Here We Go Again Prince Charles & Mark Drakeford / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Turns out the queen may have “covid”…
      Ohhh how the brainwashed would milk that dry with there self righteous behaviour and lord it over the dangerous “omnicrap”…
      Currently they think there free and done the work to make that happen….
      Complete opposite actually all round

      • Had it down from April last Yr that she was going to pop it or step down and we’d have a king within first 6 months of 2022. Possibly could happen on a 2 1 date. Follow the gematria and you’ll start predicting the future.

      • the queen has died months ago. She was supposed to have been attending the climate summit then the cenotaph then the christmas stuff but didnt do any of them. Interestingly the monarch always has to do the OBE’s knighthoods etc but she didnt do those either. Instead it was Charles who did the awards who has already assumed the role of monarch

      • Queens late husband was her third cousin i was told…

  1. Yes, would be an interesting video comparing celeb covid deaths vs jabbed sports deaths if it’s a fair comparison.

    • It would also be interesting to see hownmany athletes have died in the past 10 years, in order to have a correct objective perspective.

  2. Complete fiction and at least it reveals the slimey spineless ones. Never trust these people.

  3. Its funny how its always the vaccinated who keep getting repeat infections and they still push us to have obviously doesn’t work.

  4. In my country several celebrities, most very old, gave died after contracting covid. Also several members of parliament and the leader of the second largest polotical party have died last year in autumn from covid. I had a familly member die of covid (had also several comorbidities) and I had friends in the ICU, my wife had covid and it wasn’t anything like the flu. I really don’t get this idea some have that the virus does not exist or that is made up. It’s not that dangerous for most people, but some people really do get very sick and some even die from it.

    • They also have died more recently from the adverse reactions from the clot shots. Plenty of evidence out there now for that but never mentioned. Weakens the immune system and they wonder why they are continually sick!

    • You’re right Paul, and I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Covid is statistically slightly more harmful than the flu for the over seventies and very much less harmful than the flu for under seventies (and the flu has, of course, disappeared off the face of the earth!). Those with co-morbidities are more at risk (as they always have been with the flu too). It’s not that the virus doesn’t exist, it’s that a pandemic doesn’t exist (and never has). I don’t think Hugo is saying that the flu doesn’t exist: He’s just pointing out the game that governments and the media are playing in order to coerce people into going along with their control (and, getting darker, population reduction) agenda…

    • they have been spraying from planes…I was very sick over xmas, as many people in the uk. no virus has ever been isolated to prove that is the cause of disease, we get sick because we are poisoned everyday from wifi, medication, fluoride, pesticides, GMO, chems, household chemicals. as a matter of fact Flu started with the invention of electricity. there is no virus!

      • I suspect you maybe correct, I noticed on Saturday the 18/12 in the afternoon lots and lots of trails stretching across the sky from a number of planes over Glasgow and the surrounding area, we are on the flight path so I see trails occasionally but I don’t think I have ever seen as many. I haven’t been ill for years but just after new year was very achy and lots of others became ill. I may be wrong but what is not possible these days? Will probably never know !!!!

  5. Maybe it’s to coincide with New York Fashion Week kick-off tomorrow – a positive test and a face mask being the latest ‘must have’ accessories daahlings.

    But really, it’s a load of feckin bollocks; and do they expect even the sheep to care anymore – after so much, even in the Matrix-media, that’s admitted the tests are unreliable?

    Massive difference, as we all know, between ‘testing positive’ and actually being ill with ‘rona.

    • Think you maybe right @unjabbedandfree. I recently wrote to Blissy as it made claims that it’s masks helps “protect others incase you’re sick”. I’ve asked what peer reviewed evidence it has to support its claim. Obviously it hasn’t replied.

  6. Oh my days…….Yawn……Just in time. Just as gullible souls are getting their hopes up that this COVID operation is over. It’s never gonna be over. They can announce more restrictions at the drop of a hat. Far too much invested in this integral part of bringing about a one world government. And like Hugo said, have you noticed this long list of shills and liars that have supposedly took the jab (saline more like) have never got seriously ill and certainly have not succumbed to ‘covid’ after their jabs that are killing milions (the real jabs). What a dark pantomime we are perpetually doomed to be spectators too. They are evil. And I’m not buying any of this rubbish.

  7. My aunt fanny tested positive but as we know that means diddly f**king 💩

  8. Think of Covid as a huge device powered by loads of batteries ie celebs and public figures. Eventually you need to replace / recharge them when they run down to keep it going. And they all have a positive end.

  9. I believe Prince Charles has the ‘cheese & wine’ variant that he caught from the back seat of his Aston Martin.
    I wonder if his ‘auto’ immune system will cope?

  10. If Johnson actually is facing pressure from within to drop the restrictions then somebody somewhere needs to tell him that the heat is on until the Coronavirus Act 2020 is repealed completely. We are watching. There is noting to stop them contriving a new pandemic with the backing of the MSM and then it will happen all over again.

    • Only if you comply and do as you’re told like a good little child.

  11. Proof that the Jabbs don’t work LOL Bhaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa

  12. All these celebrities announcing their covid status but as soon as you ask about the last time they visited the sexual health clinic they get all moody about their privacy

  13. Yes, it’s all Bullshit. But Hugo they have also falsely claimed LOADS of celebrities have died of/from Covid with their fake test / false info on the death certificates – all headlines for the Agenda, every Tom Dick and Harry “had” the bullshit in order to justify the LIES and illegal unlawful regulations in the 1st place….Almost Every death was labelled as Covid, remember Hugo…… Thanks for your great work – You are a Legend, I bless you and salute you.

  14. Old Big Ears has a cold. Big deal. What about all those dying of the j4b those who really took them rather than pretended to.

  15. Forget about covid, the next pandemic will not be a virus but a electronic one. Seems like this year ‘ they’ are gonna finish the covid program and end all restrictions and give the sheep some breath or air. They are happy anyway with the high uptake of the poison jab in most western countries. Then around 2023 people think everything is normal again and then unexpected, like a lightning, the electricity and internet will be shut down globally for minimum a week but it might be even a couple of weeks. Schwab calls covid a holiday in comparison with the coming global cyber pandemic.

    However, they backtracked with the covid program 2 years earlier then officially scheduled, I think because of the huge resistance and protests worldwide, so that’s a win for the people, but the war is not over yet. So keep very vigilant for the year 2023, there will be something big happening and I believe it will be polygon. The event will be used to introduce the digital ID’s for ‘ security and safety’ reasons, asa social credit so that will be the next battle where people will have to fight against.

    However, polygon is something you can prepare for, as our ancestors lived without electricity and internet for thousands of years and they did fine, but most sheep, especially in the big cities, will not be prepared. Imagine, milions or even bilions of people unprepared, no food, no running water, no electricity, its gonna be madness when polygon kicks in.

    So be very vigilant for 2023 and prepare yourself.

    • Harry, you are right on the button, my friend. Exactly my thoughts… and I’ve been thinking through (and warning about…) this scenario for a few months now. Just to explain (even now, not everyone is up to speed on the machinations of the WEF…)

      What is Cyber Polygon?

      ‘Cyber Polygon’ is the unique cybersecurity event that combines the world’s largest technical exercise for corporate teams and an online conference featuring senior officials from INTERNATIONAL [my caps] organisations and leading corporations.

      It is being organised by the World Economic Forum: these are THEIR words, their explanation… Meanwhile, ‘date and full details expected soon’… says it all.

      So, my advice… stock up on tins of soup, source an old Primus stove and buy some candles. Be ready for The Darkness… it’ll be their next trick.

      Be prepared… it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. These people (and I use the word loosely) will stop at nothing.

      WE are The Resistance!

    • Yes everyone need to stock up on necessities and have some cash or items to barter with .

  16. Prince charles drinking contaminated blood, but really will anybody care when by the end of the month, all restrictions are to be lifted by the government, called living with covid. So no insolation will be required, even if you are covid positive.

  17. The timing at which Doris (twice), Savage Jabbit and many other big names have contracted Covid has been immaculate. All at a time where either the fear needed ramping up or we needed reminding.
    It is clearly an orchestrated show, it does not bother me who has it or not. I keep saying it, but the longer they continue with this kind of propaganda the more credibilty they lose.

  18. Lol prince Charles was meant to be unveiling a statue today in the city I live in and I didn’t know until I scrolled through my phone earlier. Mind you we have a statue of Greta thurnburg so don’t need another.

  19. Between taking orders from Saudi Arabia and being a WEF ponce , it is surprising Charles thinks anyone cares .

  20. Just more bullshit from the MSM.

    Only a moron would believe this garbage.

  21. Not one of those lying cunts would even stick the deadly pcr up their rubber hose. They think most people are stupid and they’re right.

  22. Apparently this fashionable flu loves the famous and the rich😂somehow he treats the poor with disdain. but for some reason no one dies, apparently the “vaccine” helped, which they all 🙄🤥of course “made for themselves”😂 look at what they are preparing for us, type in Google-The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 scenario….interesting,who knows what is that?!

  23. Stock up on necessities and get some goods to barter or cash (cash will be cancelled when new digital currency is rolled out) get ready for the cyber attack and darkness.

    • Oh god does it ever end ? Get ready for the darkness ? Bloody hell have a day of mate.

  24. @Truthnotdoctrine for me terrain theory makes much more sense but we need to factor in bioweapons. Port down operation cauldron. See I really would not put anything past them now. To be honest I think the experimentation on worlds population has been going on for decades. So many younger people I know who have fertility problems, neurological issues, autism, ADHD, chronic disease and allergies etc. They are creating viruses which I think do replicate in cells, are passed on genetically and shed just not in the way we have been lead to believe. Thanks Hugo and to all who comment. I like to believe my education continues!

    • jfpadd There are numerous things at play here. If we go back to the 1950’s it was then that they introduced hybridised wheat, which our digestive tracts cannot digest easily. Through this new wheat many of the amino acids were lost, so the bread and pasta became less nutritious and caused gluten intolerances.

      Then there’s soil nutrient depletion through the use of synthetic petrochemical fertilisers.

      If we add to that pasteurised milk and then it being homogenised as well, which again cannot be easily digested, we then get dairy intolerances.

      Then there’s GMO wheat and glyphosate (Round-up Ready) crops – all highly toxic to the body.

      I haven’t even mentioned SUGAR and FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP which is in so many processed foods = POISON.

      “The terrain is everything, the germ is nothing.”

      –Claude Bernard, French physiologist, Bernard Cohen of Harvard University called Bernard “One of the greatest of all men of science”.

  25. Paul- sorry for your losses , it certainly wasn’t from a novel natural virus, piabandara is right about the poison from the skies and Dr David Martin has proven without doubt that COVID-19 comes directly from a man made bio weapon. Read his Fauci dossier , it’s long but worth reading. These bastards shouy all be swinging from the gallows to prevent this ever happening again. This is not the first attempt to take over OUR planet but it has to be the last . Our creator has given us this experience we must never bow to Satan , god’s law is our law and we must rid this planet of the wrongdoers once and for all.

  26. Paul m check out the uefa data , it is undeniable now as the figures show an enormous jump in deaths and injuries all in line with the lethal injection rollout.

  27. Thanks Hugo – I’ve been asking the question myself for 18 months now – tell me of one famous person who has died of this so called deadly virus – crock of shit all of it

  28. all the sell outs have got covid, we had better bring in the jab mandates then, wankers, to keep the tyranny going and bring back the masks, tested positive!! testing to see if there eligible for more boosters, got covid lol, ive not been ill in over 20 yrs, its all a hoax, its just the flu, and the jabs are transforming the genetics, each jab is a different component doing different jobs i.e payloads, why is there so many jab types and boosters for different age groups as well as a text every fortnight to get the jab, i wonder why, the canadian truckers are the real celebrities, the fake celebrities are dead entity’s and they stand for nothing because they will lose it all, no one has spoken out. maybe 1 or 2, they lifted the mask mandates, and have not made a blind bit of difference, there agenda is still marching forward and progressing.

    • @Chris, Best not to pay any attention to it at all – it’s bad for your stress levels and bad stress is bad for your health – which is what (((they))) want – go for a 1 hour walk instead.

  29. The sheep can’t see there testing positive then later not dying so what’s the issue.

    All over by the end of the month, hiv pandemic is instantly goimg into play be warned.

    • Get ready for more lockdowns/restrictions. If the ‘elites’ can get it at events then it will result in big sport/theatre events for us being cancelled!

  30. Come on Hugo, come clean….your a secret flatearther ain’t you??
    The clues are in the pictures in your videos mate.
    Predictive programming buddy.
    Come on out the closet and join us 🤣🤣🤣❤

    • @Jonny The Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of the universe, with the sun and moon orbiting the earth. The Stars move in the aether. Space is a myths. Gravity is a myth – all there is, is pressure. Einstein’s theory of relativity is bunk.

      Geocentricism – Did The Sun Stand Still and The Moon Stay or Did The Earth Stop Spinning and Moving – Joshua 10:13:

      Feel free to tell me where in the night sky I will find the sun still shining in your flat earth paradigm.

      • @dogshitenottruth

        You really should stop masturbating so much, Dogshite. You should have listened to me ages ago when I first informed you of the dangers of prolonged self-abuse.

        Moreover, members of this board now completely understand that you are a spammer (you insist on promoting your drivellous blog) whose only substance is that which you dream up yourself and publicly post on said blog or Youtube chanel.

        Now, why don’t you sail off to the South Pole and sail off the edge you dopey pratt.

        Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck

      • You really are an inveterate crackpot. Nicolaus Copernicus debunked your crazy theories in the 15th century, all of 600 years ago. You only have to look at the sky at night to see with your own eyes with empirical observations to know that without a shadow of a doubt that you are talking nonsense. The Earth is not a fixed globe. The Sun does not orbit the Earth. The Earth is not at the centre of the Universe. Facts: The Sun is at the centre of the Solar System. The planets (including the Earth) orbit the Sun. The Earth resides on an outer wing of the Milky Way galaxy. You can observe the movements of the planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the naked eye), the Sun and the stars, which Nicolaus Copernicus did and completely disproves your crazy theories and proves incontrovertibly that you are talking nonsense. Some more facts: The Earth rotates (hence day and night) and is ’tilted’ at 23.5 degrees (hence the seasons). You are really out of your depth once again. An exercise in futility once again on your part.

      • @fullofshitnottruth

        You really are a complete tosser, aren’t you?

        Keep on choking that chicken of yours!

        Cluck, cluck

  31. My daughters lower school have been pushing the fear daily, ever since the restrictions were lifted. In two years there was not one case. But they started the emails coming ‘test your child at least twice a week’.
    And in the last two weeks the kids have all been apparently testing positive. Today 75% of the children are now off. Parents are also taking there kids out of school through fear.
    And when you read the shit they are posting on the class WhatsApp page, you would think they are addicted to this shit.
    Apparently none of the kids have no more than a runny nose.
    It’s funny how the kids that don’t get Tested don’t get the sniffles.
    Is this happening elsewhere???

  32. So he has a cold. Like we used to get colds. Didn’t stick things up our noses to find out if we had a cold. What a load of tosh! And that idiot having a cold reaches the news – wow! Shock horror yawn!

    • Yeah and let s face it, if they tested positive for the clap they wouldn’t be putting it out there on all media would they??!!
      So why do they feel like everybody needs to know they tested positive for this??
      Just more propaganda.

  33. ooh boo hoo Charlie boy has a bit of a cold! So bloody what, who cares!!! Stupid little mummy’s boy needs servants to squeeze his toothpaste and run his baths!!! Now pathetic little creature has a wee cold!!! Take a lemsip and go away you cretin!!!! How incredibly pathetic this whole fake pandemic has become!!! I’ve just spent 3 pretty hellish weeks in a London hospital really seriously ill, now recovering from no less than 2 major operations, the second of which was an emergency! Thankfully recovering ok now, just very sore and tired, and I can’t do any housework which is very frustrating! Just want to get the hoover out, but not allowed!! Anyway while I was in hospital, I got moved into a side room on my own cos they had a scamdemic scare. I had 2 PCR tests, both negative and flatly refused to have any more. Told the staff that it was all a load of rubbish!! So I got moved into a side room and was completely isolated from everyone, ending up missing out on vital exercise and physio that I really needed. Anyway I spent my days doing exercise myself, walking up and down the length of the room and then taking a rest. Now home, my mobility has been affected, going up and down stairs is tricky, so having to be very careful. Needless to say that I’m very relieved to be home, but disgusted that this scamdemic is still very much going on!! Endless adverts on Classic FM promoting the killer jabs which totally infuriated me on the car journey home. Just when will sanity return??? I’m still completely jab free, and will stay that way no matter what anyone says!!!! Anyway I’m home, and back here, really missed you guys. Hope everyone is keeping ok. Take care all. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Hi Carolyn, So glad that you’re OK after your serious health trial. I have been wondering how you got on with all the jabbing crap. Good to hear from you again – best regards TTND.

    • Hi Carolyn – congrats on having your ops that you were waiting for. Bastards for the way they treated you, but thank goodness you have the gumption to potter and get stronger. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery and the way you are going it will be – just don’t overdo it! Big hugs, xxx

  34. All that rubbish about the queen having convid! Personally I couldn’t give a toss!!! More ridiculous ways they try to instils panic into everybody, so pathetic. Just ignore it all everyone, we know it’s all completely fake! Have a great day everybody. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  35. Well said dear Kelly! You hit nail on head with your comment babe!

    • It is a joke isn’t it! The more I see of that lot, the more I think “plonkers” (and the rest, this is quite tame) – thank goodness his concubine stayed out of the photo opportunity – too much to stomach there! LOL xxx

  36. Thank you very much TTND for your support and good wishes, hugely appreciated. Sure is really good to be home out of hospital at last!! Wonderful to be sleeping in my own bed in peace and quiet with my dear hubby and cat, all of us together again. It’s been a traumatic three weeks, but thankfully I’m over the worst now. Even better, I remain totally unjabbed and free, and this is how I will stay. Had to cope with the ghastly restrictions and ridiculous rules whilst in hospital, but I grinned and bore it, had no choice about that. It certainly was very hard coping without my lovely hubby, but I FaceTimed him loads every day which helped a lot. Anyway I’m home now and recovering well. I also had 27 get well cards from all my church friends!! How awesome was that!!!!!! I was also able to share my Christian faith with the staff caring for me and also other patients, and I told them that I was praying for them, several also had a Gideon’s Bible as a gift from me too!! Got to look for the blessings in a difficult situation, so that is what I’m determined to do! Every blessing to you, and have a real good weekend. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • I guess they weren’t all awful to you, so that is something that gives us hope for when we need it. Nothing quite like your own bed and loving family – and a puss cat! Love from me xxx

  37. Thank you very much dear Kelly for your lovely message, hugely appreciated. Tonight I’m feeling tired and a bit sore as I had half the surgical clips taken out of my poor tummy this afternoon. But I was very brave having it all done though, and it wasn’t unduly painful to have done thankfully. District nurses were very kind and gentle which was great. So good to be sleeping in my own bed at home, had been missing my hubby and cat and everybody something terrible!! Really peaceful at home, very quiet which is so much more restful. Now the only way is up, and I will spend tonight watching more Jamie Oliver videos on Facebook and Youtube as I’m a huge fan of his. I could watch Jamie cooking all day, and his son Buddy too who also at the tender age of eight is learning to cook like a pro from his dear Dad!! Very impressive indeed!!! Gotta have lots of goals and plenty of positive things to look forward to now, that’s the best way to aid recovery. Looking forward do doing more cooking myself again soon with my groovy casserole pan!! Hopefully I will be able to play my piano again soon. Really miss that!! I miss my church friends really loads too, so hopefully will get back to them soon again too. Anyway I’m still unjabbed and proud, and doing my best to ignore all the utter insanity all around me! The restrictions at hospital drove me crazy, and I had 2 of those wretched PCR tests, and I clearly told the doctor and nurse that the whole thing is crap!!!!! After that they didn’t do any more which was great!! Anyway, you have a real good weekend my lovely. God bless you and I will be back again soon to catch up with everyone and join in with all the comments on Hugo’ latest videos. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Good for you Carolyn. I had been feeling very apathetic, thinking what’s the point of planning for the future. But I’ve since turned myself around and planning a permaculture design/food forest for the garden. It’s given a lift that I needed. Sounds like you also have plans and that is good. Enjoy the Jamie shows. I’ve not seen anything like it for years now. My son, when he was a little’un, loved Ainsley. I think that is why he is a reasonable cook when he feels the urge! Would have loved to play the piano, but I can’t read music. Annoying as both my grandmother and mother played nicely. All the best with your casseroles! Love from me xx

  38. Bless you dear Kelly and thank you very much once again for your uplifting messages, you’re doing lots to cheer me up here!! I used to enjoy watching Ainsley Herriot too years ago, when he was on Ready, Steady Cook! That was a lovely show, and I always thought he was very good, and he was always so bright and smiley, made you happy watching him! I also like Gordon Ramsay, another devoted family man who adores his wife and kids, and does so much to help the public cook better. He really is an amazing man with a heart of gold!! I think the world is a better place with people like him and Jamie Oliver in it as they both do so much to help the public to cook better and learn about the importance of really good nutrition. I watched Jamie’s wife Jules making a lovely muesli for breakfast with lots of fresh fruit, oats and natural yogurt, looked absolutely delicious! She was showing her youngest son how to make it, getting him to help her, and it was a real delight to watch! Have a lovely night hun. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Ready Steady Cook! That was the one! Time for bed, sleep well Carolyn

  39. Ffs they’ve got a piddling cold. Nothing more…. Its fkn Winter ffs…Would any of these pillocks ,ever be front page news , or reported on, so majorly, in declaring they had a generic bit of a cold,orbout of flu, at any other point in time? Would they heck. ..Wish they’d all stfu .

  40. Hugo you are correct. No one has ever died of covid. Not any surprise really as everyone who has the intelligence to work things out knows covid doesnt exist. Boris allegedly was in intensive care in Apr 2020 with covid. But where were the pics? If he had really been ill with covid the pics would have been all over the press with headlines like ‘imminent death of PM’ or similar. Strange also that he miraculously made a full recovery as they claimed covid was so deadly!

    • And he made a huge speech when he came out of intensive care that must have taken a week to write and memorise

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