UK Pushing NATIONAL SERVICE Like Clockwork ⏲ / Hugo Talks

49 Comments on “UK Pushing NATIONAL SERVICE Like Clockwork ⏲ / Hugo Talks

  1. All in efort to esculate the current problem. Yer lets all join up and start ww3

  2. This one i do agree with…The Cunts should be ushered into National service get some discipline and respect into the FUCKERS…it’ll bring down there cocky fucking attitude….CUNTS…

    • Mate are you serious they are kids you was most likely doing these Sort of things when you was a kid and the language your coming out with is disgusting people in glass houses

  3. Thinks its a little late for this now.
    Oh how our country has declined these past years!

  4. Well , thy can get stuffed if they think my kids will be fighting for this evil government. After the last two years of abuse!?!!!

  5. Wait until the bullshit broadcasting Corporation starts old re runs of Dads army😂 I noticed they had something on WW2 a few days ago, this band wagon is rapidly picking up speed.

  6. Next conscription and then a pointless war that has nothing to do with us and nobody outside the elite actually wants.

  7. Reminds me of when I was at school, when the Gulf War kicked off… as we were in the last year of high school, there were a few kids worried about what would happen if we got “called up” to the army for ‘national service’. Of course, there were always some that were really “up for it”.
    As it happened, we never got called up, and I don’t recall anyone from my year group ending up with the armed services.
    Looking back now, I can see it was all part of the fear-mongering and social engineering agenda.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with Russia’s actions here, but it does seem to me that it is our leaders in the West that are hyping up this conflict far more than it is.

  8. If you have some unruly neds best thing to do is give them guns and train them how to kill 🤣🤣

    • Agreed lol… They are all hooked on Call of Duty games and would think if they were killed in battle that they would respawn

  9. I’ve always found it very offensive to say these horrrible little degenerates be put in the forces.

  10. I guess Johnson and his genocidal friends would rather a generation is murdered overseas. Much neater and the sheep will blame Johnny Foreigner – win win.

  11. Was wise as I said they’d take out the air defences first, why the tanks just wandered in unchallenged is the odd part, thought they had defences, guess not.

    Not enough youths have had there jabs, so therefore your going to use them as cannon fodder instead to kill them off.

    Getting blown to bits, proportional to a bit of anti social behavior for sure LOL

  12. Russian special forces against the woke warriors and diversity unit..
    Should be a good watch.

  13. Couldn’t kill enough with the jab let’s get them in a war. Next they’ll starve us to death.

  14. Feck the establishment.. they depopulating the peasants. Vaccines weren’t quick enough now for bombs

  15. High youth unemployent coupled with low Jab uptake coupled with going to war and maybe getiing killed and if not killed off by a compulsory Jab upon subscription to National Service? ( Spanish Flu Theory ) Just a theory. 🙂 ☠☠☠☠💉💉💉️😷😷😷😷

  16. Why would anyone want too fight!for this crap country!that treated the born and bred British citizens like dirt!?let all the dinghy divers join up!and do something useful!for all the taxpayers that are keeping them!in the custom they’re not used too!

  17. why is all this registering so complicated,maybe I am thick as a brick?

  18. Send the politicians kids to the front line in these wars, they start these fucking problems so it’s only right there children die for it. War feeds the rich and buries the poor.

  19. How to take over your country, Start a phoney war, conscript the youth into military then get rid of the young men and boys in battle, your country has less young men and boys to demonstrate and fight for our freedoms, simple really!

  20. Soooo what are they going to do with those elite paedos that keep covering for each other then. They already want it normalised, ugh, disgusting pervs.

  21. Kevin , go to the frontline , take dead guy with you ( maybe not, he is dead after all ) . Get the kids to spit on the politicians because they have given them nothing to hope for. Russia are not at fault , the NWO are , Russia are playing their game ffs , NATO have played Ukraine like the rest , watch ” the red dragon ” documentary to see how bad this corruption is.

  22. Wow, that didn’t take long. Yeah that’s right, Lock us all up for almost 2 years, try to make us all wear face nappies, can’t be by our loved ones whilst ill or dying in hospital. Killing our elderly with Midazolam. Kill & maim millions of innocent people as well children, with a bio weapon, and you think we would even consider our men and kids to go fight in a pointless war, that you lot created, Hahahaha, Ffffffffffff off.

  23. Oh I’m happy to fight, as long as Bill gates, Daddy Klaus and Epstein’s buddies are on the front row and I get to shoot them at first sight.

    I would put a bullet through my own head before I kill another innocent human being to serve the new world order. Modern day soldiers are kidding themselves if they think they’re hero’s. I hate army/military worship.

    Nothing but puppets for the military complex, getting themselves killed and killing others so some man in a grey suit can make weapons deal money.

    They need to turn their weapons to the elite cabal and end this.

    • I have just read they have found more ballet papers for Trump, now he and Putin can play at War together!

  24. This country is finished….
    My grandparents fought in both world wars and great grandparents…
    They would be ashamed of the weak kneed spineless society that is now

  25. Hugo, you have this wrong. Most of us have been calling for the return of National Service for decades. The reason being that kids have no discipline in the school or home, but they will get it in the Army.
    Yes, I am one of the thousands who want them all to do NS, nothing phoney or fake. This is one video you have very wrong. Bring back coropral punishment as well.

    • Yeah what a great idea it would be to take those shiftless scumbags & train them to kill efficiently, what could possibly go wrong?

  26. I served in our Armed Forces for over 13 years and went to two war zones in that time for what ?? Nothing accomplished. There’s no way I would encourage anyone to join the Forces.

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