So Called Alt Media React To RUSSIA / Hugo Talks #TRUMP

47 Comments on “So Called Alt Media React To RUSSIA / Hugo Talks #TRUMP

  1. wtf i just dont know what to believe anymore, should i just switch of all media, in this short life of mine, wasting life trying to figure it all out.

    • That’s just it , it feels as if time is short which in turn focuses our attention on what we deem important, if you had a week to live how would you spend it.

    • Ukraine is a distraction. Has Russia really invaded Ukraine? The BBC says so, but just because that’s what they say has happened does not mean that it has happened. Putin and NATO could be actors playing for the same team. Keep an open mind & don’t give this nonsense a moment of your time, or an ounce of your energy

    • Ukraine is a distraction. Has Russia really invaded Ukraine? The BBC says so, but just because that’s what they say has happened does not mean that it has happened. Putin and NATO could be actors playing for the same team. Keep an open mind & don’t give this nonsense a moment of your time, or an ounce of your energy

      • Well they did broadcast stories of chemical attacks in Douma and Aleppo that turned out to be false so who knows? As my gran used to say, ‘ Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.’

    • That’s what you get when they jab you along with aids and cancer & God knows what else these criminals will use-they’ll go to any lengths to get rid of us free-thinking people as they’re the thick ones doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response…hope that helps…

      • I posted this (slightly edited) comment as a reply to someone’s comment on the other (Part 1) Trump Train Video as it’s just as pertinent here:

        Absolutely sir. And what only a few of us are aware of, even when the blatant lies and corruption couldn’t be more obvious.

        Trump: the sleaziest, most TREASONOUS liar, satan ever gave breath to… Yet millions still worship the ground it walks on! 🤦‍♂️

        And this comment from ME – I was probably his biggest fan outside the US (I’m from Australia). Until he redirected all the US funding, plus truck-loads more $$, away from the WHO, into Bill Gate’s GAVI organization, then the final straw: ‘Operation Warp Speed’. 💉

        Yes, TRUMP is entirely responsible for the roll-out of the infamous ‘death jab’! He has the murders of at least 2 million innocent people on his filthy hands already, yet he still very proudly pats himself on the back for supposedly saving over 2 million lives? !!
        Now, all those Q-anon morons refuse to see the huge (dyed yellow haired) elephant in the room – STILL believe he is going to save the world!
        They ought to be be lynching him, not praising him! What is the matter with these people?

  2. Never trust farage & anyone he associates with-they’ll all sell England down the river as Farage has on 3 occasions but there are still idiots out there that still want to throw their money at him …he’s only interested in the money. Fox is another “controlled” opposition-you can’t “reform2 this murdering load of parasites ripping us English off every step of the way…ALL the other parties are controlling to keep the parasites in power there forever!! About time people woke up & done some research and bring back our fully valid English Constitution as it’s given by God & CAN NEVER BE REMOVED especially by the british that haven’t even got their OWN NATION (OR CULTURE-unless you include lies & deception as shown in the last 2 years) & are trying to steal England’s as we have inalienable rights that they HATE!! Whilst we’re on the subject NOBODY needs to rewrite our valid Bill Of Rights for the britshits bill of wrongs as that’s what they are especially when being re purposed by that s**t weasel gove one of the biggest lying parasites in our house of uncommons (cos they’re NOT COMMON PEOPLE-lawyers, solicitors, judges, doctors, LIARS THE LOT OF THEM).JHB is a typical woman…speaks any old bollocks for her paycheck…again controlled opposition!!

  3. I’ve been to that castle – its a hotel in Tintagel Cornwall – very strange place – Scientology at large?! Need to look deeper into it Hugo, you might uncover something else.

  4. It’s all a veil over the real purpose and plan
    Cyber shut down
    Loss of utilities fuel then food
    Vaccinated dropping like flies
    Be ready

  5. For a well reasoned commentary with historical context see Dr. Steve Turley. The Liberal Globalist Order Has Officially COLLAPSED!!!

    • I hope it has collapsed and that this is not a further plan for depopulation with Putin as controlled opposition. Too early to tell.

  6. they,llget rid of us one way or another,they have been doing it for century,s in my opinion.but we keep electing them.Maybe its time to eject them.iv,e got a feeling,they hate our fucking guts,and really would rather that we crawled off somewhere and quietly died.then they would have a nice little playground for the elite,+skivies of course.

  7. Hugo,, Same as you only see pantomine & Stage shows,, Alternative News my arse….. 2 Balls in the same bag,, if they wer’nt they would’nt be given a licence to broadcast & Shut Down.
    Look at what they do to pirate stations on the FM radio,, Close them down & take all thier equipment – & they’re only playing music
    All politicians are FAKE As all the Freeview / DAB Licenced stations are FAKE No independence All Controlled & I aint got none of it,, No freeview No Sky No DAB No FM radio…
    got a firestick with no tv station apps on it either,, Aswell as all thier documentaries on prime & netflix, Same as above
    If i remember correct Did’nt Farage say in 2004 ~ If the UK pulls out of the EU,,. We ( UKIP ) will desolve in to the tory party…………… Never trusted him in past so wont now
    ……………………………………………………………………..> Dont Believe The Hype ~ Trust No One !!!

  8. Mappin is a Scientologist . . Who are always recruiting people in need of a purpose.

  9. its all a game to these ‘elites’ pulling strings. they use their ppl with their different faces as and when they want. and 99 per cent are sucked into the drama. trump might be back but he still has to the the line. it was him who announced to the world ‘jerusalem is the capital of israel’ in other words not of palestine. pure zionism again and again.

  10. The genuine alternative media certainty didn’t this line, UK Column was much more balanced.

  11. The cards are falling.
    The global connection is clear.
    Nothing that happens now is happening by chance.
    Today MSM are pushing one word.
    Two years after global unity to the “pandemic”
    Nations are weak.
    Beholden to others.
    Population suitably prepared and instep with benevolent control.
    Now the dark shadow of war is upon our lives.
    Again whipped up by the so trustworthy media.
    This is no coincidence.
    The west has become weak.
    The rest are strong.
    And now moving.
    China will make their move if the Russian act continues unabated.
    The players are in place.
    We may question and doubt these voices of media here.
    But the question is this, would this and previous events have come about if the USA had a strong leadership and not the clown town it is now?
    Of all the voices.
    All the sound bites.
    All that we have at our fingertips.
    Who then?
    Who do we trust?
    Who’s voice do we listen to bring us some truth?
    Ultimately it comes down to you.
    You alone have the ability to discern what and who rings truth in your ear.
    But like always, there will be those who try and inject doubt.
    You know what’s right.
    What’s making sense.
    Trust your own mind.
    Don’t follow everything you read or see.
    Time is too short now to be arguing and doubting.
    Shit getting real. Real quick.
    Recognise the falsehoods at our ears and stand.
    Stand for your truth and recognise those who stand with you.
    Divide and conquer.
    Or unite with strength.

  12. No worries, will just send over the feminists to fight, equal rights and all. As a man and ex service man I’ll stay at home this time and keep the fires burning, so to speak.

    • Yes the white working class would be insane to get involved in a war after 2 decades of being treated like pariahs.
      Send in the migrants and diversity groups with woke special forces.

      • The Sun’s jabs army would be the force I’d send to Ukraine, with their masks and PPE Vlad would soon turn tail!

  13. There’s got to be a genuine (or at least a lot less corrupt) political parties out there…..please God or Gaiya

    As for Hugo’s high suspicion of the various groups that have gotten together – well isn’t that what happens with like minds? No one can agree on everything even within these groups. We can only hope for a little more purity – after all we need a group that can work with other countries who will be duplicitous.

    Also anyone know who HUGO actually is? The page for this site pretty much hides who he is so how do we know he too is not controlled opposition?

    ukcolumn presenters are totally up front.

    • Everyone is controlled opposition to Hugo.
      Perhaps Hugo is controlled opposition.

  14. Alt media is either controlled opposition or MSM collaborators. Trust no one other than God

    • Strange when the yanks overthrew the demarcated elected government of Ukraine in 2014 to put their own puppet in not one of the msm said a word, now we have to support a neo nazi government against putin, as I said strange

  15. When T was in office he showed the world what he can do for us so i prefer to have him at the top than anyone else right now, i remain faithful to T. no matter what anyone says!!

  16. NATO were getting involved in Ukraine with the potential for US bases to be sited there. How could Putin allow that? They pushed him into this.

    • Russia and Ukraine have longer history of conflicts and much before NATO even existed (back in early 1920s). Millions of Ukrainians died under Russian communist rule. Putin invaded sovereign country and Ukraine have its own right to decide. NATO bases are not excuse for invasion.

      • NATO expansionism has forced Putin’s hand. If you poke a wasps nest often enough don’t be surprised if you get stung.

      • What are you talking about? Ofcourse its excuse….how about putin opens military base across dover in calais? Happy with that?

      • No country should have the war mongers on their borders…of course it’s an excuse, along with the unreported atrocities committed in Donbas & Luhansk.
        WW3 started over a century ago.

    • The US, UK and EU supported a coup d’etat in Kiev back in 2014. The far right nationalists then had control of Ukraine and used it to wage a war against the ethnic Russians in the Donbass. It was horrible. This has been going on the past 8 years which western corporate media ignored. The 4 million people of the Donbass simply didn’t count and neither did the Minsk agreement which Ukraine and west failed to implement let alone adhere to. Once the Ukrainian shelling worsened with all those lovely weapons the US and UK sent them, at long last Russia acted.

    • HUGO Totally off topic……but had a Tesco delivery today (live in Scotland) slot was booked for 11-12 had a text saying delivery would be delayed due to an incident on the roads, just spoken to our delivery driver who is very much AWAKE he said it’s all bollocks Tesco had a cyber attack today and it wiped out all the afternoon orders right from packing to delivery, so something fishy is going on……..

  17. My Romanian friend who lives in Scotland told me that yesterday the Romanian govt told all the Romanians who live elsewhere in Europe to come back home to Romania. Romania is a neighbour of Ukraine.

    • Hugo, J.H.B. changed horses when she realised there was more to the narrative than a virus and vaccine. Beginning to give up on you as your views are too personal and poorly researched.

  18. We are at war with Eurasia. We have never been at war with Oceana.

    • Definitely not. The globalists have hit a bloody great wall with Russia. Hence they’re throwing their toys out of the pram now. The globalists have been pushing Ukraine toward the fire with the Donbass for the past 8 years and fanning the flames in the hope it will bring down Russia. When Ukraine catches fire, the globalists run.

    • Is there any way we can get to see what Hugo looks like and know about the great man. ( if he wants to keep himself private then that’s ok )
      I think it’s safe to say he is one of the very very absolutely sensible , level headed , open , honest , HIGHLY intelligent and sane people around these days. His videos are always right on the button , his videos show us what is really going on and I look forward to the email pop up telling me there is another video every day ( more than one if we are lucky ) and maybe even have a page we can donate in a pot for him so he can make longer videos and pay for more of his time. I personally think it’s absolutely worth it. What a bloody great bloke !!!!!!

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