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  1. All pantomime….nato and biden want a war ..because war is money..cold war 2…it takes away the CONvid all theatre

    • Factor in Russia has been the top gold buyer in the world in the last couple of years while selling 80% plus of its share of the US ponzi scheme.
      Even Thailand are ahead of Russia in that respect.
      Japan and Russias ally China are first and second in the propping up the US ponzi scheme .

  2. It’s all one big media circus 🎪….
    I believe Putin didn’t want to do this but was conned/pushed/egged etc into it….!

  3. One of the best places to understand what’s going on in Ukraine is on UKColumn.org. Very comprehensive breakdown today. One of the few news channels I trust.

    • But are they pro Trump? Many so called truthers seem to be but the ones who call bullshit on ALL politicians get silenced.

    • Yes, on the occasions that I do watch it I do like UK column. It steers clears of ‘new age’ nonsense and tries not to fall down rabbit holes such as “putin & bush in freemason robes” nonsense; that would make them look like idiots.

  4. I live in Romania. I have friends living in a city near the border with Ukraine. The city is flooded with refugees. One friends has helped a woman who was pregnant in 8 months and with a 2 yo get to a hospital to give birth because her water broke from stress, oh and yeah for walking for 16 hours to escape the bombs. The 2yo is now living with my friend for the time being. But it was probably the freemasons that payed those women and children to flood my country.
    The war may be a script. The suffering is real.

    • What I don’t understand is why on earth everone ran of ? Surely u stand ur ground now come on. I heard no innocent people were hurt . Citizens weren’t hurt. So why is everyone so full of fear all the time. I watched a news program last nite and its all the younger people running away. One really brave lady told the news she was going to work. They said why are u not leaving lol. Where will u go after work. Home she said.whats the worst that can happen we all end up in the cemetery sooner or later. Her son and daughter both told her to run but she carried on as normal. So I think here is a lot of fear porn yet again a jumping on the MSM yet again. All over there apparently fear mongering. Uk news. Bet the BBC are lapping it up.

  5. It has SAGEs fingerprints all over it, it’s psychology because people work things out by comparing them (e.g. comparison sites for insurance etc).

    If our enemy the Taliban, the bad evil people, are saying what is happening is wrong then Putin must be even more evil than them.

    Infantile really.

    • That’s exactly what they want people to think. It’s bollocks.

  6. My take is that this Ukraine/Russia spat was planned all along. If this is indeed the spark for the war they want before NWO is brought in then no doubt its a stage show. Putin is onside with WEF, Schwab & Cabal so will play the game. Putin just jabbed & masked his people and still ongoing. The plan is to bring the World to its knees (war is just one aspect of this) before they say we need a global reaction for peace etc to bring in NWO. People will then embrace NWO!

    • BTW the planned war is meant to be won by Russia & China alliance that may include NK & Iran. The west has to be destroyed as that is where the idea of freedom lays the strongest. China, Russia or NK have their society programmed near to where we are going.

      • If you are posting about bush Jr putin and a Chinese leader in masonic robes, that was actually some local costume where the talks were.
        If you want pure freemasonry then jacinda from NZ had her education paid by freemason grants, her dad is a cop and freemasonry lodges are everywhere in NZ.
        Guess what jacinda did in the UK for bliar ?
        Defended freemasonry activity in the UK during the pretend purge in the UK on freemasons in the police. .

    • Totally agree, either it’s all part of the WEF plan, OR Russia and China have pretended to go along with it to allow the West to destroy itself so they can then launch their own NWO plans.

      Full scale war against the West would have a huge cost in losses and would drag on for years, allowing the West to destroy itself costs nothing and removes half the pieces off the chess board.

    • Hi Mark! Gosh, I cannot wrap my head around this. I used to say the same as you do here, WEF & Putin = collaborators. But after looking around for information there seems to be quite a few sources that says it is bullshit Putin and Schwab is homies. You know, many greek orthodox saints and Mount Athos mystics are 100% sure Putin is a tool for the divine forces against zionist satanic cabal. I still find it almost impossible to explain away Putins (and Trumps) silent acceptance of covid19 and the injections (doesn´t matter if they say it should be a free choice). Hence my confusion at this stage of the game. Perhaps this is the greater lesson. that we are on our own now. The times for trusting in leaders is long gone. But I can´t really drop the thought that Putin will take the old khazars down…

      • Mika@ “Putin and Schwab is homies” there is video Schwab boasting about world leaders that has gone through the WEF leader program. He says on camera & in public Putin is onboard & has gone through the program. Maybe someone will put the link up here. Cabal control all including (Rothschild) China!

        “Putin is a tool against zionist satanic cabal?” – Syria invited Russian planes in Syrian territory was shot down by uninvited Israel in same airspace. What did Putin do or say? Zilch…nano…silent. Then later invited Netanyahu onto Russian soil hand shaking & hugging!

        Trump? Come on! He is cabal controlled! Jesuit schooled; Epstein jet hopping bailed out bankrupt is an easy one to pick out as a cabal pawn but they manage to fool many that will be our saviour.

        Where was Putin response when US/EU coup outed elected Ukraine President in recent years? Why respond now? Maybe he is following the script towards war>NWO. Putin is a high level freemason. Search duckduckgo photos “putin & bush in freemason robes” and see how he is with his so called enemies.

        Its all a stage show!

    • Putin isn’t Jewish is he he’s Russian orthodox. Just saying because a lot of who’s calling for walls against Nations and a 1 world domination of the human race just happened to be Jewish!

      • According to the most prolific commentator on here – their handle momentarily escapes me – Putin’s real name is Putinstein which does sounds kind of Jewish LOL Oh yeah, and the Sun orbits the Earth, the Earth is at the centre of the Universe, there is no such thing as infectious diseases… LOL

    • Ukraine looks like it has a lot of old world building’s still standing, good opportunitie to blow them up before someone asks who built them.

  7. Money and depopulation watch China come in and take Taiwan in a minute

  8. England is controlled by the jew. We don’t even have an English parliament. But a diversity freak show pretending to represent us..

    They can’t even put a white man in commercials to painful for them..
    White female, black guy and coffee coloured kids is the norm..

    But now they want us to be all patriotic (all of a sudden).
    That nasty man has invaded Ukraine.. Who after the( maidan coup) 2014 the jew raped and packed off its gold to America for safe keeping? Now it’s a penniless wreck of a country…
    Virus pantomine did not work, but the fear mongering lives on..
    To escalate this to a world war, then we will have food shortages and so on…
    All contrived and staged to herd us into a dystopian nightmare..
    Is putin controlled by the globalists? I have a suspicion he is! They all are! including trump..
    You do not get to be a billionaire all on your own… Not in this world.
    We will see? Time will tell!

    Hold fast to Jesus Christ! For he is the truth, life and the way..
    Whatever the outcome, so be it, by the will of God, do not fear! Hold steadfast to Jesus Christ for he is our rock! My anchor! In these times of absolute lies and deceit..
    Pray for wisdom and discernment!
    So you can separate lies from truth. In these diabolical times!
    For surely the days are coming when our faith will be tested..

    I choose God!! Cling to the cross, for he is my rock in turbulent waters. Hold fast to the (Gospels of christ) the word of God! Truth! Will set you free!
    Turn off the jew propaganda machine!
    Trust in Jesus Christ our saviour!

    “For you brothers, became imitators of the churches that are in judea, For you suffered the same things from your own countrymen as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out, and displease God and oppose all mankind”
    1 Thessalonians (apostle Paul)

    “This life is a mere drop in the ocean, your eternal soul is forever!”

    Follow him!! With everything you got and be saved from this twisted world.. Men are deceivers and liars.. The word of God is truth!
    God bless!
    Christ is king!

    • They couldn´t kill Jesus. Neither can they kill us. The darknes can be used for the very purposes of the Paraclete. Let us willingly be deeply taught and led by God´s Holy Spirit.

  9. Thanks for news update !

    I haven’t been watching the msm news 😕
    I am just recovering from 2 years of constant convid 19 propaganda Bullshit !
    So I am staying away from anything reported on msm now…lol
    I am completely unsure of what to believe on msm!!! 😁 (if anything)
    That’s the problem with being around bullshitters-
    You lose faith with EVERYTHING they say !
    And now its more fear mongering….
    constant BS about something that has already been planned years ago.
    What can we do if war has already been planned.?
    I really don’t care !!!
    I’m just pleased phase one is over…
    Thanks 4 update hugo
    Glad I have a good food storage now.

  10. The Taliban are just bit part actors and the understudies in this grand play. I think the original part was supposed to have been played by Justin Trudeau the PM of Canada. He was very vocal and quick to congratulate Putin a few days ago whilst he himself was attempting to turn Canada into a communist regime. But I think we need to keep an eye on the Korean peninsula. Ukraine is a side show.

  11. On you Tube there is a sight called ‘History Debunked’ presented by Simon Webb. He put up an interesting video yesterday outlining his thoughts on why Putin has gone into Ukrain.

  12. Currently a pro-Russian 10000 strong Chechen military convoy is moving towards Ukraine to participate in attack. They sending muslims in attack on Ukraine also. Aparently they calling that force “V”. Qote from one pro-russian account “Z will soon meet V”.

  13. Looks like they are using the taliban to discredit the peace option (by affiliating them with it). That tells me the globalists want the war to worsen and conflagrate – presumably because the covid digital id pass is effectively dead in the water. They failed to get it accross the line because they didn’t get enough jabbed before people started sussing the game and refusing outright. So people in open revolt – like in NZ and Canada – are extremely threatening to the globalists continued survival, because if one country succeeds in digging them and bringing them to justice – imagine the panic of globalists elsewhere. So this is their strategic response to distract from that happening and head it off – and is one of the last cards they have left to play. Start a war and try and drag in as many countries as possible. Use it to try and put people of the world into fear state again and trash economies in the process in readiness for the great reset etc. The usual shite. They will fail – we will keep our vibration clear and calm and look out for each other as love grows on the planet.

  14. Vlad, don’t take that ice cream – it will make you demented…

  15. Patrick Lancaster news today on telegram (independent journalist) saying and showing Ukraine bombing Ukraine.

  16. The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

  17. The disbelief and confusion is all part of the psychological warfare on the people… It’s good when you can take a very large step back from it all and take a deep breath.

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