1. Hi Hugo, Just an idea on these ultra fit athletes dropping, but could they be kept alive really as a sort of Super Race? I know that there is video footage and, yet again media reports but I am just throwing out there. Thanks for your great work.

  2. They don’t need to cover anything up. The sheeple have far more confidence in what the media and government tells them than in what they perceive with their own five senses.

    If people are dropping like flies from vaccines in front of them, they’ll think they must be hallucinating until the government and media confirms that yes indeed, people are dropping like flies from vaccines in front of them.

    • The sheep are saying that it is CONVID that’s causing the heart problems. FFS! The sheep are so brainwashed! Before the its-not-a-vaccine vaccine was introduced, the symptoms of Convid certainly did not contain ‘ death by heart attack’ !

  3. The problem in this video is you can’t see what happened to most of them, the writing is too small and it moves along quite fast, any doubter would not find this interesting…. Sadly

  4. ‘By your sorcery (pharmakai) all nations were deceived’. The Bible is being played out and the world doesnt see it. Repent. Jesus is our only hope 🙏

  5. We’re going to be the ones left with the people who pushed this on people and the others that orchestrated the whole democide. Remember all these people, neighbours, haters, family and friends.

  6. I saw a story in the Dm yesterday or the day before about an 8 year old who had “died of a cardiac arrest” while at a party or something like that.

    Makes me wonder if some journalists are trying to push out the truth and reality even though they have their hands tied.

    With this many deaths and injuries it’s mind boggling that people just will not see it.

    • Your last paragraph is scarily accurate and genuinely petrifying!

    • Narghhhhh, they have NOT used their own initiative for the past two yrs and worn a silly bit of cloth to stop them breathing properly so why would they change what they’ve been told to say, now?

  7. There after 6 month old and up to fives now! And plenty will give it to there kids!

    • The Convid adverts on the radio are actually targeting pregnant women……I’ve been saddened and sickened by the compliance of the sheep and the BS coming from msm ….but the evidence is out there if you bother to look. I’ve tried my best to get the sheep to watch n listen to the TRUTH, but all I get is ridicule and name calling. God help them all.

  8. This is just shocking. How terrible all these young healthy people dying or having heart problems due to the jab. If only all the families of these people would speak out more about this. Can’t understand why more people are not questioning this, it is just obvious. How many more people will die?
    Usually in clinical trials if someone dies the jab is stopped so why is this allowed to continue.
    How sad this all is.😢

    • Maybe they have questioned it and even demanded answers but they’re being ignored. It’s allowed to continue because it was never about a virus, it’s about depopulating the world and enslaving those who survive.

      • I doubt it is about depopulation in general. At least not for now!
        Africa is set to be the continent with an explosion of the population, and very few have been jabbed (leaving aside why there would be a cold virus outbreak on the African continent in the first place).
        So far it’s hitting mostly the Western world, here foremost North America, Europe and OZ.
        China, India and surrounding countries account for half the world’s population. The above mentioned regions have what, 1 billion people, combined?
        I’m sure that once the rich nations have paid for their poison, other regions could follow, but since the 3rd world nations don’t have the money to pay for the “vaccines”, they will more likely face “natural disasters” and food shortges caused by “climate change”!.

      • If you posted that comment on Fake Book, you would have been vilified and called rude names before finally having the Fact Blockers remove your message!

    • Shirley….exactly….’the trials continue until May 2023…UK seems to be easing back (l think)..but fear….the damage is done….

  9. Lisa, you say Jesus is our only hope…I disagree. We are our only hope, the ones that see this for what it is…now is the time for all to get up and shout so fucking loud that the heavens shake and justice prevail. Send these monsters into the he’ll that they truly and justly deserve. Stand tall, stand free and stand together ❤

    • We need to prat for justice for these senseless deaths. The bioweapon changes your DNA which is worse than death. The second coming of Jesus Christ is coming soon. The mark of the beast is being implemented. Get right with the Lord the Almighty God before it’s too late.

  10. I couldn’t see it initially but when I turned my phone to landscape it was easily visible.

  11. Wow…even though I’ve seen that Fauci interview before it still sends shivers down my spine how cold and calculated this man is, he has absolutely no problem whatsoever openly admitting the public are the lab rats, the clock is now ticking and time will reveal the results. I have no sympathy anymore for the adults affected by this jab as we warned them time and time again to hold the line and say NO , the children are the innocent victims of their parents ignorance. The fallout from this is going to be on a biblical scale never seen before. I’m not a religious man but it might be a good time to start.

    • Yes Ginger
      that gezza is spin chilling for sure.

      This is the time for good people to stick by one another
      as we may need each other more than realised , who knows.

      as it’s become very clear that the decision theses people took by taking this madness
      Has now resulted in this sad & distressing reaction of hearing that
      Young people are
      dropping like this, healthy to,

      It’s time people Stay aware & awake now.
      No comply .
      will be my decision & I won’t ever change that.
      My body, My choice!

      Take care Ginger

    • your eyes are being opened by the Most High it seems bro.

  12. You’re not wrong but you can always pause the video to read the text. The main thing is that no one seems to report the proper medical diagnosis and what caused it. If I was a 25 year athlete that had his career cut short by a heart problem I would damn well want to know what the exact reason was!!

  13. I can’t stand!to listen to that evil entity Fauci!he’s smirking at people dying!nobody else showing this except Hugo! thanks Hugo!👍

  14. NEVER FORGET THIS. A freedom of information request (FOI) to the ONS (Office of National Statistics) resulted in the answer to the question, ‘How many people under the age of 24 have to date (DEC 2021) died FROM Covid-19?’
    The answer ZERO.
    This has been calculated democide on a scale unimaginable. When the sheep realise it will probably be just like the failing fiat currencies, far too late. I have no idea how this is going to pan out, but I already personally know of a nineteen year old who died from an aggressive cancer (he was dead within a week of diagnosis). A 73 year old student who has just had a stroke. Two women in their sixties (both friends and triple jabbed), one who has been diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and the other with an auto-immune / vascular condition. I know two gentlemen in their early 70’s who have had DVTs following the first vaccination. The thing is, I don’t have many friends or relatives, so to come across such injury does not bode well going forward.

    • Al, I have sadly seen similar.

      I’ve been in same job many years and other than a few cancer cases, never been any other major health issues for my work colleagues. In 2021 from April there has been 2 strokes, 1 heart attack, 1 Bells Palsy, 1 death from cancer, albeit it from in remission, and 2 new cancer diagnosis.

      Coincidence doesn’t prove anything but it’s often the starting point to finding the truth!
      Hope you and you loved ones stay safe and well and I sincerely hope this doesn’t turn out as badly as its looking, but I’ve a bad feeling where we are heading.

  15. This very hard-hitting video stands a chance in changing the brain-washed people into realising THEY are at risk of joining the dead but I have suspected for a long time there is some component within those jabs that is now controlling the thoughts of those who have had this so called vacceen. it is going to be a prolponged battle to make them believe the truth but well done for such a good wake up call.

    • “Controlling their thoughts”? That wouldn’t take too much in the case of most, because you have to be pretty brainwashed to get vaccinated in the first place! But, yes, it wouldn’t surprise me one jot if there was something added to enhance this desire to comply and not question.

  16. at minute 08:11, the report says that Cillian Boyle “died suddenly” which nowadays usually means by suicide so i would double check that one before including it. Maybe i am wrong but “died suddenly” these days means suicide.

  17. Make no mistake : not only nobody will go to jail for that, but they WILL eventually make the jab mandatory.

    • If it’s true that Fauci ran an Ebola medication trial in Africa involving Remdesivir, which killed over 50% of the participants (kidney failure), and that he then recommended to use it for treatment of suspected “Covid” cases, he should have been jailed long time ago.
      That fact that he wasn’t should make it clear he is not only part of this scam (and making tons of money out of it), but that he is protected by the cabal running this shit show.
      So yes, nobody of the cabal and their helpers will go to jail. On the contrary, the governments along with social media giants will make sure the critics will be censored/ silenced.

    • Amber….l think you will find yourself in the minority on this ‘site’…history books have ‘the truth’…the ‘cunning elite’..over the ‘people’…check out the ‘Rise and subsequent demise of Rumania’s Nicoli Ceausescu (can’t spell it)…under his murderous regime..not only did he destroy 25% off the old capitol city…and 60,000 peoples lives in 1989..he build the biggest castle in the world at that time….people had had enough of the ‘tyrant’…brought him and his wife to ‘trial’..found them guilty….were executed the same day…..this is what will happen soon with our ‘modern day tyrants’…

  18. I wonder how many got reported on the yellow card reporting system or VAERS oranother Countries reporting system if they couldn’t find a doctor to associate the problems to the vakzines the family should report. this is being ignored by the authorities!

  19. And most of these athletes are also on the payouts to recommend the jab…

    • I can’t stick Fauci but if you can make it through to minute 14:00 (tough given the content) he is actually speaking common sense – presumably this is from some time in 2020. How could he have said all this and then just charged ahead with ‘vaccinate everyone’ which is completely counter to the cautious approach he was recommending? (rhetorical question since we know the answer). It’s unbelievable.


  21. Its sickening they have all them hearts on the nhs wall of people that died of “covid” when only 17,000 died and was of a diagnoses of suspicion or suspect..

    • I’m sure the medical profession know this…thats why very few are jabbed….they see it all the time..on Admission Wards…in NHS…

  22. But but but, fact checkers say its not linked to the jab!

  23. Will people take note when they start dropping in the streets? I’ve seen just the one: an elderly lady in the town centre where I live.

  24. Do you think, when they planned all this, that they would be killing the fittest and the best? The people who are at the peak of their game along with the unhealthiest who sat through all this, ate more, drank more and took their own lives? I will never forget or forgive them.

    • If they didn’t plan it they would stop after a first death occurred.

      Must listen to Dr Andreas Noack video presentation (on Bitchute) in which he explains, before his tragic and questionable death, the graphene hyroxide nano razors in the jab and what they do once in bloodstream. It is chilling. Could explain why all these people are dying when under under high intensity training. Dr Noack was one of a kind and indeed the only highest ranking expert in that field. He knew what he was talking about.

      • yh it seems those whos blood circulates round their bodies best ie the physically fittest are suffering the most as the jab poison is moving at a faster rate through the system. the heart gives out. thats what im seeing.

  25. Nicola sturgeon has announced today that she wants every door in every school in Scotland to have the bottom cut off to improve ventilation🤦🏼…that’s it I’m done😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Doing that must be against fire regulations even in the looney-bin that is Sturgeon’s Scotland.

    • In England they’re telling you to open the windows to let Convid OUT….. obviously, the old Con-or-a-virus isn’t clever enough to fly IN through the same open window!! 😂😂😂😂…. It really is Clown World!! 🤡

    • but wont the covid monster crawl under the door easier now hhhhaaaaaa

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    • When you have to scroll down the page for over 3 minutes as you scan through the names of these young, fit, formerly-healthy athletes, it focuses your mind on how many have suffered. I would guess that less than 2% of these would have caught Convid Cold and of those 2% , hardly ANY would have been really ill. When are the Nuremburg 2 trials starting???!!!!!

    • Utterly saddened by the loss of so many young fit people….Im presuming after a ‘jab…does anyone know what the ‘policy of the Club’s’ are???..

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