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    • WW3 started many years ago…read “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”……also
      Matthew 24:6
      And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

  1. Thanks Hugo, interesting to hear what you’ve heard about reports of dated video clips being used as ‘coverage’. As for the rest of it, as I said to a friend earlier, I care much more about the war the globalists launched on humanity in March 2020 – that most people are unaware of – than this NATO & Washington-stirred up shit-show.

  2. Personally I believe convid was the big transfer of wealth and this will be to “impose” sanctions on Russia including the banning of them using the swift system which will most certainly crash the worlds economy.
    All us bottom feeders will be left fighting for scraps while these people will be eating of golden plates laughing at us!

    • I wouldn’t put it past them, very interesting connection only saw the film last month, i bought it for some tips on handling zombies😂

    • Well i`ve seen the film Zombieland so i`m good to go as well 🙂

    • Good opportunity to re-check the conditioning from that movie. Notice how the army is constantly opening fire on the sick and hungry masses of people demonized as zombies (e.g. Jerusalem scene).
      The way I see it, a certain percentage of the vacca (cow) – cinated population will be herded sooner or later into some undergrown shelters/cities (which will only accept the artificially herd-immunized). As a result of the continuous stream of foolish decisions, the natural light of the sun will be taken away from these people. Outside of those shelters are going to remain only the demonized “protesting masses of hungry and sick” people upon which genocide (especially through war) will be unleashed.
      It has come to this point that decisions can only be taken based on the following criteria: gratitude towards God or enslavement under the luciferians.

  3. Joe Biden started his press conference on 2/22/2022 at 2:22pm to speak about the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. It cannot be a mere coincidence that specific time and date adds to 666.

  4. I have already zoned out of the propaganda I don’t trust MSM to report anything truthfully after the shit show of the last 2 years . It will be another excuse to put up the cost of living , gas , electric , petrol and diesel and I don’t have the headspace for all the war mongering and doom and gloom .

  5. It’s a distraction. WW3 has already started, there will be a strange twist coming up. Like in a movie.
    And concerning the media, more than that listen to the Archbishop Vigano’s smooth words, they seem to be Messianic beautiful words of a savior, I don’t trust that he means a word of what he says. Don’t trust him or anyone from the Vatican….. Watch this space…..

    • Hi Hugo, it’s me again. Merciful Humming. I do think a lot. Not as deep as you do. But one of these days, an idea hit me: what if this puppets tried our compliance long time ago? When they stopped allowing smoking in restaurants, than parks, and so on? It started slowly and developed everywhere in the world. In small steps. But I believe that’s how they tried how will we react to a mandatory order. Just a thought.

      • Hi

        I said about that on here some months ago.
        I agree

        It’s all been planning …
        for the today’s ‘Shite Show’ we are all living in!!

    • Archbishop Vigano is not with the Vatican, he is in hiding from the Vatican because he has called them out. He can be trusted.

  6. Hugo Talks and Computing Forever are so very intuitive , I’m amazed

  7. Friends from the border with ukraine hace said the city is floded with refugees from ukraine. So yeah…

  8. Also, Z does not stand for 33. The equivalent letter in chirilic for theblatin Z is a letter that looks like 3, butbit’s not 3. And even if they were hiding this they would still need two Z side by side to be 33.

    • This called all be a bluff for THE pandemic being Spars or Mers or HIV?…
      There is more of that to come…
      Covid 19 was the practice run

      • That’s right they have put the fear out and now there ramping it up to the max. Well my 3 sons won’t b fighting for this country when there’s a country full of illegals here to rape and kill the women and kids that’s left. I heard the ads on the radio to join up lol they can fuck right of. Fight for a country that’s no longer our home land. I’m the minority in London. A white English women. Born and breed. Yet I’m the lucky 1 with all the privilege. Bollocks. Its all bollocks. Who’s fuck8ng taking the knee now? Who’s banging on about being trans lesbo can u see any of these freaks fight ING for this country? Well my English white privileged sons won’t b either they can fuck right of.

  9. The letter z is so the Russian military can recognise military tanks,jeeps,personnel carriers,artillery etc on the battlefield as Ukrain and surrounding countries have very similar armour. It’s to prevent friendly fire.

  10. Fear is all they have ever given.

    Never good intentions
    to the people whom actually make the MF,ers rich in the first place.

    Crazy people All of them.

    Running the lives of decent folk, putting them in fear, debt , anyway to keep us controlled.

    Cheers Hugo

    Have great evening All

  11. In Russian Cyrillic alphabet letter Z is written like number 3.
    Z = 3

  12. Hugo check out amir tsarfati if you are on telegram,he s genuine,Christian Bible teacher.and was a major in the idf
    …..he’s reporting lots on Russia,Ukraine today, I got through from him myself before the news gets anything ,he won’t put up false information then you can repost it yourself if it sits with you,take care .

  13. escalating the situation – these psychos really go to the end and will not leave us alone. Information war, then poison into the body in the form of a “vaccination”,and now they decided to finish it off physically. this well-staged theatrical production really show their hate to human’s.stay strong guys!!!!(its not matter which country and which puppet president-they all together against ppl-this is the main!)

  14. Just a thought…could the ‘Z’ relate to Ukrainian President ‘Zelenskyy’?

  15. A couple of observations ..

    The Z marking looks like an identification symbols similar to the chevron markings used in the past.

    There was a video game “DayZ” released in 2018 developed by Bohemia Interactive …

    “The game places the player in the fictional post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where a mysterious plague has turned most of the population into violent “infected”. As a survivor, the player must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding the infected, and killing, avoiding, or cooperating with other players in an effort to survive the outbreak.”

    • Have a look at the Azov Battalion flag and who they are. They are the biggest problem in the UKraine.They are a right-wing extremist and Neo-Nazi Ukrainian National Guard unit,

  16. Conscription is already written into the Lisbon Treaty over a decade ago.

  17. I don’t believe anything I see on the television anymore, too much corruption and propaganda, like Hugo said just turn it off, it really is that simple

  18. TV already turned off and when I’m off on Saturday night I’m going to listen to some music and have a glass of wine or maybe a few beers. I’m going to smile to myself knowing I won in the vaccination round kept my body and mind clean, I won’t be taking part in the MSM game this time around either. Trust your gut believe in God and hold your faith it can never be taken from you and will keep you out of reach of the demonic forces.

    • Correct, God sees everything mice and men do… His Vengeance will be swift on the wicked, when he chooses! .

      All orchestrated as we’re the two world wars. Jewish bankers move the pawns around on a chess board and laugh at the stupidity of the white man..
      After the maidan coup, the US moved its puppets into power
      Remember Victoria nuland (jew) handing out cookies to the hapless saps..
      World jewry has infiltrated all western nations.. From the rocker fellers, New York, rothschilds, London. We are but cannon fodder to them we fought two world wars for them to get richer..
      While( christendom) became poorer. Call them what you will?
      Masons, Illuminati, cabala, communism, zionists etc they are of the devil..
      In debt to the bankers, which is the way they want it.. Oh! My brothers and sisters, When will we ever learn!!! Too scared of being called hurty words!! Do not be tricked again! The jew rules over the UK, US and if they get their way Christians will be fighting Christians again..
      The jew MSM will amplify the propaganda machine into overdrive, Putin is the new Hitler!
      Ever since( Cromwell) 1656 let the jew back into England they have subverted all positions of power including the monarchy..
      (Nathan rothschilds, 18th century)

      “I care not who sits on the throne of England, I only care about who controls the money supply and i control the money supply”
      We have been slaves to them through usury, for a very long time.. Every PM is a puppet for them!
      Putin wants to protect the Russian people of Donbas and lugansk .
      Its OK when the west, US, invades Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc well, because that’s humanitarian? LOL!! They plundered and destroyed those places especially Libya.. And displaced millions of people who then were invited into Europe.. Job done!!
      Nothing new under the sun!!

      (Jesus) said to them “I am from above, you are from below”

      If you knew the father you would know me also. For he is in me and I in him..
      God bless truthseekers!!
      Viva christore!!

      • God bless & protect you…Our Lord is coming

      • @Johnny Yes He is, and I do hope you’re not one of these people, like Riverhope99 who is steeped in RELIGION, who will hear these words from Yashua Messiah when He arrives:

        Matthew 7:21-23 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into The Kingdom of God; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 MANY will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

      • Born into the satanic Roman Empire (Fake Catholic church). We were warned of man made religion many times….I follow no man, .especially not nonces in dresses.
        Thanks for the info

  19. You might want to google the Azov Battalion. See who they are, their presence in the Ukraine and also their flag. The words They are a right-wing extremist and Neo-Nazi Ukrainian National Guard unit. This who Putin is up against.

  20. Has Russia really invaded Ukraine? The BBC says so, but just because that’s what they say has happened does not mean that it has happened. Putin and NATO could be actors playing for the same team. Keep an open mind & don’t give this nonsense a moment of your time, or an ounce of your energy

  21. Has Russia really invaded Ukraine? The BBC says so, but just because that’s what they say has happened does not mean that it has happened. Putin and NATO could be actors playing for the same team. Keep an open mind & don’t give this nonsense a moment of your time, or an ounce of your energy

    • Thank you . Your right. Its all getting a bit much and so fast. One thing after another. Wish I could just switch my brain of but can’t stop searching for some truth. As all that’s being pumped out is more and more fear by government and MSM. When there not even reporting on Canada and Australia ffs.

  22. Hmmm – just watched a live stream on facebook (Uk group) and when I accidentally hovered over the 3 dots thing in the comments – what came up was russian writing. Has FB been hacked / fake hacked? Very odd to see that.

  23. One thing we know for certain is that Johnson is no Churchill. You might want to bear in mind that Putin and Johnson were both WEF Young Global Leaders. This is all probably theatre to give us a reason for starving us all to death this year so we can fulfil Slughead’s depop schedule.

    • Yes he IS like the warmonger Churchill. You are a truther because you follow Hugo yes? So you should take the time to research Churchill

      • @cazcurwen, You should, because most of our present problems are because of the criminality of our past leaders, with the drunken, subversive, sodomite degenerate Churchill being one of the best examples.

    • I no lol did u see Boris doing his war speech fucking bellend. He thinks he’s Churchill. Its actually mad me feel depressed today. I mean they give it all that about covid and now this bollocks. I’m sitting here alone wondering wtf is going on in the world. Why don’t they just hurry up and do what they want to do and get it fucking over. U can’t trust anyone. Not even ur gp. It’s all fear porn and people making up mad propaganda shit. Where are all the weirdo groups now ? Wonder if push came to it they would fight for hurty words and there rights now. Love to see these mad groups reactions now. Fuck8ng snowflakes. X

    • Is that Churchill the pedophile, alcoholic warmongering bankers puppet?

      • @Johnny Oh yes Churchill the Freemason Jew with his Freemason Jewish Bolshevik Commie comrade across the pond – Roosevelt with his grotesque wife. Not forgetting, of course, the half-Jewish bank robber in Bolshevik Russia, ‘affectionately’ known as Uncle Joe! What a stinking filthy viper snake pit trilogy that was!

  24. Important, this was shared to twitter today. The persons account got suspended. This is the unroll of the whole thread that got the person banned. Makes sense. I heard on our radio that Ukraine had made chenobyle safe (they said nuclear station) but I follow an independent journalist who said that Russia had captured it and made it safe. Go careful sharing this information we are going into dark times. Please read this, its important.

  25. I’m seeing and hearing that Ukrainians are CELEBRATING the Russian troops being there in their PEACEKEEPING capacity! Putin has been vilified as he has always stood fiercely OPPOSED to the NWO. Research what he did to the Khazarian Mafia. Ukraine is deeply corrupt. It’s where the likes of the Biden”s, Hilary, Obama and co LAUNDER their money!! It’s all lies and optics. Fake Fake Fake

    • Yes your spot on. I read something similar about Ukraine Joe boden and his family pocketing millions from the Ukraine for years.

  26. Thanks Hugo, your videos are resonating with me. This is a deadly game to give excuse for more top down control, fear, shortages of everything, financial collapse, troops on streets, chaos. The destruction of the world as we know it and the installation of the fourth industrial revolution by any means necessary. They told us at the beginning, build back better. The new normal. The synchronized genocide of the elderly in April 2020 should have awaked most but sadly did not. They have no boundaries. You are right Hugo, refuse to engage, Trust in God and your own moral code. Thanks to all who comment.

    • Russia has sold 80 % of its stake in US economy and brought gold .
      Anyone for a challenge to the petrol dollar ?
      While the US printed money over the last few years.
      Follow the money as they say .

      • America and Britain are like Japanese prisoners awaiting execution by a Samurai warrior. They’re standing there next to the Samurai awaiting the death blow from his sword until one of them says: “well get on with it then!” And the Samurai replies; “Gentlemen, please nod your heads.”

  27. We weakened our youth (young men) with the jabs!! So we are an easy target. Putin announced publically that he wouldn’t mandate the jabs.. and China have t used mRNA jabs.. they sent the TOXIC spike proteins out to all countries width a sequence.

    I’m no rocket scientist… but if this was done on purpose before a world war.. this is going to be horrific. I’ve been saying this for months..

  28. Fairly obvious that the coming Cyber Attack that takes down the Western Banks is now blamed on Russian who retaliated against sanctions. All planned in June last year at WEF cyber polygon

  29. Most of MSM is make-believe. I am not going to run scared about events 2000 miles away. I’ll start worrying when the Russians knick on my front door.

  30. Well, they could not kill us all with the jab, so now they want Putin to do the job with Iskanders missils and high energy prices.

  31. I think this staged invasion is going to be used as an excuse to hike prices in oil, electricity, inflation. We will have power cuts and cyber attacks and the Russians will get the blame,but it’s all the plan. Might be the excuse they need for climate lockdowns, they will say we don’t have the energy to do a 7 day week, bring in social credit system and rationing.

  32. The ‘Z’s confirm there convid passport status, which has to be checked upon crossing the border to cruise around the city playing some banging tunes.

    Yep HOAX, Putin and Ukraine are in this together, he’s making the odd thing explode to look good, but there is no way they’d let tanks just wander in unchallenged, unless it’s all a show as always.

    I think I’ve finally seen it all LOL

    Even Oil price reversed, as they’ve came to the same conclusion, Ukraine was never joining NATO, it’s got a better deal with Russia.

    Ukraine will surrender soon, with no real loss of life, Putin will be the bad guy and the sanctions we are putting on him, will break our economy and force us into poverty, which has been there goal for ages.

  33. probably an indicator that the vehicle is a prop vehicle, not a blowup but like you’d have stunt vehicles. or mabye a code of some sort. and to think that some of us think we know a lot about the world but we haven’t even began to realise how deep the hole is.

  34. Well I’m disappointed that the z is to prevent friendly fire. I thought Zorro lives and woz ‘ere. Not taking any notice of the propaganda, but of course it has fired up the anti Russian feelings within the MSM and clinical trial junkies within my family – oh that’s all of them! Totally sick of hearing about it and how it is good that we get them. No, it isn’t. This is crap and we are going to suffer as is the plan and a great diversion it is for the junkies. Keep switched on folks, keep calm and carry on as best we can.

  35. Z or Zeta is the sixth letter in the Greek Alphabet.
    In numerology it has a value of Seven.
    It’s nothing unusual for military vehicles to use letters from the Greek Alphabet for identification purposes.
    In operation desert storm, the allied vehicles used the letter Delta, and inverted pyramid, 🔻.

    But interestingly, there’s a lot of biological laboratories in the Ukraine.
    I’m not suggesting that Putin would do it, but what if any evidence regarding a certain pandemic needs to be eradicated?
    If those laboratories were destroyed in say, a conflict, it would certainly help certain people.

    That would only work if all world governments were in on it, which of course they’re not. 🙄🤦‍♂️🤔

  36. Getting rid of the deep state, the Rockefeller’s, the Rothchild’s etc. Ukraine is where the money laundering of the elites dirty money. Putin wants the DS gone. He is doing this also to help the Ukrainian people as they have been under a tyrannical government for years, and have suffered so much. Military are involved ( the good military). The good guys, lol, will take down all global governments who have put us through the whole covid narrative, and murdered their own people with the bio weapon Jib jab. All in it together, Bojo, Biden, Clintons, Obama and his man wife, big Mick, Macron, Trudeau, WEF, etc. Only way to bring peace back to our world, getting rid of the evil deep state.

  37. Stop watching MSM , don’t believe anything ! Look the other way and smile !

    • Yes Andrew!!

      Keep smiling at Them…

      They have gone to far for me to give a crap anymore.
      So I agree

      Have a great day Andrew

  38. There are 2 group of troops Z – for Zapod (West in Russian), V – for Vostok (East in Russian).

    • Why would Russian military use English alphabet ? There has to be something else .

      Btw, in the video , Hugo shows “z” written as “33” in russian. As a Ukrainian I can assure you it is not so. In both, Ukrainian and Russian , when we write our letters in alphabet it’s almost always capital and lower case together . Example: Aa, Бб,Вв, Гг, Дд, Ее ect . So foe Z is :” Зз ” (yes, we do have z in our alphabets , just not in the end).

      It is strange , tho , to see it displayed on military equipment.

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