Clown World Has Become DANGEROUS All Of A SUDDEN! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • So what the government media is saying, is that government mandated vaccines are safe with no myocarditis as a side effect but getting a heart attack doing mild exercise is the new normal.

      • Its fvcking crazy , all of it. I suffer with a heart problem and this is all bollocks all of it.

  1. They are coming thick and fast now, I’m sure with many more lame coverups like these soon even the doziest of sheeple will have to see it🤡🤡

    • Dont you believe it…. the sheep MAY see the light, but do you think that they will stop queuing for their clot-shot if they had an ‘invite’ from their lovely doctor ( who gets paid more for giving the jib-jabs)?

      • Exactly…1st jab52.2 million
        2nd jab 48. Million
        3rd jab million
        TOTAL 132.2 million
        @£15 per ‘pop
        Population UK 87.3 million
        Read what you will into stats…

  2. Well there you go…it isn’t the poison that they are injecting into them after all

      • David, don’t be silly the media never want anyone to connect the two.

  3. Fucking ace…
    I really am shocked as to how gullible the UK public really is
    I am a cripple, I have nurses visiting twice a week to change a dressing on a foot wound… I have told them I’m not vaxxed… and I get the impression that the nurses are not happy with this vax, a couple of them have told me they are not vaxxed…
    I just wish that the friends and family I repost this to pays attention… but sadly, I think not

    • Your friends and family DARE NOT watch your links because they will then realise that they’ve been fooled, probably like you have told them already. Hey! And we Purebloods are ‘Vaccine Free’! We are not UNvaxxed etc, Vaccine Free is a far more polite statement. Stay Sane, Stay Strong. 💪

      • Hiya Viddy. Just a thought – the elite have to keep some pure bloods in case they need operations and blood. They won’t want the killer shot blood in their veins. They will need the purebloods to procreate too – for their own offspring. So we are the cattle for when harvesting is needed.

      • I may go and catch Ebola on purpose if they threaten that!! Or …have some fun while I’m at it and catch a STD, instead!! 😱😎😎😱

      • LMAO!!! Good one! Being a useless eater myself, I don’t think they’ll want anything of mine, blood perhaps. I think I’ll just hit the alcyfrol and pickle the liver – nobody wants jaundiced blood, I’ll just kick the bucket merrily. I’ve been an Oompa Loompa once – gallbladder now gone, shame the orange face was funny, I just lacked the purple rinse.

      • Hi ya
        Omg u & Vidman have just had me tears lol

        I hope you both doing Fabulous

        All the best now

      • All hunky dory here – if I don’t think of things too much! Hope you’ve been fine too. I think you were with your mum?

      • Yes I had a amazing few days with her thank you Kelly bless you

        I the same.. it’s day by day now
        Does me just fine x

        Great to hear you ok I hope your son doing ok to.

        Sending hugs Kelly x

      • Aw thank you Janie. Yes, the boy is back and we are moving him into his new home this weekend. He’s as happy as Larry – and well, pretty much infectious, which is the best kind to have! Visited my mum too, so she’s happy.
        Glad you had a great time at your mum’s as well. Lifts the spirits doesn’t it and we need that so much nowadays! 😀 xxx

      • Good morning Kelly

        Good Luck to your son this weekend moving
        It all works itself out in the end as saying goes lol

        I hope the move goes well & great to hear you see your mum x
        yes anything is good when ‘lifting your spirits up’
        for sure!

        Have great weekend Kelly
        All the best now

      • Well it isn’t raining – yet! LOL!
        Have a good weekend too Janie, much hugs xxx

  4. PMSL, fucking unreal, 70% of the Muppets in this country will probably buy this bollocks

  5. Just decided to trade my Vax for a Henry, apparently they don’t try and kill you when doing the housework…

  6. Oh dear, that was funny. I’m going to be able to have all the fun then. Roller coasters anyone or are they likely to cause cardiovascular death and be shut down!
    We’ll soon have the place to ourselves. Party BBQ here then! Bojo, Gollum and the others are not invited.

  7. Jesus wept! Appears to me the narrative being prepared for the excuses for so many expected heart attacks. 😢

  8. Guess they need to give an explanation of heart attacks by injection since the rollout. MADNESS

  9. So many sad twats who listen to every word the main stream will believe all of this.
    So sad.

  10. Just wait till the people that stupidly took the Jabs, or gave their own children the jab find out the truth, that the jabs caused and will continue to cause deaths. They will want blood, and anyone complicit with the jab rollout, be it the government, doctors, nurses, schools, councils, MP’s. God help them…..

    • Karen, we would assume that but in reality….
      The media has got it covered as always!
      They’ll just spin some BS and everyone will buy it…. well..Nearly everyone

  11. Roll up Roll up the circus is in town. What is it you say Hugo “It’s all an illusion” hence why I don’t read newspaper, and cannot watch TV or anything on MSM anymore.

  12. I agree with the comments. If it were not so ridiculous it would be funny. I would add one word of caution though. I think the medic may have a point about worrying about heating bills. Hypothermia is a very real risk to many elderly and those on low incomes who may have to choose between heat or eat.

  13. Heartbeat why do you miss when my baby kisses me?

    ‘Cos you’ve been triple jabbed with a mRNA computer sequenced gene therapy, that’s never been approved for use on humans …TWAT!

    • Clever…. very clever comment! Oh Boy! Do they not know that we will Not Fade Away We’ll be here Everyday, but Maybe Baby, it’ll end soon. That’ll be The Day ! 😉

      • It’s too late for them, it doesn’t matter anymore.

      • Pete!! I’ve asked them to Listen to Me, Everyday….but, it’ll end in a Valley of Tears, I fear. 🤭😉

  14. Getting people ready for the deaths to come due to the jab. Look at all the reasons there are. Never the killer jab. Oh, by the way, don’t have sex. Could kill ya.

    • Barb, it’s mainly targeted at men… And probably they ones that had the Pfizer as it causes heart issues.

      So if you didn’t have any jabs then you can have as much as you can get I suppose!

  15. That explains all the heart issues since jab started. Here was me thinking it was the jab and it was just horny buggers all along

  16. When all these fools start dying, they can blame it on changing the clocks by an hour instead of vaccines. Brilliant. And they just gobble this up

  17. So basically what they’re saying is that normal living is dangerous for life? By living you risk losing your life? 😂😂😂😂 I don’t know if this is a coverup as suggested but I do know it is fear porn. Since the begining of the pandemic they seem to have one goal in mind: keep normal people trapped inside their homes and transform them into a lazy vegetable.

  18. I am 100% sure that the quoted studies say something else or even the exact opposite of what the news articles claim.

  19. When will the world wake up this circus. But the old saying if you tell a lie big enough it becomes believable.

  20. Brilliant Hugo!

    ‘Hey people… it’s come to Every Crazy town like yours’

    World has gone nuts lol

    • The extent they go to! Is this really real?! Do they really think people are idiots!! I said it before but I honestly feel someone is laughing at Humanity!! But in all honesty there are lot of sheep out there who will buy this crap.

      However, I wanted to mention something that disturbed me beyond anything imaginable. Maybe a topic for Hugo. But this truly is a sick world this lovely planet is being made into by the psychos and there is no doubt that the Agenda is focused on harming our youngest and dearest in society- our kids! The person in question is a evil they call a professor of philosophy Stephen Kershnar whose video went public discussing the child sexual consent age. It is all over media and understandably caused major uproar. But what shocked me the most is videos on YT where “people” are discussing about this. Discussing his statement. Wth!!! Freedom of speach hey! They have a right to it.

      As disturbing as it sounds they are by the look of it trying to ‘normalise’ pedophilia. I believe that these is no coincidence this psycho came out with these statements. He is just a pawn and testing ground for way bigger agenda that those psychopaths are pushing. Seriously, the world we lived in was just an illusion. The truth is we really live with seriously sick people around. I urge everyone to find the news re this and react. I reported couple of YT channels for discussing his comments. Small step and probably insignificant but at least something. Humanity (and not everyone is human) is under attack from every corner. I am trying to stay positive but God knows what this world will turn into unless people seriosly wake up. Just like Dr Reiner Fuellmich says we have been asleep for way too long and are now surrounded by psychopaths in very high places and positions.

      • Yes, you are right, and we have to take our power back.

      • Hi Saaaaaa

        They are Not right for sure
        Sick AF!!!!

        Makes my stomach turn

      • Have you seen the documentary The Kinsey syndrome. This maybe something hugo may want to look at as well. This is a documentary about Alfred Kinsey and his institution he was known as the father of the sexual revolution he did studies on the sexual behaviour of people in America his studies were scientifically flawed and showed among other things that apparently children including babies have orgasms see the infamous table 34 in one of his books. This scum bag was helping to normalise pedophilia and this wasn’t long after world war 2. The documentary can be seen on youtube here

        This is the sort of so called “science” the evil elites follow.

  21. Perfect background music and finishing clip with the clown. I shared the hell out of this video again. Thanks Hugo!

  22. They’ll say anything to avoid telling the truth. The question is this: can they tell the truth without their whole system collapsing under them?

  23. It gets more sinister but this video is a perfect example of why you cannot trust any mainstream media outlet. The false information is at it’s highest level ever.

    • Look at that Lorraine Kelly lol you can see by her stupid face she nos it’s all lies. I can’t handle that stupid cow. She’s only managed to stay all these years on this crap morning thing is because her old man is behind the scenes high up . Keep the faith hold the line , these people are as thick as crap. I’m so fvcking sick of it all now. Stop testing this cegos away . How can you be scared of a cold. What ever happened to fvcking pneumonia? Wow just disappeared. It spreads like wild 🔥 in hospitals and oap homes. They also have a hab for that apparently. It’s surposed to be life long. It’s not it lasts 5 years . A pharmacist told me that. My gp told me the pneumonia jab was life long ? I was told all this I 2019. All liers these doctors. I’m surpised to be going to hospital in a couple of weeks. I’m not going I can’t handle the bollocks. Was in hospital over Xmas 2020. The nurses were pushing me to be tested I refused . I was told I would kill my family ? I could be a spreader. That was then. All crap. I will lose my rag if I’m told to do anything regarding this bollocks of lies. Ffs how can these people actually not no its lies by now ?

  24. yep all these sports stars in a picture of health ,must be collapsing because they have altered their alarm

  25. Clearly, if you are stupid enough, or just unfortunate enough, to have been jabbed, double-jabbed or triple-jabbed strenuous exercise should be avoided. If you’re quadruple-jabbed and still alive, best just avoid exercise altogether.

    • We’ve had a whatsapp message from a friend in our group of 7 people. One chap has been tested and he’s got the convid cold. Who would have thought that you could get a cold in the middle of Winter! 2 days later and he’s saying his wife now has it and one of the other fully-paid-up sheep in the group said, ” Oh no! How is she doing?”… FFS! Without asking that question I could answer with some certainty…’ she’s ok, got a headache and a runny nose’…. this year ( and last ) a cold is called Convid! Whilst these Zombies keep taking the silly tests , the elite will keep raking-in the cash and keep the gravy train rolling on. Why cant the normies see the obvious BS that these tests are?? I ask, ‘why did you have a test?’. ”Because i work for the NHS”, was one answer! FFS!!! I’m done! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone…. it’s fcuking tough, I know!

      • My mum has a cold. Apparently. She’s been eagerly awaiting her 4th health destroyer. The 3rd gave her a cold too. I don’t think she’s tested, unless my dearest ratbag brother has done it (and a good excuse for him to stay away because he doesn’t want to be ill *rolls eyes), so for the time being it is self diagnosed without the help of a stupid swab.
        I do like your exasperated response to the stupidity Viddy! I tend to let my friends go ooh ahh to their hearts delight and ignore them. Except for one where she posted a photo of a test with a faint line for the cursed con. She wanted opinions. I said if her daughter felt well, had no sniffles or symptoms then she was healthy. Another friend who’s spouse is a nurse said, if it is faint it is positive and she must stay at home. Friend took daughter to a drive through and it was deemed negative. Well, as I was said – she’s healthy! Booyah, told ’em so!

      • 4th health destroyer !!
        See your comedy gold Kelly
        Hahaha lol
        sorry but it’s made me smile x

      • Both of the ‘infected’ ( 🙄 ) people have posted the picture of their positive text thingy. Being a Pureblood, I had no idea what the picture was of! So, I asked HIM if it showed that he was pregnant, AGAIN! lol

      • Good morning Viddy – and first guffaw for the day – pregnancy test – priceless! I’d not seen one before a friend asked for advice and posted a photo recently. My verdict was correct funnily. But then backing it up by a drive through could have gone either way, knowing how hit and miss they are with guessing. I said if her daughter didn’t have symptoms of any illness and felt fine she was healthy!
        My mum now has a bad cough. I hope she pulls through but they could whisk her away at any time – good job I popped in and saw her before she was ill. Then again being one of the nutters I probably gave her the imaginary bugs as I’m a super spreader. That is how I anticipate my brother’s reaction and then obviously be a mother killer. So yeah, hoping she recovers before I get the blame!

      • Yup! I’m nodding in agreement! Last week, I did say to my wife that all our sheep friends must be really P’d off knowing that me, a Vaccine Free super spreader has been perfectly healthy throughout the whole of the past 2 yrs and that they, the jabbed-up sheep, have had colds and Convid on a regular basis! lol! But! This morning I’ve decided to look upon these poor souls as I would any older person whose been scammed. If my neighbour had been scammed by a doorstep conman, I wouldn’t laugh and ridicule, I’d be sympathetic. The sheep have been scammed by a charlatan, a conman by nature, Doris Johnson, and they really should be looked after and sympathised with as they’ve been duped. So try not to laugh at them, try not to be angry by their stupidity but just imagine their annoyance coz they’ve been fooled AND probably have got Convid as well! 🙄😷…. Show some sympathy. Not everyone is as clever as we Free Thinkers and Purebloods. 😎👍😎👍😎👍😎👍😎

      • Totally agree Viddy – I say nothing to anyone, but if they ask advice I give them my opinion and if they don’t like it, that’s their prerogative. Swallowed the dictionary – oops! Yup, a massive con by those who should be disposed of. Just waiting for the first to drop. Mum said she found her Olbas oil, but had a bit of a rough night. She’s using her tablet thingy so she’s OK in that respect and she said the sun is out there so happy enough, but regardless of what she’s done, it still worries me that she will be taken before her time. Then there’s the rest of them. Will be a quiet life for me eventually – if I’m not taken away to be disposed of first! But mustn’t think like that. Fight for our right to partyyyyyyy!

      • Thank you Janie, very kind girly you are.

      • Yes indeed.. We must
        Stay strong with positive thoughts best We can.

        They just want moody zombies walking about!

      • Thats what I keep thinking. If these fucking stupid false positive tests stopped. The convid would. What ever happened to pneumonia ? Just disappeared into thin air. I’m so sick of these fvcking stupid people. What is there afaird of ? Death lol. Anyway 1 thing I have noticed with people that have had the poison, they are losing weight at a fast pace. It’s not a healthy weight loss either. They look ill. I thought I was just imaging it but it’s in my face now. If anyone else has noticed this please let me no. I mean it’s not a good thing is it rapid weight loss like that. Iv been seeing it so much now. They don’t look healthy either. X

      • No, it isn’t just you, I see my husband looks gaunt, as does his sister and my mum. His mother has always looked horrid to me, but then that’s because she’s a horrid person. The youngsters not so much.

  26. Crazy! If people believe that they will believe anything.
    We have been shovelling snow for years and never heard of anyone having a heart attack. Any excuse to cover up the real reason for these heart attacks.
    This just gets worse and worse.
    At least most of us can see through it.

    • That’s right the experimental jab leaves it’s mark on the chromosome string and cannot be removed so the effect sits in the background waiting for the point in time it is set to go off – a combination of sniffing the pathogen and physical exertion is all it takes and is only a rare event when it cannot be counted. notice the people who pushed this are jumping ship like rats in the bowels and that includes THE LEADER who has constructed his departure that is imminent. Whitty, Vallance, Van Tam gone.

      • Jeez…that bad….as a Mother of 2 successful children….who HAD to take the jab…(One in in MRI)..lm so worried…cant say anything….the ‘DAMAGE IS DONE’ 😣…everyone around so so compliant…

      • Same here – every single one of my family and friends. It’s very difficult to know when the first will drop. It kept me up at nights but the only thing you can do is ignore that giant elephant in the room and make the most of them while they are here. My daughter no longer speaks to me and took the shot because I am crazy. That’s her choice. She has a long track record of not speaking to us, even her husband, so rather toxic anyway.
        You are not alone, much hugs to you. xxx

      • You say that your offspring HAD to have the clot-shots, well my mum in law is due to have an eye operation on Wednesday. She is booked in for a useless/completely waste of time Convid Test on Monday to ensure she hasnt got a cold before going in the hospital. My question is…… what happens if anyone says NO!!! Your offspring, my mum in law, anyone actually, who has a hospital appointment, How can the ‘caring’ NHS refuse to treat you if you have not had a jab that doesnt stop you getting a cold and doesnt stop you passing it on IF you actually catch a cold. Has anyone toughed-it out and what happens etc?

      • John O’Looney, the undertaker in Milton Keynes, refused when he was taken in. Even though very ill, they reluctantly shoved him in a ward. He was visited by someone from Oxford, somewhere or other, to try and get him to test some other drugs. He refused. They didn’t like it, and I don’t think they were very kind and kept pushing. He ended up discharging himself even though not fully recovered. He did do a video to say what happened and I think needs time away from the cameras, I can’t say I blame him.
        So I guess a few and end up being shoved on the convid wards and to be honest, I’d be very scared to call the NHS for an emergency now. They just want to give you medazolam (killer) and opiates – so you don’t know what planet you are on and notice they are killing you.

      • Great comment Kelly
        And the last bit..
        as chilling as it is
        It’s is the TRUTH

        Someone i heard from this week had an elderly parent pass out , called an ambulance but they couldn’t get one there for over a hour!
        Baring in mind this elderly person has fallen & did pass out
        to have to be frantically bought round by the family member
        as no paramedic could get there,
        & the family member who Luckily enough happened to be there that day bought them round
        till ambulance arrived.
        Then after waiting over 2 hours for a ambulance apparently.

        They – the family have now Not yet been allowed, Any of them to see this relative
        Also all theses people I speak off
        are fully injected but still not been allowed to go to visit?!
        And apparently the situation is so overwhelming,
        it was upsetting me hearing it!
        But I only lost my Beautiful Gran before December & they drugged her up , never let us see her till we fought hard to get her home to be able to least die with Us
        It was horrible
        she was alive, talking, smiling as she always did sitting next to me
        & dead within two weeks of being under nhs
        before us getting her home!

        Your right Kelly they just drug theses poor souls up & it’s DISGUSTING

        Sorry I bit mad
        I still raw by my passing of my grandmother under theses power people & this Insanity still going on!

        Lots hugs Kelly
        Hopefully your son settled in well x

      • I feel for the sad loss of your grandparent… and this nonsense has been played out for the past 2 yrs. It is, as you say, disgusting! Let’s not forget that these NHS staff who follow these silly rules and deny you the right of comforting your family member, these are the same staff who were whining and whinging and asking US for support due to the threat of losing their jobs in April. A few people will call that ‘karma’. As it happens, it appears that the threat has subsided, but it has NOT gone away. Nurses will have the Convid Jabs written into their employment contract ASAP…. watch this space.

      • Thank you Vidman x

        I agree the staff should take more stand in situations as the elderly I do agree
        I am 50 but I respect my elders
        And it’s no fun getting older!
        And having your last year’s in fear & being alone to die is Disgusting!
        I would lose my job if I worked there!
        I couldn’t bare to watch such suffering from the patients & family!
        Vidman also theses people I mentioned this week
        could not even contact AE after admission from ambulance???
        In fact because I have kept in touch they said it’s been a nightmare trying reach anyone on a phone to see how this elderly person is doing?!

        Thank you again for your kind words x
        Take care
        Keep strong thoughts now x

      • Thank you Janie – I haven’t had a “rescue me” call, so I think he’s fine. He has his x-box so must be happy! LOL!
        You are allowed to feel raw, you are still going through a grieving process. I don’t think anyone really gets over a loved one, but an acceptance creeps in and mostly you can reminisce without choking up. She says as someone mentioned my father with a lovely comment and it took me by surprise, so head in hands to hide the tears. That was 12 years ago! You have only had a couple of months to deal with a loss – under awful circumstances. It is quite shocking really that the health service that we pay for is no good. I’d say that is fraud too – getting our money by tax but we get nada, just stress and heartache (well, not the shots sort, but that should be included) and quite understandable that you are seething – assuming that you meant that when you said mad, I took it as angry. On the other hand if you are mad then join my club for the insane, tin foil hats optional.
        Much love and keep your chin up – unless it is raining!

      • Morning Kelly
        What a beautiful comment thank you so much x

        Yes it is why I mad my darling
        It was so sudden & they even TRIED putting her dear name down as one to their numbers!! & that caused us 2 months to get her death certificate written by what she died of – Not what they wanted to write her off as!!
        So two times cutting her open apparently & then we had to Wait till they released her body over two months later!
        It was traumatic I not going lie
        but she wouldn’t want me sad now
        She would be so Proud i & family fought to NOT allow her end to be of the way They wanted it
        the Slags they are.
        Sorry for my language
        But that’s Feck all to what I want to say out loud lol x

        Your son will be great he has Amazing parents x
        And his x-box bless him your funny lol x

        Have great Sunday
        I really appreciate your kind comments thank you so much
        Much love to Kelly
        And LOADS of hugs x

      • So sorry to hear about your Gran, Janie! That’s heartbreaking! X

      • Hey Gina how u?? X
        Thank you darling
        It’s ok
        I know she is with me Always x & she be proud of me
        for me Standing for my Rights & freedom
        with All you lady’s & Gentleman & Hugo of course.

        Thank you again Gina I hope you keeping good & kids ok x
        Take care enjoy your Sunday x

    • Didn’t you notice all the dead snow shoveling ski instructor on the school ski trips- bodies everywhere in Switzerland

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