been vaccinated.

    • We’re thinking along same lines. I’ve said all along that they’ll need to find a cover if many that have taken the jabs die.

  26. The phrases used ‘one to watch and ‘keep
    An eye on all remind me of the peeky boo club, the all seeing eye. Just one eye and keep an eye on.

  27. Hugo, do you probably know that, about the Jacques Attali interview, that was years ago… I read that 1 year ago, in Russian but I was “fascinated” to read that in English!.. So,this is what he said..
    “The future will be about a finding a way to reduce the population… Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps.
    We get rid of them by making them believe, it is for their own good… We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful succumb to it.
    The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment, that will be the solution.
    The selection of the idiots will be therefore be done by itself : they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.. “

    • Hi dina…thanks for info on Jacques Attali …..that is very interesting !!! Hmmn….
      Thanks as always hugo 🙂

    • This is pure bunkum, yet people who should know better keep spreading it.

      In May 2021, many English-language social media users encountered a quote ostensibly written by Jacques Attali, a French economist who served as a counselor to President François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1991, in which he supported the mass killings of the “old” and “stupid” via a global pandemic:

      This quote, which seems to suggest that a human-made pandemic would kill old people while a nefarious vaccination would kill stupid people, was not written by Attali.

      This quote (reproduced below) does not appear anywhere in Attali’s memoir “Verbatim,” which reproduces various conversations between Mitterrand and other world leaders. In fact, we found no mention of a pandemic in this book.

      The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population … of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good… we will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself. They will go to the slaughterhouse alone.

      This is not the first time Attali has been accused of supporting euthanasia, and it is not the first time that a false, misleading, or misattributed quote has been offered as evidence for this accusation.

      CheckNews, the fact-checking arm of the French newspaper Liberation, wrote about a similar fake quote that was circulated in 2017. That fake quote supposedly came from an interview published by journalist Michel Salomon in his 1981 book “l’Avenir de La Vie” or “The Future of Life.”

      In that case, the viral Facebook text included a few brief sentences from Attali’s interview, but the majority of the passage (including the parts about a pandemic) were fabricated. Check News wrote:

      This call for the reduction of the world population is apocryphal. Only two sentences are authentic and indeed emanate from Jacques Attali: the one on the cost of the sixty-year-olds to the society cited above [“But as soon as we pass 60/65 years, man lives longer than he produces and then costs society more”], and another according to which “it is much better that the human machine stops suddenly rather than deteriorating. gradually”. They appear in a 1981 interview book, l’Avenir de la vie (Seghers editions) in which Jacques Attali is interviewed by journalist Michel Salomon.

      However, the economist does not plead for generalized euthanasia. Rather, he speaks out against an infinite lengthening of the life, after having exposed some thoughts on the interest of the leaders and the companies in that people live long, according to their state of health.

      The AFP also examined this quote in an article published in May 2021. The AFP noted that Attali was asked during his interview with Salomon about whether it would be “possible and desirable to live 120 years.” Attali gave a lengthy answer to the question and while he concluded that euthanasia may be a tool of future societies, he does not advocate for the killing of the elderly. In fact, in 1984 Attali won a defamation case against a medical journal that accused him of supporting euthanasia for the elderly.

      Attali told the AFP that the viral FB posts are “totally made up” and “nowhere close to the initial text.”

      In summation: Attali has spoken about the possibility of euthanasia becoming a tool for future societies, but he has not advocated the mass killing of elderly people. Misleading, out-of-context, and fabricated quotes related to this issue have been misattributed to Attali since the 1980s. In 2021, a modern twist was added to these misleading euthanasia quotes as social media users inserted language related to a pandemic.

  28. Luke oneil is a wanker! Never looks at the camera and always has a smart ass smile on his horrible mush

  29. more jabs on the way for the gullible and more persecution for the unvaccinated.I just hope enough people are awake to just say no.

      • I think those of us who haven’t been arm speared by now are resolute. Plenty who had one or two jabs in the hysteria and now regret it are joining us to say “no more” too!

  30. A Quebec restaurant had threats for serving a classic local dish called Poutine. They’ve renamed it now to appease the snowflakes. Along with pouring away vodka they’ve already paid for, the world is nuts.

    • price of vodka has gone up where i am. as has petrol, milk and so on. amazed they’re still selling it.

    • In any other era, I would think this story was nonsense but sadly no more.
      We are living in crazy times and they are only going to get crazier…

  31. Trey will pretend there was a lab leak from one of the Bio labs in Ukraine due to a Russian attack. That lab leak infected lots of Ukrainians without them knowing then said Ukrainians were shipped around the world to infect other nations. Why such a push to take in Ukrainians ? I can’t think of another conflict which has got this response (maybe Kosovo) when the U.K. imported lots of Muslim guys. I think this could be a false super spreader event A being played out.

  32. Good morning everyone, and bless you all so very much!!! Aww how I have missed you all so very much, and yes it’s great to be back here again, joining in the discussions!! I’m recovering gradually thank you my darlings for asking. Taking it really gently and slowly, gradually getting stronger, and it was lovely to go walking outside with my hubby for the first time a couple of days ago. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to go with him to our local co-op where all the lovely staff made us very welcome. Aww I just wanted to give them all a great big hug!!! Yesterday was lovely too, as I spent the afternoon with my dear Dad, playing 2 games of Scrabble and watching a DVD. Very relaxing and great to be doing normal stuff again, and I’m feeling very happy this morning! I’m hoping to go to church tonight with my hubby, where I will just sit throughout the service taking it very gently. Really been missing my friends there so very much, it would be so wonderful to get back tonight if I can. Really missing playing my piano and organ there, just want to get back to playing again really soon. I have to say that I’ve been so completely overwhelmed by everyone’s love and support through my illness, and everyone praying for me has made all the difference in the world!! When I get back to church, I will ask our new Vicar, Ben, if I can give a very brief thank you speech to our Church Family to thank them all for their loving support and prayers. There will be lots of tears and hugs for all! My emotions are going bang right now!!!!!!!! Anyway God bless you all, and may you all have a real good Sunday. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Bless you Carolyn

      Have great rest of your day & evening ❤️

    • Pleased for you, Carolyn. Glad to hear the good news and that you and your family are in high spirits! X

  33. Totally agree with you Michael. I’ve had no jabs either. Flu jabs and everything is absolute garbage, I always avoid it all as I know it’s a filthy scam, and as for this despicable world wide roll out of the convid shit, somebody really needs to intervene and put a stop to it immediately! The problem is that Big Pharma is totally protected from liability by the Governments everywhere, so that’s why they are carrying on jabbing. They’re getting away with it, and it’s truly horrifying how they’re pushing the second booster. Janie you are absolutely right this world has gone completely totally insane!!! The truth is being hidden, so Big Pharma believe they’re invincible, and they are so high as a kite drunk on all the endless flood of profit, raking in billions that they won’t stop! Now that the evidence is coming out that Pfizer wanted buried for 75 years, I really hope that will change everything and that justice will be done for all the victims of this evil crime. We’ve all just gotta stay strong everyone and live our lives as best we can, very difficult to do I know. Thank goodness we have each other here, and we can stand strong together, supporting each other. May God bless you all today, every day and night. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Well said Carolyn…There is some pressure at the top of pfi###…the CEO is saying he was ‘pressured’ at some point of the ‘development’….someone will be a ‘scapegoat’…Let the Trials begin!’…the damaged people via the US ..VARES..system just revealed:- Dec 2020 > March 2022….25,000 people have died
      Serious injuries..203,000
      The on going damage to young men…young women and their reproductive system…lt will become clearer soon….’le Mal et Fait’…..the damage is done……

      • Someo low level pharmacist will take the blame.
        Remember the 2008 financial crash?
        One guy went to prison.
        Some poor Asian guy trading from home using a software to set multiple trades that he cancelled!!
        Chris Whitty over ruled the JVCI (1st time in history) and children died. He got a MBE!!
        Check Daily Expose article by Dr Vernon Coleman.

    • Shows how ignorant and thick people are to fall for this pandemic shit the last couple of years…
      They are devoid of common sense and logic…
      They make me puke actually especially the ones getting there children jabbed…

  34. will there be a st pat parade this year, all in blue, and yellow?!
    then back to ….

    • Lol

      That’s made me laugh because it’s all gone so Loony… who knows with them?!!

      my parents got married on St Pats day.

  35. Due to the wave of sympathy for the Ukraine, Germany is now picking up “refugees” directly at the Eastern Polish border. Trains and busses.
    While the Ukrainian refugees are mostly women, children and elderly people, there are also what the German interior minister calls “Ukraine related” refugees and also “Students from other nations who lost their papers”.
    Not surprisingly, all healthy young men with a rather dark complexion and who, during their time of studying in the Ukraine, managed to not pick up the local language.
    So all those who think they might get an Ukrainian woman and her child to stay with them may be up for an interesting turn of events.

    • I keep telling people the scam is isn’t over. It is my prediction that the Russia/Ukraine war will be be over in two-weeks, perhaps Putin will be assassinated- and calls for fourth jabs and masks will intensify. Over the past week nonsense scientific studies have been published that covid causes shrinkage of the brain, the C.D.C study that despite all the vaccine-related deaths in the U.S. that U.S. insurers are kicking-off about, that has ‘proved’ there is no link to the vaccine. Optimists tell me I’m wrong when I suggest there will be a variant surge in the autumn and restrictions next winter.

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