Athlete’s HEARTS FAILING – Documented Timeline MARCH 2021 – JANUARY 2022


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  1. Utterly heart breaking…you g fit athletes…..someone will hold responsibilities…RIP beautiful people ….WE will keep your memory alive….sharing..

  2. Utterly heart breaking…young athletes…..someone will hold responsibilities…RIP beautiful people ….WE will keep your memory alive….sharing..

  3. sad sad sad but sorry to say that i was expecting something like this to happen, knew it would take a while.

  4. Young, fit people were not dropping in 2020, the height of the “pandemic” and yet people still think this is the effects of convid? It coincides perfectly with the jibby roll-out for younger groups. Doctors usually say if you get a new symptom or condition following a new medication, then it is the medication causing it!!!

    • You got it GinaW….perfect tactic….make you feel responsible for your own families demise…

  5. Just the tip of the Iceberg, not really kicked off big time yet sadly:(

  6. Once again a transgender trying normalise reality and make nervous jokes! Men cannot and will never be able to have periods! It’s all staged and they all seem to going with the public or mocking people who knowns what going on!! I can’t wait till the day when people realise who is perverse physically( queen of uk, Merkel, Trump, Kardashian, Teresa may, cheryl Blair, Cheryl Coal, Christine Lagarde, Kiwi priminster, GMB presenter the list goes one!! All are for the agenda and conditioning of wanting to further decentising individuals who can see that they were born with a womb(making them therefore men). This is Roman all over just a another dimension in time. Wake up people, repent quickly time is running out!!

  7. The only good thing to keep in mind here is that the suffering and troubles for them in this life are over, and they will not have to go through what faces us in the not too distant future and we have to be ready for this:

    Matthew 24:21-22 (MCV) For then shall be Great Tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved (alive): but for The Elect’s (The Saint’s) sake those days shall be shortened.

  8. Ryan Christian, of The Last American Vagabond, has details of hundreds of not just premier athletes but young school kids who have suddenly collapsed or died whilst playing sports. He’s good with data collected from governments, UK too, and the media and all studies. Look at The Vaxxed Testimonies out of Israel too. 😥


  9. Absolutely heart breaking, sat with tears rolling down my cheeks. We have to get justice for every single soul in your video Hugo, as well as the millions who’s families lives destroyed by every single person who pushed this poison onto humanity through fear, lies and coercion, without informed consent. Global governments must pay for this. God bless Angels.

    • Deeply moving…..lm so so sorry for his family…fit men women..passing….RIP Major…

  10. Just from last Sunday:

    Andy and I were talking to the his mates at repeat..they were waiting on him..
    We went down and looped back up and lad was pushing 2 bikes ..

    I said ..that doesn’t look good..
    He mate has dropped corner into 3g


    We peddled back up ,I ran over and gave the guys a survival blanket..least I could do..
    They were CPR on the middle of the trail going to 3g

    The wind was horizontal and -1 fuckin no chance

    Looped back to to of flat white,..ambulance, mountain rescue, police there …

    Can’t even imagine how the 4 people CPR him felt.

    It was brutal

    From official website:
    The Yorkshire Regiment
    Wczoraj o 13:25 ·
    It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected passing of Major SA Kesterton on Sunday 6th February. ‘Kes’ joined the Green Howards in 1986 and went on to become RSM #2YORKS from 2008-2010. He was commissioned in April 2010 and was further promoted to Major in July 2016.
    He last served with the regiment as XO, and then QM at #4YORKS before moving to his current post at the APC in Glasgow.
    No further details are available and any announcements about his funeral will be promulgated when known.

    • Now you have an inkling of an idea who is partly responsible for the Covidian Psyop. The use of the ingenuous, all-covering, innocuous and palatable “unexpected passing.” Really? Young men and women are DYING suddenly and without warning or any history of any illness or condition, at a faster rate than ever known in history except perhaps wartime. Hmmmm

  11. According to the MSM this is nothing to do with the jab! We’re all conspiracy theorists!! My excuse for not getting jabbed? I’m 100%safe from both long and short term side effects and have a 99,98% survival rate if I catch covid. I like those odds. Stay strong, we are winning this war. Love to you all x

    • Red, definitely!
      The brainwashed might catch up with us soon and go about their business as usual but… Only when they are told to!

      • UNvaxxed…correct…this whole episode has been an ‘experiment’ far can we ‘push’ the people….as in th e14th centuary…La Revolution!…”of with their heads!!”….only push the masses so far…….unless the could give an ..injectable to MAKE them comply????

      • After three years of watching this Theatre of The Absurd unfold, I continue to be amazed and dumfounded at the total absence of recognizable critical thinking capacity in my fellow human neighbors. I’m sorry; but 36 months is much more than enough time to resignedly accept that most of those we know who took the “bad” version of the poison shots (you know, the ones that only the government, the world government, “Jews” like Bourla; Dr Death, “bat lady” Zhi of the CCP military wing; “celebrities” and the wealthy; and the Gates of Death know precisely about down to lot and batch number) will die or become severly crippled (autoimmune dysfunction; meningitis; heart attack; heart failure; stroke; heart/pericardium inflammation; MS; ALS; Cancer; Lupus; Epstein-Barre (always fatal); hospital euthanasia; suicide) within the next one to two years or less. Whatever was put into those lethal injections is extremely potent and probably similar in effect to snake venom (Christians, take note and be exactly like Paul). Those we know and love are being exterminated and extinguished at a very rapid pace. How can you take pleasure in hoping to stay strong and united with those who remain — in the face of mass extermination? This is EXACTLY how the Holodomor was planned and engineered.

    • Or their electric bill had arrived that very morning! If it wasnt so dreadful, you could laugh for a week….. instead, it makes you very very sad.

  12. Was it mostly Pfizer or could it be known if other vaccines were involved too

  13. Many think this is all over in the uk….
    Not quite…its just the beginning..
    More jabs from novavax this year.

    • When I mention to friends and family that athletes are collapsing and people in crowds at sports events are collapsing all since the jab rollout they are either completely unaware or want proof that it’s the jabs to blame. They refuse to accept, not only that something is wrong, but the possibility that something is wrong.

      • @thelemmingnottruth

        Oh, another arbitrary, unreferenced site, with the hugely staggering number of 47 visitors in total over approximately 12 months is, if this tosser is trying to infer, the source for his customary spamming opinion. Still, that’s better than the 6 visitors he has for his own blog, a tedious blog which he uses to support otherwise unsubstantiated points of view. One might be forgiven for thinking this looney tune has behaved like a lemon (sorry, lemming) too if he has taken the trouble to read his dirge which, for normal individuals would send them off to an immediate, deep slumber.

        Notice how quickly this turd is quick to pontificate to others should they be unfortunate enough to visit his blog and continues the process here. Naturally, when commenting here, in addition to his spam, he will often resort to nasty, bigoted comments which belie his true nature . In another thread he confidently claims to have been already ‘saved by God’! Hmmmm, he has a lot of work to undo if he has any hope of living up to such a hypocritic and blashemous claim. Moreover, he has exempted himself from having to defend his opinion in regard to the Jewish faith which, if his moribund reaction and customary referral to his own blog is anything to judge by, is indefensible. When I have repeatedly challenged him and requested him to provide his definitions of standard terminology he has been reduced to a state of paralysis. Such important things as ‘ethnicity’, ‘nationality’, ‘national identity’, ‘national origins’, ‘citizenship’, et al., are clearly topics which he regards as if they were laden with a deadly contagion.

        Cluck, cluck

      • I know how you feel; many I know and this includes Pastors and Christians, are woefully and wilfully ignorant of the time of the end; what they don’t realize is that all of us are now on a sinking ship; and there are going to be very, very few survivors.

  14. Anybody who says these deaths have nothing to do with the vaccine are every bit as bad as a holocaust denier. The domicide continues.

      • I hear that these clowns in parliament are going to legislate that denying the holohoax is an offence,like you say how can you deny something that never happened,a good book for people out there to read about this subject is six million fact or fiction

      • @chris wilson As long as it’s just an offence we have nothing to worry about. Offence can only be taken, not given. They have no LAWS anyway – Acts and Statutes are not laws.

        “Hitler killed six million Jews who never existed, in gas chambers which nobody ever saw.”

        — Jewish scholar Prof. Roger Dommergue

      • @Anthony

        I agree. fullofshitnotthetruth is definitiely a tool and plays with it as well!

    • Where in Tel Aviv do you live? I’d love to come and explain the Holodomor to you (the one never mentioned in the media), in which the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered more than 66 million Ukrainians, Polish, Russians, Slavs and others, often starving them to death on their own farms or shooting them point blank in front of their family members. Mass starvation was the Bolsheviks’ favorite weapon to murder, through “supply chain problems.” Those who push the Holocaust narrative while never, ever mentioning the fact that the “Russian Revolution” was owned and financed by Western Jews (a historical undeniable fact) in order to own and control the world and all it’s resources, is both grossly ignorant and willfully blind. Such fools and blind make excellent useful idiots.

  15. We are ruled by sick and evil people, and we have to take our power back. The narrativ is crumbling and they are loosing, but now they want to start a war in Ukraine, in hope that Putin will fried us.

    • Jose….lm watching The Globalist narrative crumbling in Ottawa Canada…..this PLANdemic/SCAMdemic is being exposed as we speak…Austria will lag behind…NZ will lag be -hind …Aus/Victoria will be lagging behind..lm really happy to see the …’beginning of the end’….the PEOPLE have had enough…

  16. All part of the plan!kill off all the fittest first !healthy people don’t fill Pharmaceutical pockets!

  17. Absolutely heart wrenching & terribly sad. Mass Genocide of these beautiful people. We will always remember them & what was done to them. Well done to Hugo putting all this together so we can think of them & remember them. How the Satanic monsters have got away with this is just unbelievable.

  18. My local church is inundated with funerals. I commented the other week to someone who was sorting the church out and he said that they had never seen it so bad. This video is heartbreaking. My MP calls the jab “safe and effective”. I asked him for the stats to prove that in December. He said we should meet face to face, note he wouldn’t send me anything on email. Still haven’t heard from him with a date/venue.

    • Also them hearts on that wall that are people that died “of covid” which they didnt and another twisted stunt…

  19.’s prediction of millions of UK citizens dying off by 2025, ( that has recently been removed) looks more and more likely happening. : (

  20. Thank you for putting together this difficult video to watch. People need to be made aware of how many of these athletes are being affected. They are the ‘canaries in the mine’, to borrow a phrase – because their bodies and hearts are being pushed hard – and they clearly stand out as not normally likely to have heart episodes in anything like these numbers. I wonder to what degree older and/or less fit people may be having the same problem, but nobody is looking at the possibility of it being anything other than ‘not unusual for their age/lifestyle’ – or that clinical symptoms have not arisen/been noticed because their hearts have not been put under as much pressure.

    I hope very much that this is not a time-bomb – and that any damage done by the vaccine reduces over time. Most of my family and friends are vaccinated – and it has been very difficult for many people to look outside the mainstream media (for various reasons).

    I hope that with enough people asking questions, people in positions of power will a) question the situation more themselves or b) realise that they will have to try and windle their way out of the hole they are digging for themselves. I also hope that this will force open the free-speaking scientific/medical debate/information, which has been effectively closed down.

    • Sarah…..I think the ‘medical profesdion’ is opening up…there are many now…one being Dr Suneel Dhand…very cautious in having took much personal opinion as IT will have him removed….the TRUTH really is ‘hurting..God knows what the future holds in store.

    • One Insurance, a large US insurer, has publically stated recently that excess mortality in those 18-55 (working age) has increased by 40% in 2021. Now that more than 65% of the world has allowed itself to believe the lies of children of the devil like Shwab, Gates, Fauci, Drunpf, “bat lady” Zhi and thousands of other enablers such as “Jew” Bourla at Pfizer, do you really think that the deaths and chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions, hospital euthanasias, suicides and mass murder is, somehow, going to stop? What makes you think this? There’s also the plausible scenario that 5G/nG may be implicated and that would mean those quaxxinated could be easy targets for decades to come. The success of the Covidian Psyop is amazing, not least because it is clearly predicated on the complete dumbfuck stupidity of the average docile Shabbas Goy drone.

  21. and they came and they killed and they went on their merry way. every last one involved must be held accountable .

      • @fullofshitnottruth

        You, you horrible little gobshite are in no position to demand answers from anyone because your definitions of ethnicity, nationality, national identity, national origin, citizenship, nationality etc which I asked you to provide, are still outstanding.. Now, be a good boy and put your plonker away because it is clearly damaging what little grey matter that resides in your thick cranium.

        Come on, get your thinking cap on. At least you now appear to be aware of the word, ‘ethnicity’, so at least have the decency to provide a definition. Here’s you chance dickhead.

        Oh, please don’t spam us with a link to your dismal blog or your YouTube channel – there’s nothing of substance there but it might be worth a laugh to do so.

        Here’s a link to a song that was written with you in mind:

        Cluck, cluck

      • @fullofshitnottruth

        Oh, please tell us what ethnicity he is you tosser!

        If you can stop playing with your todger for one short moment, please also tell us what his national origins, his nationality, his religion, his race, his racial identity, his citizenship and his cultural origins are!

        You will recall that you have been avoiding this question for some considerable time now and your abject failure demonstrates beyond doubt that you are ignorant and in no position to demand explanations from others about this matter.

        Oh, BTW, please, if you do attempt to provide us with explanations, don’t refer us to your retarded blog or YouTube channel as they are not evidential or derived from a sane mind.

        Of course, I know you don’t know your arse from your elbow and I don’t expect anything of substance or worth from you. I make this request on the forlorn hope that you will stop pulling your pudding (i.e. choking your chicken) and start to lead a more productive life rather than continue on your path to deafness.

        Cluck, cluck

      • You misuse the word doctrine. Nothing in human history, or the English language, supports what you wrote. Truth is opposed to DOGMA and DOGMA would be the definition for the CONVID hoax. Science and truth thrive on challenges. Lies and dogma need censorship.

      • Rabbitnexus Not at all, most doctrine today is lying BS from counterfeit fake Christians and certainly not The Truth and dogma is the vomit spewings of Judaising mongrel dogs. Your education starts here:

        Roman Catholicism is NOT Christianity; Eastern (Russian) Orthodoxy is NOT Christianity; Anglicanism is NOT Christianity; Protestantism is NOT Christianity.

        The Counterfeit Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion:

      • Shwab is a false “jew” like the Gates of Death and his man-wife. Drumpf, Fauci (Jesuit crypto-Jew); all of them are false “Jews” meaning that they serve their lord, Satan/Lucifer/Baphomet and you had better wake up and realize that this fact defines with precision the reasons such diabolical creatures have no qualms about murdering young children and selling and/or or eating their body parts and drinking their blood.

  22. And they are trying to tell us that these adverse reactions are rare?
    Absolutely criminal how this is all being hidden by MSM and governments.
    Well done Hugo for the less videos. As dreadfully sad as they are, they need watching so as to educate those in denial. These young people need remembering and those that have caused their deaths need bringing to justice.

    • I know it’s not the right thing to say; but if we had all responded with: “For every Dr Death/Gates of Death/CCP Hack Dr Zhi” mandated quazzine, I will give you one well-targeted bullet to use on the one pushing the poison in,” I do believe the number of drug-pushing diabolically-minded cultists in our government, medical offices and hospitals, harmacies and schools would be significantly reduced today. However, these “useful idiots” are not the culprits: those dwell in dark and dank places, where their fetid minds calculate with greasy pleasure how much more they can profit from the death, suffering and sickness of billions.Honestly, to really get somewhere, you and i need to short the shares into Hell; and ruin the corporations that funded and engineered this plandemic several years ago. Pieces of shit like Faecesbook and Google, who are de facto responsible for genocide and mass murder need to be completely destroyed.

  23. Yet ANOTHER ‘medical emergency’ in the stands at the Newcastle match yesterday. The game was held up as paramedics dealt with another victim. ( obviously nothing whatsoever to do with the vaxtermination jabs, obviously just a coincidence…..😏)

  24. Actually, it would be helpful if there was some context to these sudden deaths and illnesses. How many young athletes had similar problems in 2017, 2018 etc? But! There were never as many footballers having heart problems ON THE PITCH as what we’ve seen these past 12 months in the past, thats for sure. If the BBC did actually mention these instances they’d say there had been a 1000-fold INCREASE in ‘heart problems’ on the pitch…..alas, they dont mention it!

      • There might be another casualty this evening, James Madison, plays for Leicester City, just ‘ dropped to the grass’ and didn’t move 30 mins ago. The first thing the team physio did was to check his pulse! The player eventually walked off the pitch and straight to the medical room. He had only played for 20mins at that point. The summariser on BBC radio said that ‘ Madison went off with a serious looking INJURY” !!!!! There was definitely NO injury!! F’king BS BBC AGAIN!!! 🤬

  25. Up until October 2021 I’d personally witnessed 1 person having a heart attack in public in my 41 years of life, that being a morbidly obese man about to enter a courtroom that I was leaving (charged with a driving offence, conducted my own defence, found not guilty) in 2002. So far, since October 2021 I’ve seen four people on the floor in the street with paramedics with defibrilators around them in my home town, all of them male, one of them a lad or about 14 or 15 whose mother I know is an ardent covidian. Remember when they showed us those fake videos of people dying in the street from “covid” at the beginning of the scamdemic? Turns out they did have a grain of truth to them, but it isn’t what they were telling us.

    • I’m 62 and have been life-long friends since infant school (57yrs) with 2 lads. One had a stroke on 02/01/22 and another freely admits to having myocarditis after his 2nd dose of jungle juice. That’s 2 people out of our class of 42….. nearly 5% ! Obviously, I’m only in touch with 15 or so out of the 42 after so many years , so that moves it to15% of the people in that class! And still they ask no questions….. 😷😔. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

      • I’m in contact with a handful of mates from school days. All but me have had jabs. Half are ill and getting worse. The rest are crapping themselves. as the truth is dawning on them. I had COVID and know only my mate’s wife also having had it. We can both smell recently vaxxed and get sick in their company, which passes within minutes out of their company. I’m aware first or second hand of 8 deaths after the jab, and one whose brain is fried. he doesn’t even know his own name anymore.

        I have seen some evidence now that obesity seems to give the body longer and the Fauci Fleas have more time to cross the blood brain barrier. I predict the zombies which will come out of this will be obese. Personally I find this to be somewhat comforting since I realised there’s no reason they’ll be slow like in old movies. At least they’re going to be slowed down by their obesity.

      • the bsdoctine needs reminded of this quote:

        Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

      • Senga the shabbo goy and you need reminding of a myriad of quotes so here’s two more for you to choke on:

        “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But: without Jews there would have been no Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957”

        — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        “The Jews welcome this revolution in the Christian world, it is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism. All this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.

        “Since The Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth.

        “Now, indeed, this is the historic destiny of the Jews. Judaism is Communism, Internationalism, the Universal Brotherhood of Man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society.

        “It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race.”

        — Rabbi Harry Waton

        And dogma constitutes the BS from mongrel dogs just like you.

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