Boris Bangs The EUROPEAN WAR DRUM / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Nothing in the news about ukraine at all today, odd that, not, everything is BS and a hoax these days isn’t it.

    People aren’t happy with plan live with it, they need explaining they lived with it before,. Nothing has changed colds are corona viruses and no e of the bs even stopped anyone getting a cold, pointless!

  2. Seems that the psychos at the top really need this war – to clean up the people, introduce digital money, and of course make money on it, and start everything from scratch again – build a new digital concentration camp world! the president of ukraine is just a Biden toy, and is ready to do everything for money …. and how right you are, it is in countries that war cannot touch, they still play covid circus…

  3. Considering the European pushback against the vax pass – so desperately needed if they are to bring in their cashless society, social credit sysetm and digital identity scheme, this sounds like the excuse needed to implement their full on fascist-communistic agenda. Consider ID cards were required of all Britons in war, and then tie that in with the new Bill of Rights they are planning, which will take away individual rights in favour of the ‘common good’. Then finally the huge cost of any war, however limited, or even existing only on paper, and that would, on top of the billions we are now in debt to due to the covid hoax, bring about the dsired financial collapse. The result is everyone begging government to ‘do something’, and that something will come in the form of everything you require given to you ‘for free’ (note the testing of UBI in Wales) , but at a cost – all your freedoms gone forever, regular jabbing, and 24/7 surveillance of everything you do. Oh yes, and the climate change BS will only add to the shortages of food and energy, getting people clamouring for help even more. When you consider how dumb most people are, doing all this done won’t be too hard for them.

  4. Yet another ‘sudden death’

    Jamal Edwards, music entrepreneur and Youtube star, dies aged 31

    British entrepreneur and YouTube star Jamal Edwards has died at the age of 31, his company has told the BBC.

    He was the founder of SBTV, an online urban music platform which helped launch the careers of artists like Dave, Ed Sheeran and Skepta.

    • @Emma Protesting is a waste of time!! Just start Home Education networks and support groups in your neighbourhood – walk away from their satanic indoctrination centres.

      • Home education is the best thing any parent can do ,as the kids leaving school nowadays are basically illiterate,and have had any critical thinking taken out of them,parents should band together and share the burden,then see the benefits of teaching subjects that are useful in life and the art of critical thinking blossom in their children.

  5. According to CNN last week, Putin is a misogynist, as a Woke Person ( NOT! ) that’s totally worth having WW3 over and killing Billions, yep trying to get the Woke brigade behind it, they’d fight for that kinda BS!!

    Nothing else since!

    • I’d pay to see a woke LGBTQXYWZ12345 brigade attack a Russian elite force with their weird hair colours and spouting gender nonsense.
      The rainbow coloured busses will have to take them right up to the front line, as the soy boys are too weak and the girls too “real” in size to make it there on foot!

  6. Quick question: Do we actually know! that Putin is a pupil of the WEF Young Global leaders school?
    I’ve read articles where they said that Putin was put in place by conservative Russian powers after Boris Yeltsman (Jewish, name changed to Jeltzin to make it sound more Russian)) had taken over from Gorbatschev and was selling out what was left of Russian economy. According to a former Russian colleague, the so called “Perestroika” (reconstruction) of Russia was more a “Destroika”, and while many people lost their jobs, Jewish oligarchs got their hands on the oil and gas businesses and the lucrative black markets.
    Same happened after the German re-unification. The lucrative bits of the economy (energy, housing, land) were sold to large Western corporations, while small companies were destroyed.
    This Russia bashing has been going on for quite some time, now. The West uttering accusations, but never presenting any evidence. The BBC allegedly received additional 9 million pounds in government funding last year to ramp up the anti Russian propaganda.
    Russia is actually doing quite well, compared to Europe, US and China. All 3 crippled by a huge debt crisis.
    If they don’t want to endanger their future Great Reset plan this will have to be limited. A cyber attack on the FED, Wall Street, City of London to conveniently take out some of the bad loans before the UN is the great saviour and they’ll have all out propaganda for a one world government to prevent wars in the future.

  7. Remember the 15 minutes, Dr Kelly and the WMD’s that after all were not there. Only a fool would believe the NATO scum ever again!

  8. A cold war with special mercenaries and militia groups while the media big it up and blame rising fuel prices and general inflation on it.

  9. Check out Patrick Lancaster on telegram looks like it’s already started!

  10. It’s okay Russia is invading Ukraine tonight – allegedly. It’s a good job the US stock markets aren’t open tomorrow, it being Presidents Day.

    Biden was supposed to be leaving Washington to go to Delaware or some such place, according to WH tweets. But now he’ll be staying in DC suddenly.


    Presidents Day is to commemorate Washingtons birthday, the all-American hero who oversaw the birth of the US of A.

    How ironic to attack on that day, what with Biden being the exact opposite of Washington, and probably the President who will oversee the death of the USA.

    Putin has a great sense of humour – if he actually attacks.

  11. Heard few hours ago, orders given to attack and soldiers moving to attack positions, but they wouldn’t do that until they control the air space first so I call BS to that.

    Maybe the Jabs will protect them from nuclear fall out 🙂

    Boris is the USA’s puppet, USA want WAR, weaken Russia fighting in Ukraine, sell weapons to Ukraine then when Russia is tired / running low on resources attack over the pole, as they believe in a few years Russia will go after them.

    Next 48hours will be telling.

    No further updates since so figuring BS as always, they’ll attack first light so we’ll see when we wake up.

    Atleast Convid for the UK is over really soon, Convid can go back to being Colds and Flu’s, I’ve missed those LOL

    • This is just a performance, diverting attention from what is happening in the world, from the genocide that these criminals in power staged! And Russia is also a participant in this masquerade, all these so-called rulers and the government, puppets of the global elites… They all have the same masters and they all work against people.

  12. Are you all just going to remain by your keyboards waiting for something to happen before it is too late? The rhetoric is the most serious in my lifetime, therefor, IT IS NOT FAKE !!!

    Everyone get on the streets ASAP and PROTEST against the government escalating the situation!

    This is about the Ukraine, Russia and Nato. Let the Ukraine decide but they should not be coerced into Nato membership just to get one over the Russians!

    Nuclear war has been parried a few times by Biden and Putin,,, don’t wait until its too late!

  13. 32K miles of DUMBS in Ukraine, Hunter Biden all assets there, Nancy Pelosi son all assets there. Ukraine is a hive of corruption. Have you heard that the DUMBS that have been cleared out in countries that are lifting restrictions? I know it’s a risky subject to address but you know, I know you know…..

  14. Of course, if it happens, it’s going to be orchestrated: All wars, uprisings, revolutions in at least the last 150 years (probably way longer) have been orchestrated, funded and profited on, by the international globalist bankers and their masters… A war now would be the perfect distraction because they can no longer contain the truth about what’s happened in the last two years…

  15. Suspend this buffoon by his testicles from Tower Bridge before he destroys the rest of our country.

  16. He is out of control. While the nation dies he wants to go to war.

  17. same scenario as the Spanish flu, caused by vaccines given to US soldiers & WW1, Although the vaccines didn’t give you AIDS back then

    • The biggest killer during the Spanish flu was bacterial pneumonia caused by wearing masks..That little fucking weasel Fauci writ a paragraph on it years ago before he sold his soul.

    • @Watson+Clerk, Oh yes the (((third))) definitely celebrates!

      “Either the application for renewal of the Bank’s Charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war. Teach those impudent Americans a lesson! Bring them back to colonial status!”

      – Nathan Meyer Rothschild.

  18. He’s chatting shit mate. As he always does. Putin don’t want war. Its the yanks and the rest of Europe that want to have a pop at Russia because they don’t play ball with the bollocks. I hate Boris Johnson. Loss of life loss of life. He’s a shit PM get him out ASAP. He’s no Winston Churchill and let’s face it that’s what people actually thought when they voted this cunt in. He’s a fat arshole that needs to be gone. Before he cause anymore problems for this country. Loss of life he loves a bit of scary mongering old fatty hey.

      • No he’s not ! There are some in government but he’s not one…

    • Well said mate. “Biden” and Boris want war against Russia, it was never about a war between Ukraine and Russia. It won’t work.

    • It should be mentioned that Winston Churchill was also a NWO guy. Big time. War monger and one of the first members of the Pan-European Union, the Kalergi lot.
      So lets hope that Johnson (or more likely Jonstein or so) is not at all like him.

      • The near bankrupt Jewish Churchill was a Rothschild tool and manipulated and financed through The Focus Group which operated via Czechoslovakia.

        Johnsonstein the Turkish Jewish Trotskyist is likewise a Rothschild tool.

  19. Its alla hoax. They are bluffing. They are 5 year old who are throwing tantrums because things did no happen their way

  20. My dad was Ukrainian and I went with him 20 year’s ago,he pointed out even then that Russia was taking over,they even cut their gas supply off in freezing winter. The UN or NATO never involved then so why now…oh yeah that’s right part of the NWO, this along with climate change and still pushing the jib jabs to whoever will listen. The point is Mr and Mrs elites WHEN YOU’RE AWAKE THERE’S NO RETURN! Bore off!

  21. The west is planning to escalate its assault on humanity. C u next Tuesday

    Isn’t war a covi risk

  22. Putin doesn’t want a war, but I think Doris does. The guy is a misfit, a liar and an incompetent brainless twat !

    • No he actually belive he’s the next Winston Churchill. What nobody needs right now is all this. War for what reason the fat twat. He needs raining in quick. It’s the yanks that have shit stirred it’s fuck all to do with the uk. Take ur eye of one thing on to another. People putting flowers out for the queen cause she has a fuckinh cold. When she has the very best care money can buy. The world has gone crazy. I’m just about finished with the bollocks of it all. How will life ever get back to normal? Now he’s bang ING on about the Russians. What a prick that man is. I didn’t vote for him or any of them. Waste of fucking time. There all the fucking same.

  23. Yea, they banging on about the greatest war since 1945 here in Australia too. It’s all bollocks mate. They do these little distractions from time to time when they are planning the next phase. They’re up to something, if you have half a brain you can smell it from miles away. It will be just in time for Easter too. So predictable. 🙄.

    • Hey, We See You… thank God you are here, AND on the same page as us. You are SO RIGHT. You restore my faith in humanity. We ARE here for YOU. I stood outside Australia House in London, protesting before Christmas, in support of our friends and families in Oz. WE love you. We Are The Resistance… and we will stand up for YOU. Hold the line… we are here for YOU. Hands across the sea :0)

    • Exactly…’we see you’..a distraction from the impact of ALL the jab injuries committed….my daughter an MRI Rad…is working in an EVER EXPANDING demand for checks on …young hearts…..this is a CRIME of monumental proportions….lt has just started… so sorry for young people having made the wrong decision…or COERSED Into taking this ‘trial drug’…

  24. It’s all fake to deflect attention away from the CONvid scam because all that is coming to light now. Also it’s to destroy the good relationship Germany and Russia were building (evidenced by Nordstream 2) as the US dont want that.

    • Yes Louise Burns, they are afraid now. But they would like a war with Russia, so Putins rockets could kill us. They are so sick and twisted in there minds.

  25. “Rumors of wars..” they are akin to comets, always preceding wars. “Planned”? Obviously. I especially liked how you pointed out the difference between Europe & the rest of the world when it comes to the dramatic 180 of restrictions there vs everywhere else – a clear signal, no doubt. Excellent deduction once again

  26. Its all theatre & pantomime…keeping the masses in fear..CONvid has run its course so lets bring out the next round of fake scaremongering…All complete Fucking Bollocks..

    • @Kevin And don’t forget the weather! All these storms are manufactured and controlled by HAARP and Nexrad technologies on Iceland = WEAPONISED WEATHER!! Notice how they started as soon as they backed off the Cov-yid shit!

      • Hi
        I watched some thing on YouTube recently about them now wanting to push salt water air into the clouds from some expensive boat over the barrier reef to cause clouds to protect the reef from sun light?

        I can’t copy & paste but I go in my history if anyone interested to give name the video.

        Mad world

      • 100%

        And they want us to take them seriously…

        Crazy people.. Lol

  27. This is the covidiot wannabe technocrat who talked about our privacy being taken away by big tech and previously talked about culling humans ! Dangerous he is, a leader he is not! Someone is in control and its not this buffoon!

  28. Wars make lots of money for the arms dealers and the banks. That is all you have to know. They also get to kill lots of people in wars so that coincides with the depopulation agenda.

    • @Diana “They also get to kill lots of people in wars so that coincides with the depopulation agenda.”

      Especially white Christians, the Jew’s favourites.

      “The messiah of Israel will only come when Christ, Europe, Christianity are totally defeated. Therefore I ask you, is this good news that Islam is invading Europe? Yes, this is great news!”

      — French Rabbi Rav David Touitou

      “There shall be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity.”

      — Rabbi Efrati

      “Israel won the war [WW1]; we made it; we thrived on it; we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity.”

      — The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London, Count Mensdorf, 1918

  29. 11.11.11 – the war could have ended earlier, and a British politician did announce the ceasefire earlier than that – Lloyd George was furious, he’d deliberately wanted to announce it as 11-11-11 so that he could go down in history as a hero.

    Never mind that Christ knows how many more people would die needlessly, politicians need their big ego-fluffing headlines, whats a few lives for a great political soapbox?

    Nothings changed, from before then to now – big self serving winkers the lot of them.

  30. I guess they reminded this fat pillock what dirt they have on him.

    • Mean while the fat useless cunt is trying to change the human rights act..So when they eventually come back round to covid they can force people to have the jab and lock them up if they refuse,its not over yet these are sick twisted individuals we are dealing with.

  31. Evidence said covid would kill millions, what evidence does they have apart from Rothschild saying they need a war to speed the downfall of the financial system.
    It is the next step on the agenda of shitfuXXery and bullshit. 22/2/22 it would be better at 6/6/66 and the devil exposed.

  32. Words fail to adequately describe this utter lunatic. No European leaders are talking of war, only the senile vegetable Biden is suggesting Putin will invade. It’s all nonsense designed to distract from their Covid crimes.

  33. It is dfinitely used to make some profits for military corporations. Will there be war, don’t know butbif it is I thinka it’s orchestrated. It just came out ofbthe blue and yea a bit odd the timig with Europe lifting restrictions while Canada, australia, new ,eeland and even the US seem to double down on their restrictions.

  34. We’re all screwed at the hands of our corrupt governments. Nice one. Thanks.

  35. He’s coming out with same war mongering lies that Churchill and Roosevelt employed in 1930’s regarding Adolf Hitler – same style, same Jewish agenda, same lying bullshit.

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