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  1. Interesting point. How come they planned it so perfectly? It was planned when Ukrainians adopted their blue and yellow flag or they chose Ukraine to be attacked because it was aligned with the UK coronavirus information colours?

  2. Can anyone tell me the source of the music in this colour programming video, it’s so good and very fitting

  3. It’s by design but not why everyone here thinks it is. It’s a colour wheel thing. The blues are opposite orange and yellow which means when you put blue next to orange or yellow you get the best contrast of opposing colours.

    I have several pieces of blue clothing with orange or yellow features such as zips. Doesn’t mean the designer was wanting to subliminally program me into supporting Ukraine, does it?

    • Yes, yellow and blue are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. They cancel each other out. That is why blue light makes teeth appear whiter.

    • Yes, yellow and blue are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. They cancel each other out (highest contrast). That is why blue light makes teeth appear whiter.

  4. Can anyone please tell me the music source in this video

  5. Hey brilliant video! It took me a day or two to recall similar past virus/colour associations.
    There was a certain Ebola Green –
    Also the “official” image of the Covid virus – – this colour scheme was carried into the news studio design and I noticed this audience at a Trump rally!! There is probably more it was a while since ago I noticed these.

  6. Heres one, watched new 2019 Aladdin last night… n wow, not sure if just me but looks like a fair bit of programming going on there..?. not seen the original one in a while but seems changed colours of a lot of things if you get me.. anyone else seen n think the same?

  7. They could have chosen any colours, why these 🤔 The Americans had a secret list of countries they planned to invade Iraq was one of them. Nothing happens by chance when we have wars. They are carefully planned because it takes billions and billions. Countries in the west were not surprised by this, in fact they made sure it happened by using the media with their anti Russian rhetoric. That’s to set up your minds to follow the path they want you to take. It’s the same thing with the fake pandemic. This is called the amplification spiral it happens over a few months and you know nothing about it unless you study social science and see the patterns.

  8. Blue and green should never be seen… Nika riots . Elements of the blue took the money ( yellow bellies ) . Psycho colour cowardice programming…

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