1. This is nicely pushed into the background by that whooping in Ukraine. But we are actually still in the middle of it and is forgotten by many. Unfortunately, many people still die every day because of this.

    • It’s not forgotten by those of us who can see through the veil

  2. Does anyone care about this. Its now Ukraine they’re focused on. I’m so sick of main stream media. This is tragic

    • Bandwagon jumpers like misery….
      Saw it on that cold/flu “pandemic”…
      People are pathetic nowadays and not everyone but just so easily led and brainwashed…

  3. Perhaps they should of done there research instead of taking an experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy bio-weapon injection….

    • You cant really when your brain has been washed by media and news..
      Same arseholes that banged pans and pots for the nhs and walked in roads avoiding others😀

      • It’s ‘hardwired’ in their DNA Tim now…quite literally it would seem..the REAL science is coming out now….Too late…lts in the bloodstream…

    • My thoughts too Kevin…The REAL science is coming out now….The damage is done….

  4. The sheep don’t care about UK borders or deaths.
    Ukraine however!

    • They love the drama….virtous attitude…
      Stupid people…

  5. I’d spotteed the jncrease in sudden deaths recently guess it’s going to keep increasing as reports are graphene oxide ( spike protien bs ) is still being produced 1 year on, add in more and more 5G phones being used and opening up the 5G spectrum to service them aswell, EMF increasing to react to the GO and ouch!

    Nobody will notice with Ukraine, which is turning into a blood bath maybe, as the corrupt politicians are getting the sheep public to be used as target practice for the russians, to protect themselves.

    Oil usa 8%+ price increase today, thatll be £1.65 area at our pumps in a few days ouch.

    Food shortages and gas shortages and blackouts expected real soon.!

      • Closed out at highs $109 +9% in 1 day, WOWSA’s, expect £2 per litre in the Uk by June 🙁

        Time to stock up on food people!!! and Water!!

    • yes thats been the plan for some time .. ramp up the fear and anxiety levels .. thats what want …a planet of frightened sheep being led to the slaughter

      • The Sheep are addicted to FEAR, if it’s not scaring them, then they just don’t want it.

      • You’re not wrong. FEAR makes money…. if everything is hunky dory, calm and sunny then big business do not benefit. In fact WAR is the best ‘earner’ of them all! The Ukraine debacle must be a coincidence , especially as it comes straight after the health-scare ‘earner’. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone. We have a lot more flak to take off the sheep yet!

  6. The insane thing is that the bloody jabs don’t even work. I had my sister a few weeks ago moaning on about “those bloody anti vaxers” it was clear she’s just swallowed the tv rubbish hook line and sinker and not done any thinking at all.

    Well her and BiL are currently both suffering from – covid. Double jabbed, boosted, and a week into having it.

    I can imagine what she’ll say “imagine how bad we would have been if we hadn’t had the jabs”.

    • She’s obviously an ignorant lemming … I’ve tried showing people like this the VAERS report, the DOD from USA report, the UK and Israel reports and many WHO and CDC reports all claiming the vaccinated are at greater risk … to top it off the BEST journal article showed insurance actuarial reports where vaccinated people will have to pay much higher premiums for health insurance … if they even get coverage … the first lesson … media is dishonest

    • Yup! That’s what they all say! All brainwashed and unable to be helped out of this drunken stupor. We, the Vaccine Free, must really p*SS them off as we’re not I’ll and never tested positive! 😂😂😂😂👍👍 Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

    • Theres no way of diagnosing “covid”…
      The swabs dont do that…
      And “anti-vaxxers” makes me laugh as its not a vaccine in the first place as people are have clinical trial experimental jabs for the common cold and flu only…
      There is a vaccine for the flu originally but took 10 years roughly to properly test it…

      • I’d sooner use the term ‘ Vaccine Free’. Anything’ anti’ is always seen as nasty and anything with UN …like UNVaxxed , is usually UNpleasant. The word FREE has far better mental images…..and it confuses the sheep who ask you , too!! 😂💪😂

      • Even with the “traditional” flu jab, the official figures show mortality rates for flu have not gone down since it’s been widely available.

  7. And MSM reporting on the Ukraine Bullshit is a distraction to what is really going on behind your Backs..

  8. if they get 2 or 3 major shit shows happening at once ppl be going round in a daze, clueless. its what they want of course. i think the deaths will increase in rate, their bodies will give out at anytime. stock up goods and foods asap.

  9. This makes me so angry. The media do not report it do they. One day the people will wake up and realise how they have been lied to. I find it discusting that they turn a blind eye to it all. I thought the other day that the BBC used to ( havent got TV now), show all those who died that year at the end of the Sports personality of the year. They couldn’t do that now as all the deaths would take up the whole programme. Why oh why are people so blind. Surely by now people should be realising what is going on or at least questioning more. No jab, no mask, no testing.

    • People need to realize who controls the money supply? If you control the money you control the nation… We have mere puppets at the top in all institutions including courts and judges..
      People are under the illusion that we can prosecute these monsters for the covid hoax.. The vaccine is the poison!!
      We were infiltrated a long time ago all the way back in history to Cromwell who did a deal with the jew, they financed his war with King Charles for in return he opens the gates of England to
      They are a parasite on the host nation, they pitted us against each other over time.. Took control of the finances, commerce, politics and so on!
      Introduced hate laws, to stifle the goyim, they are obsessed with Hitler… Central bankers control nations!
      Communism, Marxism etc is a Jewish creation to control nations.
      And of course they have their goyim dupes who have sold their souls for fortune. (Blair, brown, may) , etc the list is endless..
      Western civilization has been saddled with racist laws, hate laws to shut us up. Holocaust denial is not allowed!!
      Multiculturalism is for white western nations only to dilute and destroy the natives of Europe..

      If people cannot see this then we are lost as a people.. All our troubles stems from the jew! Fact!
      The royals are beholden to the rothschilds (figure head) to dupe the masses! She is not even English.. Foreigners rule over us! Pretending to be English…. MSM are the devil’s spawn we live in chaotic darkness where the truth has been thrown to the ground..

      (The world is an illusion of marionette puppets of evil on the centre stage with lies and deception)

      The west has become godless, they have tricked the people with materialism, sex, booze (bread and circuses..)
      Our Christian moral order has been trampled on… Now we celebrate perversity as normal… My O my how far have we fallen from the one true God!!..
      There is a price to pay! God will not be mocked!.
      Our people have been duped for a very long time and still are!!
      They can’t make head nor tail of anything because they are far from “Jesus”the truth, life and the way!

      Who gave his life as a ransom for many!..
      ” We were bought for a price by the precious blood of Jesus christ”
      (Blood of the lamb) of God can wash us clean ”
      Free gift from God, everlasting to everlasting.
      ” there is only one name given under heaven by which we must be saved”
      “The name above every other name “*Jesus Christ*

      God bless truthseekers!
      Christ is king!!

  10. We need to keep pushing for an independent enquiry. We need to get all these criminals on a tribunal like war criminals. Thousands mimed and dead because of the Vaxx. September JCIV recommend not to get children VAXXED but Sir WITTY, Sir Tam, Sir Wallace, Rat lover Hancock and Boris the 🤡🤡 pushed the kids to be Vaxxed even suggested against their parents consent. Diabolical monsters.. we have forgotten all this scumbags fake COVID actors , who BBC SKY NEWS and ITV paraded to influence the scaremongering into us. They should be prosecuted too and never allow to get job again. Disgusting pigs

    • Like the independent enquiry they had after the swine flu scam, where the head of the WHO sat on the enquiry?
      There won’t be any official justice meted out against anyone for this. Just like every other globalist operation.

    • I have not and NEVER will just ‘forget’ what has been done to our young people……and of course the silent old people who were not allowed to see their family….There are Lawyers out there Vincent who’s ….’cases’ are piling up………….WHEN THE ‘TRIALS’ ARE OVER……May 2023 //the sh##t will hit the fan…this is too big to just brush under the carpet…..’IF’ people will live long enough…….

      • I do hope we get some of these lying scumbags into court! It would be superb if just one, one of these bar stewards , were being issued with civil actions right now and let the people know what’s really been happening.

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself Vincent!

  11. Let’s face it this is old news now for the millennial cunts who have already adopted the next popular shit show having replaced banging their pots and pans on doorsteps to waving their flags for the Ukraine. Monkey see monkey do🤦🏼

  12. a slow kill so that no one notices, but in a year or two when we look back on the data , all will be revealed, of course it will be too late.

  13. Series is remarkable. Rename it “The Fallen”.

    These folk need a remembering day so that we never forget.

    Seems that issues become obvious when the heart is put under load?

  14. I don’t know why the families of these people who have become ill or died of heart attacks don’t make more publicity about it. If it was someone in my family I would want the world to know.
    This is just terrible all these young people dying unnaturally and no one seems to be questioning it. You never heard of so many young people in the past dying so young of heart failure.
    Can’t believe they want to give these jabs to children.
    As more and more deaths come to be known perhaps people will come to realise what is going on but too late sadly for these shown in the video.
    Thank you Hugo for sharing this but so sad too.🥲

    • Shirley, l was talking to an old friend…asked how his Grandchildren were…He said his Grandson has Cv…has been jabbed too…13 yrs old….my shock was palpable…l was not able to talk any more about it…the ‘subject’ is too devisive….that will have lowered the boys resistance to anything now…all the REAL science is coming out now..check out Dr Yeadon…..

    • Many try, but the mainstream media don’t want to know and any social media post they put up gets deleted.

  15. 13 reports. When is this going to end? Terrible.

  16. Wondered how long it would take after x factor and the torrent of woke shit before DEATH BECAME ENTERTAINMENT in our sick sick society! Humanity has succumbed to these wretched creatures, these satanic, child eating maggots, WE MUST COME TOGETHER AND STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!

  17. look , we all know the plandemic was gonna happen years before it did , we also knew the war was gonna happen and Ukraine was the obvious choice , the sheeple will see through the vaccine pish now as the war is a bigger threat and that may be the satanists biggest mistake, mass psychosis wanes when a bigger threat is there so hopefully the scamdemic wil lbe seen for what it is and then after some research they will waken

  18. RIP beautiful souls. Utterly heartbreaking & the gutter propaganda MSM will ultimately pay for their crimes in covering this up.

  19. Two cricket legends dead. Rod Marsh and now Shane Warne both dead from heart attacks. Nothing to see here folks

    • Was just gonna write the same thing , thank fuck the Indian Gov refused Pfizer vax. IPL starts 26th bloody brilliant !!!!

    • Shane Warne had only just been weighing in on Novak Djokovich’s situation by saying Australia were right to kick him out. Like someone else said, there always used to be a round up at the end of the year of famous people and sportspeople who had died that year. There will be too many to show nowadays and the young age of most of the footballers that have gone will be too shocking.

  20. People, the UNVAXXED..called antivaxx by MSM.. those, who including myself and millions not let THESE spineless experts COERCED us into this mass massacre in the name of science..I applaud you and feel immense gratitude. It’s sad to know of those thousands if not million lives lost because of THESE Scumbags.

    The damage inflicted is irreversible in Most of the 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 and still you see them wearing face nappies. It breaks my heart seen all these preventable deaths the MSM has tried to run away from the intended sponsor covid19 Agenda and now all of the sudden it’s hard to find in the newspapers an article about the pandemic

    BBC SKY NEWS and ITV still keep pushing one way or another but it’s been overshadowed by the Ukrainian conflict… We can’t let them OFF the hook. As IT’S SAGE, that it’s been dismantled today according to the News.

    We need as many law suits against every single one no matter their future status..Boris, Wallace, Tam and SAGE leader Sir WITTY.

    We need them all paying in front of court of Human RIGHTS for this acts so WE NEED THIS TO CARRY ON UNTIL JUSTICE FOR ALL OF US PREVAIL.


    • It’s too much to bear. The poor parents. I just cannot accept that this is happening and people are still saying that we must all get this so-called vaccination. This is the Devil’s work.

  21. Think should be said that Bostin Loyd was not vaccinated. Anyone that properly follows body-building will be fully aware why he died and also fact he was 100% anti C-19 vax.

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