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  1. It’s simply pathetic. Does anyone believe any of this nonsense any more?
    Oh, wait – of course they do.
    The government /media can bring out anything they want, no matter how absurd, and a huge proportion of the people will lap it up.

    • It will get the brainwashed “covid” puppets going on another topic…
      There marked for life now…
      I will never have anything to do with people like that again…
      I hear them, i see them but i have nothing to do with them👋

  2. Looks like the special effects bods will be getting a nice pay packet. What a laugh – just goes to show there’s nothing there to see!

  3. The Western cabal puppets are getting worried that Putin is going to shut down their business affairs and the money laundering. Oh how small their world is getting, now is the time to be cautious, cornered rats get nasty.

    • Let’s hope Penn gets slotted! I also trust the Russian soldiers invading Ukraine are all triple jabbed.

  4. Dear god this whole fake war and Sean Penn we are living in a world were the main stream media move from one cris story to the next all for ratings. Insanity.

    • ur right they move making whatever they want like us flicking channels

  5. Lets send in all government, Pedo’s, Hollywood and the fake stream media, same scum that cause all world problems, and let them get on with it. Now that’s certainly a plan.

    • Says the one that cannot see the difference between a real Trumpie pro rally VS another with docters etc that has nothing to do with Trump. Seen the poster of it and where is Trumpie on it. You fall for msm psy op of bs and now again you are a fool bc if you think it is all played then you are played! Go first make contact with people that live there 🤡 before this dump idiocrazy you do.

  6. As the person/persons who were made out to be William Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage”. Mind you, there’s one upside to all this fakery – just like magic, the Rona has disappeared! Gone! Cured! And here I was waiting for the alien invasion. There’s still time, I guess.

  7. Well story aside, I got from my sister in law friend video from mobile phone yesterday of Odessa with billowing tick smoke in distance with info that they already had about 5 explosions and that is hard to find any transport to leave te city. So they are under attack and we should not ignore that.

    Not to mention 10 000 pro-Russian muslim troops from Chechnya moving toward Ukraine to join with Russian troops. This forces are aparently marked with letter “V”.

  8. We are in the Trueman Show. We’re all Trueman and the elites are the viewers. I’m sure most of their lives are fake. They’re money making brands. I stopped watching TV a decade ago once I realised this. I recommend everyone does the same. You’re wasting your lives watching that crap anyway. Instead I read, make my own products, cook and grow vegetables. I go wild swimming and go for walks. You’re not living watching that rubbish. Plus I don’t need a TV licence and have great pleasure in letting them in my house so they can see I don’t watch that crap!

  9. Sean Penn put in for propaganda BS. You can see it coming, all those heart breaking vomit wrenching scenes/stories of crying children and women etc, etc. No doubt the white helmets will turn up!

  10. Wasn’t Ukraine airspace shut down yesterday? How did he get in? More ‘Wag the dog’ BS! I remember they wheeled him out in Iraq and New Orleans too.

  11. Some clever person once said;

    All the world’s a stage (ALL of it)…

    Who ever said that has to be one of the smartest people in human history, as modern life has literally become a climatic, HD, never-ending episodic series of played out scenes (Name a Netflix show, or any televised show for that matter, that HASN’T covered / reinterpreted some historical or major life event…)

    A large percentage of life and the information gained from it is actually being consumed from behind some sort of a screen, script, or well delivered presentation for your information, entertainment or influence – and that’s not a joke, since the inception of the Television, (and now modern web media devices) how much of the “modern” world’s population through generations, have become converted as consumers, as the tech became more accessible and prolific? Far too many I’d say.

    Not to mention Social Media, which also means that everyone gets to play a role on the stage, so the show MUST continue!

  12. Penn is the most pathetic nwo puppet of all. This situation is like when the ronamic started the first puppet infected with the thing was another shitlit Tom Hanks

    • Sean Penn had to become an Actor to speak words others have written,for him, he is as thick as two short planks, so he is perfect for making a documentary about a war that doesn’t exist!

  13. 1940s World War Two thousands of reel footage showing actual war, 2022 an age of film and photo technology, not yet a convincing shot of any attack actually happening, just some open gates of tanks driving through caught on cctv, war sirens going off during bbc coverage and few lights in the sky, some already destroyed abandoned military tanks and let’s not forget western journalists allowed in to Moscow to report on evil Putin. Things don’t add up.

  14. Hey Hugo, can we keep focused on the real thing Here in UK? The MSM has diverted all the attention into the Ukrainian conflict as scapegoat to hide from their participation in the biggest harm our freedoms and civil liberties have endured for two years. They think it’s forgotten but I will not as many will too. You hardly find an article about the so called covid19 pandemic ever since. We need to keep pushing for an enquiry and keep naming and shaming one by one of those who support this Tyranny. MPs, journalist, media outlets have to be accountable. Hancock, Sajid, Boris, BBC, SKY news, ITV, Tam, Wallace and WITTY.. those loved ones who died because of NHS focused on the Vaxx and the damage to our children mental being, economy in tatters.. let’s not give them a moment to breathe..the battle Just begin.

    • You said it though, “you can hardly find an article” how can Hugo focus on something that has just been swept under the rug?
      The narrative has changed and the awake are the only ones who can see it.
      We know what they have done and believe me none of us have forgotten! I’ve lost my entire family through this including my 2 grandchildren. For the first 12 months I put blood sweat and tears into trying to wake them up it nearly drove me insane!
      Although we are many, we are still only a dot on the horizon, we aren’t able to put the brakes on this, it will play out as they have planned, twisting and turning along the way.
      This is the end times, unfortunately nothing can be done about anything by us, it’s an awful thing to say but it’s the reality of the situation.
      Getting angry and frustrated is giving them your energy, Don’t get me wrong I’ve been angry and frustrated, desperately trying to make a difference but it really is futile, the opposition is controlled, it’s all planned just look at the truck convoys they were all started by the elite you only have to look at the logo that had 666 encoded around the outside! These were brought about to create enough disruption that they could bring in stronger measures, and it worked didn’t it.
      I keep up with the fake news but I find myself laughing at the sheer stupidity of the asleep, and I often think if my own daughter called me mad about the plandemic how on Earth word she take it if I started on about how this “war was fake and part of the grand plan” see we don’t stand a chance.
      Being awake is something that is “learned” not “taught” they have to do it themselves.
      I’ve turned my attention throughout this to becoming a prepper I’m off grid and have enough produce for 2 years I am right with Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father so It’s time to sit back with my popcorn and watch the shit show unfold!

      • Amazing . My daughter won’t talk to me and I am not allowed to see my 5 month old granddaughter . The world is controlled by the elites- and lies abound .Next stage transhumanism and King Klaus .
        Sending love and peace and sadness for your family loss . Wishing I was off grid too . Mary . UK

      • Mikayla@ I identify and sympathise with you & your post. Many will find your post as negative but it has a sense of reality. Yes, the opposition is controlled to a high level from the start. They were quickly introduced and seems like well trained. HT maybe one! Many deceptions are constantly being laid in this area. Great to hear you have found a position of comfort and acceptance. Heavenly Father please send your son as soon as divinely possible. Thank you!

      • Sheep have been pumped full of fear and then told we that are trying to save them are the bad guys and crazy, so they can make them take the jabs,.

        Even though few know any that have died of claimed Convid, and obviously it’s flu or killed by the hospital for the 45K bonus.

        Shit show is unfolding, we tried, there stupid, guess they have to learn the hard way, these facts.

      • Mikayla, I believe the vast majority on here have experienced and are in a similar situation with family and friends. Your comment on being awake being “learned” is beautifully accurate. The problem however, is most people don’t want to learn the truth as this will unsettle their humdrum lives!
        Since all my family and friends are VAXXED, I deliberately do not discuss the topic with them. Because of what we know about the jab I simply can not endure them any more hardship, fear and pain by their actions! In fairness to many of them it was necessary (illegally coerced) for them to carry on with their lives. I was also tarred with the crazy tag because of my views on the “plandemic” but my firm stance has my family and friends beginning to now side with me.
        I also do not believe the term ‘controlled opposition;’ its a meager antonym to support a lefty snowflake narrative in an orderly manner in this upside down world! You’re controlled or you’re not and you’re opposition or you’re not…

        This war in Ukraine being fake though,,, I’m struggling to get my head around this, but the CCTV cameras, nevertheless, do not appear to televise any evidence of an ongoing war?

        When everything is said and done, we can never change The Rulers but we can change The Rules …

      • I agree all mind control governments around the world are in it together. It’s a spiritual warfare between God and satan. Jesus Christ is the truth. The leftists psychopaths don’t want us to know the truth

    • You are right, the Convid plandemic, with many restrictions and testing still in place plus the fake vaccine etc is the main problem.

  15. I am spiritually told ADHD medication will strengthen the immune system. Don´t know if VAIDS is real. Perhaps it can cure it. Immune cells have adrenaline receptors and some ADHD medication release adrenaline.

    • VAIDS is REAL, more and more staring to die from it, the sudden deaths that are growing, but doubtful it’ll help with no immune system.

    • Hydroxychloroquine will “c u r e” not only aids but loads more conditions …

      Putin is a commie C*** nutter and will kill anyone for power! Don’t be fooled.

  16. Presidents are just actors, so a actor that played the president is a good fit as everyone is already used to seeing him in that role.

    So Putin, is taking out the Nazi’s who are trained and funded by UK/US and conducting a genocide on the Russians in the far east, which used to be a russian held area.

    Either way he’s crippled there air defences and comm’s, with very little loss of life and they’ve basically lost, he’ll likely take back the russian held areas and he might even push that back to the river going down the middle of the country for a no go defence zone.

    He’s protecting his people and said NO to the New World Order for his people, still like him.

  17. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/feb/26/vallance-and-whitty-to-step-out-of-spotlight-as-covid-restrictions-end-in-england

    We can’t let THESE evil men escape the spotlights.. they owned the spotlights..they grabbed power and sent us into more misery.. scientists who sent millions into mental breakdown, unimaginable damage to our economy, Overturned the JCIV states of children not needed of vaccines. Scumbags should be held account in front of court of Human RIGHTS. I’m for once, will NEVER forget what they’ve done. Better not seeing one of these criminals in the streets

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