MASS Critical Point Of INSANITY Has Been Achieved! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

92 Comments on “MASS Critical Point Of INSANITY Has Been Achieved! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I’m wondering what the local fire officer would have to say about this.

    My understanding is that these classroom doors are fireproofed or they were when I was at school. Safety issues?

    Cutting the bottom off a door as suggested by wee krankie should tell us everything about her powers of reasoning….
    but I’m not power a hungry mad individual

  2. Well for a start she can propose all she likes every building has to have fire safety regulations whatever she states! They all must have a fully fitted door with a seal that will, in the event of a fire seal itself and provide a minimum of 30 minutes of safety! If this idiot is running the show then she will be account for any injury caused should a fire break out! Scotland already had issues with a nursing home fire not too many years ago that resulted in injury and death due to doors being propped open! In fact it’s used as an example for fire training to this day of what NOT to do! I’m so glad we have regulations to follow as no fires after within a building will actually follow her idiotic idea! Thank goodness for properly trained individuals who will ensure this doesn’t happen!

  3. I’d guess the monster sturgeon has released this insane story in order to secure further funding from Westminster to pay for air filter systems in schools (not that it would spend it on filters, the funding would disappear like all others – allegedly 💸)

  4. I think Wee Jimmie Krankie should put her own house in order first and set an example, in fact I am prepared to buy a circular saw and drive up to Scotland with it to saw the bottom half of all the doors in Nicola’s own home, her official residence, her office and all the doors in the Scottish Parliament Building at the cost of only £100 each. Anyone else want to join me?

  5. Bloody buses have windows open to half freeze people to death with this ventilation crap and other stuff…
    Only thing about is normal common ailments…
    Just another load of bollocks and more for the brainwashed to get there teeth into…

  6. I think this could also save money on those door signs they wouldn’t need anymore like “FIRE DOOR”

  7. This is like a vanity project of the old Roman Emperors. Caligula springs to mind. Next she’ll be bringing her horse to Holyrood.

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