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  1. Russian banks have switched to Chinese Union pay and they will never switch back. This is part of the process of switching currency control and financial services to China under the guise of conflict. The west is a donkey led by jackals.

    • I agree with your post, but you misspelled jack@$$e$.

      • Poster said jackals… so not a misspelling

    • You are bang on target,it’s the financial take down of the west and most western Muppets are cheering on the destruction

    • @stewtrust All smoke and mirrors, for it’s all controlled and financed by The Rothschild Jews – they control both the Russian and Chinese central banks. Jews started Communism in China just as they started it in Bolshevik Russia!

  2. The crazier this world gets the more people will wake up to it. When that happens, and it will, the narrative will crumble!

  3. Sorry Hugo can’t share on Twitter it blocked me auto matic and I banned on fbook

  4. Another testing ground for ‘The Great Reset’

  5. Hugo I’ve shared best I could through emails

  6. Currency is the new weapon. First used on Canadian truckers.

    • And to think they used to say “the tills can spread infection and the notes”…
      Yeah like fuck they ever did but these compliant shit heads believed it all the last 2 years of a blatant scam..

    • Cashless society and loss of all freedoms on the way sooner than you know thanks to the (always intended) covid bullshit and the absolute idiots who complied and have allowed all this to happen by getting jabbed, tested etc.

      • Pete E The far bigger problem is the plebs and proles using credit cards and debit cards instead of cash. The dumb people, who can see no further than the end of their noses, are their own worst enemy – more stupid than stupid.

  7. World jewry!! Declaring financial war on Russia.. Same happened to Germany 1934..
    “History repeating!” Nothing new under the sun”
    God bless! Christ is king!

  8. It is often difficult to add to Hugo’s videos but yes, this is more than about punishing Russia for the reasons Hugo illustrates. One of the agendas with Convid was the take down of society and the world as we know it which they have not achieved, so they have to keep going elesewhere.
    It is frightening how easy it is to shut banks / services etc down. Anybody who supports this is a fool, it could be your account etc that gets shut down in the next agenda.

  9. Agree entirely Hugo.

    Murray Lambell, Head of eBay UK sent the “community” a note recently. It reads as follows.

    “To our eBay community,

    Along with the rest of the world, we have been horrified by the events of the last week. The crisis in Ukraine has shocked and saddened all of us and we support those affected.

    To support the humanitarian effort on the ground in Ukraine, we are raising funds for the British Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

    eBay has made an initial donation of £150,000 and will be supporting all employees raising money through employee matched fundraising. As an eBay customer, we wanted to highlight how you can get involved if you wish to.

    There are two ways you can donate to the emergency appeal through eBay for Charity and we will match all funds raised up to £150,000*:

    By donating via Give at Checkout** when you shop

    If you’re selling items on eBay, you can donate between 10-100% of the proceeds to the British Red Cross
    Alternatively, you can make a direct donation to the appeal by following this link.

    Looking at how we can support our global community, we’ve taken action to:

    Suspend all selling fees for users in Ukraine to alleviate any cash flow pressures caused by events out of their control

    Suspend all international deliveries to Ukraine and Russia since 3rd March to protect buyers and sellers impacted by shipping disruptions

    If you would like to understand more about the humanitarian work the British Red Cross is doing and support its efforts, please click here.

    Our thoughts are with anyone affected by this crisis and we hope our actions as a company will help the British Red Cross in providing essential humanitarian support”.

    This leads me to question why Lambell and co wasn’t “horrified” when thousands of Russians were being killed in 2014. I certainly don’t recall him seeking humanitarian aid from members, which suggests, least to me, that there is an agenda here that isn’t in the best interest of humanity as a whole.

  10. So what will happen if Russia switches off the gas supply

  11. Sadly for the neo-liberal fascist Globalists, this plan to hurt ordinary Russians is never going to work. For some time Russian debit and credit cards also include NSPK internal National Payment Card System Russia developed in 2014.

    For Russians travelling abroad, Russian banks have been issuing new cards which additionally adopt the Chinese UnionPay card operator system.

    As for PayPal, if Russia hasn’t got at least one of their own PayPal equivalents, they soon will.

    As for the SWIFT bank messaging system, again Russia developed her own a few years back. For international messaging they’re already using the Chinese CIPS equivalent. SWIFT currently has around 11,000 internationally trading banks registered accounting for approx $7 trillion worth of transactions a year. CIPs on the other hand has approx 1,200 banks registered but accounting for $17 trillion worth of global transactions.

    Russia is very used to our western sanctions. For some years she’d already ‘game planned’ all these fairly obvious sanctions.

  12. Hugo, although we know all this hype is a fabricated illusion, the fact is, the jewish bankers have in the 19th century planned to engineer 3 world wars necessary to establish a global dictatorship; according to them, it will be only when the world will be in total chaos that they will be able to present their ‘messiah’ to the world .. 9/11, a Mossad job, was the Initiation of phase 3 of that plan…
    So these luciferian cabalist jewish bankers are and will use this Ukraine ‘war’ to prepare some of the last conditions to unleash that WW3; one sign that hugely caught my attention was getting to know that Roman Abramovic is desperate to sell his Chelsea FC – in normal conditions he would never do that because 1) it’s a good way to whitewash his millions and billions and 2) he loves the club.
    Research Albert Pike’s 19th century plan for the engineering of 3 world wars, research the letter he wrote to freemason friend Giuseppe Mazinni, and also research Lenin quote on these same 3 world wars.

  13. People don’t seem to realise that these sanctions against Russia are not a one way street, it will ripple out through the rest of the banking sector around the world and cause us all pain.

    On top of that, apart from oil and gas, Russia are the no.1 wheat exporter in the world, shipping almost 44 million tonnes per year, Canada is second and USA 3rd, and between canada and USA they ship a combined total of c.45 million tonnes. Ukraine is 5th with 16 – 17 million tonnes.

    The top 20 wheat exporters ship about 180 million tonnes – Russia and Ukraine account for 1/3rd of that worldwide total.

    Not only are oil and energy prices going through the roof, wheat futures also are going through the roof, so HUGE food cost increases are headed our way as well now.

    Idiots cheer on sanctions against Russia but are too dim to realise they are also sanctions against ourselves and will push so many people into poverty they won’t even be able to afford a loaf of bread.

    • This is why I’ve been stocking up on Flour!
      Totally agree. There is only one way to stop this and it needs to be done quickly

      • Hope it is Organic Flour – grown by Certified Organic Farmers. If not then you are probably supporting the chemical companies and farms, etc that are making a mess of the planet.

      • @guaranteedcarfinancesite And ALL hybridised wheat (since the 1950’s) which is not good for you, and lacking many of the necessary amino acids, plus today it’s all poisoned, it being Round-Up Ready (Glyphosate) toxic garbage.

      • Einkorn is ‘Biblical’ wheat – ‘Give us today our daily bread’. Modern wheat is genetically manipulated ‘Frankenwheat’. Visually ‘Biblical’ (un-modified) wheat has a tall stalk, and modern-day wheat has a short stalk. Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for inventing ‘Frankenwheat’. which he developed in response to a growing world population and the need to find a cheap and plentiful source of food.

      • Trouble is with flour it doesn’t have a long shelf life 🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. If you want to stop anything, then stop Ukrain from handing out Kalashnikovs to it’s people: “Kalashnikov is Russian made weapon, Нет?

  15. It has come to a time in history that people need to be aware the banks are not your friend and they never were. They could care less if you have the ability to move your money, the swift system was stolen some time ago by the yanks and is now used as a weapon to punish people because it’s controlled by the failing dollar. From the closure of accounts in Kanaduh to now isolating Russia people should have figured out they can turn you off whenever for whatever they want, because you speak your “Free” mind or have a cause
    They are now setting us up for Govt controlled CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), this has the power to leave you with 0 control of your finances and freedom if you want freedom from the banking mafia start transacting with Monero, Wownero, Pirate Chain and Dero which are 100% private and can not be traced or tracked by anyone, be aware Bitcoin does not provide any privacy what so ever and is only to be use to purchase these privacy coins.
    When you stop using their fiat crap money they will fail. they rely on us using their printed money to stay afloat

    • @Alex Very true, but the only way you’re going to get a new USURY FREE currency is through a new leader in the order of Adolf Hitler who transformed the German economy virtually overnight, by stripping the Jew banksters of their corrupt money power.

    • Thank you Alexs for a good post. As you rightly wrote the dollar is in a shit place. This is one of many reasons the American government needs a war to strength the dollar. I personally think they have missed the boat. Eastern Asia is already leaving the dollar as a trading currencies. At some point the USA will panic and try and go all out to maintain there control.Its plainly obvious they want to create a war in Europe with Russia. I hope more see what is being done to save the dollar.

  16. The primary objective of sanctions it to make life so difficult for people that they will turn on their own governments. In the case of Russia, ostensibly the purpose of sanctions is to cause the Russian people to overthrow Putin. The reason it will never happen is because the majority of Russians are aware that the west is bent on their destruction.

    Russia has been living with sanctions for many years now and as result their economy is practically self sufficient. To me it seems that the sanctions on Russia will be the death knell of western economies which have already been substantially weakened by governments actions to supposedly combat Covid. This is in line with the objectives of the Great Reset.

  17. Don’t the Russians control our gas supplies and this is the reason for the fuel price hike? RIP Western Nations.

    • I did point out the other day, if you go to the Gridwatch website, click on ‘meters’, you can clearly see where our power comes from. On a cold day, when there is little wind or sun, it’s scary to see how much gas we are using.

  18. I don’t remember this being talked about in any other war. Did they talk about this with Iraq? How is Russia getting on with the occupation; have they knocked out the infrastructure? Electricity, water supply, food supply? What is the goal again?
    Anyway; as long as we’re thinking about credit cards. Can you imagine if that happened here?…….OH MY GOD!

  19. Geee just watching the Show `The Big Bang Theory` “The Plimpton Stimulation” S3: E21 unbelievable and i can`t unsee it!

  20. It’s strange that although Telegram is Russian owned, they have blocked RT news channel!

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