PUPPET TRUDEAU Responds To Truckers / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Big solar storm supposed to hit hard in hours is this the fake storm that creates the deaths? Or just more prep work? People are waking up fast need a new FEAR to distract, Ukraine isn’t looking likely, a!though a chat with boris might push Putin over the edge, ffs can’t do what that twat wants, Go Go Go!

    Find out soon!

    • You can tell by the look on his face that he is rattled and the way he is insulting his own citizens proves that further despite it being obvious how much of a limp wristed puppet he is and has ALWAYS been! It won’t be long before time catches up to him and he runs out of hiding places… The people have spoken ✊🏻🖕🏻

    • Was told the worst is 5G being turned up to max…and told thats why the chinese was dropping in the streets 2 years back…no idea if that was true?

      • No one was dropping in the streets in China. If you watch those videos you will see the same 2-3 people dropping on the streets in all of them. 1 person did collapse but it was a very old video of someone havin a heart attack and the others were straight out fake, actors playing a role. The media used those footage to scare people into thinking you get covid you drop dead in the streets. The same fakery they did with dolphins in Venice, uaing the same photo from an Italian hospital in everysingle country but saying it’s from a local hospital. And so on

      • Falling over in the street and dying hoax, videos cut off to soon, ie before they got back up and pixalated so you couldn’t see they where drunks.

        Lockdown was entirely to get everyone stuck at home worrying watching the news and terrorising them to death.

      • That’s a very good point. The Lockdowns WERE to get everyone watching MSM for their daily fear-porn fix…..and the ones who doubted what was happening were given the Furlough bribe. That shut em up! 🙄

      • I’d already spotted the BS, they where posting a 4.6% death rate over all to scare all, based on Hospitalised Case Rate, not over all!

        Then after everyone had had it and nobody I knew of had even been bad let alone died, they where claiming only 6% had had Convid, so if let to spread it would be 18x’s ish more deaths.

        Then, Convid changed it’s well everything, incubation time, symptoms and colds and flu’s vanished LOL and the sheep bought it.

        Most of the people having it bad, actually had a bacterial infection and therefore where miss treated, antibiotics would of fixed up most.

  2. Something is coming, it has to in order to keep the charade going. Since they’re aiming for climate change or war it’ll either be some “natural disaster” on a grand scale, or a “terrorist attack” by “Russian agents”. Maybe the deep state will whack Biden to cause conflict, thereby solving 2 problems at once – cause a war and get rid of the old fool at the same time.

    • Very much zapped out there will be anything to do with Russia it’s Klaus Schwab’s great reset forth industrial revolution.fightback against this dictatorship

  3. Trudeau, you Muggy, Hateful, Spineless little C**t; all your lies will succeed in doing is increasing the resolve of that “small fringe minority” who want you gone. #wrongsideofhistory you tosser.

  4. Oh dear, he has let the Cat out of the Bag now hasn’t he , who mentioned Microchips in the Protests?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Already this one payment system is being organised…
    People are in for a nasty shock if they think this is over or about some “pandemic”….
    In the uk the actual deaths of 17,000 was just under suspicion or suspect anyway…
    Thats without the swabs that never tested for infection or sickness…
    Bearing in mind they could not actually diagnose SARS 2 as it was never contained or tested in the first place..

  6. Justin talking about violence by supposed anti- vaxxers,what about the assualt by vaccine on the people of Canada and the world,by these fake democracies,billions of people poisoned and maimed by the jab.you couldn’t make it up,the hypocrisy of it al.

  7. ” The current narrative of biological crisis is failing spectacularly. The public’s awareness of this failure is divided, but the constantly changing narrative is too self-contradictory to redeem. Soon the excess burden of death and disease will be too great to hide effectively. [ii] [iii] ” “The future cannot be known, but one thing seems certain. The snake cannot afford to give up. If key players are exposed and neutralized at this late stage the consequences’ to them will be terrible. We must consider every known possibility and be mindful that some tricks that we have not considered may be deployed. As the security of these conspirators grows more perilous, the potential for desperate, destructive maneuvers will increase.” https://markgresham.substack.com/p/do-you-remember-september-tenth-2001

    • Thank you Mark…l say ….a good Arabic saying….’cut the head off the snake!’…..sorted…

      • The rat is a waste of space …a useless user of oxygen!

        Keep on trucking in the free world …shame on you Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.

  8. The sheer audacity of this parasite to paint everyone connected or in favour of the truckers as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists is cause alone for him to be sacked, so you either follow the narrative now or your a conspiracy theorist??? WTF has happened to choice / free speech and differences of opinion?

    • Ginger, I personally don’t think sacking these muppets will be enough. They need removing from this earth forever. Any which way, take them out one by one and work our way to the very top!

  9. I love the picture. It DID say more than 1000 words. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

  10. Yes I read turning 5 g on the next protest on the people
    Good video has always thank u

  11. Hey Hugo!

    Remember, when I said it would be the wrong way to throw smartphones away, because they can be useful for us, too?

    What you think: a first smaller number of truckers decides to do something, they start their tour with several trucks and companions and FROM THE FIRST DAY there are lots of people along the roads to support, within days over 9 MILLION donations……..etc Thank you, social media!..;))

    We are beating this fools with their own tools, man!!!! They spy out our smart-phones? Shall they!!! Shall they know what’s coming over them!!!!

    Imagine the impact to see something coming, rolling over you, and being not able to do something against it. This will be a painful lesson for them.

    And they deserve it!!!!

    • I agree smart phones can be useful, but when I posted the other day about a command I received from the local surgery, I forgot to mention that right at the end of the message, it said: ‘You will need a smart phone’. So, is this the future for the NHS? No smart phone – no treatment. I will have to go away and die quietly.

      • grouchoone1195 That’s the general idea, hence once the morons are all jabbed up, they’re not interested in treating those suffering from the side effects. This is most likely because they’re not treatable.

  12. When are these toerags going to be torn down? Up the truckers.

  13. Not just the jabbed who are brainwashed! this isn’t him nor all the other monsters and Biden went ages ago! They’ve all gone this is all an illusion to try and wake the sheeples up!

  14. Is that even him? Looks like he’s a it puffed out to me.. Sounds nervous. Jittery.

  15. I listened to his speech in full.
    He also said this “I want to be very clear. We are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse small business workers. And steal food from the homeless. We won`t give in to those who fly racist flags.”

    There was a rumour mentioned on the live streams covering Ottawa that someone had been waving a swastika flag. But of course no-one had seen anyone. Probably because it never happened. There is so much free food and drink being handed out by both the truckers and small businesses in Ottawa that it is quite literally falling off the back of lorry`s. They do have a supply problem though for fuel to keep the rigs warm at night.

      • Thank you for the link. I agree , it is probably a plant.

      • I’m pretty sure we the common working people will have shoved that swastika somewhere painful and out of sight, non-violently of course. Its revealing because the enemy use Stalins Frankfurt School list of ways to subvert the West, in this case specifically accusing us of their own wrongdoings by flying that flag. They are of the left, the very far left Nazi’s, aka Hitler’s NATIONAList SOCIALIST PARTY. They all begin as Socalists. They all end up as tyrants.

      • Don’t believe everything you see on a TV screen (or live for that matter). I mean, two passenger aircraft supposedly crashed into the Twin Towers, and one into the Pentagon? Really?

      • @Fred Actually I can personally vouch for the fact that the 9/11 event was real. Because I was there on the ground at ground zero when the towers collapsed with dust and debris all around. Minutes before I saw a passenger plane hit the side of the world trade centre hundreds of feet above. I felt the heat , I choked on the dust and I saw the shear panic and terror as people ran. Let me clarify. I am actually a clairvoyant. Like billions around the world I witnessed that terrible day on TV here in the UK. Many people who have the gift like me say they had a premonition about 9/11. As far as I know I am the only person in the world who saw it happen 3 weeks before it was supposed to ie. In August 2001 not September. It later turned out that they had in fact planned it for 3 weeks earlier. I saw it in summer 2001 and I saw the date on the corner of one of the buildings. If you have gone stone cold reading this imagine how I feel when I see things.


      • Tanya Louise No way did you see a plane – you THOUGHT you saw a plane, but it was a missile, possibly cloaked to look like a plane (cloaking is a scientific or techno reality). Plus no jet airliner can fly at that velocity, that close to the ground, for it would have disintegrated in mid air and never reached the tower.

        Further to, the aircraft engine part discovered in the street at ground zero was identified, as a CFM56, and is the primary engine of the Boeing 737, not the Boeing 767 alleged to have struck the South Tower therefore they planted a section of an aircraft engine in the street in order to deceive.

      • @Tony Lovell

        “A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency. Our adopted term ‘Socialist’ has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not. Marxism places no value on the individual, or individual effort, or efficiency; true Socialism values the individual and encourages him in individual efficiency, at the same time holding that his interests as an individual must be in consonance with those of the community. All great inventions, discoveries, achievements were first the product of an individual brain. It is charged against me that I am against property, that I am an atheist. Both charges are false.”

        — Adolf Hitler, December 28, 1938

  16. I loved the meme at the beginning.. him saying “hello”, and immediately getting run over had me laughing out loud. Can’t wait to see more improvised funny memes with this clown🤡. I hear there could be an attck on the Whitehouse.. as its clearly empty, word is that its about to be exploded. Who knows, anything is possible in these desperate times for the pedo elites.

    • with any luck it wont be long before the clip of the truck running him over wont be just a meme. If anyone deserves to be run over it is Trudeau

    • Regarding the White House it’s no good doing it while its empty. Better to wait until Biden is there in residence again and then do the job. It would take a few months before anyone notices the difference, given the state of Biden most of the time

      • @Pete I think you’ll find that The Shite House is no longer occupied, hence the January 6th psy-op fake invasion. It’s just an empty theatre with stage props.

  17. A few tin-foil hat wearers? Is that the people he is appealing to? Pretty sure when someone opens an argument with insults, they are on the losing end. It’s called ad hominem. There is one thing worse than being a conspiracy theorist and that is being a conspirator.

  18. We should go on youtube and flag every video of Trudeau speaking as hate speech and misinformation ’cause he lied his ass off

  19. “Few people gathering” 🤣🤣 Wish the truck was real 🤣🤣 He makes my skin crawl 😤 Carry on truckers as you are all clearly having an impact for this joker to appear spewing out his lies! Sending love from England. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  20. It is no different with us in the Netherlands. Our Prime Minister, Rutte, is also a magician with words and a master at twisting the numbers. Yes, what do you want when you go to work with a bag from the WEF, you don’t just get that bag for that you have to do something for it.

  21. A few? There’s about 75000 trucks lining the roads and about 2 million people total what a fucking clown.

  22. He’s just shot himself in the foot again parroting then same message that got him in the trouble he now finds himself in. Leaders don’t hide but Tyrants do. His words have only added fuel to the fire which hopefully will engulf him in the coming months. God bless Canada 🇨🇦 Stay in the fight and that Tyrant will be at the end of a rope soon enough or will have to flee overseas.

    • @jchr12, Surely you’re not likening this spineless faggot, Commie POS to the honourable Adolf Hitler, twice decorated WW1 veteran, and hero of the German people.

      • not sure if Hitler can be referred to as a hero by most people! But yes you are correct, Trudeau and Hitler cannot be compared together, Hitler was liked by a few of his countrymen, Trudeau is hated by the entire population of Canada. Hitler had to shoot himself. There is a queue of millions of Canadians who would pull the trigger on Trudeau!

      • @Pete “Not sure if Hitler can be referred to as a hero by most people!” He was to the millions of Germans that he lifted out of starvation, poverty and unemployment under the Jewish controlled Weimar Republic. The rebuilding of Germany commencing in 1933. By 1938 they were the most affluent workers in the western world – whilst Brits and Yanks were standing in soup queues.

  23. was pointless wheeling himself out, he had nothing useful to say anyway, completely missing the point, he’s just buying time like the rest of the them, while there planning there next move, they work as one unit, they are the enemy, and dangerous to our tyranny, they seem to think they own us, I’ve never needed or wanted them, there like the school bully they never fuck off also, harass as well another one of there traits, like trudeau he’s ran off into hiding, used covid as a excuse, there insecure and try to drag us down to there level. just go’s to show we have the power, we always did, we just need to use it. and it will all be over

  24. Trudeau is a Traitor and a Liar. This isn’t even him. His face is swollen and he looks like he’s constipated. LOL Greetings to all in the UK!! Thanks Hugo. You are an inspiration and we love you!!! From Canada……. 🙂

    • Trudeau looks constipated on a daily basis every time he makes an appearance. All the best to everyone making a stand in Canada.

    • His face should be swollen from a beat down delivered by Canadian truckers.

  25. All those who were duped into taking those so called free money self employment grants 20/21 are now paying the piper with huge tax bills to pay and no businesses left to make money to pay it off, it’s been designed to destroy the economy and people have lined up for it.

    • Correct , Ginger. It’s all been planned with major, international companies being the only ones to prosper…..the little businesses have been thrown to the wolves. They want us all to need the Chinese Credit System to keep solvent.. you’ll own nothing and be happy, apparently!

  26. This man has been labelled as a paedophile on so many occasions from legitimate sources

    • maybe that is why the beeb treat him as their hero. The BBC are full of paedophiles

  27. Justin Fake-deau. There’s nothing “Tru” about this pantomime puppet actor, but truly disingenuous politics.

  28. In 1946, a “journalist” called Julius Streicher, was sentenced to death, because he spread hatred against jews in the Nazi regime. Seriously, I think a similar procedure should be considered for the so-called “journalists” that spread hatred against peaceful protesters. Here in Germany, a “journalist” recently campared children to rats for spreading the virus. Also the jews have been compared to rats.

  29. Jumping straight to the tin-foil hat insults and cherry-picking the most extreme theories to discredit – not addressing why the truckers are protesting at all. Classic attempt at a “smear campaign” against the protesters and anyone who shares their sentiments. Narcopath modus operandi : Intentionally tarnishing the reputation and undermining the credibility of their target in an effort to convince others to support the smear campaign, thereby neutralising anyone they consider a threat.
    Whilst diverting attention away from their own behaviour.

  30. Trudeau is probably the most hated person on the planet at the moment. So much so he doesn’t want to be seen in public and has gone into hiding. If anyone knows where Trudeau is hanging out they should post the address online so that the truckers can go there on masse. It would be good to see footage of him being run over for real

    • His half brother, Kyle Kemper, seems to think he is in Harrington Lake – Harrington Lake is the summer residence and all-season retreat of the prime minister of Canada, and also the name of the land which surrounds it. The farm that surrounded most of the lake was the property of Margaret and John Harrington. John could not farm the land and moved to the local town of Iron Sides. The family stayed on the farm for many years and eventually moved to old Ottawa. The property is located near Meech Lake—where the Meech Lake Accord was negotiated in 1987—approximately 35 kilometres northwest of Ottawa, in Gatineau Park, amidst the Gatineau Hills in Quebec. The property is not open to the public, but the Mackenzie King Estate, the retreat of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King at Kingsmere, is a tourist attraction located 2 kilometres south in the park.

    • 4chan has matched the shutters with his lakeside cottage under reno (8million) and have passed it on to the truckers…we are all enjoying the hope and acts of kindness.

    • Probably at his place inTofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

  31. The fact that he has to resort straight to calling the protesters tinfoil hat conspiracy and Nazi nuts means their is something he’s hiding from us that he thinks we don’t already know. It’s seems the British government are smarter than the Canadian government and are going about it in a much slower and more concealment way so to avoid this, although they been caught out playing buff with the mandatory fake vaccine for health workers. Seems different countries are testing which system works best.

  32. Off the subject, I know, but I looked at the Statista site yesterday: https://www.statista.com/statistics/281488/number-of-deaths-in-the-united-kingdom-uk/ When I looked about a year ago, the 2020 deaths for the UK were 696,000+, and now they are 689,000+. How can they go DOWN? Originally, I looked to make a point on a forum, but that was a waste of time! Perhaps someone on here can make sense. According to the site, all the figures are obtained from official sources (ONS etc). THEY would not make mistakes, would they?

  33. I honestly and excitedly believe the coverage of this truckers convoy in Ottowa is only helping to expose the corrupt nature of the whole Western World. On one side we witness how the fake MSM journalists broadcast dishonest story telling at the same time the other side are filming the truth; the many people live streaming in the heart of the demo. Not once have I seen any bigotry or racist attributes connected to this massive gathering of freedom loving people in Ottawa. I will add that I have watched about 50 “Live Streamed ” hours of the freedom protest … The longer the people in Ottawa can stand their ground for freedom the more people will “awaken” to the tyrannical mandates besieged upon us, and the jokers and faces from the ‘House of cards’ will tumble. We are seeing drips of back tracking already on the ‘Elitist Agenda’!

    It is also greatly heartening to hear that Reiner Fullemich and his team have been granted and will begin, on the 5th February, a “Grand Jury” hearing. The duration of the hearing will be heard over several weeks. The hearing is formatted in a way that will have two days of testimony and several days off and so on… this format will continue to its conclusion. At last a chance for all the “Real” experts to be listened to!.. We must pray for the outcome of this to favour us, because, only then can we expose those responsible for the monstrous crimes against humanity and hold them accountable and to be lawfully tried in our courts of law!

  34. They will double down on climate now.
    Supply chain, financial crash, another virus will appear, guaranteed and the sheep will rush out for another booster..

  35. It’s funny how they never mention depopulation been a ‘conspiracy’ aswell even though we all know what’s happening.

    • totally agree….all of this tyranny is to facilitate the genocide which in turn allows the ‘great reset’ to take place. We seem to be losing sight of that or people are reluctant to talk about it

  36. Trudeau would have been a perfect stand-in for Leonardo DiCaprio as the self-indulgent, psychotic, sadistic King Louis XIV in The Man in the Iron Mask film. Tailor made!

  37. This is a bit off topic…but not, at the same time – since the Trudeaux and Neil Young are all Canadians…and members of ‘the canadakabalaclub’.

    I used to love this song by Neil Young…

    ‘You are like a hurricane’…with that guitar solo that stays in your mind…for decades.

    Well…I looked it up on U-tube last night and this is what I found…


    Watch carefully. He jumps about a lot but he never touches the strings of his guitar…he plays no guitar, no solo.

    The only regret that I have, in my life, is that it took this long for me to realise that everything they ever wanted me to believe is a lie.

    I still like that song though.

  38. Trudeau is a crybaby, pussy,,,sorry pussy is a good thing. Not one thing good about this crybaby pedophile.

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