GO FUND ME Take Away CANADA TRUCKERS MONEY / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. So evil. They can try what they want they can’t stop this voice of righteousness . They just can’t.

    • Someone else on the RT comments for this same story, also quoted GiveSendGo.

      I hope donors also give TrustPilot a right hammering on TrustPilot.

      Great idea Hugo about demanding refunds via charge-backs.

      • And include the % gofundme take for the pleasure-rip off merchants they are!!

  2. Infiltration in my opinion.💉💉💉💉☠️☠️☠️☠️😷😷😷😷
    Freedom Convoy Canada 2022
    In January 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that truck drivers crossing into Canada would have to be fully vaccinated. In response, some truckers organized a convoy to Ottawa.] A project was created with the claim of raising money for fuel and food for the convoy. On February 4, 2022, GoFundMe announced the fundraiser had been removed from the platform for violating terms of service, specifically “violence and other unlawful activity”. The GoFundMe had raised more than $10 million Canadian, of which $1 million, was distributed. The remaining fund will be returned to those who donated it, if they fill out a request.

    • I received an email from gofundme at 2:57 a.m. EST this morning saying “…due to donor feedback, we are simplifying the process for you. We will automatically refund your contributions directly – you do not need to submit a request. You can expect to see your refund within 7-10 business days.”. Hopefully they do automatically refund every donation as they have now indicated they will do.

  3. You are right Hugo this is outrageous! 🤭
    Money that people have kindly given to these truckers to help them, being taken away. Surely they can’t keep it and give to charities of their choice. I feel so angry about this. 😡
    I hope everyone gets their money back and they can find another way to give it to the truckers and I hope the truckers can manage still.
    This should be a warning NOT to use Go Fund Me ever again.
    As always “thank you “ Hugo.

  4. There setting up another funding site not with them shower of cunts though! Another company we know not to ever use again! Add it to the list

  5. Only one way to end all this. I know its hard but it won’t go away until we remove them all. Open revolution otherwise you accept your rulers. How is that peaceful protesting working out for you. They’ll take your peace all day long

  6. You try logically and calmly discussing thing and they call you names and cancel you.

    You try a peaceful protest and they threaten you with the police and military.

    You try raise funds and they steal the money.

    What’s left apart from full blown rebellion?

    Are they deliberately aiming for that?

    The way Trudeau is lying and basically saying you will do what I say or else, while painting them as racists, mysoginists, terrorists, Nazis, etc is shameful and shows you just how dangerous these people are, and that they do not give 2 hoots about the people at all.

  7. Thanks Hugo I love your analysis. Such happenings helps us know how these psychopaths are reaping us of our hard earned cash.

  8. GoFundMe are a complete disgrace and should be closed down. This is theft. How can anyone trust any fundraising website again. I won’t.

    • After this episode I don’t think anybody else will trust them with their money (unless is for some woke driven agenda) They just sealed their own fate.

  9. It’s in their name, GoFu*kMe… Hope the greedy corporate whores choke on any money that people (who work hard to earn it!!!) decide to give away for a good cause.

  10. Speaking of losing human rights.. in the UK right niw, they are trying to bring in a NEW Bill of Rights, which will over rule your human rights of bodily autonomy, and say each individual has a responsibility to others, meaning in future, they can use this to impliment mandated vaccines down the line. And if you dont comply, you can be whisked away to an internment camp. Please click the link to take you to the new proposals on by UK gvnmnt.

    • @Mbmb All this crap only applies to citizen slaves – employees of the UK Corporation, so set yourself free from their clutches and revoke/rebut your birth certificate and your marriage certificate, if you have one.

      • Yeah, I don’t think revoking your birth certificate is actually possible.

      • @Odette Morgan You start off by serving all your so-called government ministers your Notice of Understanding, Intent and Claim of Right (a NOUICOR). This let’s them know that YOU know who you are – a woman not a person (fiction). https://rmuniversalpublicserviceannouncement.wordpress.com/notice-of-rebuttal/ This is a guide template so you must make it your own.

        Once you have served this and obtained their agreement through their silence – silence = tacit agreement in LAW. You can then serve the Registrar of Births and Deaths with your rebuttal of your Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate if you’re married.

        Research all this before you act.

    • Most of our Nation will have no idea of the change in the law that they are trying to implement and besides that, 90% of the thick bastards will think its a good idea to lock-up the Vaccine Free people of this country….. until they realise that they’ve missed their 9th booster and they are now classed as ‘unclean/unvaxxed’ !

  11. GoFRAUDme…
    It’s theft. Bastards. I will be doing the charge back via my bank, thanks Hugo x

    • Well Thomas
      That’s a start
      in a positive direction I guess

      Thank you for letting us know

      Take care

    • Trustpilot have suspended the reviews of GoFu##Me due to unusual comments. Trustpilot says that the reviews that are on-line now cannot be viewed as genuine and that ” Due to the significant influx of reviews we cannot guarantee that reviews provide a genuine representation of the business.” Tough Luck, Trustpilot, Tough Luck GoFu##Me !

  12. People who should also place criminal complaints on the company for thievery and fraud. Taking someones donation money and using it for other purposes than those for which they were donated are fraud and can be considered money laundring

  13. GiveSendGo is a Christian fundraiser. Here is the reply from them acknowledging my donation. Having been stung before by giving to the likes of David Icke in the past and more recently Piers Corbyn and Simon Dolan, I hope and trust that these people are sincere. What else can we do?
    “Dear …….,
    Our team at GiveSendGo.com wants to give a big THANK YOU for adding an additional donation CAD $ 3.13 to GiveSendGo, on top of your already generous gift to Adopt a trucker. Every dollar that comes in, helps us to be able to continue to offer our platform for free to people needing to raise money for whatever God has placed before them. Every month, we give a % of the donations that are donated to us, back to campaigns on our site.
    Please keep Adopt a trucker in prayer, as they continue to raise money, and share GiveSendGo with anyone that you know that might be needing our service.
    Click here to like us on Gab to receive daily encouragement, tips and more.
    Shine Brightly!
    Your GiveSendGo Team
    “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

  14. I’ve never been comfortable will this go fund me lark, I have seen too many spurious causes etc.
    I can’t add much to what Hugo says other than to question how many times they have done this before. If there was any justice this would finish them as a business as nobody can be sure what has happened to their donated money.

    • Hugo’s advice about contacting the banks directly for the refund is above excellent.

      • Contacting your personal bank. Don’t fill out the forms on “Go Fund Me” Make these snakes pay for their greed!

  15. The commies at GOFundMe caved in, as many donators are requesting refunds.
    We will not stop until they are done and turned to dust.
    Boycott all companies connected to the tyranical regimes and never use again. FK Trudeau and FK Joe Biden🇨🇦🤜🇺🇸🤜🇬🇧

    • Issue a charge-back/open a dispute with your bank, this way, gofundme will have to pay 15UD, or more, for each charge bac-back request, plus the refund value.
      Please share, this terrible company will done and dusted for good.

  16. They have no right to divert funds. They should be refunding regardless. That is obtaining money under false pretences. I think it is fraudulent to do so, but I’m not a lawyer.

  17. People are still naive and use electronic payments for this kind of stuff also feeding the Beast with their details so the Beast can then easily profile the opposition?
    Time to use cash people and if cash is gone silver and gold coins not some cryptos which are also created by the Beast to launder big money.

  18. This has to be challenged people gave money to one cause, not to be diverted as someone else chooses. Gofundme must be demolished it is a useless cooperation,, I don’t trust them any more than that petition crowd,, all part of the problem and not so far removed from what is called charities today. It is all corruption with a thick coat of whitewash.

    • According to a piece in Daily Sceptic this morning a platform called givesendgo is funding the Trucker protest. I have not verified this, but Hugo please report update when / if it is.

  19. No one challenged Go Fund Me when they did this before. So they will carry on. Remember that next time you see this sort of thing happening and you ignore it because it wasn’t your particular thing being supported.

    • Bang on! You are the truly awake one. The majority couldn’t care less if it doesn’t directly affect them. That’s why the planet has gone to utter shit and selfishness prevails.

  20. You are wrong again Hugo – GoFundMe will automatically refund all donations within 7-10 business days. Get your facts straight.

  21. Justin Trudeau was suspicious of some of the politicians surrounding him, thinking there was a great conspiracy developing against him.

    So he gathered together his closest aides to investigate the problem, and off he went with his family in tow to hide in a “secret and secure location.”

    On the second morning Trudeau opened the blinds to his bedroom window, and there in the snow someone had pissed, “Trudeau Is A Coward And An A**hole.”

    Disturbed by this, Trudeau set his smartest forensic scientists to work to find the culprit.

    After forty-eight hours they reported back to him.

    ‘We have bad news,” they said. “We’ve analyzed the urine and found that it came from Klaus Schwab.”

    “Oh no!” said Trudeau.

    “But there is even worse news to come, sir.

    We’ve also discovered it is Mrs Trudeau’s handwriting!”

    Just see for a moment.

    If you are made aware that you don’t know who you are, it will be such a shock, such a shattering of all your identity.

    Trudeau is deluded, he thinks he is ‘woke’ and a great prime minister.

    But he is not!

    That’s why his actions always go in wrong directions.

    That’s why he lives a life of misery, suffering, agony, anguish.

    You cannot live without knowing yourself, who you are.

    And if you cannot know, then you have to create something fake.

    It will be a false substitute, but it will take away the maddening situation of not knowing oneself.

    Remember, you will know only that you are deluded if you enter yourself and realize your authentic individuality.

    Then there will be a comparison.

    For thousands of years, the politician and the priest, in a deep conspiracy, have been in power.

    But what have they done to you?

    What have they done to the world?

    Humanity while it is unconscious lives only in coincidences.

    Peoples lives consist of only coincidences and nothing else.

    The unconscious life is an accidental life.

    Only the conscious individual goes beyond the accidental and enters into the intrinsic.

    The conscious individual transcends all coincidences.

    Without being totally conscious you are a victim of all kinds of unknown forces that surround you.

    You don’t know why things are happening to you, why you have done this and why not that, why you have chosen this and why not that.

    Problems are never solved.

    They remain in different forms, you go on solving them, and yet they go on re-appearing in different forms.

    Problems are not to be solved, problems need to be dissolved, and that is a totally different path.

    It is the path of the Awakened.

    They don’t solve the problems, they simply create devices in which problems disappear into thin air.

    No Mind!

    Religion has nothing to do with tradition or sacred books, religiousness has something to do with existential experience, beyond mind..

    See it right now!

    Thinking means missing.

    Any idea, howsoever beautiful, divides you from reality, cuts you away from the whole.

    And that is the misery of humanity, just like if a tree has been cut from its roots, soon it will start dying, it cannot live without roots.

    If you want to see, see at once, because if you start thinking you have already missed.

    Seeing at once means don’t bring the mind in.

    Not even a single moment’s thinking.

    Mind brings time, mind brings future, mind brings past.

    Mind starts comparing whether it is right or wrong.

    Drop all false narratives.

    Seeing the fake, drop all the fiction.

    Knowing, seeing, how can you go against the ultimate law of life?

    Meditation contains all the answers because meditation is the art of getting beyond the mind.

    Once the mind has gone with all its chattering, you are able to see, seeing happens.

    And seeing is transformation.

    When you can see that which is, your whole life is transformed.

    Here the only space – and now is the only time.

    The moment you go astray from here and now, you are going to end into some kind of madness.

    You will fall into fragments of thinking, your life will become a hell.

    You will be torn apart, the past will pull a part of you towards itself and the future the other part.

    You will become schizophrenic, split, divided.

    Your life will be only a deep anguish, a trembling, an anxiety, a tension.


    Existence knows nothing of future and nothing of past, it knows only the present.

    Wholeness is of the now.

    Awareness Is Health!

    If you can be simply here, then this very moment is the Revelation!

    Then it is not gradual, it is sudden, it is an explosion!

    Let’s make it clear to the whole world that all enlightened people, howsoever different in their behavior, howsoever different in their philosophies, howsoever different in their actions, howsoever different in their individualities, still have the same taste, still have the same no-mind.

    Their innermost core is the same.

    It is the same light.

    The Unity Of Humanity Is No Mind!

    Truth has no name, and truth is not confined in any system of thought.

    Truth is not a theory, a theology, a philosophy.

    Truth is the experience of that which is.

    Truth is not intellectual or emotional, truth is existential.

    No-mind is the flame of every awakened being.

    The awakened function out of their self- nature, not out of their mind.

  22. yep spot on steeling money like the rest of the charity’s. plandemic is exposing everyone, i never trust the charity’s, give someone in need, i help people in real life then i know and see where my money go’s, (charity=steeling) they act like they care they don’t, its not a charity, your giving money to the so called powers that be, feeding the beast.

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