Ukraine President Says Wednesday Is The Day / Hugo Talks #Russia

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  1. Well the asleep fell for William Shakespeare so why not go the whole Hog! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Did you see that behind him is he Konami forum did you get his advice Klaus Schwab’s globalists.

  3. He is still an actor now as per other world role players. I remember this guy with his satanic hand signals after the (s)election. No attempt of covertness and just let it be known on the podium that he serves the beast.

  4. So he graduated the Young Leaders Group at the World Economic Forum who I hear controls the UN so a bunch of 33’s taking orders from Klaus Schwab whose father sold weapons to the Nazi’s and it looks like he embraces their ideology on many fronts. Schwab says everyone MUST be vaccinated and chipped.

    • Schwab was also wrapped up in the sale of parts to South Africa to make nuclear weapons – against international treaties.

      But hey, you know what Klaus says – Klaus says Klaus is an intellectual and he knows best what’s in our interests.

      Even though the fat sack of shit is a moron. Like Gates.

    • Quote: Dean101448; Schwab says everyone MUST be vaccinated and chipped……..
      And this is what the injection has been about — Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm ….. As stated here: Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm Strategic Implications Project
      Also……. The project incorporates research from German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists to understand how emerging technologies such as genetic engineering, bioinformatics and the possibility of brain-computer interfaces could affect the future of society, security and Defence.

      The ethical, moral and legal challenges are complex and must be thoroughly considered, but HA could signal the coming of a new era of strategic advantage with possible implications across the force development spectrum………………..
      Not a problem ( as such ) if the ifastruture is inside you allready,,,, – Via the injection – …………………..Food For Thought
      Meanwhile ~ The Clot Shot Shuttle Keeps On Rolling

  5. A full moon on Wednesday, 4.59pm UK time, aka snow / eagle / storm / hunger moon. Get ready for a psychic werewolf attack.

  6. There is no such thing as a servant of the people – although the myth is still current in certain quarters, notably in the United States. The plain flat truth is that all governments are illegitimate and criminal.

  7. Ukraine totally corrupt country housing Khazarian mafia, and much more!! Theres a reason the Bidens paid so much interest in it…. More BS propaganda if Putin wanted to invade the Ukraine he would already be in there. The UN trying to get control and its them that Putin is warning…. Whole situation is a movie!!

  8. I would say, “You couldn’t write this crap”, but someone clearly did! Funny how actors end up in politics.

      • Hi ya

        I been looking into this stuff
        I was younger, I didn’t understand WtF was going on then
        But Man..
        Ron is a eye opener for sure!

        Take care
        Hope you well x

      • Hi Janie Yes (((they))) tried to assassinate old poor old Ronnie – I never did research that. Yes I am fine – hope you are too. TTND

      • Morning
        I did try having a look into that but as always
        So much is ‘cover up’ or may I swear..

        We have to use discernment (I not great at English but I believe that’s the word I mean, thank you) in all we do theses days isn’t it.

        Glad u all good
        Have great day now

      • @Janie One way of doing it is just read up on the mainstream reporting of it and interpret it as being the complete opposite of what they said. LOL

      • Yes lol
        I do find sometimes people share stuff I feel is “ok” I might be able take that, msm has always done my brain in!

        I throw myself into other stuff
        And at moment I doing a English course so I can do a course I have wanted to do for years!

        Better late than never lol

      • @Janie, Best thing to do is research what Ronnie was planning on doing that could have upset his (((masters))). With JFK it was Executive Order E11110 and his anti nuclear-Israel policies.

      • Cool

        I got day to myself for once lol
        so I have a gander

        Cheers now x

    • That Lawrence Fox is an actor too, now Reclaim Party. Controlled opposition.

      • Morning Gina

        Hopefully you doing ok my dear.

        I personally now think over the years
        how many more have been actors as well??
        Seems a common thing now don’t it lol
        Acting school Doesn’t come cheep !!

        Have great day
        Hope kids well & family Gina
        All best now

  9. I think that he’s jusr GUARANTEED that Russia WILL invade, even though Russia had no intention of invading.

    Because what he is effectively saying is “we will wear some ribbons and go on the streets and show “unity” and that will scare away Putin.”

    Because he KNOWS Putin had no intention of invading.

    Which would politically embarrass Putin – so now Putin has NO OPTION but to invade.

    Well done cretin, you’ve just signed your own ticket to the gulag.

  10. 100% Suspect. Straight away the guy gives of them creepy vibes, like he doesn’t have the fabric to hold down a presidency.

    I imagine that upon any political insurrection that could occur in Ukraine, this guy will up and scarper in a heart beat.

    • Trudeau was a drama teacher / actor too – It’s almost like they want simpletons in charge who will buy into a basic ideology, get their fame and fortune they weren’t good enough for in the real acting world, but can play a part and aren’t too gifted in the thinking meat department.

  11. They won’t invade as such for a few weeks..

    Wave 1 will be missile strikes to take out SAM installations mainly and communications assets and air bases.
    Wave 2 will be Fast Jets, mopping up what’s left and removing there air force.
    Wave 3 will be Strike Jets and Helicopters removing artillary and tanks as many as they can find.
    Wave 4 will be big bombers blowing the hell out of soldiers to kill and demorolize them.

    While this is on, the army will defend from incursions then only invade when it’s much much safer and they control the skies, Putin won’t want mass Russian Casualties.

    If he does it well, with few casualties then onto the next country till the USSR band is back together.

    Ukraine will likely surrender after Wave 1, same for Taiwan coming soon aswell, shortly after.

    Still anyones guess if this will happen, I reckon 30% will, 70% won’t.

    • I think it was 99.98% that Russia never had any intention of invading, but now this idiot has basically said he’s going to scare Putin away with ribbons, and after the Wests interference I think it’s probably more like 75%-80% invasion unless they concede territory to Russia, and a slim chance it’ll be avoided.

      I’ve also been predicting Taiwan for months, the Chinese are itching to take it – this is the perfect chance, since Russia and China have a military pact (and Iran) and the West can’t split forces to deal with 2 crises at the same time – not that they’d have a chance with China off the Chinese coast anyway.

      The west have just check mated themselves, so it’s probably been the plan all along.

    • It’s just not gonna happen . Just more fear porn. At this point no 1 should care. What makes me laugh is they bang on about climate change and want to start nuking. I just don’t care. We had all these threats for donkeys years. Always blamed the threat on the Russians . No sorry everything is in plan site and now we no who is shit striring.

  12. For all those awakened, don’t be fooled! Russia has no intentions to invade. They are on THEIR territory, minding THEIR business.

    You know now how much propaganda is there. If I tell you that Russia – Ukrain topic is more censored than C19 on Google and YouTube, and in English speaking internet you only see psy-op narrative – will you beleive me?

    Who has army bases across the ocean all over the foreign continent? Who wages wars for oil across the ocean from their homeland?.. Who destroyed economies of Eastern European countries, and issued them massive loans, to then influence over their politics? The answer is – Not Russia. Be vigilant my friends, search for other side of the truth, this is exactly same brainwashing as we had with CV19..

    For the past decade they have been trying very hard to develop Russia-phobia..

    • I have grown up to think all Russian women looked like tractor drivers or weight-lifters, thanks to the propaganda we have been fed over the years. Since I watched Bald and Bankrupt and Yeah Russia on YT, I realise things are not what I thought. We’ve had a good job done on our minds, and the last two years have shown how good ‘They’ are at their craft.

      • grouchoone1195 “I have grown up to think all Russian women looked like tractor drivers or weight-lifters, thanks to the propaganda we have been fed over the years.”

        Those ugly ones were especially selected by the Jews so that white Russians were given a bestial image and deserve nothing but the gulags and to maintain the “Goyim are only cattle/beasts” Talmudic idea.

  13. he don’t seem bothered he talks like its planned, as the other country’s have come to help lol, its planned alright for Wednesday, they drop the plandemic for now, and focus on this plandemic, maybe there not seeing enough death on covid, there feeding on death and destruction world wide, this how the parasites work. they keep things going as long as possible, its how they survive till we cut there food supply off i.e fear, they cart keep the covid thing going, so they have moved to this, this is far from over, everything its just starting, and where going to win this, they feed of our fear and energy, the way out of this is mass none compliance and boycott the city’s build our our homes, grow our own food, they would still come and trash our new homes and pull our food out the ground, its how they have survived all this time, they cart do it without us, they need to use us to exist that’s why they will bully and intimidate you and not leave you alone and pull your food up, that’s how insecure they are, dont let these entity’s in, that’s why we have the power to stop this, they wont stop till we stop it, lets find alterative ways of living. they don’t want you flying, driving, living of grid, happy, freedom off movement, going to the pub, they don’t want us coming together, its there state of emergency, it really is because people are coming together, and its not going to plan for them, we have a very high chance of winning, you can really feel this tug of war in the world right now

    • I agree we have to turn our backs on them is the best way forward.
      Let’s buy land and build self-sufficient communities. There are people doing it.

  14. Putin (and Lavrov, the foreign minister) have been saying until they’re blue in the face, the only circumstances in which Russia would attack Ukraine is if Kiev attacks the Donbass again, or Crimea, or it joins NATO.

    So, the deceitful western politicos in London & Washington, reckon a Russian false flag on Wednesday. This is sounds more like Kiev deciding to attack the Donbass again on Wednesday – in which case Russia would neutralise the Kiev Junta one way or another to prevent that happening again. However I doubt very much Russia would stay in Ukraine – too expensive given the appalling economic basket case the West has left western Ukraine in.

    On the other hand, since 2015, the Donetsk & Lugansk peoples’ republics are much stronger than they were in 2015. And the Kiev junta much weaker. Plus, Kiev has had most of its forces spending 9 month stints in trenches they’ve built along the Donbass contact line – they’re not a fighting force now, very low morale. So I suspect Donbass forces alone would do the job themselves without Russian assistance.

  15. I was told this about 3 weeks ago… Along with Joe bidens going to spend 5 million on crack pipes…… He was wrong… Its 3 million hahha
    Fantastic show m8 x ty x

  16. Such is joy to live on a planet full of positivity and happiness nowadays…
    If people have not been mentally ruined by being brainwashed the last 2 years, its now a threat of nuclear war…
    Guess social distancing and face nappys will not work against that…

  17. Isn’t surprise the key element for an attack on the enemy? You don’t book a slot, it’s not an Ocado delivery! Bunch of muppets…

  18. It’s all about gaining access into Ukraine to continue the E40 river project, dredging started in 2020. They have already dredged within a contaminated area close to the Chernobyl nuclear plant releasing thousands of tons of radioactive silt downstream into the Ukraine.

    This is an extract taken from MSM online:

    The dredging of the Pripyat began in July and is part of an international project to create the 2,000km (1,240-mile) long E40 waterway linking the Baltic and Black seas, passing through Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The river – which snakes within 2.5km of the reactor responsible for the world’s worst nuclear disaster – has already been dredged in at least seven different places, five of which are within 10km of the reactor, according to the Save Polesia coalition

  19. how funny – he says let’s raise our flag and will defend our freedom🙄😬which freedom?!?!? the people of Ukraine live in a hungry. covid circus- they have been completely ruined,constant protests, they hate him as a president.puppet of globalists.the history of the world repeats itself -at the beginning, kill people financially and morally (covid circus), and then finish them off with a war….he was a comedian actor.not even talented 😏

  20. I have just watched a video by Johnny FD on YT. I found him via Bald and Bankrupt. He now lives in Ukraine, and has a sensible outlook. Like the rest of us, I think he has learned a lot, recently.

  21. Jake Sullivan,USA National Security Advisor, is currently being investigated by US Department of Justice special investigator John Durham for his part in the illegally spying on a serving US president.Durham’s report apparently is published 16 February.Jake Sullivan is one of the leading people pushing the “Russian Invasion” on 16 February narrative.

  22. If war weren’t a terrible affair I would laugh at this scheduled attack.
    When I was a child I used to listen with delight to our portuguese comedian Raul Solnado and roar with laughter at his segment : The War.
    It went like this more or less:
    “Hello! It’s the enemy? When are you planing to attack? Tuesday? No, no, better on Friday, because after the attack you can have dinner with us and stay till late as it’s weekend.”
    I never thought it would become a reality. And Raul must be rolling n kicking in the spirit world too.

    • Robert Reagan was an actor before he became U.S. President. These days, it means very little. I would swap an actor who has played Boris Johnson in a play or sketch for Boris Johnson. It’s time professional politicians were kicked-out of politics and replaced by people with real-life experience.

      • Keith Knight “It’s time professional politicians were kicked-out of politics and replaced by people with real-life experience.”

        The chance of that is like expecting The Pope to repent and become a Christian! LOL

      • Power corrupts even real people and this shit would be happening with or without a goverment let’s face it the economy is broken the supply chain will soon be fucked the health system is a pile of shit people are still dropping like flies I would say there nearly done in my opinion

  23. Whenever I hear or read about “intelligence” it reminds me of the film Team America. “Intelligence” is a super-computer that gets it wrong every time…
    However, the big question is, who is going to cover the demonstrations of unity and will there be a false flag attack by “Donbass” rebels?
    But then, maybe it is all a play and the UN will intervene and save the day, showing the need for the World! to unite under its prevent future wars. Since they have so well in the past and still today!

  24. Quote: thetruthnotdoctrine; Whenever I read accurate statements like this it just confirms that the rabid dog, mouth foaming, inmates have truly taken over the asylum. They even use an autistic retard to lead the pack……………………………..
    Now…… There Is A Suprise,,,,, Website Taken Down — truth… is no longer available.—…………………..

    This site has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.For more information and to contact us please read this support document.
    Found This Instead Instead………………

    Is Greta Thunberg™ Jewish?
    Given how popular this child (yes, she is a child – not a scientist, not an economist – a child) has become, I would like to know more about her.

    Let’s start with some fundamentals: her religious background, because I think it’s important to know which God™ she believes in — if any.

    Based on my research:

    Her mother: Malena Ernman (jewish?)

    Her father: Svante Thunberg (jewish?)

    Whenever I do a search for Greta Thunberg, I see tonnes of jewish newspapers heaping praise on her “activism”, and have also noted that the boat Geta sailed across the Atlantic on was owned by the founders of Israel:

    How did an unknown child from an acting family in Sweden, get on Rothschild boat, and then in front of US Congress — speaking on a topic that she knows almost nothing about?

    Whenever I see Deep State False Flags (and make no mistake, I believe Greta™ is one — a global “agent provocateur”), I have come to learn the managers are almost always Zionist, and often jewish.

    Are we seeing another (typical) example of this pattern? Have they no shame? Using children to cry in front of cameras — again:

    Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ, lying about babies to drag the US into invading Kuwait for Isra-oil

    I am interested in exploring the agenda of this global “agent provocateur”:

    What’s her “mission”?

    Who sponsored her to speak in front of the US Congress?

    She isn’t a isn’t a scientist – with expertise on climate change;

    She isn’t a isn’t an economist – with expertise in economics;

    What’s her religion? What God does she believe in, if any?
    Questions,, Questions,, Questions…………………..

  25. Zelensky (Jew), Lavrov (Jew), Putin (Possibly a Jew), Medvedev (Jew), Macron (Zionist/ex Rothschild employee), Blinken (Jew), BoJo (Jew), Morawiecki (Jew), Starmer (Married to a jew), Merkel (Jew), Stoltenberg (Married to a Jew), Biden (Zionist, family is married to Jews). Didn’t they do well?,

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