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  1. So how come YouTube hasn’t deleted his video for “misinformation”, BBC hasn’t called him an ‘antivax conspiracy theorist’ and his wiki page hasn’t been modified to discredit him….. That tells you all you need to learn. He also hasn’t said, ‘sorry I was wrong, this jab is dangerous’….he’s just reading some statistics… I’ve never liked him as he never asked questions, just ‘proved’ everything gov said. He is entitled to have believed it all and now suddenly woken up… But he doesn’t show any signs of grief, anger or betrayal which should be the case

  2. Allways new he was shithousery I contradicted him various times with evidence and the cockaroach couldn’t reply if he’s a Dr then I’m next In line for the throne jackass is what he is

    • He’s not a medical doctor, he’s a PhD that teaches nursing

  3. He’s obviously seen the success of Russell Brand and thought I want a piece of that!
    As some of you have mentioned, suspicious that he’s not been pulled up on the change of direction and so called misinformation.

    Surely some of his followers will start to hold him to account??
    But then again those comments will get taken down pretty quickly.

  4. Dollar vigilante guy (Jeff whatshisname) has a new video on BNT. Really interesting snippet in there from the CEO of Blackrock.

    He says in his opinion ALL of this is because the world debt bubble is about to pop, which will hit everything financial, and in the guise of “medical tyrrany” they are putting control systems in place for the inevitable collapse of society / rioting / etc.

    To me that makes a whole lot of sense, because the medical claims do not make any sense.

    • A lot of financial advisers have been saying that for years. That’s why there was a rush on gold and silver and prices went up immensely. Years ago Germany tried to get its gold back that was stored in the FED bunkers. The officials weren’t allowed access. Rumor has it that those FED and Fort Knox bunkers are empty.
      Perhaps the Russia-Ukraine thing is just foreplay for a “Russian” cyber attack targeting the stock markets. Which doesn’t make any sense as it would take out the Russian economy as well.

    • @guaranteedcarfinancesite The bottom line here is this: There was a National Bankruptcy declared in the US in 1789, in Britain it was declared in 1799. The people were the creditors in these Bankruptcies. There were further 70 year extensions to these National Bankruptcies in 1859 (US Civil War), 1929 (Wall Street Crash) and 1999 (9/11 planned) in the US. In the UK 1869 (Constitutional Revolution), 1939 (WW2) and 2009 (Financial Crash aka Credit Crunch). In both cases these Bankruptcies were dishonoured by The Rothschilds, which should have erased ALL THE DEBTS of the people, and a payout of what the people were owed, plus a new non-interest bearing currency introduced = no more debt notes (promises-to-pay) in circulation.

      However what they have decided is rather than honour those payouts to the creditors (The People) they have chosen to kill them with toxic jabs instead so they don’t have to pay out at all.

  5. Put a magnet to the lying fucktard. Then inject him with the real shit (salt) he was pushing.

  6. i was only one out of thousands went on alex bellends you tube page and said this dr cambell is a goverment shill.. being begging you to take boosters etc hes full of shit

    • Campbell has just done a video saying natural immunity is better and there is no point getting vaxxed..he also mentioned the 17 years immunity from Covid 1..which we have been saying for the last 2 years…

    • Was that recently? Alex did have sympathy for this shill, didn’t he, because he was taken off Yoo too.

  7. He kept appearing on my home page and I ignored him as I thought as I had never viewed his channel he must be ‘controlled opposition’ Just recently, he was one of the first people to do a video on the O.N.S. data produced as a result of a F.O.I. request and was quickly fact-checked by the B.B.C., being denounced for broadcasting ‘false information’. His indignation suggested he was now certain ‘something was up’ and he tried to get an interview with the B.B.C. or the author of the fact-checking but to no avail. He is a retired nurse with the qualifications to call himself ‘doctor’ and I believe throughout the ‘pandemic’ he has allowed himself to be guided by official data but has come to believe that the government has manipulated the figures. Like most open-minded people, Dr.Campbell has woken up to the truth.

    • What made me sick were the 1000’s of convid-loving sheep who would pay homage to this dr (?) and leave loving comments about what a great job he is doing by telling the sheep that vaccines are good etc…. Fking murderer!

  8. I slated him on the comments for ignoring side effects! I don’t see him as a hero. Hopefully though he has lots of vaccine lovers who he can now convince otherwise, which could actually end up being a big positive

    • You ar are late if you have been stupid to take the 3 make youre will and hope for the best bet that fucker have not taken any of this poison

      • Campbell is a salesman for the vax. That doesn’t mean he consumes the product that he is selling. Non-smokers sell cigarettes, teetotals sell alcohol or like people who work in TV do not watch TV (in fact one I know reads books, doesn’t even have a TV) etc., does anyone think Fuckerberg spends all day on Faecesbook?

    • I slated him too, ages ago. His piffle about “thinking” vitamin D “might” be useful and him taking a pathetically small amount to cover himself…scribbling away at some figures he found on the internet and all those f*ckin gimps dribbling about how amazing he is in his comments. FFS, honestly, I had to stop watching him. I trust my instincts and this dobber is a fake. Well done Hugo and all the others

  9. Interesting how ,none of those recomendig the drug,don’t have any of those problems and they are so well…they took the same shot?!

  10. Covering his back for when all these murdering bastards are punished for their crimes against humanity.Sorry to tell you John Campbell but you in my opinion are also responsible for innocent people getting ill or dying.How do you sleep at night?

  11. John is a rat & a bigger shill than
    “Take the dam vaccine”Jordan Peterson
    underline that you goggle-eyed mofo

  12. Alex Belfield put up a sympathetic video about this scam-man last week saying that ( now ) this Dr is telling the truth about side effects and he’s been censored…. too lat, the damage has already been done. Hold him to account!!!

    • Wouldn’t we all just love to be ONE protagonist of this BS to be privately prosecuted for incitement to murder. We need it very very soon!! But of course, the vaxtermination jabs had nothing to do with anyone’s death, did they???? 😡🤬😡

  13. One of the many communist pied pipers that have led the ignorant to their doom. The problem for DR JOHN CAMPBELL and others like him – Dr Hillary for example, is that the death shot is not immediately effective and some will have 3 years to seek their revenge.

  14. Didn’t trust him from start, I watch him a couple of times, but he didn’t ring true for me, clad you pointed it out👍

  15. Agree totally. Looked at a bit of his stuff in the spring of 2020 and his support of face masks put me off, especially when, as proof of their efficacy, he showed us one of his live pen drawings demonstrating a study that was done involving hamsters. Had to chuckle at that one.
    Later that year, I was pleased to see a video in which his comments section was not full of the usual fawning praise. That was when he tried to disprove the Great Barrington Declaration. Seemed to lose a few groupies over that one.

  16. Only took me a few minutes of listening to him a few months ago for me to turn off his video and decide to never watch his stuff again.

  17. I’d have to say there was a BBC hit peice on him and that may be why he is not changing his tune. Yeah he went along with things.
    But I think that is why he has now addressed some evidence
    When there is so much stuff

  18. I always thought this guy was a vax evangelist and took no notice . Is he waking or just helping the narrative along ?

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