FRANCE ARMOURED TRUCKS Deployed In Paris For FREEDOM CONVOY / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Exactly!!🤣 Time to show them our arms (which can be peaceful but far more effective 🙂

  1. I only believe one thing: the people protesting are doing it in good faith. We now see that demicracy gas died a long time ago and the shit they are shuffling every four years is just a puppet front show for a behind the scenes dictatorship.

  2. I think it’s just a case of a scared, worried, Emmanuel Moron waving his tiny cock around for show.

    Been hearing that more and more police in France & Spain are joining the right side of history; were any tin-pot puppet tyrant to use military force on their own people, it would end very badly for them.

  3. Will Macron deploy them against his own people? Will they actually ‘just follow orders’? THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!

    • This is the problem though Anna-Mae. The NWO of course are the ones giving the orders. Macron is just a puppet on a string , a lackey , a figurehead. I think most likely the military have been brainwashed and fed some baloney story that the protesters are armed or militant in some way. So yes , if this is a precursor to the military being deployed I think when it comes down to it they will follow orders. But if they do then it will set off the biggest revolution the world has ever seen.

  4. All because of a virus which has more than a 98% survival rate .. and some aren’t suspicious 🤦‍♀️ WAKE UP.. the elite are NOT JABBED and doctors shut down or ignored for pointing out the danger???!

    • I know for a fact…the Politicians in our Government (UK).) were NOT mandated/forced onto taking the ‘jab’…speaks volumes!!!.

  5. …and the armoured cars are there to stop people spreading the virus? I guess everyone who got a jab is feeling pretty foolish right now

  6. How do you get a two year prison sentence for driving a lorry? Is it that Macron and other leaders are losing faith in the NWO?

    • What surprises me is that it is 2 years. I would have thought it would have been 18 months for an 18 wheeler 🙂

      • Hi I am surprised it’s not 6 thousand years and 66 days, would suit their mindset and fearmongering 😆

  7. It is time the governments were taught a lesson ! they are few and we are many ….

    • People’s law. Most have awaken but still THERE is a massive 🐑🐑🐑🐑 following rules no matter if we go back to some pre pandemic times. If Macron sent troops to STOP the convoy then it’s the beginning of a civil war. French will not tolerate it neither will we.

  8. This is France we’re talking about – the land of the guillotine and Marie Antoinette – I don’t fancy Macron’s chances……

  9. I get what you’re saying but it depends what devices they have installed. … Someone posted in Telegram photos of police 4×4’s, I think, with those frequency emitters on the roof in Australia. If they plan to deploy those then people will be in a lot of pain with no visible harm done. My, my. We are in a pickle, aren’t we?

  10. There’s nothing highly unusual anymore – Madness has been the norm for two-years! But don’t hurt your head trying to figure it all out folks. The perpetrators of these Covid Crimes are “failed humans” – total human failures

    • I did some research in early 2021 into what the big pharma and their partners were up to. I found that not only are they heavily investing in Ebola research which is predicted to last until 2028 , but Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) who are one of Moderna`s partners have also developed an Ebola drug called rVSV-ZEBOV `Ervebo`. Cepheid who are connected to Moderna have also developed a testing kit for Ebola as well. I am not sure if they are partners or investors. And some of this started as far back as 2015.

      The original medical investment article has unfortunately now since been removed. I really should have screen grabbed it. But it had a lot of big players on it , Merck and co , New Link Genetics Corporation , Johnson and Johnson , Novavax , Geovax and GlaxoSmithKline plc. But Here are the other links to the Ebola vaccine and testing kits:—Labeling.pdf

    • they’re the ones isis were using were”nt they? just gave them a lick of black paint hhhaaa its just hollywood or bollywood or whatever

  11. Maybe we will see a repeat of the Tianamen Square incident when a lone man placed a flower in the gun pointed from a tank. Will they be able to drive over people who lie down in their way?

  12. Here’s the start of governments pushback that I’ve been waiting for since the Canadian truckers started their convoy.
    The whole thing stinks of set up, and it’s just the excuse governments needed to militarise the streets!
    It’s gone from a cold/flu, to flexing the military muscle against their own people.

    • Bring it on. Civil war. Its whats needed. We may lose, but we die for our freedom

  13. ‘Surge pricing’ for gas and electricity at peak times could force households to ration their use

    Poorer households could be forced to limit their energy use at certain times of the day under plans for surge pricing, it has been claimed.

    Three major energy companies – Scottish Power, EDF and Octopus Energy, who have 11 million customers between them – this week backed plans to introduce dynamic pricing arrangements whereby smart meters automatically send regular updates to suppliers about household energy use.

    At peak times when energy use is highest, such as early evening, costs would be higher for consumers, while prices would fall for those using energy overnight.

    • Just E-Mailed this whole text… To – OCTOPUSS ENERGY – !!!
      Wonder if i will get a reply ~ Me Bet Not

  14. During the reign of Blair, he installed a ring of light armoured tanks around Heathrow Airport to frighten the plebs into believing that ISIS was going to attack it. Naturally, it was a load of nonsense but it was part of the psychological operation to instil fear as with the traffic light system to indicate the threat level.

    • hhaaa isis wot ever happened to that bs group? and all the others we were all supposed to be scared of? dont they suicide bomb anymore!? oh no they respect the covid rules like social distancing, masks and contant sanitizing lol and theyre scared they might get covid whilst running into a public place toting bomb rucksack on back. giv me a break ..

  15. Pity they didn’t grow a pair in 1939 instead of putting up there arms and surrendering to the Nazis…

    • these trucks have the 5g directed wave technology on top. They are armed and can zap people and make their skin jump! ..Also iwho knows what type of message they will send within the frequencies. They understand how thoughts are frequencies, and can send specific ‘thoughts’ to people

    • My grandad was in ww1 and said he’d trust a german before a frenchman. But to be fair, they’re very quick to demonstrate

  16. Another criminal attempt and shameful display at removing human rights.

    • There have been protests in Paris every weekend for about 4 months and the police have been using tear gas against their own people. I have lived in France for over 12 years and am surprised that they have taken so much from Macron. This could tip the scales and lose any support the government ever had. If they manage to get the farmers joining in there could be serious consequences for the government. Once they are in their tractors there is not much that stops them. Who is following the science here?

    • French law prohibits truckers from striking or blocking roads. If they do they can have their license revoked… So if the convoy is trucks (I’ve seen mostly cars to be fair in France) and allowed to go forward then the state is allowing it so you just know it’s a set up! Most likely to justify food shortages and camps for the vaccine free… And to ban protests..

    • Why Aint that Schwab dead yet ? ~ World Economic FUCKRIES morelike !

    • Yes mate,, Klaus Schwab’s puppet ‘Young Global Leaders’ revealed……………. & also on the wef 8 predictions for the world in 2030 page
      Part: 6. Today’s Syrian refugees, 2030’s CEOs. Highly educated Syrian refugees will have come of age by 2030,
      making the case for the economic integration of those who have been forced to flee conflict.
      The world needs to be better prepared for populations on the move, writes Lorna Solis, Founder and CEO of the NGO Blue Rose Compass, as climate change will have displaced 1 billion people…….. Blue Rose Compass
      Blue Rose Compass MISSION: Blue Rose Compass (BRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving gifted young refugees the opportunity to develop their talents and become agents of change in the world.

      We travel to conflict zones in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America to identify young adults – especially, though not exclusively, girls – who have exceptional academic talent and leadership qualities. We help them to apply to top universities and to find work when they graduate.

      Among other criteria, candidates for BRC Scholarships must be either living in a refugee camp or otherwise displaced by conflict, and committed to finding ways in which they can use the opportunity of an education to contribute to peace and rebuilding in their region of origin.

      Without our intervention, the talents of these exceptional individuals would most likely go to waste. The NGOs that work hard to cater to more than 50 million refugees understandably prioritize emergency needs such as safety, food and shelter. Education takes a back seat. ….It go’s on

      Klouse Schwab… You Will Own………………………..

  17. Macron is shitting himself. There is an election in a few months and he knows he is going to be facing a firing squad soon

  18. Someone said that the Deep State established the truckers convoy. I thought NO WAY, but now I am beginning to wonder. In Scripture it says that there will be famine, and we know that Bill Gates has bought up so much agricultural land that he is the largest landowner now in the USA of agricultural land. I have little doubt that as the eugenicist he is, he will not grow anything on the land he has purchased. So, do you, the reader of my comment, think that the Deep State has organised this convoy?
    We are in a war, but not a war of guns and bombs; we are in a spiritual war.
    God bless and peace,
    Arlene Johnson
    To access my work, which is top secret history that’s internationally acclaimed, and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.
    To access 46 posts exposing coronavirus, log onto

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