The Queen Gets The Sniffles / Hugo Talks


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  1. Let’s hope she does the honorable thing and plays like a frog and croaks. Sick of these elitist sponges.

  2. What Utter Royal Bullshit !! Maybe Covey wants 瞿12 million Pounds put in his Bank account to go away and keep Quiet.

    • The swab test that never has tested for infection or sickness.and has been the back bone for this scam.
      Bit like johnson having a cold and testing positive in 2020
      Bet the mask and jab luvvies will love all this
      They can all rot that lot

    • @Lesley trescher no they won’t let it end. But I have noticed the NHS ads are now reminding us of illnesses which seemed to disappear for 2 years such as prostate cancer.

    • Was never in their plan, to let it end, already cooking something up in India again I believe, hospitals bulging to full capacity! Only thing bulging is their financial gains and heads

  3. In other news, an old woman may have the sniffles because of a supposed illness that cannot be tested for, despite said person having undergone possibly three ineffective medical interventions. All bollocks. They’ve probably got another Queen tucked away in a cupboard for emergency use, anyway. All the world’s a stage.

    • Maybe this is already the replacement. She looks surprisingly younger than previously. Or she’s had some of their “special stuff” injected.

      • Don’t they drink the “special stuff” from the adrenal glands of tortured children?!

    • I woke up with the sniffles this morning and a slight (and I do mean slight) sore throat so I took an antihistamine and felt fine.

  4. Personally I believe the queens been dead for months, but if she “died of covid” then no one in this country will be able to criticize covid again

    • That would only apply to the sheep we know covid doesn’t exist

  5. No member of the Royal family or any political figure have EVER had a pcr test because they know that the test is deadly. Not ONE mp not even the older ones have had a pcr test or died of convid.

  6. The Queen should be hospitalised ASAP and put on a ventilator and midazolam, just like everyone else.

    • Bonchamp de la Vend矇e@ then have the fraudulent testing stick stuck up her nose to declare Liz-ard succumbed to cvd.

  7. Has she even been seen in public yet? Haven’t been keeping up with it, but she hadn’t been seen since around September last Yr. We’re going to have a king soon anyway, sure of it. Called it out back in april last Yr when Philip popped it, at 99yrs old, on the 99th day of the Yr, on 9th of april. Today being Prince Charles 99th day of his current age and this breaking news about the queen being today is no coincidence either. Corona means crown in Latin. The crown caught the crown virus from the future crown. They love that kind of stuff. They have a planned script for all this shite and play it out on the word stage for the sheep to lap up.

    • Probably off in Antartica with all the rest of them who were checkin’ out accommodation a couple of years back… Safest place while war rages in Europe!

  8. Perhaps it’s related to the roll out of jab no.4 for “vulnerable people”? To encourage them to go get it??

    It boggles my mind anyone can be stupid enough to keep rolling up their sleeve. If you look back, first they said the jabs were 95% effective (which was a lie) and stopped you getting covid or spreading it, so would lead to herd immunity.

    Then when there were reports of people still catching the lurgy after being jabbed they said these were “rare breakthrough cases” because “no vaccine is 100% effective”.

    Then when they couldn’t lie about it any more because millions of people were seeing with their own eyes, themselves, colleagues, friends, family etc catching after being jabbed, they changed the story and said “oh no, it doesn’t stop you getting it or spreading it, but it stops you getting hospitalised or dying”.

    So it doesn’t do what it was designed to do, but is claimed to do something else it wasn’t designed to do, it can’t fight off 1 viral particle and stop it from infecting you, but when there are millions of them rampaging through your respiratory tract it smacks it into oblivion!

    And people still believe and go get more. If I hear one more idiot like my sister say “no one ever said it stops you getting covid” – YES THEY FECKING WELL DID, THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF GETTING IT !!!

    And if a vaccine doesn’t stop you getting the disease it’s fecking useless.

      • Spot on. Anyway whi gives a toss about them. X

    • As Dr Robert Malone Architect of the mRNA jab says

      Never before has the ineffectiveness of a treatment been blamed on those that didnt take it!

      Priceless… when you stop for a moment and consider that the UK Government are actively trying to kill you …and in many cases have actually succeeded, don’t remember reading that in their manifesto!

  9. I believe she has been gone before Philip doesn’t even look like her another load of b******* what do they think we are f****** stupid the millions and millions of pounds that they received every year it’s absolutely ridiculous when people are going to food banks for food makes me sick

    • Yes, even her teeth don’t look real. Like they are made of plastic.

  10. When you look through history, it becomes very clear what a corrupt, contrived, disgusting, lying bunch of paedophilic parasites the so called `monarchy` really are, with the exception of Harry, he is the only human amongst them. Why do you think he has taken his family out of that mess?.. .Personally, I couldn`t give a shit about what happens to any of them. Hopefully, they will burn with the rest of the scum creating death across our world.

    • If you think Harry is the only decent one amongst them you have defeated your own argument.

    • Harry Hewett is a participating member of this satanic criminal clan. He cant be any other as that would mean he would be eliminated. His US move probably not his choosing and the clan are just moving their pawns for whatever reason.

  11. “Light duty” what light duty. What does she do anyway. Nxxxxxx

  12. I wonder how that BBC newsreader did that announcement without laughing

    • Yeah, look how respectful they are in the background, obviously captured the few non-royalists in UK working in MSM

  13. It would be news if it bumped her off. I didn’t know lizards could even get it.

  14. Will they give the Queen:

    a) midazolam
    b) remdesivir
    c) ivermectin
    d) lemsip

  15. As this is a ‘DEADLY PANDEMIC’ how does anyone succumb to MILD SYMPTOMS of it???? This is like telling us that in the 1340’s people had MILD SYMPTOMS of the Bubonic Plague! LMAO! If only these circumcised penis fellators realised how retarded they sound.

  16. Yeah to many variables lets see how this plays out, could claim jabs saved her, could be time to kill her off.

    You’d think the sheep would spot everyone has allegedly had it 3+ times and everyones been fine, if you don’t crash your car or due of anything else the next 28 days ofcourse.

    Ukraine is heating up, American war mongering as always, Ukraine has attacked Russia maybe, maybe the troops are there to defend Russia, but there keeping that bit quite ofcourse.

    Anyone seen any reports on excess deaths recently?

  17. There Will be plenty of muzzled in the supermarkets on Monday morning lol, we had better bring in the vax pass and the mandates, glad I’m growing my own at home, away from these qr code only supermarkets, seen them in sainsbury qr code only section, no vax pass no food, buy seeds and grow your own befor it’s fully qr code, and ditch the smartphones, boycott these places, get allotment etc prepare because there cutting us off who don’t want this nightmare

    • There are no QR code, no vax – no food sections you daft paranoid ‘apper. Put down the weed and seek psychiatric treatment, you need it desperately.

      • I’m growing my own too… I believe @Chris meant vegetables, and I believe he is trying to warn you of what is coming down the road

      • Go join your brainwashed mates and keep having your jabs
        Like the rest of them they will fuck you up royally in the end like they have to people all round the world

  18. I am not saying that it is true the royal familly has covid. I am just saying that most of my colleagues had covid in the last 2 weeks and their familly members had positive tests, made by themselves at home, in the same way: 3-4 days apart from each other. I personally onle had one test at a clinic, because I went on a trip with a coleague that got sick afterwards and once when my wife goy sick with covid, on Christmas 2020. Never tested positive. I understand the point of view many people here have that covid is justvthe sniffles, but it is not for everyone and it definitevely was not a year ago. I had a relative die from covid also had friends that were really really bad and had to go in the hospital, and one of them ended up in the ICU. Even for my wife it wasn’t a walk in the park, she was out for 4 days could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom. I get why people dpn’t trust the governments, I don’t either, I get why they may think it is not as bad as the media puts it, because the media keeps exagerating and lies, sure it may not be as dangerous as the msm makes it to be, but for some people it can end up being really bad. And I really think we could all do with a bitbmore compasion and listen to what others have to say, people that have experienced it first hand.

      • @bsdoctine Get back to Der St羹rmer where you belong.

      • I had an argument with one of the sheep at work about covid, hes fully jabbed up and was bragging that he was the only one in his department who hadn’t had it he is one of three.i said fuck me i must be the luckiest man alive then, i haven’t worn a mask from the start haven’t sanitised my hands haven’t socially distanced have been in packed shopping centres and supermarkets.He said so you haven’t been following the government’s guidelines then,i said for what a should have seen his face they hate it when you refer to it as a cold..So i said to him i suppose you still think it came from a bat his reply was yes,so i told him you are beyond fucking help mate..

      • @Darren There’s no helping them, mate. This Senga arsewipe is the same, re the Jews, he thinks they’re really nice guys, when all four CEO’s of the jab manufacturing corporations are Jews and Schwab is a Jew. Now watch the evil cretin explain it all away.

    • Swabs do not test for sickness or infection as stated by many qualified scientists that have worked with pcr and flow tests for many years
      This covid crap has been stamped on any form of natural illness there is to get people on future jab mandates
      Sorry to hear about your relatives mate but they never had covid in the first place

    • You are part of the problem. No sympathy! There has to be a cull of the willfully stupid so,its best to get them to take the jab whether one is pro or ant vaccine or anti vaccine! Keep up the good work!

  19. Well, here in the U.S., we say “BULLSHYTT!” I believe my friends in the U.K. say “BOLLOCKS!” ???

    Here’s my American perspective: what is the purpose of royalty in the year 2022? Hmm?

    I used to follow the ups and downs of the British royal family from “across the pond,” it was kind of a fun, real-life soap opera…complete with palaces, curtsies, and cute hats.

    Today, I have no trust or respect for them, just like I’ve lost all trust and respect for the fakestream media, the medical establishment and the government.

    As far as the Queen having “covid,” it’s become a thing to almost boast about, hasn’t it? I don’t believe ANY OF IT.


  20. QUICK everyone panic !because Lissie has the sniffles!I couldn’t care less!she’s well had her innings!you have them well sussed out Hugo

  21. They should play one of the Queen’s favourite records. “God save the Queen / she’s got covid 19 / made us into morons / potential h-bombs…”

  22. We’ll! I must admit I did actually laugh out loud when the ‘ interrupted this programme’ to tell us that the Queen had a cold!!! FFS!!! Honestly! It’s only been broadcast to keep the mask-wearing sheep in line. They will all be struggling with mask, spectacles, walking stick and welding mask tomorrow morning as they go shopping….in the stormy, rainy weather. Honestly, it’s laughable if it was not so serious.

  23. I thought she was dead.
    Or is this what is going to top her orff?

  24. I don’t know anyone who had the injection, conversely I don’t know anyone who has not had the injection that tested positive or has had any problems.

  25. They are setting the scene for the over 70s to get their fourth hit

  26. Winter sniffles. All the multi jabbed around me are, one after another testing positive for the alleged covids. None of them can see the irony in it.

  27. ALL the people I know who have been double/triple jabbed have copped it!

  28. Sick family! Its rotten at the top so,its going to spread throughout society……Bring on the Folks Republic of Great Britain with Neil Oliver for President and Nigel Farage as Prime Minister! There needs to be a lot of public hangings of all the people working for this regime in all political parties and the civil service.

  29. Heard a lady say today if you get a sore throat you will have omicron no doubt..
    I thought just fuck off and die you sad brainwashed old cow

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