They’re Going MAD AGAIN 🤪🥴 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Bunch of hypocrites, were was their outcry when Iraq Afghanistan Libya and Syria was being bombed and yet the stupid idiots fall for it.

  2. Absolutely agree @Martin. It’s this atrocious behaviour which leads me to suspect that Putin is not as bad as the virtue signallers, media and corrupt politicians attempt to lead the West to believe.

  3. Goverment forget how they lied and screwed people over a fake pandemic…
    Probably be clap for ukraine next and all the brainwashed maggots can stand outside with there pots and pans again…
    I remember when diana died and people was crying in the street…
    Yet before that they was slagging her off…
    I cant stomach society anymore personally and they can have it with bells on whats left as far i am concerned

  4. Spot on Hugo as always y are people believing the corrupt politicians and news channel again people u being played again and falling for it thank u Hugo take care

    • its amazing how a different topic can trigger people in a way that means they take leave of their senses.

  5. Blue and Yellow are my countries color! Maybe they celebrate us? 🇸🇪
    There’s a lot of celebrating on the Russian too, not by the establishment but normal people, on the right.

  6. This is about creating shortages particularly in oil and gas. It was foreshadowed in ‘I pet goat 2’ where despite a sea of oil supply is reduced to a drip.

  7. Oh good grief! The bandwagon approacheth – quick jump on before you miss it! My friends are busy making things for collection boxes. I’m staying quiet. Isn’t old M Douglas dipped in formaldehyde nightly – a bit like Lenin now. Silly old vain man.

  8. When this type of insane hype goes on you know there’s something completely wrong about the whole shabang!
    Put in IS one of WEFs protégé, however he doesn’t want his country taking over, therefore he was against the NWO. He made a huge amount of money during his years in power and paid off the debt to the Rothschilds, then barred them from Russia. They didn’t like tgat at all and had to bring him down, because he would hurt their world take over, hence the theatre we see today!

    Make no mistake, we are nothing but pawns on their table of life, we can be used, abused and terrorised or killed at tgeir whim! These oligarchs care nothing about mankind except for tgeir own interbred families.

    There is no human saviour coming to our aid, so do yourselves a favour, make things right with Jesus, HE IS OUR SAVIOUR. for those still insure about the last theatrics.

    God bless you Hugo for trying to open people’s eyes!

  9. the elites must be reassured at the fact that they can trigger the masses, they can re-instate hollywood nitwits as thought leaders & basically lead everyone a merry dance with a concerted media campaign. its ridiculous. you couldnt make it up.

  10. Thank you Hugo, I despair of the gullibility of people who turn into propaganda parrots. Why don’t they go look for independent information, look into the history of the situation. Ukraine is riddled with neo nazi militias (research Azov) who seem to have a lot of control over government. Zelensky is an imposed puppet who will do his masters bidding NOT the superhero that is being portrayed all over social media, coming to power after the colour revolution with US fingers all over it. It doesn’t matter he has Jewish ancestry, there were collaborators in the war as well. Ukraine have been killing Russian speaking civilians in the Donbass since 2014, death count including thousands of children is around 14,000 and has declared them non citizens like once before in history, power and water is cut off, schools bombed. Killings also from separatists but at least they stick to military and don’t burn people to death. US would not tolerate this on their doorstep and in fact a US navy fleet was on its way to Cuba over the missile crisis in the sixties, Kennedy changed his mind and turned them back. Putin has been put in an impossible position.

  11. Cost of livin about to go crazy and those lovely MPs are going to get a 2 Grand pay rise. Dont see any big protests about that. As for this Ukraine thing, they have known for quite some time that somthing this was going to come off. Putin warned in 2008 that them joinin NATO was not going to happen and said he would smash the county in bits first.

  12. Switch off MSM BBC and never switch them on again.

  13. How much of his millions has he donated to the Ukrain? Yeah thought so. They truly make me sick.

  14. For people who believe so much in everything that happens! Evaluate everything soberly, who benefits from this custom war? Exactly! To those who arranged for us all this hell for the last two years. And who will suffer the most from this? Of course, we, ordinary people and small businesses, which, after two years of terror, are already breathing heavily. And the game of sanctions is generally absurd, who is it aimed at? Certainly, these sanctions will not harm those parasites that have seized power in all countries and are sucking blood from us, literally and figuratively. Again, ordinary people and the same business suffer. Take a look around, see what is happening – tens of millions of trolls have become active in all networks at once, as if on command, thousands of fake videos are thrown into social networks every day. There is simulated hysteria in the media, propaganda flows like water, the same thing in the newspapers, the escalation of the conflict is in full swing. Good, like bloggers, who made excellent reviews yesterday and adequately assessed the situation, today, for some reason, they are stupid not like a child, turned 180 degrees and everyone, abruptly, suddenly en masse, believed in this cheap performance, and almost everyone turned off the comments . On the telegram, almost all channels are clogged with trolls and bots, everywhere there is swearing, obscenity, hatred and discord, all objectionable people are immediately banned. Heaps of banners, posters and stickers “Russian ship, fuck you.” In general, the tin is complete. This is impossible to plan and implement in a couple of days and even a couple of months! Once again we are being bred like suckers. And someone says, oh yes, it was Putin who went crazy and staged a special operation to save the Donbass and punish the Nazis … Isn’t this the case of Putin who confessed his love for the Swabian? Who rotted his people for decades, and for the last two years he simply arranged terror and genocide, which drove people under a syringe herd, went to save someone! Or for 22 years he clung to power with his hands and feet, and then he suddenly ran to dig his own grave. Are you seriously?
    I haven’t heard more nonsense yet. And yes, no one sees an absolute association with the same floyd and blm? The same scenario, only the scenery was changed.

  15. This is the latest nonsense from Micro$oft but gives yet another clue to where we are heading. Windows 11 will have the ability to update your device when ‘clean energy’ is available (via Microsoft’s partners electricityMap or WattTime). If you look at electricityMap’s site you will see this nonsense ‘Gugle uses electricityMap’s forecast data to shift the timing of compute tasks running on their hyperscale data centers to times when low-carbon power sources, like wind and solar, are most plentiful. In the future they plan to load shift not only based on time, but also based on location in order to maximize the reduction in carbon emissions.’ Windows 11 will also want your credit card info and will have the ability to block apps/programmes that Micro$oft don’t like.

  16. This is only happening because it’s Russia going into another country if it was anybody else nobody would give 2 shots about this. American and UK have been invading countries for hundreds of years killing millions of innocent men women and children where are the protests about that? World is run and full of ignorant arrogant hypocrites.

  17. Is there another Planet I can live on please away from all this Laughable Pathetic MSM BULLSHIT .:)

      • On the upside you’re gonna have plenty of time to talk about your favourite topics! Let’s hope you don’t have to wear a face mask for the months it’ll take u to get there …we don’t want the Martian strain of convid here!

  18. I stand with Putin. Those that are following the lies know nothing about the situation, they are ignorant & will continue to be brainwashed having learned absolutely zilch during these past two years or so. We are now watching the zombies do & think as they are told once again. #GOPUTIN

    • He talks calmly, inteligently, answers questions and speaks like an adult talking to other adults.

      Our lot it’s all slogans, buzz phrases and name calling, like children screeching at children.

      Putin is what politicians used to be like, before we were Americanised.

      That interview on youtube with that bint from CNN is great.

      He just politely tells her she’s talking nonsense, and corrects her when she tries to put words in his mouth – and it’s clear he understands every word she says in English, but has an interpreter because he wants to answer in Russian.

      He’s great, not afraid to speak his mind in case someones feelings get hurt.

      • It was Stalin who said ‘We will win the war with slogans”.

      • Agree…
        After the lies from the last two years I was sceptical about putin….but im starting to HOPE he is genuine and is reallly against the NWO…:) Not sure if it will help our cause but good to know that not everyone is bending over for the great reset .😄

      • @Senga the Commie shabbos goy, It was the half-Jew Freemason Stalin, on behalf of the Jews, that said we will win the war with slogans and, of course, with “atrocity propaganda”!!!

        “Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war. And we’re only really beginning with it now! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will escalate it until nobody will accept even a good word from the Germans, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing. Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. It will never be final. Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again – those indestructible weeds of historical truth.”

        — The Jew, Sefton Delmer (1904-1979), former British Chief of ‘Black propaganda’: 1945 conversation with the German professor of International Law, Dr. Friedrich Grimm.

      • Yes Putin is a true leader of a country…wish we got rid of this british lot & got a leader that has England & the English at the top of their agenda…even though we have he’ll never get in as the satanists are determined to steal every election to remove (unlawfully) our English constitution & excellent bill of rights & human rights…3 things it is NOT in ANY politician/monarch’s reach to do as they are God given, inalienable rights. Also there can NEVER be a british constitution as britain is a LAND MASS & NOT a nation-only nations can have constitutions!! We must stand against these establishment parasites who, by the way, have just given themselves MORE of our money…DID WE VOTE FOR THAT AS I DIDN’T!!! We must rid ourselves of these parasites NOW!!!

    • Another dark and troubling insight into just how much influence KLouse ArseSwab has over the Planet.

      What’s the deal with Putin …wasn’t he one of the young global leaders? Perhaps he came to his senses, decided to stand up to them and has really pissed them off!

    • These people are not ignorant or arrogant? They are evil and in lock step with the globalist Illuminati bankers who own hollyrude!!
      (Zelensky) is one of the tribe! And has billions stolen from the Ukrainian people in off shore accounts..

      Everything you see in western media is a lie.. There is a reason for every action, but let’s not talk about it.. 15000 dead and maimed for 8 long yrs, who cares? Right!

      The people in western civilization have been so brainwashed for decades by the media… They have strayed so far from truth and reality! Just look at all the filthy rags in the UK spewing hate with no truth!! And the sheep lap it up..

      Remember serbia who the UN along with uk bombed to bits then broke away Kosovo from them.
      Which was once Christian and the pilgrims from Europe used to stop there on their way to holy city (Jerusalem)…
      Nobody cared about them!! Because the west stinks to high heaven…
      “The lady of fatima” appeared to three children in 1917 and warned them to tell the world, if Russia was not consecrated to the

      immaculate heart of Mary.

      There will be no peace, and some nations will be annihilated…
      ! So here we are!
      It was a simple request, from the blessed virgin” but has gone unheeded from stupid men!!
      Only now are the bishops in the Ukraine asking the pope to consecrate Russia to the immaculate heart !! Is it too late? Time will tell!!.

      Look up the video “our lady of fatima” and remember her words were spoken in 1917…
      To the children.. But we are so stupid we do not listen..
      God will punish the world through Russia!
      Lots of people mock and scoff at the (holy Mother) do so at your own peril!! Your blood will be on your own head…
      If the world prayed the rosary there would be no wars!!
      I know how powerful and true the rosary is! It saved a wretch like me!! The pure immaculate heart of Mary will prevail in the end…
      So many profess to know God and Jesus but dismiss the blessed virgin mother of Jesus..the rosary will guide you to her son!
      “Fools in paradise ”
      I know the truth of the rosary!
      She touched my heart and soul with a pure love, I fell to my knees with tears of joy running down my face! This happened to me in 2019
      This day is etched deep in my memory and soul! You will know when heaven touches your heart and soul! It will change your life forever! It has mine!
      One God, One Christ, One Faith, One truth!! Everything else is false! I have lived it and experienced the pure love and joy of the blessed virgin! What I say is the truth!!
      Believe or not!! God knows! What I say is true and that’s all that matters to me! Not the approval of men! Jesus christ shed his blood for each and everyone of you! You were bought for a price, by the precious. (Blood of the lamb) of God! “Repent and be saved! Grace through faith in Jesus Christ”

      Time is short!!
      God bless! Christ is king!!

      • with something like 2000 different religeons in this world and a ‘God’ in each one, how does one decide which is the REAL one?

  19. What a load of bollox.

    On Monday I went into Nottingham city centre. When I got back my partner asked how I’d gone on. I asked her what she meant. She said, how did you get around with all the protests about Ukraine going on in Nottingham today, it’s been on the news, showing you footage and stuff…

    I said, what protests, there wasn’t a single thing going on in Nottingham and I’ve been all around the city centre etc today.

    I don’t believe a word they say, It’s just constant lies.

  20. Only 68 youngsters between the ages of 2 and 19 have died in the Donbass over the last 8 years but they don’t bother with them far less the innocent civilians that the far right battalions have taken out over that time. Sickening them all crying their crocodile tears!

    • BTW peeps don’t be distracted by this piece of theatre …uk government are about to slip through parliament a reform to the Human Rights act.

      The proposed Human Rights Act reforms must be withdrawn. The Government must not make any changes to the Human Rights Act, especially ones that dilute people’s human rights in any circumstances, make the Government less accountable, or reduce people’s ability to make human rights claims.

      The Human Rights Act as it exists currently protects all of us. We lose it at our peril. It is an essential law that allows us to challenge public authorities when they get it wrong and has helped secure justice on issues from the right to life to the right to free speech.

      The Government intend changing the emphasis of our rights to be in favour of the Sate. Crucially if ‘they’ decide that in the future when the next scamdemic comes along, everyone should be jabbed to protect society for the ‘greater good’ then your rights are over written.

      As it stands the Human Rights Act has changed many lives for the better. It must be protected, and not subject to reforms that reduce its scope and limit when people can rely on it.


  21. Russia is part of the panto, Punch always needs a Judy

  22. Putin is not a nice guy.
    Putin is not Hitler.
    Zelenskyy is also not a nice guy.
    Zelenskyy is an EU puppet.
    Russia is a corrupt country.
    Ukraine is also a corrupt country.
    The West is an empire of lies.
    The West is equally to blame for the situation in Ukraine.
    War is very bad.
    Putin is acting rationally.
    All media narratives are propagandised.
    Some Ukrainians do want to be part of Russia.
    Those Ukrainians have been treated appallingly by their government.
    Putin not wanting NATO missiles surrounding his country is completely understandable.
    What is happening to the innocent people of Ukraine is tragic.
    The West should absolutely not be getting involved.
    We should not be sending ammunition to Ukraine and encouraging more Ukrainians to be slaughtered in a conflict they cannot win.
    We should do nothing and let Putin take Eastern Ukraine.
    Western intervention would lead to an absolute catastrophe.
    It is not worth starting a nuclear war over Ukraine.
    Anyone who is calling for Western intervention is a dangerous lunatic.
    It is in fact possible to hold all of these positions at once.

    — Zack Boseley

  23. My monthly drug ration from Pharmacy2U usually contains a leaflet, exhorting me to ‘get The Shot’. My latest delivery has a leaflet telling me they are supporting the NHS and their drive for ‘healthy living’. Is this some kind of sick joke? Their website is still pushing the Shot. I have made them aware of the death figures and that they are partly responsible.

  24. Diago is the maker of Smirnoff Vodka now, it’s produced Britain the headquarters are in North west London, so that’s your own money that’s flowing into the gutter you media loving PLANKS! 😂

  25. when for 2 years all rights were taken away from people and an experimental liquid was forcibly poured into the body, everyone was happy and had zero interest in what was happening … now, on the couch, hating one side or the other, they put a photo with a flag for whom they supposedly support – this by the most developing enmity. the master does not need to do anything – the herd themselves will kill each other. not knowing for what

  26. Fecking given me a headache or should I say arseache there’s no hope for Humanity

  27. Dumb people walk around with their phones in their hands all the time they cannot stop using them. It would be a good idea if they used them to look up the History of the Ukraine. All though I am aware Putin is part of the World Economic Forum ….
    Question how many Wars has Russia been responsible for? Then take a look at how many Wars the U.S has been responsible for especially those in the Middle East. Obama dropped so many bombs in Syria he totally obliterated the entire infrastructure. How many Women and Children lost their lives? Doctors pleaded with the West to stop the Bombing so they could go out from the Basements to get water and food they did not stop and we did not hear from that Doctor again. Just keep following the rhetoric it is so sad….If this continues we will be in World War 3 Dumb Dumb People.

  28. I have lost any hope with humanity way before NWO.started…now I can see clearly why…humans have lost their basic human instincts …ability to.think for themselves…one would have thought these 2 years would have opened people eyes…quite opposite 🙃

  29. Civilization has become a giant female gossip machine. Humans are crisis oriented animals. Humans are programmed brainwashed insects.
    Put these three fact together and you have 12,0000 years of mass insanity. This includes YOU and the gossip monger who spews his gossip called Hugo-gossip.

    • I think most people like his information,in that its showing people that they need to look into and question the things that happen in the world , because without guys like Hugo most people would be sat with a view of Plato’s cave.

      • You are really really stupid. Sitting isolated inside your computer isolation cave, watching illusions on a flat screen IS EXACTLY WHAT PLATO WAS SPEAKING OF.

    • @indrekpringi “Civilization has become a giant female gossip machine. Humans are crisis oriented animals. Humans are programmed brainwashed insects.”

      You sound like a Jew: “Our race is the master race. We are the divine Gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.”

      — Menachem Begin (6th Prime Minister of Israel – 1977-1983)

      As for female gossip machine, that’s because women have taken over, and this curse commenced with the Jew inspired Suffragettes!

      Isaiah 3:12 (MCV) As for my people, children are their oppressors (infantile Cultural Marxists), and women (Marxist feminists) rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

      120,000 years??? You would be hard pressed to prove 12,000 years:

      “You read books and find statements that such and such a society or archaeological site is [claimed to be] 20,000 years old. We learned rather abruptly that these numbers, these ancient ages, are not known (speculations and imaginative guesses); in fact it is about the time of the first dynasty in Egypt that the date of any real certainty has been established.”

      — Dr Willard Libby, Nobel Prize winner who invented Carbon Dating and who also worked on The Manhattan Project

      • Talk to us about the Kazarians….I and many of us are very interested….

      • @jane Edmonds The Khazars were Turks who converted to Judaism in and around 700 AC, so they were religious Jews, not ethnic Jews. Their power and influence lasted about three centuries from 650-965 AC:

        The origins of the Biblical ethnic Jews I explain here:

        The Origins of the Royal Judahites and Canaanite Jews explained:

      • I did not find these statements you fucking moron. I have CONCLUDED these universal TRUTH by MYSELF.

      • And by the way, I’m Estonian, and the most evil race/culture on earth are CIRCUMCISED JEWS.

      • indrekpringi Ah so we agree about the Jews, and if that’s the case, then why are you referring to your fellow man as insects, when that is exactly how the Jews see us, and/or as cattle? I think you need a re-think.

      • I am not a jew you fucking idiot. I am Estonian. The error of one too many zeroes is obvious you fucking nit picking moron. You stupid bleating gossiping turds on the internet are EXACTLY what is wrong with civilization. So shut your female gossiping mouth and shut off your computer and get off your ass and do something constructive.

  30. I admit I was blind deaf and dumb pre covid. That said I always knew and felt something wasn’t right with the way the world is heading.
    Thanks to the likes of you Hugo and a very small circle of friends I now blatantly see what is happening. As soon as the Russia news started getting aired 24/7 I knew it was the new covid replacement.

    Problem is it was damn near impossible to convince friends and family about the so obvious covid con…. There is no chance on earth they will see through this… None!

      • Thank you for that. 👍🏻
        Unfortunately as much as I send some friends a video like that they won’t even watch it let alone talk about it…

        99% of people I know I have sadly given up on.

        Even if Bozo himself admitted to their face its all a pack of lies it wouldn’t make a jot of difference as long as the MSM keeps spewing its bullshittery.

      • I’m offski to look for Wag the Dog.. Staring Dustin Hofman

  31. Stomach churning to see all the politicians applauding themselves. Lie after lie after lie. This century has been an unmitigated disaster and still no jail time in sight for all the criminals.

    • @Christian Their time is to come: Luke 19:27 (MVC) But those mine enemies, (The Jews and their shabbos goy serfs) which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

  32. Look how well tuned and effective their propaganda is, how easily they persuaded so many that the covid was deadly dangerous, and to get the jab. Now how easily they have switched peoples minds to a devotion of a country few could have pinpointed on a map.
    Can there be any doubt that the propaganda will have people will suffer willingly and gladly the coming fuel shortages, power cuts, food scarcity, and the collapse of the economy.

  33. It is hard to know what to believe but one thing is sure don’t always believe Western media.
    If I turned on Russian tv it would be the complete opposite. So who is right?

    People have short memories, 1m innocent Iraqis died over weapons of mass destruction which were never found.

    Eastern Ukraine has always been Russian. They have been attacked by their own government for years since 2014.

    I do feel sorry for the people in Ukraine and do not like what Putin is doing. I do not want to see this war anymore than anyone else. Do not want to see innocent people killed. But we do need to question everything after all the lies we have been told these last 2 years over Covid.

  34. Pouring Russian vodka down the drain, but they have already purchased it as it’s on their shelves already, closing the gate after the horse has bolted comes to mind, these people are brain dead😂😂😂

    • Virtue-signalling The Co-Op and Morrisons have removed ‘Russian Standard’ (distilled in St Petersburg) vodka from their shelves.

    • Probably water – he drank the rest and thought it would look good for the publicity. Otherwise, stupid idiots – they paid for it, the shops remove it from the shelves – so out of pocket. I’ve noticed in the pub, the talk is all about the current situation – whatever that may be. One man called his mum and she wants Putin – she’s Ukrainian and living out there. She didn’t say they were overrun with tanks and such. Then again we weren’t allowed to talk about the convid, but we are allowed to talk about this thing. The whole thing stinks more than a kipper in a car engine.

  35. How’s Michael Douglas’s throat cancer he got from licking his bird out? Has it gone now? Poor old Catherine Zeta Jones isn’t getting any tongue!

  36. Yeah, hilarious. The propa is laughable, if not sickening. ‘I’ve just got my blue and yellow pocket-sized emblem Have you? I’ve just got mine. How cute, how nice. Couldn’t have put this footage better myself.
    BTW: I like the Catherine Zeta Jones jibe about not getting enough tongue. Comment above.

  37. The question is,, why do they have to make Russia the enemy, what do governments gain by this action!

    • @Ray There has to be a scapegoat BOGEY MAN (Putin). No different from 1933 in Germany when AH came to power only AH was for real, and Putinstein is a puppet of the Kabbalist Jews..

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