1. Some people just can’t be reached no matter how hard you try. Darwin’s theory of evolution in action. This will go on for years if not decades and the excuses for it will be ready to go with every death.

    • Ginger….lt also took 10 years or more in the Nuremburg Trials to jail all those involved in shocking torture in the ‘camp’s…the pain and suffering …incalculable…

      • Ericka, they only jailed the fall guys at the Nuremburg Trials. The real culprits got away and their children/grand children are continuing their objective, continued genocide of the human race. They’re satanic bast@rds.

    • Lawyers are waiting for the ‘trials’ to finish…2023…the damaged young people…and the sudden loss of young people…Lest we Forget…

    • It will only end when we end it, we must unite and fight back. The truckers convoy is the start of our fight back and the awakening of the masses. Humanity is at war but unfortunately the majority of people have no idea.

      • @zakaya It will ONLY END when the lying media whore scum are SILENCED! Without those bastards the political criminals are powerless. People have been televised to death.

      • Good point! The Normies have been ‘ teLIEvisioned’ to death. In some cases, I mean that literally.

      • @videoman1959 Yes, mentally, spiritually and literally, televised to death! It is total and complete and all we can do is witness it, for they will not hear us. They are like the Gadarene Swine rushing towards the cliff edge.

      • well i worked for 13 yrs in a very big place 100s of staff. the govenment was our main client and it was govenment funded. we had a poxy small tv screen in canteen u could only enjoy if u were sat near it UNTIL start of plandemic. we suddenly got this huge screen put up it was on 24 7 and it was covid constantly. i never ate in there i ate in my car it was brainwash. all the staff just clued to it constantly.

      • The fact that the TV has been used as a brainwashing tool takes me back to 60’s science-fiction films where people watch the propaganda on the old black n white TV’s, usually with a mind-numbing , constant ‘Intensed, pitched tone noise’ added to it and then walk outside and do unnatural and murderous actions… is happening today.

  2. Knowing it’s ‘part12’
    already is very disturbing.

    It’s hard to know what to comment as it’s heartbreaking.

    I have personally lost a couple of elders now already
    so it’s overwhelming seeing more & more be affected by this awful situation being forced upon innocent people.

    Thank you Hugo
    Keep strong everyone

    • Noone deserves death despite their age but the age groups of those dropping dead is something that any sensible government should look into. It’s heartbreaking and very disturbing 💔 😢. Its slightly over a year since the inception of the jib jabs

      • Hi Jee

        Yes the age group I have lost, your correct
        They have been targeted & it worked in many cases !!!
        Bless their hearts x

        Take care
        Keep strong Jee
        We all in this together, standing Strong!!
        That’s something xx

      • Why would they look into the deaths when this is part of the plan? It’s depopulation, it was done successfully 100 years ago when we had the Spanish flu. Deaths increased massively after people. were jabbed.

  3. Needs to be played on a loop on the mainstream media . There is no other way to wake the herd up .

    • Steve, l have tried to forward this ‘site’ to some family….there has been no comment….because they are afraid too….they have been jabbed…

      • Ericka – I feel that I can’t show this stuff to the jabbed-up folks as it’s too late, we can only hope they had a placebo (“less harmful batch”), plus it is cruel to scare them because they can’t take the jabs back out. Or if they are angry or upset and brainwashed they will just hurl abuse. I would however share it with someone about to jab their kids!

  4. And yet the politicians and “experts” like Whitty keep on pushing, now for children to get the jabs of death. If we know this much, they know 10 times more, they can’t plead ignorance, they need stringing up.

    • Quite agree @ guaranteedcarfinancesite …whilst on the topic of jabbing children, here’s a copy of a letter I sent to the Savage Javid. Perhaps everyone could write to him, feel free to copy or adapt!

      Dear Mr Javid,

      I appreciate that a 18 year long career in City banking isn’t necessarily the best grounding for a minister making decisions regarding the Nation’s Health and may therefore excuse some mystifying errors of judgment.

      One such example could possibly be seen as leaving Deutsche Bank in 2009 to pursue a career in politics. Rumour has it that your earnings would, at the time, have been roughly £3 million a year and I believe the Evening Standard once estimated this career change would have required you to take a 98% pay cut.

      However, not following basic sound scientific advice and endorsing the spread of harmful mis-information about an experimental mRNA genetic therapy that is misleadingly labelled a ‘vaccine’, for 5-11 year old children, or anyone for that matter, surely cannot be attributed to incompetence alone and frankly is totally inexcusable.

      You see these ’therapies’ are not proper vaccines in the true sense as they were never produced from a pathogen …essentially they are computer genome sequenced lipid nano particle treatments that have NEVER BEEN TRIALLED ON HUMANS BEFORE. They produce a spiked protein immune response, (hence the clotting issues) and programme the body’s ’T’ cells to start attacking the immune system. Thats why there’s a new crop of mainstream media articles relating to HIV and auto immune deficiencies in addition to the ‘rare’ heart conditions that can beset anyone usually initiated by shovelling snow, vigorous bed making or becoming overly excited at a football match.

      Other examples of flawed science like you being jabbed to protect someone else are equally ridiculous …as if there is any benefit at all, it would only be to the recipient, bearing in mind you can still catch it and still pass it on!

      As Dr Robert Malone Architect of the mRNA jab says “Never before has the ineffectiveness of a treatment been blamed on those that didn’t take it!”

      Similarly you cannot be suffering from a disease like Covid and be asymptomatic, you would always be displaying signs that your immune system was carrying a viral load and under duress, whether you chose to ignore it or not is another matter.

      One sacrosanct rule of traditional medicine is that pregnant women should never, ever, ever be given untested medicine, yet the Government are actively encouraging just that and NOW COMING AFTER CHILDREN.




      The JCVI have “advised against rolling out Covid-19 vaccines to 12 to 15 year olds.” -3/09/21

      The evidence that these procedures are harmful is quite clear and children/teens risk adverse reactions from the Covid-19 injection, including, but not exclusive to permanent damage to the brain, heart, immune and reproductive system.

      We all want the best for our children …and for their parents and grandparents.

      So with apologies to Pink Floyd I say …Javid LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE!

      Kind regards


  5. Normies to far Brainwashed now, the White Flag was held up by them many months ago sadly:(

  6. Reversed 5-11 year olds, thought for a second a shred of decency but alas nope, jabs in April, we have till then to close this shit down!

    • I was shocked.SJ announced this….are there STILL parents out there who would push their child forward for this ‘experimental’ Jab ???…deeply disturbing….

  7. Heartbreaking I never want to watch these but I do out of respect. Those dear poor children. Cant write anything else just so very upsetting. Why wont people wake up.

    • I wish that I could break the hypnosis that they have undergone; absolutely heartbreaking

    • Because most people have no idea what’s happening. MSM aren’t reporting the real reasons for the sudden deaths.

      • On BS BBC Radio 5live on Wednesday evening, they reported on James Maddison, who had dropped to the floor after being in the pitch for only 20mins. Club physio came onto the pitch, didn’t unzip his medical bag …all he did, sneakily, was to take the young man’s pulse! The player, thankfully, walked off the pitch looking’ dazed’. The BS BBC match summeriser said…. ” ..concerns for Leicester City when James Maddison went off with a SEVERE INJURY”! Lies!! He didn’t go off with an ‘ injury’ at all… and he walked off, so how severe was it??? Why can’t they TELL THE FKING TRUTH????

      • @videoman1959 Because The Truth is NOT IN THEM! Only Satan is in them, that is, lies and lying. Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) IS THE TRUTH.

  8. They told us in the beginning many people will die thats what they were meaning dead from the jab not the virus

    • Exactly………………..carefully orchestrated by the people behind the Government of the day………..SAGE

    • I saw that yesterday. It’s getting quite “God did that” in that these people push mandatory jabs, or mock Jesus (like that comedian) and the retribution for their lies and disrespect is instant and very public. If only God worked in a more direct way, like a big booming voice shouted “stop serving the evil one” and then they keeled over. Rather than leaving ambiguity for the non-believers. But maybe that is His way, to allow people to be hoist by their own petard rather than repenting out of knowledge that they are going to get punished – let them carry on and punish themselves by their own actions.

  9. Please remember that even if people “recover ” from myocarditis up to 85% of them die within 4-6 years of heart complications.

    • My daughter Cardiac MIR Rad…says there is a big ‘surge of need…l feel so so sorry for the young healthy people who have been ‘damaged’….worse..passed away….

    • And I’ve heard people/experts saying it’s not serious and easy recover from! It’s serious damage that should not be down-played.

      • @GinaW …you are quite correct, Myocarditis causes damage to heart muscle that cannot be restored. Other bodily muscles legs, arms etc can regenerate, with the right physio, but not the heart.

      • As a person with naturally occurring Cardiomyopathy I can tell you it is serious and it doesn’t just go away!

  10. I know someone who died while working out at the gym. I didn’t know him too well and don’t know for sure he was vaccinated, but it’s highly likely. His name was Kenneth Fitzgerald Brown and his funeral was 2 days ago at Rowley Regis Crematorium. He was aged early 50s I think. If you ask if he was vaccinated you get funny looks and told to show some respect.

  11. I knew someone who died from a heart attack while working out at the local gym. He was aged 50 I think and I didn’t know him too well, and if you ask if he was vaccinated you get funny looks and told to show some respect. His funeral was 2 days ago at Rowley Regis Crematorium. His name was Kenneth Fitzgerald Brown.

  12. I wonder if any people who pushed these people to get jabbed on safety grounds are feeling any remorse.
    Those that got jabbed by personal choice ?
    It was their choice to gamble and nothing can be done but move on.

  13. This is just the tip of the iceberg as I’m sure we all know. I posted up above about a guy I knew – Kenny Brown – who died while exercising at the 24/7 Fitness Centre in Bearwood. I also know an 80+ woman who died soon after the jab. She was old, but was fit and walked fast up until then, a vicar aged over 70 who’s had 2 attacks over the past 6 months since being jabbed, and my next door neighbour’s legs have swollen badly and he’s been taken to hospital. He had the 2 initial jabs and then the Pfizer booster, and a month later his legs began to swell. He is adamant that it’s not connected to the jabs, and while he was in hospital he told the staff that his neighbour (me) would think it was the jab, and he said they laughed and said I was talking rubbish and asked if I had any qualifications. Right now I am suffering with a slipped disc, but believe that if I want an operation to relocate the position, I would first need to take a PCR test, and I won’t do that.

    • I obviously haven’t been jabbed, and am a bit wary also of going under with the general anaesthetic. What if they were to jab me then? How would I know? But, like I say, I won’t take the PCR test, so I’ll have to suffer and hope it repairs on its own.

      • Hi Pete
        Sorry to hear about the chap you know.
        And other things you’re hearing of people around you.

        Pete because you have a disc slipped
        it’s more important you get seen to.
        I think a fare few of us feel as anxious about this to
        if we were having a procedure.
        I wouldn’t leave a slip disc Pete as it will become very painful to you.
        I had disc s removed myself some years ago
        It was a great relief Pete from being in constant pain.

        So I wish you all the best
        Good luck

        Take care yourself Pete.
        Keep strong, it be ok.

      • Thanks for your reply, Janie. I too had a slipped disc operation 12 years ago, and was overjoyed when I came out of the anaesthetic and found the pain had all gone. I cannot really say this one is as bad without having full recollection of it alongside this one for comparison, but I’m hoping it may heal on its own. I had one in 1999 which did. I’ve had an MRI and the my doctor’s assessment is that it isn’t so serious. But it’s certainly uncomfortable, especially when seated.

      • Morning Pete

        Your welcome
        & I really pleased you don’t have to worry about it thank goodness for that.
        I understand,
        ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’
        is my way forward to.

        Thank you for reply

        I just watched the video Hugo posted of the poor people being trampled on by horses in Canada
        Who ever rides horses know as I do,
        That is VERY DANGEROUS!!!
        A horse is like being hit by a small loaded van if you that close at that level of panic for the horses

        and I hope that lady is ok?

        Thank you Hugo as always

    • Pete E
      When the questions are asked on expertise
      The only reply is to say Pfizer have the world’s best employed but that does not stop them from being fined for malpractice and fraud, to the tune of millions and millions of dollars.
      Honesty and qualifications are not the same thing.

    • Pete E – my father in law has had a badly swollen leg since the booster – docs can’t / won’t diagnose what it is! A really painful arm too. I was worried it was a blood clot. Who knows what’s going in the bodies of the jabbed. A 75 year old lady I know had red-raw bleeding and scabby legs for months after her first jabs. Doctors are brushing it away as normal problems in the elderly rather than suspecting the jabs. Some of it might have happened anyway, but there seems to be a lot of “mystery” conditions going on in the jabbed who remain alive and kicking, such as unexplained pain, “not feeling right since the jab”, bleeding, swelling etc??

  14. The one hundred year loop as the same happened with the Spanish flu! Millions died from the jab. Crazy for me as I’m the only one in the family who has not been jabbed but called the stupid one! Go figure lol

  15. Thank you Hugo for trying to wake people up. These jabs are experimental and authorised for emergency use and still in stage 3 trials. Nobody knows what the medium or long term effects will be and in and they don’t work anyway. In the UK they now want to jab 5-11 year olds. People have been coerced into taking them and the MSM have been complicit in all of this. The Covid-19 malarkey is the biggest scam ever perpetrated against humanity and is about control. All involved from top to bottom need stringing up.

  16. Why aren’t eh pathologists/coroners speaking out and putting a stop to the shots until full investigations are carried out on all the excess deaths in 2021.

      • Agreed Janie. Spoken like a true ‘ champion’ of the people. But the people will think him ‘ a weirdo’ as they leave home with a face nappy and a see-through welding mask attached to their head! 🤬😷😂😂

      • Hey
        True.. but
        Let’s live in some Hope this guy touches some nerves..
        It sure touched me.

        Take care
        Have great evening x

  17. This is happening. I don’t know many people compared to others being an introvert in a rural area but I now personally know a lady who dropped dead “unexpectedly” at the weekend. No battle with illness, no tragic accident, she just died “unexpectedly” leaving behind teenage kids and a husband. Lovely lady. Slim and healthy teacher and support worker. No doubt jabbed and boosted due to her type of work.
    About ten years ago my sister’s friend (aged around 33) died suddenly/unexpectedly, yes it does happen – but it was SO shocking and rare that it was front page of the local paper (large town). In similar way when footballer Muamba had a cardiac arrest on the pitch years ago, the media followed it and his recovery for a while after because it was so rare and shocking. Now they are brushed under the carpet!

  18. It is so sad. We are ruled by sick and twistet people, with no soul or heart. Now they want a war in Ukraine, to distrackt us from there crimes.

    • That’s exactly what they’re doing using the “war’ as a distraction. Pure evil!!!

  19. The state sponsored genocide continues. It beggars belief how it reamains hidden and denied by main stream media.

    • @Rumple, It remains hidden because THERE IS A CONSPIRACY!!!! Now watch Rumple melt down! LMAO!

      “What, exactly, is a conspiracy? In the most general terms, it is a secretive, hidden effort by a relatively small group of people to steer events in a chosen direction. Literally, it is a group of people who “breathe together” (con+spirare, ‘to breathe’), but it also has a connotation of the Latin spiritus (‘spirit’), meaning ‘those of a shared spirit.’ A conspiracy is thus a group of people with a shared spirit, a common outlook, who, at least in part, work closely together- “breathe together” – to achieve their hidden ends…..”

      — Thomas Dalton, The Unz Review, 26th October 2020

      “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something they know that there is a power somewhere, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

      President Woodrow Wilson – 1913

  20. First tears, then anger. Thank you Hugo for bringing these untimely and unnecessary deaths to our attention.

  21. Thank you Hugo as much as it is painful to watch the loss of so many Young lives taken from their families by an injection I am pleased they have been recognised THEY DIED TOO YOUNG.

  22. Utterly heartbreaking & it’s so hard to take in. All those beautiful precious souls wiped out by evil. God rest their dear souls.

    • Yet more clickbait from the conspiracy theory industrial complex. I won’t be ‘clicking’.

      • Good for you, why would anyone want to hear what embalmers of with over 50 years experience are now seeing In peoples veins. Best thing to do is ignore it and hopefully it will go away.

      • Those like you are beyond help. Good luck..

      • No, it’s you that needs help if you believe every piece of clickbait that is put out there. Good luck!

      • @Steve+Kemp Pay no attention to the low life lying vermin Senga. He’s Hugo Talks’ current in-house troll scum bag. He stays for a while, and then wanders off when he’s fed up with being told The Truth. Liars hate The Truth – nothing insults them more.

    • Cheers for putting this up Bluelight

      I have lost some elders
      So this is very interesting

      • The video is truly horrific and only this morning someone tells me about another sudden hear attack death in my local community. 56 year Male died.

      • I know blue light
        It’s getting real sad for the elders

        We must keep strong for them & our children’s future’s

        Take care

    • @Blue Light, Good comment, John O’Looney the funeral director has also revealed the same phenomena when embalming the bodies of the jabbed.
      Pay no attention to the shabbos goy troll scum bag Senga.

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