MASS Critical Point Of INSANITY Has Been Achieved! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. From what I have concluded looking at the information that is published – the vaccine is designed to trigger an immune response but if the recipient already has a strong response the vaccine triggers an overload response and causes a runaway out of control immune system that is called an anaphylactic shock and leads to heart failure, and they say it is safe !!.

    • The main side effect of the jab is to render the immune system useless against viruses that ordinarily would pose no threat to a reasonable fit and healthy person, anyone now injected will no doubt go on to develop systems similar to that of HIV and AIDS, where comprised immune systems will lead to fatal consequences from even a mild cold or infection. Fauci played a lead role in the development and role out of so called HIV treatments back in the 1980s which resulted in the premature deaths of thousands. It was covered up of course with big pharma pulling the strings as they are now. Watch Dallas Buyers Club, based on the HIV crisis at the time and how effective cost effective treatments were outlawed by big pharma and government. We are all just rats on a wheel.


        This current so called health crisis has many of the same actors at play who were involved in the AIDS scam! But, keep obeying, people, because you, your kids, grandkids and future generations will “always” be next!

        From a great song; “If you tolerate this then your children will be next!”

        This song should be adopted for the freedom movement … Dave Clark Five – ‘Everybody Get Together’

  2. Great idea
    Trouble is who has she proved anything too, anyway , throughout the whole fraud ?
    Lience and those that follow it ?

  3. She’s testing the stupidity of her audience and they sadly have been found wanting.
    After an FOI to the ONS , how many people in the UK under the age of 24 have died FROM Covid? Reply. None.
    I am sickened to the stomach thinking that these PARASITES get even one penny from the public purse to go about oing what they consider is ‘worthwhile work’. Only when you cut off the snake’s head will the evil stop.

  4. I think now they are just trolling us to see how far they can push the insanity

  5. Just when you think you have heard it all, more of this insane world comes along. 😫What the hell does she think doors are for. It really isn’t necessary especially when we are lifting restrictions. Like others have said it would cause a fire risk. Years ago we had draught excluders to keep draughts out. It’s a mad, mad world…..

  6. If I were a very small person constricted to one of these POW camps called school, I would use this little “Door Cut” 🙄 as an opportunity to conduct a great escape..

  7. The woman in the background is a BOBBLE HEAD!! Oh dear the jabs have really done a number on people. Crazy town!!!

  8. Do like ireland open all the windows and freeze the kids as well as suffocate them with masks ! Great thing to do in the winter to make them ill. They all need chasing out

  9. Denmark bs variant created, guess what it guves you aids for 100% serious and it only effects jabbed sheep, you just can’t make this shit up.

    Gf thinking hmmm I said this 2 months ago, still unsure, triple jabbed.

    Spiralled blood clot deaths, cancers fast killimg 1s starring to kick in and Aids just around the corner, 2022 is going to suck.

    Ex with clots, not had a call, so alive still i guess, no idea if there treating her with blood thinners either.

  10. The lady at the back looks a bit broken .. hope she is not a health minister..

  11. Best solution would be to remove your children from these insane institutions

  12. The reason doors are closed is to prevent FIRE. All doors in schools hospitals etc also have a sealing strip (intumescent)around them that expands in the event of fire to further prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

  13. “The difference between stupidity & genius is that genius has LIMITS”
    – Albert Einstein

    • Einstein and his one and only patent, the adjustable blouse.
      Another fraud

  14. Cutting the bottoms off Fire doors is really going to solve problems if there’s a fire.

    • Don’t worry today’s parents would rather their kids died in fire than run the risk of a cold. Although if they did die in a fire it would still be cause of death Covid😂😂😂 Lunatics running the asylum😂😂😂

      • No they are not they are normally composite, and any door is a hindrance to a fire.

      • I have wooden fire doors. Try Wickes. They are actually fire resistant doors often known as half hour fire doors

  15. 14 years of SNP misrule in this, what has become, an absolute shithole of a country has destroyed the education system. Vast majority of school leavers can barely read or write – ideal SNP voters.
    Sturgeon is a monster.

  16. As a Carpenter, these doors would fail fire safety, she’s a complete moron.

    • Exactly, I’m in the building trade and as soon as I heard this madness I thought the same mate. If I suggested this to a customer they’d think I was fucking insane😂People have lost the plot completely…CLOWN WORLD 2022.

  17. ‘If a door is hung in such a way that it inhibis the natural flow of air….’

    That’s what doors were invented for you fucking twat. Honestly, she makes me embarrassed to be Scottish at times! 🤦‍♂️

    • @William Hicks Technically and politically she’s not Scottish at all, for she’s sold out to the Cultural Jew Marxist agenda, like all corrupt politicians, so that makes her a traitor to Scotland and the Scottish people. She has far more in common with her local Cabalist Rabbi than any patriotic Scotsman.

    • If the headmasters allow this in their schools then they should be nowhere near education or our children.

      • @Teresa Steele It’s not a subject for school children and nowhere does it suggest that it is for school children so I fail to see your point. I posted it as a partly off-topic comment as it’s newly released.

  18. I’ve got an idea to ensure that nobody ever gets covid. And it goes like this: nuke the whole planet and kill everyone. Sorted. Sturgeon will probably steal my idea and pass it off as her own.

  19. I think as you said they are winding people up.
    They are also mocking therm.
    It could be they are preparing for the next phase of the Agenda with big A as you have already noticed.

    You would think that while people are dropping dead while shovelling snow they could use it to spin up Pandemic V2.
    But I think their data analysis from all the platforms plugged into Intelligence: Facebook, Google, Youtube, Telegram suggests them not to proceed so they could then resort to some other means, disruption of essential services e.g. electricity – blame it on some solar flares then proceed with climate lockdown and other bullshit including alien invasions.

    I think last Friday the biggest exchange in the world NYSE had a power cut.

    I hope the majority of people are about to find out that Emperor is naked.

    • Calling it “BV” now according to strains examined in Oxford from The Netherlands! And who funds the University of Oxford, ill give you one guess B*** G****

  20. I’ve just realised there’s a very clever ploy to her idea, it allows the midget to gain access to the classroom without anyone noticing.

    That way she can check first hand whether there are any convid viruses there …given they are both the same size! 🤡

  21. It’s all about enslavement. These politicians don’t realise how stupid they are making themselves look. I wonder if the fire department has an opinion on this matter. Fire doors are there for a purpose. You could leave the doors open during class and close them when not in use. Cheaper by far. Who is making all the money?

    • Just theatre to keep is talking and distracted. Just something to direct our anger and frustrations.

  22. The fire risks alone on this one is the first thing. The second is the weight of a door with no Bolton will take it of it’s hinges…..but really prescription veg and now this anyone could do a better job than them

  23. Hahahahahaha Jimmy Crankie at her finest! I agree Hugo, it’s time all parents took their children out of these state-sponsored obedience & lunatic-training camps – get together with like-minded others and set up your own system of schooling.

  24. Hugo, the insanity of where you’re living is starting to negatively impact you. You need to get out of the U K. Come to Florida. The mask wearing Nazi’s have no power here, thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis. Vax passports are illegal in Florida. If you do come to Florida, avoid the big cities, especially Miami. Florida is huge, with lots of smaller towns where sanity survives, for example, Brooksville, Florida. I know what I’m talking about, I had to leave New Orleans, Louisiana, which is run by mask wearing Nazi’s, and you need a vaxx passport to enter a bar or a restaurant. I was going crazy living under communist rule. You have to get out to preserve your sanity, I can tell it’s getting to you. Which is exactly what THEY want! They want people to go nuts from the stress. Vote with your feet–I did. I know that it’s possible. Perhaps you listen to Max Igan on bitchute. He escaped from Australia and is now in Mexico.

  25. Maybe because they are doors are FIREDOORS that they don’t allow drafts?!!! But if you want a burning school, why not just take the doors off the hinges? Be cheaper. Still “if it saves one life!”

  26. They’re just trolling us now. Well, I say now, they’ve been doing it for ages. Why do they think you have a door fitted properly in the first place?
    On a serious note, I would advise any parent to take their children out of these Government indoctrination centres. As long as they remain, their mental and physical wellbeing is in great danger. I don’t mean from a door, either, just from any number of knobs!!!!

  27. Great idea in the event of a fire or in their rhetoric and absurd narrative, spreading covie from room to room ha ha , you can’t make this stuff up !

  28. How sawing get head off to stop the draught coming out of her gobshite mouth

    • If these doors are fire rated the only way to improve ventilation is with a fire rated vent. Fire Doors can’t be left open.

  29. Some things you hear make you shake your head in disbelief perhaps Nicola is starting to believe her own lies …

  30. They’re just trolling us now. Well, I say now, they’ve been doing it for ages. I mean, a nice draft coming from under the door. WTF? Why do they think you have doors fitted properly in the first place?
    On a serious note, I would advise any parent to remove their child from these Government indoctrination centres. As long as they remain, their mental and physical wellbeing is in great danger. Not from a door but from any number of knobs!!!!

  31. I can only think of one use for a saw at present and it isn’t to trim the bottoms off of any doors.

  32. If you look at the actions of the shower of lackeys currently residing in seats of power, they all now appear to be making public fools of themselves. To this end there must be a purpose. My thoughts are that this is the next stage in the theatre to prove that supra national governments don’t work…..and it’s time therefore for a change to a corporate/political solution on a global scale…..
    Get ready for the debate!

  33. Gonna cause draughts that will make the kids more ill! Especially in Scotland!!

    • @Al …Nothing more a fire likes than plenty of draughty fresh air!

      These politicians continually demonstrate just how unbelievably ill equipped they are to be in the job!

      Anyone with a shred of intelligence, humiity and integrity wouldn’t want the job in the first place.

      Better to be thought stupid than open your mouth and prove it!

  34. I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry 😁😢😳

  35. What about fire codes? Shutting doors during a fire is a way to sufferacate or at least stifle it from roaring through.

  36. That’s as stupid and pointless as putting perspex sheets up on shop counters, and on tills in supermarkets.

    • I love the perspex shield, especially when the spotty oik behind the til also wears a blue face nappy AND a face shield! ( Fortunately I know it’s a face shield because it’s printed on the head band,!) 😂😂😷😷😂😂

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