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  1. Hugo and readers
    This is a good site of articles for us with critical minds all have been put together by an investigative journalist. who has done a lot of research an backs it up with confirming video’s etc..a good one stop shop

  2. One dot on qr code would shut shop.i hope no one would do that!

    • We’ll, what a thing to say! Imagine if anyone actually did that…. How awful!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ท

  3. It’s not the kind of shop I would frequent. I use cash, but I do online shopping for groceries, no car, have done it for over 12 years now. I never use self service either, but in WH Smith they make you use it, shame, I used to like the people on the tills there, don’t see them so much now, a lot of new faces.

    • Exactly Teresa, I worked at the checkout in a supermarket, sometimes people, especially the elderly apricate a chat at the till. A bit of banter helps cheer them up, as its sometimes they only time they speak to a human being. We have become a nation of soulless robots.

      • Only time I use self service is when I have to grab a few bits from Tesco at 6am when Iโ€™m just off nightshift. Itโ€™s not through choice though, the manned tills arenโ€™t open at that time of day. Any other time I always get a person to serve me. I donโ€™t get paid to scan my shopping and I would much rather preserve jobs wherever possible.

      • absolutely! human interaction /seeing each other as humans. but some people overlook those in the ”service industries”’anyways. they might like this.

      • as a german living in ireland the chatting was always appreciated by me, still is.

      • Why are people obsessed with ‘jobs’? You sound like the Department for Work & Pensions. And especially back-breaking soul destroying jobs such a checkout operator. Do you think anyone actually enjoys being sat behind a till? As Marx said Capital Abhors Labour; the only reason ANY job exists is because Capital hasn’t figured out a way to automate it. And mind-numbing, soul-destroying, robotic repetitive jobs are always the first to be flushed out. We should be celebrating this. We need to remodel society so that we can enjoy the fruits the machine’s Labour.

      • And what is it with these peeps cycling about town delivering takeaways? Are people too lazy to rustle up a meal? Too lazy to pop out to the shops?

      • You might want ‘human interaction’ but the people behind the till don’t want to be there. They can’t wait to clock off. And you are mistaking ‘human interaction’ for ‘customer service’.

    • My local supermarket in Spain (called Dia) installed more self service checkouts but kept a couple of staffed checkouts. Glad to say that after a couple of years of the self service checkouts being ignored by most shoppers, they wee finally dismantled and staffed checkouts brought back.

  4. Jeez. Heard it all now. Ireland where one of the first countries in Europe to have a C pass. Starting to think they are the testing ground for all this sh.te.

    • I’m living in direland and I can tell you if there is an experiment to be carried out or a law to be brought in the jackals here will be the first to do it because we have a nation of begrudgers and back stabbers and compliant jackasses who will go along like crash test dummies even if it kills them.

      • apparently! i was shocked in march 2020. i am german, and figured the irish would rebel, lol!

  5. ROFLMAO!!!!! You’re absolutely right on, as usual!!!!! Listening to you in the “mostly free” U.S. state of Florida.

    Regarding using cash only. I try to use cash as much as possible, but, my credit cards PAY ME “CASH” BACK for each transaction–pretty difficult to resist “free” money. Yes, it only works if you pay off the total balance each month.

  6. Too soon, if we comply, all stores will be like this and linked. Having your ID it will be easy to ration what you buy, the compliant, fully jabbed, sheep will get more, sarcasites like Hugo will end up starved ‘for the good of the community’.

  7. Just had email from HSBC .. they want to use my biometrics… for me to use my debit card … going to shut the account.. they are all satans .. praise God for the victory . ! Believe ,repent and be baptised in water. In the mighty name of Jesus ,God almighty . Thank you Hugo and God bless everyone who reads this. .

  8. If you (the stick insect) take an item off the shelf and replace it the system will know that too.

  9. It’s odd isn’t it that digital is binary – it’s either a “1” or a “0”.

    And yet we’ve had this big push about being “non-binary”.

    And ironically the people probably most likely to choose a non-human interface, you know, so they aren’t “judged” or something are the modern “safe space – I’m non-binary, whatever I feel like when I get out of bed this morning”.

    Maybe the non-binary movement is to fool them into thinking that digital (binary) is somehow non-binary.

    Or by complying, they are rebelling. Or – well, you know what I’m getting at.

    The whole worlds a stage, and the playwrights are all insane.

    And the actors playing their parts are insanerer.

    • Yeah, that’s an hilarious idea- A non-binary digital switch that can’t really commit to being one or zero.
      Computing and the internet grinds to a halt.

      • No it won’t, in computing it’s what you call ‘fuzzy logic’.

  10. And we all know about the Corrupt Compass Group don’t we , well the awake do certainly

  11. We will be drip fed the way its going from 2000 to 1000 calories a day to 500 for carbon taxes, roll on spring when my food grows, then they will come for the growers to fine you or prison, you watch. it will be off grid eating food in the hedgerows and weeds soon, get a wild foods book in highly recommend, boycott these places, buy land, it’s all planned, it’s not about control honestly or monitoring you 24/7 for carbon taxes to save the planet. Its also not about chipping your brain that Elon seems to want to do.

  12. I really canโ€™t stand this technology. This is terrible. When you think how years ago you were served by a real person in a shop before supermarkets. Even in supermarkets you can talk to someone at the checkout. I would never use a shop like this and if anyone does it will just encourage more of this. This is so unsociable I couldnโ€™t use it anyway as I donโ€™t have a smart phone, mine is an old flip open one which is 11 years old.
    You are spot on Hugo this is just tracing everything people do and heading for a cashless society. I get annoyed now when I open my purse in a shop to pay, the card machine is shoved towards me and staff seem surprised when I pay cash. It is assumed I am paying by card as that is what most people do now. No one knows where I am shopping or what I am spending my money on and that is how I intend to keep it.

    • Love your attitude Shirley,it’s a shame more people don’t think the way you do , because the troubles we are facing now just wouldn’t happen.

  13. I don’t use the automated checkout!so won’t be using these!treating people as if their invisible!no thanks!

  14. I can see it all now. I have a vision. An electronic archway beckons you as you enter. It sprays a mysterious mist over you.Two slots are at either side to place your arms into. And a sheep dip is at your feet for your shoes. A green traffic light activates and the cute little gates open. As you wander around in an orderly direction Illuminated flooring tiles go red when you are too close to someone and green if you are at least 2 meters.

    The slogan on the entrance will read `Here at ( insert name here ) your safety is absolutely our first priority. Have a nice day`.

  15. Hoy fat boy, put those donuts back. Hahahaha, Class Hugo. Your actually not far wrong, this is what they will eventually do, with the social credit score. A voice will either shout out in the store, and embarrass you, saying something humiliating, or take points off you for being overweight.

    Not to mention the job losses. A big fat NO, shove it….

  16. Of course just like Elon Musks electric driverless trucks this fictionless shopping will also put people out of work. But I guess they could always enroll on universal credit.



  17. I have noticed in my local tesco, asda and even lidl. About 10 tills yet only one or two cashiers on at a time. The people are queued miles back. Maybe this is the plan? To frustrate us into this NWO crap?

  18. Oh yes!! If/when they open the first one in England, wouldn’t it be great for a few of us Hugo Fans to descend on the shop and pick up…put down ….pick up ….put down….fill a trolley and then walk off, leaving it abandoned in a frictionless isle! Perhaps 30 like minded people would cause a bit of a stir. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

  19. destroying what makes us human…..can you imagine a world without banter ???

    • You care viewing things through your own selfish perspective. Checkout operators don’t want your ‘banter’. They don’t want to be there. That is why is only self-service available at 6am in the morning. No-one wants to be there to listen to your ‘banter’. You are pretending to be treating people like humans when in fact you are treating them as sub-humans.

  20. The new digital slave trade 2.0 industry:

    1. You work tirelessly for a corporation to earn some credit chits.
    2. You spend aimlessly within a corporation your hard earned credit chits
    3. You become an aggregated name, number and data profile for corporation who manages large amount of credit chits.

    And the manta goes:

    Consumerism is Freedom
    Slavery is Good
    Free Thought is Illegal

  21. And so it begins.
    You will not be able to buy or sell without the mark.

  22. Gangs and shoplifters are going to have a field day with these stores, no staff no security equals free stuff walk in with your mask on and take what you want. Just look at the dumb cunts who are using it in the video says it all๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • It won’t work like an ‘honesty box’. These shops will be monitored in the same way the self-scan tills are monitored. And it people find a ‘loophole’ they will update their systems just like they do with the self-scan tills.

  23. Trust RTE to be in on it,, people need to picket on mass, this shop and every other of it’s type that opens.

  24. No facial recognition my Bollix. Of course there is.
    Its the future of track & control.
    I was recently arrested due to an argument over face masks in a shop.
    In the station they didn’t take finger prints but rather a lot of digital photographs.

    I was curious about this so I spoke with some people I know who are, lets say well known to the police. They all said the same thing its always lots of photographs lately No finger prints or DNA.

    I think DNA evidence will be phased out over the coming decade(s) as these jabs mess up peoples DNA so facial recognition and digital surveillance will be their way of finding you……

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