COMEDIANS DROPPING REAL / FAKE??? Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. I thought that maybe she’d heard “the funniest joke in the world,” you know, the joke that’s so funny that anyone who hears it will die of laughter.

    But judging from the rest of her material I highly doubt it.

  2. Can’t believe anything on MSM with you Hugo with this one think these people have all lost the plot

    • It does seem like that. What a load of old shit she is and who the fuck is she . What a mug. X

  3. If it’s not footballers kicking cats, politicians having parties, it’s very untalented comedians falling over. They’ll be telling us next that JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald 🤣🤣

  4. Thank uhugo I think it’s government screwing with everyone’s head
    She had time to do make up and looked pretty well for someone with fractured skull

  5. Ppl need d dimer tests to check for micro clots and now AIDs tests. Psychologically this will destroy vast numbers of people.

  6. It could be real but I really think that if you fracture your skull you don’t tweet nor make live sessions on instagram…

  7. This is debatable but I think you are right Hugo this does seem strange. Why are these incidents being shown now. What about all the others in the past that never never got mentioned.
    Need to question everything.
    Just trying to frighten people, scaremongering.

    • Watched again in slo-mo and IMO it’s a rehearsed & controlled fall. I imagine she had some protection under her wig to bang her head like that and pretend the fractured skull nonsense. And the coincident of her script writer? Its a dive!

  8. It’s true. She’s put out a statement that it’s not shot related 😂😂😂😂. Love how she states ” Jesus loves me best” and then she’s knocked out. Who’s side is Jesus on?? Love it!!!!

      • It tells me that God’s sending messages to these cocky idiots pushing the demon shot. I’ve always said God has a great sense of humour. He loves his people.

      • veronikagd6727 When I see evidence that she’s one of God’s people I’ll sit up and take notice. No son or daughter of God would be jabbed up – the body is The Temple of The Holy Spirit.

  9. She went down with a whack and allegedly fractured her skull so, for me, it was not faked. Watching her go down was very similar to others who have collapsed, only they never got up again. She got a warning, she’s lucky to be alive. Oh and God is not mocked.

    • @thelatrinenottruth

      The only thing you have watched ‘go down’ are those you watch in your dirty little basement when your mummy isn’t supervising you and you relentlessly choke your chicken.

      For sure, ‘God is not mocked’ and your sordid, little blog and Youtube channel will be your down fall soon!

      Yank, yank, cluck, cluck

  10. Hugo, these people are desperate for attention! You’ve probably heard that “there’s no such thing as ‘bad’ publicity” and, well, you’ve just given us two textbook examples!

    The “celebrities” who I have any respect for these days are the ones who keep their views on controversial issues TO THEMSELVES!

    And they’re hard to find, because so many of them have this addiction to getting attention.

    For example (and maybe I’ve missed something because I don’t live in the U.K.), have you ever heard a single peep from Irish singer and musician Enya about her political beliefs? I haven’t. And for that I respect her all the more!

    Here in the U.S., we had Jackie Kennedy Onassis who was famous for keeping her thoughts and views PRIVATE.

    These D-list comedians who will do anything (including fainting on stage) for attention don’t deserve it, and please stop giving it to them!!!

  11. As others have mentioned, she seemed to be too a.) well made-up and b.) active on social networks for someone with a concussion. What’s more telling is what was omitted in the video they’re circulating: It would have been more interesting, if events unfolded as claimed, to have seen the audience’s reaction go from laughter to sheer terror the moment they realized she could not get up. In other words, why does the video stop there and not show the aftermath of any “tragedy?” Maybe this footage was captured but it seems an “odd” choice not to include it.

  12. Just to remind people reading these comments, that this New Bill of Rights issue needs some attention. It looks very much like they are planning ahead. They couldnt force through mandatory jabs this time, as it all began to unravvel and people woke up. It was rushed and they made mistakes. Theyve learned from this, and by passing this new Bill they will have the power to weaken and remove your inalienable human rights to have bodily autonomy and freedom of choice, and have the power to say “you, as a person” have a wider responsibilty to your fellow humans and society, and so either you get the next jabs for the next pandemic they are forecasting, or you will be removed from society and put in quarantine camps. Just remember, they have planned ahead and didnt build 6 MASSIVE new prison camps across the UK for nothing.
    So can we have the spotlight shone on this very important issue please. As 8th March is only a few weeks away. I for one would like some more information about this and how we can stop it. Why arent the public being made aware of this and why arent they consulted, like for example the USA style constitution. “We the people, for the people etc”.
    So Hugo, can we get some critical update surrounding all this. Because i feel we are rapidly going to lose something vital, and have it replaced by something far more sinister. Thnks

    • Regarding your query relating to the constitution. This seems complex but is really simple.

      The banking gang known as the British took over England and it’s Parliament. The reason is that England has a strong constitution that protects all men women and children living in England regardless of where they where born.

      The British cabal hid the English Parliament replacing it with a corporation. Wales has a Parliament, as does Scotland etc.

      It’s the English constitution that the bankers hate and they pretend it doesn’t exist but it does.

      We need rid of the British cabal and their fake legal system from these lands.

      Never identify as British. It’s a trick.

      Best wishes

    • Yes, this needs to be addresed plus other changes to the laws! Been telling people and they’re totally unaware! Now “all restrictions are to be lifted” and people just think it’s over! This isn’t over by a long shot!

      • Not in Scotland. A land ruled over by Mad Jimmy Krankie. Today we hear.

        ‘Scottish Covid powers to be extended by six months

        The powers to be extended include those governing the use of face coverings and vaccine passports

        The Scottish government’s remaining Covid powers are set to be extended for several more months.

        Legislation mandating face coverings and vaccine passports was due to expire on 28 February.

        However, this looks set to be pushed back to 24 September, with Deputy First Minister John Swinney saying it was important to keep options on the table.’

    • March 8th, i.e. “Women’s Day”… Handler and MacDonald are both feminist activists. Before the covid scare, supposedly rampant harassment of women on social media was the main topic to further internet control and censorship. I think that Handler and MacDonald and their handlers want to be declared victims of internet harassment, to push those policies.

    • Mbmb No Act, Bill or Statute has authority over a flesh and blood sentient being. Acts, Bills and Statutes apply only to citizen slaves of The UK Corporation otherwise known as persons which are are fictions.

      “and by passing this new Bill they will have the power to weaken and remove your inalienable human rights to have bodily autonomy and freedom of choice.”

      I think you mean unalienable rights which are God given rights and no Act, Bill or Statute can remove those from a flesh and blood man or woman.

    • Ever wondered why Boris the Clown lifted all mandates in the UK overnight? Apparently it’s because so many people made reports to the Police in regards to the deaths and adverse reactions, to which it is their duty to address these, and the complainants emphasised that those coercing the victims to get their shots are “accomplices in MURDER”, so naturally the Police were completely overburdened by all of this. And you can bet your life on it that if the Canadian Police who are planning on making arrests have been exempted from having the poison death shots, then it’ll be the same here in the UK – for the Police have ways of achieving such outcomes and you may never hear of it in the propaganda news. These human failures will arrest innocent people who don’t want to be arm-speared and yet be made exempt from having it themselves because they know what it’s doing to people. Who knows how long the exemption list is?

    • You are right with what you are saying but they will never be able to build enough prison camps for the unjabbed.

  13. Both still wearing plastered on make-up. But then they likely can afford private hospital beds because they are lab rats and maidservant or two to slap it all on for the cameras. Apologies to proper rodents, don’t mean to cast aspersions on your smartness.

  14. Thanks Hugo, I feel the same and have often thought of that Casey quote. Some interesting stuff coming from MSM now. Think you are correct the purpose is more fear, low energy, keep us confused, make us sick. The HIV stuff would fit well with all this too. I am sure big pharma’s new jagged little pills will ‘cure’ all.

    • I guess the media would be shocked to learn I don’t give a damn about anything they say. I wonder if Handler got her hearing back. Remember her saying that right after her shot? Probably fake too. Not that I care.

  15. All, fake..If she had fractured her skull she would not be tweeting on any social media

    • julesokxxx Not so, you cannot fake a fall like that. The natural response is to put your arms out to break your fall, but there are no signs of that – she was out cold before she hit the deck.

    • Her eyes rolled back in her skull and no effort to break her fall she fell flat down, I think it was genuine

      • Mikayla Correct, and that’s what I have been saying. I have seen too many of these types of video, and they all fall the same way.

  16. You are correct Hugo , all scripted and all part of the Mind Control.

  17. I’ve watched it in slow motion on my tv and it looks like a rehearsed fall to me, I think if it were real the audience would’ve had a different reaction than them all laughing and not 1 of them took it seriously. Deep down I would like to think it was God showing whose the boss about here and striking her down for her blasphemy it would serve her right and if it were God his comedy timing is spot on

    • British comedian Tommy Cooper fell over on stage at the London Palladium. The audience laughed. He had died from a heart attack. It was shown live on British TV.

  18. Huge smart meter shake-up confirmed – allowing prices to change 48 times a day

    mart meters will automatically send energy suppliers half-hourly updates on their customers’ gas and electricity use, under an overhaul of the system later this year.

    Ofgem will be granted new powers in May allowing it to change the way smart meters operate, so that data about usage is sent to suppliers every 30 minutes by default.

    Suppliers will be able to use the data to change consumer energy prices as much as 48 times per day, allowing them to charge households more at peak times. The idea is that it will ease demand during busy periods and eventually lower kWh costs for everyone.

    The new initiative will mark another step closer to “time of use” tariffs, which would charge customers different amounts at peak and off peak times.

    For example, using a washing machine in the day or watching television in the morning would be cheaper, based on when National Grid usage is down, while charging gadgets at popular times such as overnight could be more expensive.

    But it’s been met with criticism with campaigners warning that people who have no control of their usage could be left paying higher premiums.

    This includes vulnerable people and those with older tech devices.

    Ofgem insisted the plans will ultimately benefit most customers, saving households up to a collective £4.5billion overall.

    That’s if households use it to their advantage by turning their electricials on at off peak times.

    A timeline published by Ofgem says it will formally gain the powers to introduce the changes in May. They will be implemented by 2025.

    Smart meters already have the capability to send half-hourly use reports to suppliers, but at present a customer must “opt in” for this to happen.

    But soon this will be in place by default. Customers who do not want to share this data will have to ask to “opt out” – but the change won’t apply until the bill payer next signs an energy contract.

    Households with a smart meter will also have to submit a mandatory reading every day, rather than once a month under the current requirements.

    At present, suppliers typically do not know exactly how much power households are using throughout the day.

    This means companies generally charge a flat rate for electricity and gas, although some including Octopus and British Gas have offered “free” power to customers during quieter hours.

    Ofgem and energy companies want to encourage people to use less power during the busiest periods. This would mean less investment is needed for upgrading grid infrastructure with rising use such as with the increased use of electric vehicles.

    Greg Jackson, chief executive of Octopus Energy, said: “This change would be extremely good for consumers.

    “People who want a bargain can grab them, while everyone else benefits because it reduces waste.”

    A spokesman for Ofgem said: “This major system upgrade is a significant milestone on Britain’s path to net zero.

    “It will enable a more efficient, flexible and greener energy system which will save billions of pounds per year on all consumers’ energy bills.

    “Ofgem will work closely with industry to make sure it delivers this major upgrade while ensuring those in vulnerable circumstances remain protected.”

      • That must be me then lol. I got it back in 2019. I just came out of hospital after being almost dead in a coma could think straight for months. Couldn’t even rember stuff
        One thing that did happen I woke up . To lies and cheats. I pay for my gas / electricity weekly so I don’t actually give a shit. Bit late now I’m a spanner me. Lol

      • cazcurwen You can have it taken out and replaced with a standard meter. Just do it and then serve them notice that you have done it due to health reasons, and tell them to come and collect their meter. Just leave it on your front door step – never let them inside.

      • Well I am not a duped idiot. I rejected the shit, locked my meter base so they couldn’t install one, contacted the energy company and told them in no uncertain words that I would not be allowing one on my house. THEN 5 big trucks came to my house one day in the middle of january (2019) and had cops with them. They came and shut off my electricity and told me I would NOT be getting any electricity unless and until I removed the lock from my analog meter base. Well after living with no electricity or heat for a week in the middle of the coldest part of the winter, I caved. What else could I do? They gave me no choice!

      • @Seeker Your next step is to isolate the smart meter with a screen box so that they get no signals from it and you receive no radiation from it. Also get an independent radiation test done on it, so as to prove that it’s poisoning your environment, and tackle them on the negative health issues. I would take the thing out and put in my own meter, which would then be MY PROPERTY and they couldn’t remove it.

      • Install your own electricity meter? Are you being serious? That would land you in big trouble for sure!

      • And just removing the seals from your present meter would land you in big trouble. The electricity company would ‘estimate’ that you had ‘stolen’ thousands of pounds and land you with a charge. And if you didn’t pay they would be round in force to force entry if required and cut off your supply. What you have suggested has to be the most stupid ‘advise’ I have had the misfortune to read on here. ‘Install you own electricity meter’ – totally crazy!

      • @Henrich Not at all, I know people that have done it. The meter is the ONLY PROPERTY that your electricity supplier can lay claim to – REMOVE IT and post it back to them, and they no longer have any rights to enter YOUR PROPERTY. Plus the corporation that sends you a bill for electricity doesn’t own the power infrastructure. That is owned by another corporation whom you have no dealings with at all.

      • That’s nonsense because then you would be able to help yourself to free electricity. Tampering/removal of electricity meters is a criminal offence – that needs to be underlined.

      • @Henrich Not at all. All you would do is take your own readings from YOUR METER and inform them of your recent consumption. All TOTALLY LAWFUL.

      • For the umpteenth time you CANNOT install your own electricity meter. You cannot even legally remove an existing meter. STOP! posting dangerous nonsense. Or are you trying to get people killed or in serious trouble? You really have stepped over the line this time!

      • @Henrich “For the umpteenth time you CANNOT install your own electricity meter.”

        YOU CAN, BECAUSE I KNOW PEOPLE THAT HAVE DONE IT!!! There is no danger as you get an electrician to do it.

      • No, you cannot. For the umpteenth time you CANNOT install your own electricity meter. You can however change your ‘consumer unit’ as that is YOUR PROPERTY. Like with a landline telephone their is a demarcation point in the installation.

      • You cannot tamper with ANYTHING that could lead to the theft of electricity; that is why there are seals on the meter connections and the fuse box. But you are free to do what every you want with the install ion after the electricity consumption has been METERED. Can you not get that through your thick skull?

      • @Henrich I have not suggested theft of electricity you have introduced that negative dimension. However, what I would say here is do you know anything about The National Bankruptcy?

      • No, I have never heard of it. And yet more deflection, Sherlock! You need an education!

      • The ‘consumer unit’ is NOT the meter! You really are out of your depth here. You are obviously confused. And given your obvious lack of knowledge you would be best advised to leave your meter and the rest of the installation alone. This is not the place to be discussing electrical installations.

      • You can get an electrician to work on your consumer unit without issue but NOT the meter. If for whatever reason the seals had to be temporarily removed the electrician would need to asked permission from the electricity company and they would be promptly resealed.

      • @Henrich If you find an open minded electrician, not one with a hived mind like yours, he will do the work swiftly, safely and efficiently.

    • i will just cut the power off and live in the van, id will do my best to watch my carbon footprint and save the planet, its not about control honestly and locking us up at home with a qr code to leave the house so we can be tracked and monitored where not spying on you honestly let alone jab passports spying on us, we dont want you breaking our lockdown rules when we reintroduce them later on, we will know when you have left the house, so we can fine you £100000 smackers lol, the smart meters are there to spy on you, time to ditch them, and electric smartcars coming too, and the smartphones, anything that has smart get rid of it. pushbike with camping equipment on it is the only way to escape the matrix now. i dont mind as long as im free. new guildlines now are all new houses are fitted with electric car charging points, what could possibly go wrong, you guessed it black outs lol and they will know you left the house during one of there manafactured climate lockdowns, there getting rid of the most reliable cars ever made, many blackouts if this comes, fingers crossed we win and it doesn’t happen

  19. I never find women doing stand-up funny as they always end up talking about being a woman,being fat or sex, very unfunny and predictable just like this one.
    By the way watch in slow motion and you can see its fake.

    • Agree, Victoria Wood was funny, but the rest, no chance. I catch bit’s of today’s female comdians and there are worse than dreadful

      • @Rumple

        I agree. However, none of them are as bad as the blog of our serial spammer and cut and paster, known as thetruthnotdoctrine, aka, the latrinenottruth. There’s plenty of laughs there if you don’t mind falling asleep at a rapid rate!

  20. Not shocked about her collapse,shocked that as a female comedian there was only one reference to her periods in that whole clip😂.

  21. Hugo don’t worry, no matter what, we’ll tell them to stick that jab in their arms!😁

  22. Female stand up comedians (especially Americans) are the pits.

    • She might’ve fainted with shock that she was getting laughs at her unfunny routine.

  23. I have also unearthed clip of Tommy Cooper’s fatal heart attack (with German subtitles)

    • Wow! Is that for real? It looks it! Must have been quite a shock to the audience.

  24. After much research I also unearthed this clip for reference purposes

    • Apparently it is very, very difficult to fall without attempting to break your fall (as seen here).

      • @Henrich Yes if you watch those Chinks in Wuhan keeling over they definitely use their arms to break their fall – 100% faked.

      • @latrinenotthetruth

        Just like you, then, shitnottruth! Complete and utter fake – a confirmed spammer.

        Oh, BTW, what’s a ‘chink’ you nasty little fellow.

        Yank, yank, cluck, cluck!

      • No it isn’t how do u think stunt men and women do it ? U can be shown how to fall with hurting yourself. Who is she anyways. Sounds completely shit to me. Mind u a lot of American humor is crap. Never really got there humor. X

  25. The BBC gets owned. How easy is it to fool the BBC?

    The BBC has pulled a programme on a crypto-millionaire heralded for raising huge sums for charity after suggestions that the scheme had been a scam.

    An article entitled ‘Birmingham’s self-made crypto-millionaire giving back’ was published on the BBC News homepage this morning detailing the apparent successes of OrfanoX CEO Hanad Hassan.

    The 20-year-old claimed he had created a cryptocurrency in April last year that took profits from the investments into his coin to invest heavily in charitable organisations.

    The Midlands edition of We Are England on Mr Hassan was also scheduled to go out at 7.30pm tonight on BBC One.

    But following the publishing of the piece, members of the crypto community who had bought shares in OrfanoX pointed out that the coin had been shut down in October 2021, with many people losing all the money they had invested.

    Journalist Jim Waterson posted the article on social media questioning why the fact that the coin had been removed last year was not mentioned

    The founders of the currency posted a message on Telegram, a communications platform, last year announcing that they had ‘decided to discontinue the OrfanoX token’.

    They wrote: ‘Things haven’t gone the way we had planned and after careful consideration we have decided to stop the project.’

    It appears that many of those who bought shares did not receive any money back despite pledges made by the company to reinvest in other currencies.

    One man who invested in OrfanoX said that he had bought 1.5 billion tokens (equivalent to £50) last year, believing it was a charitable venture, only to find that his money was frozen in its account and was no longer accessible.

    The BBC article was quickly pulled from the site today after social media users pointed this out, initially showing a 404 error before being wiped from the page entirely, while the commissioning editor for the piece removed all tweets promoting it.

    A spokesperson for the corporation then confirmed that the programme intended to be shown on BBC One Midlands this evening has been cancelled, adding that they wished to add nothing further on the matter currently.

    Many social media users voiced their anger at Orfano following the pulling of their currency, as they were unable to reclaim their investment

    A source involved in the cryptocurrency trade told Mail+ that OrfanoX showed multiple signs of being a scam, including a fake link to a whitepaper promising corporate transparency, as well as marketing themselves as a charity project yet promising to donate just three per cent of every transaction fee to a cause.

    No charities were listed on the company website either. Instead, they wrote: ‘Rather than having a third-party company doing the charity, our community and team volunteers will be out and about doing the hard work and donating to charities and places chosen by the community, this will all be live and on video for the holders to see.’

    No videos of donations have been found.

    The BBC was approached for comment.

  26. Weird shit indeed!

    Chelsea’s show had been renamed : vaxxed and hospitalised!

    Elsewhere… There is a rumour that Djokovic is considering a U turn!
    Yes Hugo called it a while back.

  27. All the health warnings for this and that are priming society to think that they have nothing to do with adverse VAX reactions!
    To mask (pun intended) the Death Jabs 😈😈😈

  28. If you cracked ya skull you wouldn’t be in bed with makeup on!


    Cheers Hugo

  29. It looks as though the fall was planned to end the joke, her face before the fall gives it away.

    • @Fot No one would fall if they planned to fall and not use their arms to break the fall – it’s an instantaneous involuntary reaction, and there are no signs of her doing that – her head hit the deck FIRST.

      • I agree
        But I don’t believe her injuries to her head were that bad?
        Wouldn’t she have black eyes ect?

        All very strange tho isn’t it.
        Hope you doing ok Truth

      • Hi Janie, I would suggest she suffered a mild concussion, but she was definitely out of it before she hit the deck – they say her skull was fractured, but that may just be a distracting embellishment of the story.

        Yes I am fine and fighting the good fight as always.

      • Like u say who knows with the nut jobs they are!!

        I really pleased to hear you doing good
        Take care now

  30. Fear causes stress, stress causes I’ll health fact. They are killing off the compliant by ramping up the fear they know the jabbed are susceptible to ( if they weren’t susceptible to it they wouldn’t be jabbed!) I pray for all of those duped into taking this bio weapon into thier bodies.

  31. Not a comedy fall. She slurs her words then goes down hard, on the back and head, without putting her hands out or bending her body to fall on her arse first.

  32. Looks fake. The micro phone created the thud that made it look like a hard fall.
    Could be trying to normalise the idea that
    People can just suddenly collapse, or
    It could be making a mocking out of the sheep that got the fake

  33. She wouldn’t that if she had fracture her skull in 4 place, she’d be in intensive care. Anyone believing that must be blind..

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