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  1. 1:34 The Chinese guy, bottom right, is always popping up on the BBC. The one bottom left one may be Michael Mosley, another BBC stalwart, but the picture isn’t clear enough.

    • I’ve noticed a few Mandrin collars being worn by MSN news reporters. One woman looked like she’d come straight out of a Star Trek movie. Werid Al’s “Everything you know is wrong” comes to mind, (check out the lyrics, the clue is the nehru jacket.)

  2. Talking of building ‘digital prisons’. The adverts for EE broadband state that you can have up to 100, yes, 100, devices connected in your home.

    • And my son in law thinks I’m crazy for having a prepaid phone with tracking device turned off and turned off on my computer as well !

  3. Thank you for the update video Hugo and also to Julie for the research.
    On your original video about this story I posted a comment with a link to an article I found about it. It gave more photos. But it gave their `apparent` backstory as well. It simply said that the husband was a software engineer. Obviously now we know he is far more than just that. The wife had an interest in Ukraine because her brothers had been conscripts in the war in Iraq.

    I jokingly said in my comment that their story was about as shaky as their painting skills. Yep I was right. And no , i`m not a diplomat.

  4. The more you delve into these things the more you learn. I wonder what is behind this.
    Question everything, can’t trust anything you see and hear.
    The brainwashed will believe this is an ordinary couple as I assume it was in the MSM.
    No Hugo I do not know any diplomatic people.
    Well done on doing the homework on this couple. 👏

  5. Sadly the ‘can’t think for themselves’ puppets jump head-first into all this garbage, that in itself is fine, but theyre dragging in the ‘freedom loving, know what’s going on and what nothing to do with it’ too! It’s got to be God working within us to be able to decipher the garbage from the shovel when you consider the tons of garbage the govt and the media shove at us every couple of hours!

  6. Very unusual couple. Not their house obviously. Why would a ceo or diplomat and her he tech husband live in a semi?

    • Les Smith@ good observation. Yes, things just doesn’t fit. Wondering if they even bothered to go for photo at the house or maybe photoshopped into pic.

  7. Did you notice Mrs Ordinary’s Cambridge PHD in Cognitive Neuropsychology…?!!

    • If they’re Diplomats they are pretty much Spies or intelligence agents.

  8. Virtue signalling again like the face nappys, jabs with “i been vaccinated” badges and now footballers wearing armbands with yellow and blue on them amongst everything else and of course the fools that like to tell people “oh i had covid and survived” when they never had “it” in the first place…
    Society is full of idiots i learned 2 years ago

  9. Thanks Hugo, somehow that does not surprise me one bit – nothing is as it is presented!

  10. Wtf are we heading 🙈 my family woke up a little bit to the covid lie but are fully on board with this Ukrain crisis and Putin is evil bollox.

  11. I wonder if the semi is a temporarily empty buy to let. Has anyone asked the neighbours?

  12. Feel sorry for those that die for these two’s prodding.

  13. Since when does a CEO earn so little money they live in a small 3 bedroom 1930’s semi detached house?

    They both probably collectively earn in a year the value of the entire house, this all just theatre.

    • The house is valued at a half a million pounds. Not everyone can afford such a sum.

    • I wouldn’t say that a 3-bedroomed house was small for a couple. You won’t find many couples who can afford to live in such a spacious home. They are hardly living in a one-bedroom municipal flat.

  14. You’ve got to notice a pattern here, the same nappy wearing government ares lickers and covid believers are the very same people that have jumped on board with this Ukraine bollocks..i guess some people just like being told what to do,weak minded fucks..most of them have never even heard of the Ukraine until the brain washing media brought it to there attention..

  15. See, it’s simple research like this that makes the authorized “Fact Checkers” piss their pants. Once you start to putting the pieces together, you begin to uncover the jigsaw slides of a master plan, systematically constructed and designed to keep you blind to the hand(s) at play…

    But it’s also simple investigative research like this that might soon become difficult to do; as the monopoly on information begins to tighten, censorship ramped up, and the common people get squeezed into a sort of “Digital Dark age”; “Digital Data” may become “Administered and regulated bites”, or even restricted. For you guessed it; “The common good of the people”; Because “The availability of too much [Compromising] information creates a substantial risk to the powers that be, and we ‘must be prepared for an even angrier world’ “…

    – The “You’ll own nothing and be completely fine with it” posse.

  16. 186, Coldhams Lane, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, CB1 3HH
    A three-bed semi-detached dwelling with freehold tenure.
    Last sold 23 Oct 2012 for £276,000 to Michael Lucien PLATINGS (b.1980 Hammersmith; mother MONTGOMERY CAMPBELL) and Rend (‘Sara’) PLATINGS nee SHAKIR (b. 8 Dec 1973).
    The dwelling is valued today at £495,000
    Land Registry Title No: CB373898
    Google Street View:
    Rightmove House Sale Archive:

    It would appear that Mr & Mrs Platings mortgaged the property on 29 Jan 2016, with a Charge in favour of HSBC UK Bank plc (‘the HongShang’). Releasing equity to purchase another dwelling?

    No.186 has recently become the registered office/maildrop for several private limited companies of which Ms Platings (b. 8 Dec 1973) is director.

    Although Platings has also rented office space at Signet Court, Swann Road, Cambridge for business use.

    Genealogy appears to be important to this family.

    The PLATINGS trace their family tree to the COBBOLD brewing dynasty of Ipswich; Michael Plating’s mother, Isobel MONTGOMERY CAMPBELL (b.1956) also claims to be a descendant of Baron Campbell von Laurentz, of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

    Wife Rend (“Sara”) PLATINGS nee SHAKIR, is the daughter of Samir Shakir Mahmoud SUMAYDA’IE (b.1944) and Buthaina ALAWASI.

    From :

    “Ambassador Samir Shakir Mahmood Sumaida’ie [born in Baghdad but educated in Britain], was appointed Iraq’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in July 2004. In April 2006, he moved to Washington DC as Iraq’s first ambassador to the United States of America for fifteen years. He retired as Ambassador in December 2011.

    Prior to his appointment to the U.N., Ambassador Sumaida’ie served as the Minister of Interior in Baghdad. In this capacity he managed a domestic security force of over 120,000 and made considerable progress in reconstituting, and reorganizing the Ministry and its operations.”

    UN Ambassador Sumayda’ie separated from Nigerian wife Buthaina Alawasi, the mother of his daughter and UN spook Rend (‘Sara’) Platings and now lives with partner Ying Yang aka ‘Vicky May’.

  17. The MSM must think we the public are really stupid.

    They are either actors or connected to billionaires and politicians.

    No chance that the guy was an electrician and she’s was a secretary.

    Everything that Hugo has highlighted has been fake.

    The MSM is just full of lies.

  18. Probably not even their house it’s all a big fake shit show of a world. Can’t wait until weather gets better and I can fuck off in my camper van and get away from these cunting people.

  19. I didn’t believe this at all. Now that you have explained who they are ….we’ll come on…. So if the job descriptions are correct would they not be earning a certain amount allowing them to live in very nice house? Mmmmm…. This house is a standard family house.

    • I reckon they own it, but rent it out along with a lot more properties in their portfolio – that seems to be the thing these people do. Wealthy people are sucking in the homes that people need so they can rake in rent money. Just look at Tony Bliar and that awful wife – the first thing they did with their income (oh and don’t forget the suck up holidays with Putin) was buy up places like no tomorrow. They don’t like ordinary folk to own their own homes.

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