NEWS ROUNDUP / DEJA VU / 02/03/2022 / Hugo Talks

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  1. All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances;
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
    Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms;
    And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
    And shining morning face, creeping like snail
    Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
    Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
    Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
    Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
    Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
    Seeking the bubble reputation
    Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
    In fair round belly with good capon lin’d,
    With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
    Full of wise saws and modern instances;
    And so he plays his part.

  2. I have heard that there is chemical lavatories like China and Putin is trying to get rid of them clean the swamp of all these nasty evil people don’t know if it’s true what can you believe now days everyone tells you lies

    • 🤣🤣🤣 Laboratories?! (Don’t you love predictive texting?!)

      • Maybe was right the first time.

    • Putin is a WEF young global leader…as are many (if not all the so-called world leaders)…so he works for satan.
      Pray to the Father through Yeshua (Jesus),pray for your fellow man that they awaken from all the psychosis that they have been lured into,helped by the media,politicians etc.

      • yes he is a young world leader same as the rest. theyre in it together joined at the top, run by the old dragon satan.

  3. WEF are showing up everywhere and are behind all the shit going up around us.
    Sean Penn seems to be making a film in Kiev using loads of extras running screaming, there seemed no war going on, shitfuckery as the Ausies would say. All thes pics are showing lies. Convoys are spread out to stop damage.
    Mask not needed on TUI flight except on takeoff and landing?????? More shite in everydirection.

    • Obviously the WEF produce drama for your consumption.Another soap opera. “Putin” gets kicked off some bs and it is there in the web site for all to see. .Oh noes. The whole thing is bs.Seems like a crap attempt at enacting the externalisation of the hierarchy or something.Which seems like a bunch of weird bs anyway.

  4. Thank u Hugo I read my Bible that’s a comfort I don’t watch news

  5. Notice they haven’t actually got rid of the corona act 2019 (lucky they had this ready for Mar 2020) they have kept the bits that make foreign travel difficult and they can bring back lockdowns, segregation etc when they feel like it! Spot on Hugo!

    • Most of these arseholes….i mean people believe everbody is free again with there help of having jabs etc…
      Complete opposite and screwed the free thinkers over, that never went with that “pandemic” crap from day 1

    • One of the side effects of the jab is changing profile pictures to Ukranian flags

      • @Paul Watson – LOL. Another great reason to stay off Faecesbook. Well, it makes a change from the “I’ve had my convid jab” rainbow profile pic.

  6. Your a good guy hugo… the mainstream media is bullshit..

  7. That convoy, if it is Russian, won’t be taking an air strike from the Ukrainian air force because the Russians made sure to take them out first. Only aircraft flying over Ukraine are Russian ones.

  8. I was told yesterday that Red Diesel will be unavailable to many. I did a search, and it’s true. Agriculture is exempt, but not much else. So, as the price of oil goes up, many businesses are going to find it difficult. All part of the plan, I suppose.

    • Agriculture IS the main user of Red Diesel; it is farmers who sell it on.

      • But there are other users as well who will suffer. Grouch is right.

    • @grouchoone1195 When I lived in west London the Indians and Pakis used to run their Merc taxis on it, until the Customs muppets caught ’em and crushed their Mercs LOL.

  9. The Banking Cartel love conflicts, they always are behind them in the last 100 years and finance and provoke both sides. Pure evil and they are behind UN Agenda 21 which has morphed into WEF and the Great Reset. The populace are being played.

  10. Putin has been removed from the WEF website, his profile page was taken down on 28th Feb. Either he really is going against the cartel, or it’s a part of the plan. I hope he’s going against them, someone needs to.

  11. this also could be the stage for them to bring into action the Digital Curreny. which they so much want.

  12. I watched the first few seconds of the BBC News this afternoon. The very first thing the propaganda promulgator announced in front of a backdrop of a crying child was that there had be no further mention of this alleged 40-mile long Russian tank convoy. Brushed under the carpet just like ‘Snake Island’. I was thinking they must have How arrived by now. How long does it take to travel 20 miles? Even by tank?

  13. Just came through my hometown of Wolverhampton and the large digital traffic info boards have been altered to now say WE STAND WITH UKRAINE in large yellow and blue letters…wtf is going on🤦🏼

    • Ginger much the same as before really. Still the brainwashing continues!

    • Yes, same on the roads around here. I noticed that most MPs in the Commons today were wearing blue/yellow badges. A lot were dressed in blue/yellow (colours of the Ukrainian flag). We seem to lurch from one loony bin nonsense to the next… ‘taking the knee’, banging pots and pans for the NHS, to this Ukrainian nonsense.

    • If the governments around the world are all in support of **** anything **** jibjab, war … whatever …. you can be assured its a false flag, theatre for the gullible! Putting won’t play ball with the NWO and (they Rothschilds Bank of virtually every country on this globe, meaning they own that country’s government) so having paid back Al, loans to tge Roths in 2016, Putin doesn’t want to relinquish his country, therefore they have to reduce his economy to nothing to get their NWO through. Johnson and other puppets leaders around the world are owned by the Rothschilds! You end up secured by a doorknob if you don’t play their game, but Putin is no coward like the rest of them. People say he made a fortune since taking over Russia, well he did to pay his country’s debt off, unlike our scumbags govts who pocket the cash!

  14. There’s an article in the guardian about pll now trying to sue for vax damage over 1000 claims and at least 79 deaths it won’t let me post the link
    Think that’s why they’re stopping the jabs

  15. Thank you Hugo , as always I feel uplifted after hearing you message

  16. One of your best Videos Hugo, the way you join everything up here makes perfect sense.
    I saw the woman goading Johnson, you are right in saying what she wants to achieve, but I did not know she was a member of the WEF, so that is a great exposure, and very relevant.
    I can see that they would use war to shut us all down again.

    • I think that’s what it is, couldn’t get us all either convid so they’re trying this

  17. RT (Russia Today) has today been taken down on Freeview and Freesat.

    • @Senga the Commie shabbos goy duped useful idiot. Rothschilds Today has been taken down today so that duped ignorant morons will carry on believing that it’s an alternative media outlet instead of being 100% controlled.

      • RT clips on YT are actually less biased in their reporting than any other outlet I’ve seen so far! They are mostly just showing what is going on without much propaganda commentary. I also think it is legit for a Russian station to present facts from their point of view.
        Plus the “official” numbers of views on YT are ridiculous. Hardly exceed 10.000!

  18. And that’s just the way it is, don’t be fooled by all the news coverage. Be careful with this and keep thinking soberly.

  19. Let us look objectively at the evidence we have.

    When East and West Germany were unified there was a ‘gentleman’s’ agreement between Europe and Russia that this would not lead to an expansion of its boarders Eastwards. Which of course was broken many times over allowing them to place missiles closer and closer to Russia. This allows them to launch nuclear weapons into Russia before Russia has time to respond. You only have to look at the Cuban missile crisis to understand American would never want missiles on their boarder.

    Putin paid off Russia’s loan from the world bank in 2016 so they had no sword over his head, why would he have done so if he intended to play along with their plans?

    The Donbas region (4 million people) held a legal vote to declare themselves independent of Ukraine after the US funded coup of 2014.

    The Donbas region has fought to protect their boards for 7 years while being constantly bombarded and attacked by Ukraine, this means in law they are now by rights an independent state. Russia only accepted and recognised the Donbas region after this period of time making Russia stance completely lawful.

    A one world government requires the joining of ALL nations under one leader, I can see how Putin’s stance over Ukraine would make this impossible to achieve so he has to go. They have been pressing for an excuse to remove him for a long time and this is just a culmination of their pressure. Ask yourself would you keep your hands in your pockets while your enemy was pointing a gun to your temple?

    Putin may well be guilty of joining a club to get where he is but my opinion is just like Napoleon, Hitler, Saddam, Muammar etc etc etc he decided to keep what he has got and not play by their rules which of course is a death sentence.

    Understanding this there are two possibilities

    1, Putin wants to keep the one world government out of Russia because he does not want to go quietly into the night.


    2, Putin has accepted he is part of a prophecy and is willing to play his part unto the death to allow the crowning of the lawless one.

    Whichever it is there has to be other thing fulfilled before the final showdown of WW3 in The Valley of Jezreel. The Lawless Man has to declare himself above God and the leader of the world.

    5 I told you when I was with you that all this would happen. Do you not remember?
    6 And you know what is stopping that Man of Evil now. He is being stopped now so that he will appear at the right time.
    7 The secret power of evil is already working in the world now. [b]But there is one who is stopping that power. And he will continue to stop it until he is taken out of the way.[/b]
    8 Then that Man of Evil will appear. And the Lord Jesus will kill him with the breath that comes from his mouth and will destroy him with the glory of his coming.
    9 The Man of Evil will come by the power of Satan. He will have great power, and he will do many different false miracles, signs, and wonders.
    10 He will use every kind of evil to trick those who are lost. They are lost because they refused to love the truth. (If they loved the truth, they would be saved.)
    11 But they refused to love the truth; so God sends them something powerful that leads them away from the truth. He sends them that power so they will believe something that is not true.
    12 So all those who do not believe the truth will be judged guilty. They did not believe the truth, and they enjoyed doing evil.

    God will never perform evil, evil will always destroy evil, there is no stopping what is coming the only salvation is in God.


    Rules for thee, but not for us! As usual. Totally ignoring the Nato bombing of Serbia/ Kosovo, Syria and Libya. And, of course, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Korea by US air force.
    The Jeremy Vile show was bad during the Covid Scamdemic, but now it has become totally insufferable. Went from pushing vaccine mandates to pushing no fly zones in a blink of an eye.
    Why is nobody asking who is going to pay for the hundreds of thousands of “Ukranian” refugees? Many of them might even have a bit darker shade of white compared to what is common in Eastern Europe.
    Going after the “Russian” oligarchs (actually all Jewish with a “Russian” name) is not really getting any traction. Makes you wonder why?
    Well, Abramovich is selling Chelsea while he can. Cutting his losses, I guess.

    • @A German expat, You must have a very strong stomach in order to listen to anything the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation spews forth.

      • We have BBC Radio 2 on in the workshop. It’s bearable except for the Jeremy Vile show.
        German TV/ radio won’t be much better, total left wing/ communist agenda 24/7. All claiming to fight nazis (according to their world view everyone who doesn’t agree with them 150%), but when Putin does it, it’s bad all of a sudden.
        I read 2 German so called “alternative media” outlets, but they are all Putin bashing now. Both websites are run by Joos, so they are pro-Israel above all else! They claim to fight for free speech, but they monitor the comment section, especially for “anti-semitic” content.

    • My thoughts too about all the refugees coming here and being given homes, jobs, benefits, health care no questions asked, while we who are born here have to jump through hoops. I know it’s not nice what’s happening to innocent people, but, we’re in a messed up state ourselves

  21. It definitely has a rinse and repeat feel of two years ago about it, but they’re having to think on their feet a bit responding to the tired covid narrative by introducing a new threat plucked of course from the script, but not necessarily scheduled at this particular time, to advance the agenda from a different angle.

  22. Our junior school is having “lockdown” drills this term. Children will be herded indoors to a central area and doors/windows locked and covered. Apparently this is “in line with national guidelines”. So was fencing schools up like Fort Knox all of a sudden. Just in case kids weren’t scared of a virus or scarred for life by the last 2 years of obsessive handwashing, social isolation/lack of learning and masks/screens/testing/jabs, they will petrify them with the possibility of “surprise attacks” or random “dangerous threats to their safety”.

  23. I am fed up of my kids watching CBBC Newsround at school every day. On Thursday last week, Newsround were already calling the Ukraine crisis WW3. My daughter said she was scared and half the class looked like they were too. If she sits out during the news it will make her feel like the odd one out. I can’t take her out of school for the sake of only five minutes a day of TV.

    • Our grandson (one of many!) mentioned Russia the other day, and said something about ‘nukeing Russia’. He is seven years old. I tried to explain that we don’t want wars and Russian people are not bad, but we wondered where he got it from.

  24. Also, BBC Reporting Scotland at 6pm even admitted that Putin is in Russia to get rid of the Ukrainian government who take drugs. The news used these exact words. They get a kick out of telling us the truth but most sheeple don’t even pick up on it. BBC Reporting Scotland take it too far every time. They are so in your face with their globalist agenda that it is almost embarrassing. Is anyone making a list of all the globalists in Scotland????

    • theres alot in scotland. all the freemasonary there…..big study…

  25. After their parties and screwing up their lies so bad. They create a war to divert from the failure of covid. And then it makes us forget about covid. Then war ends. 6 months later a new virus bill and Fauci always talk about

    • I think a volume warning would have been wise for this video! Frightened me, and the dog ran upstairs. God knows what the wife thought.

  26. Never felt so close to the rapture of the church and the final 7 year tribulation period detailed in the book of revelation. I believe they want to switch everything off soon. The globalists will probably blame Russia, etc. When everything comes back online, it will be the mark of the beast NWO cashless system, mark in your hand or forehead to be able to buy or sell. We are so close, the ONLY escape is if you become Christian now and are raptured out of this world beforehand. Anyone who takes the mark of the beast cannot inherit salvation. The tribulation saints are those who refuse the mark and are beheaded. For those of you on the fence, best to GET SAVED NOW. Simple prayer to Jesus ‘Lord Jesus I accept that you died for me, forgive me my sins. Amen’.

    • I am hoping pre trib is correct. I wasn’t raised with that, and it’s hard for me to accept it. I read the Bible, listen to online preachers and pray but it just doesn’t compute for me. Maybe it’s because I know I don’t even deserve to be saved, let alone let off the hook for the trib.

      • None of us deserve it. It is a free gift from God. Just like a parent would be gracious to a child. God hates sin but loves the sinner. Repent, and receive His gift. He will change you. And He will give you His peace to navigate through the chaos.

      • Lilly

        At this time the only thing that matters is faith, faith is the only thing satan can not remove from us. Keep The Commandments, pray to God for understanding and hold no anger or hatred in your heart to these people that have been confused and corrupted by satan. We will all be judged individually by The Son and will have to answer for our sins. When you accept the truth of God and repent your sins truthfully with an open heart you have nothing to fear because everything that happens from now on is the will of God and God never makes a mistake.

        Europe will use the current situation with Putin as an excuse to raise their army (The Dragon) into the open, it already exists research PESCO and the mutual defence treaty. The Mutual Defence Treaty means any European nation (including the UK) has to come to the protection of any other European nation under threat. The Holy Roman Empire (The Great Harlot) wants to facilitate satan/his representative onto the throne of God because they believe once he is there he will become as God and they will be unstoppable. Unfortunately they have no true understanding of Gods word as we all have the ability to be the Temple of God by taking Passover (The Bread and the Wine) at the correct time (After sunset of the 14/04/22) and (After sunset of the 04/04/23) we are The Temple of God there is no building that is The Temple of God anymore, this may be why Satan is trying to get his mark inside us with the jibjab, satan always tried to ape God but in a disgusting manner.

        I will tell you my opinion of were we are now, I say again this is only my opinion of where we are in Gods plan. There are 7 years splint into two 3 and a half year periods, I believe 2020 was completion of contract with satan (20 being Gods number for completion of contract). This means we are now about half way through the first period which will be ended by the Abomination and Desolation (satan’s representative entering The Temple and performing an abomination). In the second 3 and a half years God releases his anger on the Earth, a time that will be terrifying beyond any comprehension.

        We must make a decision from free will and with a open heart, we can not wait once we know the truth because we can’t fool God.

      • @Lilly There is no Rapture at all. The so-called Rapture is 100% Christian RELIGIOUS nonsense, and not Scriptural, which I prove here:

        Unravelling The Satanic Rapture Deception parts 1 and 2:

        What there is, is The Two Resurrections which I reveal here: Why Are There Two Resurrections?:

      • Dear Lily , the thing you have to ask your self is which god are you giving your energy to , the conditional loving god or the unconditional loving god , a lot get them mixed up . the one in the bible is the conditional loving god , when you spend time doing true history which is hard to find , you end up finding the truth , the bible im afraid has been bastardised , i would not want to be a jew a Christian , or a Muslim why , well they indulge in war killing , banking n lots more ,, spiritual is the way forwards as i dont know a spiritual person that would want to kill another

      • @steve You need to learn who the Jews are, before you go sounding off with all your Jews and The Bible nonsense.

        Your education starts here: Show me the word ‘Jew’ in the first eleven books of The Bible, which includes the Jew’s so-called Torah.

        “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’. The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all…”

        — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3.

        Were Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, Jews? – The Beginning:

    • @Christian “Simple prayer to Jesus ‘Lord Jesus I accept that you died for me, forgive me my sins. Amen’.”

      Unbelievable! that silly non-prayer never saved anyone, so you’ll get no amen from me.

  27. I believe the WEF Young Global Leaders program was started in 2004. The program is 6 years and you have to be 38 or younger to take part. Putin in 2004 would have been 51, 52 years old.

    Putin is simply an acquaintence of Klaus Schwab, he never underwent the WEF indoctrination that leaders such as Trudeau and Macron did. Schwab simply uses Putin’s name as a promotional tool.

    • so you dont think putin is new world order , he is in a a few secret society`s , check this one out kissigner is a advisor to him , also dont forget his Gazprom shares plus are we on our second or 3rd putin ?

  28. What they are really scared of is the revolutionary protests of the people in all the countries in europe, america etc.who are all singing the same song No jabs,no passports and Freedom to do what we want,which is why they try to overshadow what is relally going on by ramming this phony war down our throats.The Peoples Convoy in America,hits Washington tomorrow after a 10 day journey from California,10,000+trucks.but we don,t hear much about this ,do we.

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