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  1. The truth of what has been happening in Ukraine is here:

    Our media and government should be ASHAMED – they are supporting nazis and genocidal maniacs and claiming they are a democracy when the exact opposite is true.

    Like typical bullies the Ukranians are okay bombing women and children, but when someone comes along and gives them a good thump they start crying like babies.

    Any journalist or politician who supports them – well, they deserve all they’re going to get when the truth is known.

    I support Putin.

    • Yep I support Putin as he’s warned what he was going to do-an honourable man in my opinion which is more than can be said for the british lying parasitical establishment et al that have truly shown everyone their colours over the last 2 years…but will the sheep EVER wake up…I don’t think so….

      • @bullshitnottruth

        Still choking that chicken, I see! You fascist cnut!

        @guaranteedcarfinance wasn’t referring to German Nazis you plonker.

        Stop pulling away on your pudding for a second and point your browser at:

        Loads of black suns and other objectionable symbolism which, no doubt, you’ll find acceptable you disgusting piece of shit 💩

        Cluck, cluck!

    • I agree with you completely. Washington created the coup in Kiev 2014 and put into power Neo-Nazis (Svobad pary and Right Sektor Nazi thugs) who then began the barbaric attack upon their own civilian citizens in East Ukraine because they are Russian-speaking. Above all politicians, western mainstream media should be the first to be brought to trial and put in prison. I pray that day shall come soon.

    • God Almighty may your return be swift and sure to stop all evil, grant us the ability to not hate those that perform such acts because there is no righteousness in corrupting ourselves with poison.


      I watched the video and it made me cry. My wife is Russian and listening to these people talk with all the terror of what true war brings was just too much for me. This video shows you what satanism is, he hates us all and he is joy full when we do these things to each other, do not hate and fall into his trap because he wants us to do the same to other side. God will judge and the time is close.

    • ‘Sign in to confirm your age
      This video may be inappropriate for some users.’

      I don’t think so.

    • looks like a real soyboy and the tranny is probs from ukraine too

  2. I think they’ve missed a bit of the drain-pipe. Amateurs.

  3. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more crazy! What will this achieve?
    Fancy being the other half of this semi detached house having those awful colours next door.

  4. Yeah yeah probably photoshopped as it’s been largely pissing with rain since the weekend . And if it is real just imagine living next door to these utter bellends .. !! As you say Hugo , Virtue signalling off the scale and hardly likely to help !!! 🤣🤣

  5. This is just a media war. You have to start asking, just how thick are people? I was in a cab today in London and the driver had his radio on and of course it was all Ukraine this and Russia that and it’s just so obvious it’s hyped up media nonsense. So many sheep it’s pathetic. One more thing, if Ukraine and Russia are at war, what does that have to do with the UK really?

    • Richard…what does this have to do with the uk…NOTHING but it has everything to do with the british…that’s how they make money & more enemies than anything else…the sooner we rid ourselves of the british establishment from the civil service & local councils up the better for England…we’ve ALWAYS been blamed for EVERYTHING the britshits have done both at home & worldwide!!

    • We all thought Covid was peak idiocy..
      “Hold my beer” replied Ukraine

    • The UK is a part of NATO, and a part of the Ukrainian problem is that Nato has been trying to extend its influence into that country for quite some time. Another part of the problem is that the EU is wishing to extend its Military aspirations into the Ukraine, too. Neither of those aims are helping the situation one bit!

  6. It’s Pathetic, if I knew anyone who did this I would reach for the nearest Sick Bucket and put them out of their Misery Myself with no problem 🙂

  7. This type of person is all for Ukrainian freedom but I bet they were only too happy to give up their own freedoms and queued up for the jibjab

  8. If the love the Ukraine so much why don’t they pack up and go and live there.

  9. I have a bit virtue-signalling of some tired and old stuff here now….The Convid Scam….I know you shouldn’t laugh when attending a funeral, but Lord, please forgive me. The hearse arrived with the DECEASED person in his SEALED coffin in the rear……and, yes you’ve guessed it….yes, yes, yes….. the Mourning-coated driver was wearing a MASK!!!! Surely my virtue Signalling experience is a close second to this house-painting load of ball locks??? 🤔.. 😷🙄😅😅😅

      • Cheers! This propaganda machine has pumped out some real ‘laugh out loud’ moments……..its a pity the reasons are not really something to laugh about. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone!

      • The Chief Mourner, was wearing his mask when he was OUTSIDE until when the coffin went INTO the crematorium. He then sat at the back of the room with the 50 other mourners…. and took his mask OFF!! When we all exited into the fresh air…… yup! He put the silly thing back on!!! FFS!!! 😂😂😷😂

  10. I lost count of the number of sheep wearing yellow/blue face nappies today. I am sure I saw one ‘bending the knee’.

  11. What a pair of total muppets, the look at me everybody generation are an embarrassment.

  12. If it was a Union Jack the council would have been round by now lol

    • oh yes….. if it had been the union jack, it would have been deemed as ‘racist’ !

      • yh the public are drilled and actively taught you can fly one countries flag but not another. this is pc, that is not pc. me i dont fly any flag anymore cos theyre all corrupt run by same bunch at the ‘top’.

  13. Did I hear that right? That is a 400.000 GBP home?

  14. The geezer would have painted his forehead but only had the time to paint his house.

  15. @thetruthnotdoctrine

    Do a search for ‘chris garrett isle of man azov’ and see what you get – check out the images too. is your friend

  16. This is exactly what happened in 2020. People buy lies and then end up with thongs they cannot handle.

    Up to now the sheeple still believe they will die of corona viruses are double masking.

    What a load of rubbish.

  17. God people are predictable…
    Boring as well…
    They offer me nothing

    • Whilst what they have done is, in my view, worthless, Why do they have to “offer You” Anything ?

      • Hardly worthless.This signals how decent and virtuous they are so all the world can see, and boosts their egos and self esteemm no end!

      • He means, he’s not interested in what stupid people say!

  18. they were surely paid to do this cupid stunt.

  19. if my neighbour did this I would troll him him and paint my side in Russian colours expanding my colours further in to his property. 🤣

  20. My message to all these people so concerned about Ukraine is book your flights and go fight if your concern runs so deep. Cunts like these will be adopting the next popular crisis that pops up next week and Ukraine like Covid will be old news.

  21. This whole Ukraine thing is again adding to the division between people, i suggested in the gym this morning that more is going on than faces the eye and they all looked at me like i had just murdered someone! Putin is not fighting Ukraine, he is fighting those that CONTROL the Ukraine and ultimately the Ukraine will be better off for it, of course i feel for the families who are affected by this but please see the bigger picture here!

    • @butterflyfromspain There is no winning here for the people. The people are being played by both sides and as soon as you take sides you have lost. Both sides are governed by stinking corrupt criminals.

    • This is what doesn’t sit right with me, if anything the past 2 years has shown me is that there is something else going on….

  22. Ukes can come to Europe – No PCR tests – No Passenger locator forms…. but if Tax paying Europeans want to travel you gotta pay for a PCR test (price has just gone up 6 quid!) plus fill in a Locator form. Who are the mugs?

  23. Tell it how it is!, no nonsense Hugo that’s why I like this channel.

    I mean, how much more absurd can things get? Actually, I won’t hold my breath 😣😩

  24. Email from Sainsbury’s today! More madness
    Hi there,

    Sainsbury’s stands united with the people of Ukraine. We’ve reviewed our product range and we’ve decided to stop selling products that are 100% sourced from Russia.

    So from today, we’ll no longer sell two products: Russian Standard vodka and Karpayskiye black sunflower seeds.

    We’ve also reviewed all JJ Whitley products that are currently made in Russia. Following their recent announcement of moving all production to Chorley in the UK by the end of this month, we’ll continue to sell their products and we support their decision.

    And, to help support those affected by the devastating war in the Ukraine and ahead of Red Nose Day on the 18th March, we are making a donation package of £2m through our charity partner Comic Relief, which will go directly to support the Ukraine crisis. The donation will help to support people crossing the border, as well as those remaining in Ukraine, many of whom have been forced from their homes.

    Firstly, we have already donated £1.5m through Comic Relief, to provide urgent support.

    Secondly, we’ll be matching customer donations made through the Nectar app up to the value of £500k.

    Any Nectar points donated through the app will be converted to cash and donated to support the Ukraine crisis.

    Here’s a bit more about how this £2m total donation will help:
    Comic Relief are working to address the immediate and urgent needs of people in crisis, by providing essential services like water, food, and medical support.
    The total donation will support medium and longer-term needs, including mental health, homelessness, children’s safety and ongoing violence against women and girls.
    Any monetary donations made in store or online will go towards the usual Red Nose Day campaign supporting people in the UK and around the world live free from poverty, violence and discrimination, and support people with their mental health.

    • Haha, Coming soon, limited edition blue & yellow comic relief noses!

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