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      • I’ve just read what he said. Not really funny was it. Could easily flip that around and say the jab-happy people who were duped into taking useless jabs, (or worse those that pumped experimental drugs into kids) are stupid?

  1. Carr’s opening, sounded like a AntiJabber then flipped it, lost me, he can fuck off big time!!!

    Bad times ahead, more and more facist 🙁

    Russia, being forced into going into Ukraine from the USA, USA expect false Flag they’ll nuke New York, to get the public behind a war then while Russia is busy with Ukraine they’ll attack from the north, divide and conquer.

    Censorship needed to keep the AIDS and they’ve all got it and it wasn’t from a BS Variant quite, giving everyone AIDS will get them all hung!! 🙂 Soon I hope!!

    • Turveyd…could you explain the AIDS connection?…has the booster jab been tampered with?…38 million have had the booster in UK…no wonder there has been less&less about Cv..for the past week…have not seen the ‘so called EXPERTS’ on stage…hiding behind masks&desks&walls…the people will find the though….consequences!!..

      • Allegedly HIV virus was added to the vaccines. Wasn’t sure until i received an e-mail via patient access this morning saying 1 in 10 people carry aids virus without knowing.. best if everyone gets a test. Rather suspicious i think.

      • Your confusing aids with hiv, lots of hiv talk around telling people to get tested, also a new faster spreading variant after 40years lol

        Aids is a deleted immune system so anything cold wise can kill you, hiv gets you to this state not a nice deqth.

        We’ve been saying from the start ade/aids is a risk, last week new made up variant in Denmark, msm covering it and some how they knew only affecting jabbed people and causimg aids, all in a day lol it’s a cover for the jabs which has ruined everyone’s immune system.

        Msm also saying to many jabs and that’ll cause aids, I’m guessing for some 2 willl be to many and for most 3 was to many.

  2. Spotify deleted 100-plus of Joe Rogan’s podcasts while at the same time defended his right to free speech. Jimmy Carr pushed back/apologised straight after he told the holocaust joke. The media are censoring as usual. Defending the need for denying free speech is the next phase of the Great Reset.

  3. For what it’s worth, Nadine Dorries appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 10 years ago.

  4. Life is just all an illusion and always has been.History differs from cultures and from time.People have perceptions that can be change using varies means and are constantly.There are two ends to a spectrum both ends just produce more anxiety and more fear, I can feel it in some of these comments.Stop, get closer to nature,meditate because believe me there are no answers on the outside.Take Care Seek and you Will find.

    • Well said Dave….The fear is palpable with friends/family just plain ‘angry’……for me,….well l just go out to my Shetland ponies… they have kept me ‘grounded’ over the past 2 years….

  5. Kier Starmer, as Director of Public Prosecutions, was primarily interested with introducing censorship law (like the Equality legislation)!

  6. Good news the new Nuremberg trials have started in Germany go to Dr Trozzi.org see the video , justice is coming !

    • Good news….nowhere to hide now!….’they’ have hidden behind walls.. masks….lets see their faces…consequences too for ALL those young athletes who have been ‘maimed for life’ died …Globally this IS a …’CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY’…in ‘trials’ historically…the first few casualties….the TRIALS WOULD HAVE STOPPED….but no…. under the radar….more were jabbed….Governments across the Globe used the moment to ‘change the course of ‘Humanity’….the damage has already been done…to young and old…the mental health if young people who are too afraid to walk out without a stupid mask…outside too….

  7. The elite is loosing the narrativ, and they know it.Thats why they need a war with russia so badly.

  8. Whoopy story (scripted)
    The message to the public was simple: try to question Holocaust and you end up like Whoppi suspended or most likely fired.
    The other businesses from top to bottom should follow.

    • @FlaviusStilicho “If the Holocaust that you talk about was real, why don’t you allow the subject to be studied? One can freely research any issue except this issue, which is sealed. It is a black box which they do not allow to be opened or examined. They do this in order to exploit it.”

      — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former Iranian President

      • @latrinenotytruth

        Another one ‘off the wrist’ from the resident spammer. Hasn’t your chicken choked yet?

        Cluck, cluck!

  9. The established Elite does not care about Roma people it’s just part of the Holocaust industry as allegedly after Joos, Roma people were the second minority exterminated by Hitler. But to invade genocide that it’s enough to control media and during war while people are displaced in large number e.g. from European country to Russia or Israel. Because as we know millions of soldiers dead on the fronts of war is not genocide it’s just BAU of war (just kidding).

    Just subscribe to Avaaz.org a Soros (a proxy of Rothschild) funded scarecrow. They notify their subscribers about new stories and genocides like weekly – this is how many genocides they can come up with but of course don’t mention the vax genocide, only attack handful of leaders who oppose the Jooish globalists.

  10. It wasn’t that long ago since we saw footage of “creepy eyes” Starmer being told to get out of a pub by a man he didn’t realise was the owner, and Starmer’s “protectors” man-handled the poor fella because Starmer wouldn’t leave. It reinforces the fact that people like him would never find themselves in a vulnerable situation because they’ve got that many protectors with them at all times, so it’s clearly all staged – same as we saw with “Sith Lord” Chris Whitty in Hyde Park apparently coming under attack with Police cars parked up only metres away

  11. Hugo, great that you can easily see these false flags because many people don’t.
    They think it’s for real.
    For me the prominent ones were the Hyde Park feud with the police, storming the building in Canary Wharf and attack on Apple Store during Freedom March were all false flags.

    People we really have to check where we spend money and with whom we do business and boycott all corporations.
    It’s hard if so many people have mortgages with banks based in Canary Wharf because who can beat their rates than them?

  12. Wish they could shove the masked freaks away somewhere…maybe some camp or island so the normal folk can get on with there lives…im all for having them tagged with slave stamped on there masks

  13. The holocaust joke wasn’t funny, but the big picture is that idiots like Carr coming out with vile stuff like this will just encourage people like Dorres to press ahead with more censorship laws. I believe in free speech and the right to offend, I only have to listen to the BBC for five minutes to be offended by the scaremongering etc, but we all have to draw the line somewhere.

      • @dogshitenottruth

        Instead of highjacking yet another thread with irrelevant witterings better fit you conducted research into such topics as ethnicity, national identity, citizenship, nationality which, as you so clearly demonstrated in that other thread recently, you know nothing about and made such a plonker of yourself.

        So be a good boy, put your plonker away and get off to bed. You’ve got a busy day at school tomorrow.

        Cluck, cluck

  14. I note the “porn pass” Trojan horse has been dusted off again. Originally proposed by Matt Hancock in his DCMS days.

    • Yep! To “protect” the kids… LOL!
      Soon you’ll need a Covid passport to access those sites.
      Most porn producers are members of the tribe, especially in West Hollywood. No wonder “activists” go only after the websites, not the actual creators behind these increasingly disgusting productions.

      • Such a “pass” would be soon extended to any site which the State wishes to restrict and monitor access to.

  15. Hugo, I think soon you become like a investigatory journalist.

    I think you should look into GB Resistance and most recent Tahra’s (The Freedom Festival) prosecution for some old “anti-Semitic” remarks on Facebook.

    Could it be just the underground version of the scripted Whoopi mainstream story?

    Coincidentally it all happens at the same time.

    Can this be real, I mean the prosecution based on some old Facebook posts?
    But one lady (who was in front of the court) has said that it was because of some newspaper that wrote an article and took stuff out of context.

    If this prosecution is also fake that indicates 90% what we look at in alternative media is faked. I think she is legit but in the last 2 years there was more than enough of actors.

  16. On some US website I found articles about Convid causing miscarriages.
    Here in the UK allegedly black women are more likely to miscarry, although the BBC gave no reason. Must be a “living in the West” thing, as a lot of African countries have the highest birth rates on the planet.
    Thought the Keir Starmer thing was fishy. How many people would recognise him in the streets (if he dared to go all by himself, that is!) and actually give a toss?
    Also, conveniently, the “protesters” were also anti-vaxxers, so that made it even worse. Strange they managed to get so close to Westminster. Would have thought after that knife attack it would be secured better.
    Strangely enough, when it was “discussed” on the Jeremy Vile show today, both contributors said it was wrong of Boris (and others) to use this type of language in parliament.
    But they happily called the “anti-vaxxers” idiotic and cretins!!

  17. Cnn using WOKE BS words to describe Putin, he’s a misogynistic thwt kinda bs, that’ll get the woke brigade angry and strappimg on well a strap on as there woke.

    Usa really want a war while they still have the advantage which is falling quickly, expect a false flag attack on usa soil soon, nyc and nuke is the $100 bill prediction.

    Looking beyond nasty, expected the jab cull first to reduce there drain on resoruces.

    • The US and Europe could be being set up by the tribe for a huge fall,as China Russia and Iran,have not took the de-pop shot the same as the western populations,check out the rate of jab uptake in the military,we will have no one left to fight if the jab keeps lowering the immune systems of those who’ve taken it,not that I think we should fight those nation ,we should be fighting the tribe ,who are behind all the wars and chaos in this world.

      • They’ve done the same during the previous wars. Pit two or more warring parties against each other, make a ton of money out of it and enjoy the decimation of the white race.
        There is a quote from an US president (Truman or Roosevelt, about how the US should keep the fight between Germany and Russia going by helping either side, depending on which one is loosing.
        The US have no longer an advantage, unless they want to use nukes. Which could now be shot down shortly after start (in Germany)!
        All Russia wants is to stop the NATO expansion right to the Russian border. If Russia really wanted to invade Ukraine, why wait until the West has troops in place? To make it more interesting?

  18. Hugo, my suggestion is if you could create longer videos e.g. 20-30min but of your own content – don’t borrow from anyone else. I know it takes longer to make but 3-5 minute videos are often and too short.
    It becomes information consumerism like anything else people are exposed to these days to MSM, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Telegram and such.
    We should not try to compete with Intelligence because the Jooish rabbis and Hollywood were and will remain the best storytellers in the world.

    I would go after much longer news round up and release them weekly, yes, weekly.
    We are exposed to too much stuff and jump from one video to the other on different platforms. One video a week is enough.
    If influencers produce more videos they rope in and distract other people from taking action.
    People need to rest not to live pissed all the time.

    I think you should make a parody out of anything and try to stay as positive as possible.
    People are fed up with this brainwashing of the mainstream and underground and there is still another 3-4 years to go before they ease a bit.
    Who can stand this without turning insane?
    A bit of isolation, a garden project, growing veggies is going to keep us in shape not screens and earphones.

    • You should basically balance between sharing and sensation that the Joo media (crazy narcissistic sensation) are known for.

      I think you should recommend some relaxation-al videos this is what distinguishes you from the others you used to do it (not that often any more).
      I know it sounds important but do I really need to see the news headlines from DailyMail or BBC? If this is just one big Intelligence machine why do we waste time on it.
      Play your regular panoramic videos and talk or play music. We don’t need to see this shite.

      • I am saying that because this whole system that crushes us right now is made up primary from narcissists and psychopaths (people you show pictures of) and these people are designed to undermine others and it costs them little to NO stress.
        I don’t think we are resistant to stress as they are.

  19. Yes, definitely staged Hugo!

    Just seen this… It’s what we knew early on in this bollox campaign but with a religious element. As half of the comments here show interest in both subjects… Let me know what you think?


    She has some good content & her video on isolation makes a lot of sense to me.

  20. It’s a con & no mistake, they want us to back the censorship, most sheep will just cheer it on not realising they’re next.

  21. The USA want to be like China, to be able to control the obedient brainwashed public, into more brainwashing until the sheep belive everything, and anything told to them, this woman is clearly auditioning to be a crisis actor, and not a very good one.

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