Puppet TRUDEAU Threatens MILITARY Canada Truckers Convoy / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Spoilt brat, losing control.
    Wonder who’s side Neil Young and Joni Mitchell are with?
    “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”.

    • I had Neil Young’s entire collection on my hard drive, even some rare live recordings. They’ve all been deleted. Stupid old fart.

      • I chucked my Dolly Parton stuff away when she called us idiots. Also chucked a while back was my childhood fun LP – Rolf Harris with Sean the leprechaun. Made my stomach churn for that and anger with Dolly. I think the rate that lot are going I’m going to have a big clear out!

      • Something just struck me about this Neil Young/Joni Mitchell/Spotify bollocks. It’s the record label which gets paid by the streaming services. It’s the record label which “owns” the rights to the artist’s product. The label gives – not that I’m defending these over-paid schmucks whatsoever – the artist a pittance out of what the label receives from Spotify. These has-beens haven’t pressured Spotify to remove anything. They can’t – they don’t own their music, the labels do. Look at artists’ fights against the likes of Sony Music in the past to regain ownership of their own works. They’re literally just mouthpieces of the record labels, which begs the question, who are the entities behind these companies, attempting to pressurise Spotify into cancelling free speech. How many of them are owned by Blackrock, Blackstone, Fidelity, etc?

  2. How people can’t see through the likes of Trudeau, Ardern, Macron et al is beyond me. Forget the Mediaeval times, these are truly the Dark Ages.

  3. Only three arrests, one as a result of truckers reporting a violation. Accused of stealing food from the homeless, in reality truckers are feeding the homeless. Its very upsetting to see how our freedom seeking loving individuals are being demonized by the actions of a few probably not even associated with the protesters.

    I saw this yesterday. So good to see my thoughts represented so comprehensively. I knew about the BIS but never saw it in this context. And now exploited by the puppet tyrants. Well worth a watch.


  4. Oh fuck off and have a brain aneurysm Rusty Truturd; the people are done with you. The military won’t fire on their own, unarmed people, more likely to rise up against you ya mug. In related news, google image search Ottawa’s city logo – 3 sixes in plain sight!

  5. Trudeau missed his true calling which was comedy. He’s cheered me up no end. Someone tell him please!

  6. Is that going to be the Chinese militaria that was training in Canada last year?

  7. What a Corrupt Twat and party pooper !!

    • Trudeau looks odd to me, like he’s ate too many pies. It’s either not him or his features are sinking into his little pudgey face. This video really shows what a complete loser and liar he is.

  8. Sounds like Joe Biden whilst sucking on helium. Keep on going Canada, stand proud. ♥️

  9. Really??
    Why would anyone with half a brain but this crap?

    Hope it backfires in a big way!

    Bring in the army… So what?
    The people will stand with the truckers in greater numbers

  10. The power is always with the people, they just need to realise it.

  11. I struggle to comprehend why any decent person could have voted for this creep after all that absurdly hypocritical blackface stuff came out before the 2019 election. There was something so seriously wrong with this guy even before the corona madness started.

      • Election probably was rigged but there still must have been quite a lot of people who voted for him. I don’t think you can get away with rigging an election if hardly anyone votes for you.

      • Exactly…Just like the ‘switch/glitch in US that 4am Nov morning…Dominion at it again…

    • Don’t forget, Geraint, he was re-elected just a few a months ago … People like us know elections are rigged; Blair, Schwab and I think it was David Martin have recently disclosed how the governments have been infiltrated by Schwab’s ‘Great Reset’ agenda army. Once people waken up to realise this, only maybe then will the sleepy understand why all the confusion. However, they have to be slapped from the cognitive dissonance state thats taken control of their free will.

      This agenda has to be fought against with the exact same tactic that’s put people to sleep – Freedom fighters must keep protesting with repetitive messaging disclosing the truth as we know it. The more we repeat the truths on the streets the more of the living dead will reconnect with their spiritual self and us.

      Another way to bring us all together is with a jab antidote. There has been little to nothing mentioned of this but there has to be one, yes? I do believe that much of the denial people are suffering from is due to some sort of self guilt for taking the jab. An antidote could be the light switch to bring them back to us.

      Why aren’t the freedom fighting doctors and scientists not yet discussing a solution to all this with the possibility of an antidote? There has to be one and they should start talking about it!

  12. Everything spilling out of his gob is HIS evil psychosis, and it shows! Put a mirror up in front of yourself, Trudel!

  13. It’s strange how his nose has changed. It used to be kind of aquiline and pointy beaky, like Pierre’s. I’ve researched and found that, although noses keep growing, they don’t get fatter because they comprise no fat cells.

    That fat nose, that he has these days, makes him look more like his Daddy, Fidel Castro. The eye-brows too.

    Hmm, I seem to remember some shenanigans about his father (Pierre), a canoe and Cuba…

    French social media is sharing clips of him with his eyebrows, apparently, slipping off!

  14. Yep! It’s not him nor are any of the other elites including Bojo. They’ve all been dealt with & all this is just theatre to wake the sheeples up!

  15. In France, now, things are going so badly that Olivier Véran (Health Minister) has decreed that there can be all manner of ways to get a, ‘pass del la honté’….as long as one of them is one dose of the jab.

    Nuff said.

  16. He does look a lot like Fidel Castro. They say that Castro is his real father. It’s said mum was a “party girl” 30 years younger than his dad. Check of the photos. In other news. When are these idiots going to stop their B’S. I think they are starling to get their ducks in a row. People need to stop giving up their freedom to these lame governments official playing games and lying.

  17. Nicely done Hugo. Yes, disgusted by the dancing, how very dare they – it gives people heart attacks. Really the only ones disgusted are the dictators!

  18. Come on everyone, don’t be so cruel to him, he’s only literally trying to give everyone AIDS so they can be skinny, is not the gift of skinny a good thing! ??

    We know for 100% that 3 jabs ( 2 in some cases ) is enough to give most people AIDS and as destroying your immune system like we where saying 1year+ ago, is never a good thing.

    New BS Variant, only the jabbed get and it’s been around hours and they already know it’s giving people AIDS, nothing to see here FFS.

    triple jabbed GF still in denial, but does admit I’ve been saying AIDS for 2 – 3 months already, refusing to comment, or refusing to say I’m right, 1 or the other.

    Sooner or later the media will be…………

    Whoops sorry, Convid isn’t a real thing and those jabs we gave you, well they’ve given you all AIDS for no reason what so ever, other than we could, please don’t rise up and kill us all, especially the army guys, thanks!! And enjoy the rest of your lives, briefly!!

    They’ve got to hit that 5G I mean Solar Storm, kill switch soon haven’t they, thin us out a bit and distract us.

  19. I’ll never forget the time he attended the G20 (i think it was that) and he got ignored by all the world leaders. He sat by himself and sulked after trying desperately to get Donald Trumps attention. Or the time he blacked himself up like a dickhead. It boggles the mind to think this dickhead has so much power over ordinary people.

  20. Trudeau is becoming too big for his boots. The solution would be for someone to undercut him with a saw and chop his legs off. Apparently Sturgeon has said this would be an appropriate solution and she would be happy to do the job

  21. you should play that same speech over the top of clips of BLM riots

  22. What happened to Western leaders? I thought dictators like this were in Russia and China.

  23. If you include all in the ‘Peekaboo club’ then I’m sorry to tell you that your music library will reset to zero.

  24. Keep trucking !!! to the
    Canada people – – – – -GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL !!!!!
    A show of solidarity & a peaceful protest….
    Well Done Canada
    Go for it!!!

    Cheers Hugo

    • Saw the south west effort today. I got quite emotional. A good 2 miles, but not many lorries. Lots of flag waving cars and smaller trucks. Even Canadian flags for solidarity! Even so it was fantastic to see so many people like us. Nothing to see here says the MSM – and they would be lying.

      • MSM are irritating & irrelevant now to us Kelly my darling x

        Moving on lol x

      • It’s been a long time since I read the news. I do see it by the alternative independent people like Hugo and UK Column. MSM doesn’t deserve my precious time!
        Mwah xxx

  25. Evil man! Like everyone else just sick of him trying to threaten people.
    Good luck to the truckers, well done. 👏


    It’s not only about Dylan but the Operation Rolling Stone.
    You have to understand that the Joos have infiltrated and compromised all the anti-government, anti-war, anti-fascist groups in the past.
    They will do the same to the current anti-fascist, anti-totalitarian, anti-government, anti-war movements including off-grid people.
    For instance with Hollywood they targeted Amish people.

    Same as then currently the pretend leaders of the opposition are most likely infiltrators and the Elite systematically introduces more and more infiltrators into the movement to eventually disband it completely.
    The reason that after 22 months of flattening the curve people are still displaying COVID, NO VAX, PRO CHOICE banners it’s because they took the bait set up by the Elite.
    You cannot resolve this BIG PROBLEM by highlighting and going after some secondary issues.
    The harm has been done, it didn’t stop and the Elite is turning us into peasants but when I see people with PRO CHOICE, NO VAX or Freemasonry banners I am disappointed, they could also be some paid infiltrators to misdirect people or people who were duped by the controlled underground mass media.
    And by the continuous misdirections the Elite wastes our time and life. They don’t mind wasting 20 or 30 years of our life in the process protesting against FAKE government or FAKE COVID restrictions.

    I don’t know if write-ins are possible in the UK but Miles has highlighted and interesting point and this was long before COVID.
    The Elite don’t want you to vote for people not known to them in advance that is why they force people to vote using polling cards printed by them.

    Read the paper!

  27. This is the link I forgot to put:

    I would not be surprised that the Intelligence is heavy on Off Grid life promotion because 1st they want to clean up the cities to turn them into smart cities in the next round.
    Thanks to COnVID they want to shake the middle class down and out of the big cities completely. It is pretty much the same tactic that was used by Nero in Rome or the Elite in London in 1666.

    Once they sort out the cities they go after the peasants in the countryside as they did in the past by using Orléanists, Communists etc. in Vendée, in Ukraine (Holodomor) you name it. I don’t want to mention Holocaust because there are no proofs of that but still the Joo master Elite has managed to displace a lot of Joos and other people in Central and Eastern Europe.
    They don’t necessary have to resort to killing people en mass they make HUGE gains while people are displaced or CHANGE places every so often.
    Do you remember The Operation Rolling Stone which is about CHANGE?
    A rolling stone is crushing our holdings.
    The Elite does it systematically century by century.

    Living off grid is appealing but you have to understand it’s hard physical work if you want to provide food for a normal 2 adults + 2 children family.
    You still depend on petrol and diesel the Elite keeps increasing the prices. They can also use trade blockade tactics (COVID) to make needed materials, solar panels unaffordable to an average peasant.

    A lot of people you currently watch are temporary spooks (limited funding by the Elite) or permanent spooks (unlimited funding by the Elite),
    the others have to work and/or earn money from YouTube or patrons.
    Do you think once able people relocate to the countryside they will be watching themselves on Youtube? They won’t and Youtube most likely will dial down the promotion and funding if you still believe that Google’s or Facebook’s main revenue is from ads.

    Look how they duped the off grid sailors community.
    People though they can live on their boats and make money on publishing videos on Youtube (forever?).
    But most of them are now stuck in ports quarantining every so often and absorb higher costs of pretty much everything.

    I am saying that because I can see YouTube heavily promoting these off-grid video bloggers (who are genuine) and it’s not because of algorithms or because I was showing interest in it (I didn’t). They just put it on the main page. Besides even if you play a video about pretty much anything related to plants (nature, gardening) they will suggest you a ton of these videos.
    My initial naive thought was “So nice of you YouTube, you are not that bad after all by promoting these good, creative and self sufficient people”.
    But my second thought was that they eventually turn off the tap and then these people will be on their own.

    Intelligence in advance turned regular people into celebrities right on time when we are sick of fake celebrities and fake media.
    I reckon Intelligence is ditching this anyway and as always replaces it with something more appealing but again temporary.

    A lot of businesses in the countryside depend on visitors from where? from the cities.
    What did the Elite do to AirBNB businesses over the lockdowns? They were pretty much shut down. These people did it to themselves by refusing bookings during that time (they were not clever). Even Wales that lives off tourism turned more restrictive than England.

    • FlaviusStilicho The point Mathis conveniently misses is The Truth that only slaves vote. Elections are for dumb common stock holders in the UK Corporation, and every time they vote they give their vote of confidence to the scamming political criminals to carry on fleecing them and enslaving them. It doesn’t matter what political persuasion they are – that is irrelevant smoke and mirrors.

      • I mean he is from USA a country that does not know anything else but democracy which now resembles ochlocracy but in reality it was very quickly turned into plutocracy.
        In the UK it is more subtle but again it is a plutocracy hidden behind parliamentary monarchy.

        I wish I live in the times when the politics were more transparent, now it is obscured behind many dummy facades.
        I am not a believer in democracy because even Swiss democracy is kept in check by the federal government but write-ins could change the way people participate in elections, make it more unpredictable.

      • FlaviusStilicho A Republic is not a democracy:

        “A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, ‘Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?’ With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, ‘A republic, if you can keep it'”.

        — Benjamin Franklin


  28. Canada doesn’t seem to belong in the 21st Century. The police were threatening to confiscate all the trucks for ‘The Crown’: it sounds so odd coming from thousands of miles away. Is it a coincidence that the ‘Crown’ countries have had some of the most draconian measures imposed upon the population? I think the royals still hold a lot of power behind the establishment, also wealth. Maybe all these countries are still tied to the monarchy to one extend or another, including the US.(Where did the missing three trillion dollars of the fed go? The Royals still own banks in the City). Still speaking French, a hangover from an from the colonies. Seems kind of odd. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

    • I think it’s other way round. The City owns the Royals. If the Queen is so successful why her holdings are worth only £350 million? Even if its 3x times that amount she is still less worth than Paul MacCartney or Bono. What about Rothschilds and Rockefellers? They stopped measuring their net worth a century ago. Today it’s probably about 25 trillions each.
      While at the same time the King of Thailand is worth over 20 billion?
      The Queen is just one of the most expensive actresses in Rothschild’s theatre. This is how I see it. Same is to do with Boris Johnson and the Parliament another theatre.
      It has nothing to do with Queen’s Commonwealth.
      It is mining empire of Rothschild: Australia, Canada, Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand etc. The top banksters have to maintain control over mining to leverage and maintain their virtual financial dominance – it’s a very old practice and Rothschild is well aware of that because banksters before this family were doing exactly the same.
      If you think that the conquest of these new territories was a result of a decision of some capricious king or a queen you are mistaken.
      This was and is driven by the big business and especially the British (or rather Phoenician) Navy was to secure these private enterprises and colonisations.

    • @Michael Further to, if The Queen has so much wealth, why was it, back in 1992 I believe, could she not afford a £52 million refit of The Royal Yacht Britannia. She went cap in hand to the traitor scum bag John Major begging for the £52 million. If she is as wealthy as we’re told then £52 million would have been pocket money to her. As always we’re fed a load of lying propaganda bullshit.

  29. People ask why he was just re- elected? Liberals only received 30% of the vote, but in our system, it’s the number of seats that count and Central Canada, with the largest population, always votes Liberal. People were happy with the CERB they received to stay at home and not work during the “pandemic” and all he had to do was continue it. He also won alot of female votes by his announcement of vaxx mandates to fly or take a train etc. He said, you wouldn’t want an unvaxxed person spreading their germs sitting next to your child on a flight, would you? That one statement gave him the win. People are very fearful in Liberal cities in Canada. My 60s and 70s friends don’t want the mandates to end as they are still very scared.

    • @C. Krahn Proving that it’s all Tee Vee created and manipulated. The Jew controlled media IS the problem. If they were silenced, most of the problems would go away within a very short period of time.

      “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”

      — President Richard M Nixon

  30. trudeau you plank, you have contradicted everything you have said you are creative division you plank, get back in your hole, i can spot a whooper a mile away. yes it you lot vs us, we know the power dynamic and where not falling for the new world order, transhumanism jabs, get back in your hole and have a face transplant so we dont know who you are, my best advice to you, your making yourself look a idiot how embarrassing there’s no virus mate its just the flu, only you and the rest off them are the virus, invest in somewhere else, boring old oil

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