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  1. Just watching/listening to this and I have a flyer posted through my door from #together opposing vaccine mandates!

  2. FSM claiming “no need to impose the chemotherapy as omicron is not as lethal as the experts thought”.
    I’d guess the massive numbers of people due to be dismissed from NHS would have been too obvious so they have come up with a pathetic unbelievable excuse.

    • This reform of the Human Rights Act will, in effect, as far as Covid vaccinations are concerned, be ‘after the event’. Also, the Nuremburg Code of Human Rights cannot be altered and with the Covid vaccine being an experimental medicine it falls under the Nuremburg Code. And in a court of law, the prosecution will have to prove not only that the vaccine is appropriate, that the virus is real – it is still to be isolated – and prove that the non-vaccinated are a threat to society. And the government cannot prosecute 10-million people, plus the many millions who refuse the boosters.

      • @Keith Knight, Nothing can be reformed. In order for anything to fully change the old MUST be totally swept away and something completely new put in its place. For proof of this look no further than the so-called Protestant Reformation = a feeble protest against their harlot mother in Rome.

    • The fog clears and you find yourself stood on the precipice to oblivion.

  3. Can the people stop them changing the human rights bill u were spot on again Hugo everything a show 🙄
    God bless u 🙏 ❤️ ✝️ thank u

  4. They have been planning to change/remove the human rights act for years, it was one of the first things they said after the referendum

  5. I am not a hu-man, I AM A MAN, so their useless mickey mouse ‘u-man rights don’t apply to me. It’s time to claim your God given unalienable rights as a MAN or WOMAN (a son or daughter of ADAM) and tell ’em where to stick their worthless ‘u-man rights.

    Oh and don’t forget that a ‘Bill’ is not LAW. A ‘Bill’ is an ‘Act of Parliament’ a fiction just like their dumb Mandates.

  6. We said all along, BLUFF, don’t take it and we are right in the UK, other countrys on the other hand, they just changed there laws madness.

    Norway announced living with it and everything dropped! 🙂

  7. People need to respond to the consultation “ Human Rights Act Reform: A Modern Bill of Rights” as the English already has a Bill of Rights which the British establishment aims to take away from the people to give the power to the establishment.

    That Bill was enacted in 1688 and is a contract in law which cannot be repealed. There also exists a Declaration of Rights 1688. Read all about it here and implore people to bombard this dreadful consultation with responses to reject governments proposals.

  8. The “bar-stools” applied propaganda pressure so many would have “volunteered” to get jabbed. Absolute evil ! Bang on Hugo!

  9. Funny isnt it that now it effects them they dont want to comply…ignorance and being complicit in this genocide is no defence . NUREMBERG 2.0 awaits the them because they new this was an experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy bio-weapon injection that was maiming and killing the population but now the ball is on the other foot its a different story fucking HYPOCRITICAL SLAGS

    • I think that is a little harsh (though I would do I work for the NHS) most of the people working in the NHS are brain washed and they are complying because they believe the nonsense. I think most of those in the NHS who don’t buy the nonsense on the whole will not be administering vaccines or if they did they would leave their job. A lot of roles don’t involve vaccinating people I’m a radiographer so would not vaccinate anyone and if that was extended to my role then I would most certainly not do that and let them sack me. I suppose you could say why don’t you blow the whistle I don’t work on a ward I don’t know vaccination status and I have no first hand evidence the jabs are doing harm. Of course there is the yellow card data and VARS which in my view is ample evidence they are doing harm. I also think that the germ theory for disease is nonsense (The spacebusters channel does a lot of good videos critical of the germ theory) so it means the pretence for this plandemic is completely invalid but what can I add and who would listen to a radiographer anyway. I could leave my job in protest but then in would be giving into them and advancing their agenda anyway. I can try to change the minds of other staff if I’m still working there though that seems like a fruitless task as they are all so brainwashed all you can do is plant seeds. If I found worth while personal evidence then I would most certainly blow the whistle. I would love there to be a nuremberg 2.0 even if I had to defend myself before it.

      Provided it was fair as I don’t believe the first one was since the rockerfellas were not brought before nuremberg since they shared a standard oil patent with IG Farbin that turns coal into oil which Germany needed for its tanks and vehicles otherwise they would have struggled to wage war (see antony C sutton Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler ) and some nazi’s who committed atrocities did not go before nuremberg rather through operation paper clip they continued to do unethical research in America and other places.

      • @Kevin Sutton was/is disinfo.

        “We have had a good run for our money with this gas chamber story we have been putting about, but don’t we run the risk eventually we are going to be found out and when we are found out the collapse of that lie is going to bring the whole of our psychological warfare down with it? So isn’t it rather time now to let it drift off by itself and concentrate on other lines that we are running.”

        — Victor Cavendish-Bentick, Head of British Psychological Warfare Executive (Propaganda), in a handwritten note, written on Aug 27th, 1943. Public Record Office Document F0371/34551 revealed by Stephen Mitford Goodson, “Inside the South African Reserve Bank”.

        “As long as Germany and Italy are under their present governments, they will not touch foreign loans, and Germany by her method of internal economy and (barter) trading has eliminated the international financier, and those who make profits by playing with foreign exchanges.

        “That is doubtless why the government is being forced by the “City” (Rothschilds) to start a trade war with Germany. If the economic methods devised by Germany are successful, and spread to other nations, and if Hitler succeeds in his policy of establishing permanent peace in Europe, the high financier will cease to be able to exist. It is therefore their main interest today to plunge the four powers into war, in order to destroy Germany and Italy”

        — Written by the Scottish chemist Arthur Pillans Laurie, on page 91 (or page 90 of the pdf which can be found online) of his 1939 book “The Case for Germany”.

  10. Unlike here in New Zealand where they did follow through. No jab no job has been enforced for months now. No human rights here.

  11. This does not end here. We have to be on our guard against the next thing they do. The war is not over. It is only just beginning.

  12. What I have noticed through Brexit and the plandemic is their dates. I believe this is their sick little minds way of prodding and poking and having underhand fun with the public. It’s also their way of poking fun at Jesus. There were a couple of key dates during Brexit and I can only remember one which was 31st Oct I.e. Halloween. The date banded around for NHS staff to have had their first jab was Feb 3rd (correct me if It am wrong) which is the day after Candlemas this year. Maybe they chose the day after candlemass as it is the 33rd day of 2022. And their big date for full Vax was April Fools Day 1st April. So again intended to take the piss in my view. Take the piss as in, mocking the NHS staff for falling for it, if any did and also having their own sordid little childish joke amongst themselves. Their dates strike me as being freemasons symbolism. Their are evil to the core.

  13. yep, they wont stop till everybody is jabbed, (transhumanized) they will come back to it another time, they want to change the bill and get rid off the Nuremberg code so they can break all the rules in it, the jabs are for there benefit not ours, where being treated like lab rats and cattle. fingers crossed we win.

    • @Chris from The Jewish Talmud:

      WILD ANIMALS Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.”

      GOYIM Kerithuth 6b page 78, Jebhammoth 61a “Only the Jews are humans, the Non-Jews are not humans, but cattle.” (goyim = human cattle) [1]

      • Yes those people are thought of by the majority in this country as victims,when the real truth is that they are behind just about every war,economic collapse, revolution etc thats ever happened,the fact that they own all the media means through propaganda they are looked on as weak victims not capable of doing any wrong,when the exact opposite is the truth.

    • The british establishment CAN’T do ANYTHING to our English human rights/Bill of Rights or constitution as it’s nothing to do with them! We the people have Inalienable rights that no fake parliamentarians can touch as they’re a made up force called British and have NO nation so they need to Kill the English-we are the only indigenous people and we are protected people as a nation. Time to come together and ignored these fake politicians as they only have power if you agree with them!! Enough is Enough! We must stay strong and fight for our lives and our country England!!

      • @bill, The BILL of Rights 1689 is an Act of Parliament and can be repealed and/or changed. The DECLARATION of RIGHTS 1688 by the Monarchy to which the people of England agreed, cannot be repealed or changed.

      • Agree Bill though I think the British establishment will have a blimming good go. Just as they are doing now. They ignore our rights under our constitution, Declaration of Rights, Bill of Rights. 😤 We must collectively ensure they don’t continue to get away with it. I’m seriously considering standing for the English Constitution Party.

      • @Teresa, Be careful regarding what you wish for:

        A Constitutor: Websters Online Dictionary: CONSTITUTOR, civil law. He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation. Inst. 4, 6, 9.

        I have no wish to be a debtor for someone else’s debts. How about you?

  14. yep nothings ever set in stone by these entity’s they change it because there going to manipulate human rights, only for a few months or a couple of years, then they change the rules again, they will change the Nuremburg because they can, you cart trust these people, they do what they want, they work as one unit globally now. as this plandemic has shown there true colours, hopefully things will change one day.

  15. Yes at last this pandemic is now officially over and we can all get back to normal no mandates and no more restrictions for us in the UK.

    • There still on Plan A…
      If this was over there be no Plan A and they can change things anytime a new “variant” comes around…
      They would not chuck a billion pound agenda down the toilet…

    • Lee…l wired up so much so…lm mistrustful of ANYTHING Governments say….we shall see……

    • Your in fantasy land believing that crap….this is just the start…besides so many have been brainwashed they will live in a mental state of fear for years to come…there will be more jabs eventually and the “covid” passes will come back etc….
      They just have to scare enough folk and it goes back to last year again….

  16. Yes it is good news for today but we mustn’t get too excited they re looking to change aspects of the human rights act in March 2022. At the moment human rights would cover the NHS staffs etc to have rights to bodily autonomy , however, after changes maybe not because the new bill of rights would balance individual rights with the rights of others or against wider public interests and broader needs of society. also there needs to be a united effort throughout healthcare to report adverse reactions that could be attributed to the vakzines f this is not doen then when the stage 3 trials are completed they will be deemed as totally safe and get full approval.

  17. Think they’ve realised in 3 years the unjabbed will need doctors and nurses, there aren’t going to be many jabbed people around I bet.

    Calling for Boris to resign only thing he can do bla b!a, he could open a vein and bleed out, see option’s.

    But there has been ALOT worse leaders in the world, so I suspect he’ll be replaced with a bigger fake convid coward.

  18. We can see where this human rights reform is going. They are trying all angles to get us jabbed.
    Stay strong everyone and stick to what you believe is right for you..
    Good news for the NHS workers at least for now who stuck to their principals.
    Like what was mentioned earlier life in New Zealand is pretty grim, my son there has been told no jab, no job and is fighting it.
    Good luck to to truck drivers in Canada.
    As always, thank you Hugo for keeping us all up to date.

    • They are in the process of introducing a whole raft of new legislation that will restrict our freedoms. This is far from over they are just entering a new stage. The ultimate goal is still to jab everyone.

  19. Thank you for this interesting update which presents an opportunity to elaborate on the HR Act (1998). It was introduced as a result of the UK authorities obligation, as a member state, to conform to the requirement of the Council of Europe (nothing whatsoever to do with the EU) in Strasbourg to incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into domestic legislation. This is an international treaty in which the UK government many, many years ago played a very central role in formulating.

    The Act was launched in a hail of publicity by the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw M.P. in the latter part of 1998. All well and good, I hear you say. Wrong!

    A brief comparison of the articles of the ECHR will indicate that a number of important principles were excluded from the HR Act. Please check the following links for confirmation of these inexplicable differences, the main one of which I shall highlight after the links.:

    ECHR –

    HR Act (1998) –

    Apologies for my failure to make these hyperlinks – just copy and paste them into your browser.

    In particular, if you look at the specific HR Articles, which Mr Straw stressed ‘mirrored’ the Convention, you will soon see that Article 13 of the Convention is clearly missing from the Human Rights Act! Is this because the Whitehall typists couldn’t count or is it because the number 13 is unlucky? In the early versions of the Act, they didn’t even bother to close the gap between Articles 12 and 14. Someone just hit ‘delete’!! It is clear that these omissions were never discussed by parliament – there is no record in Hansard and they were likely nodded through by unelected bureaucrats. I don’t know who was responsible and can only surmise the reasons for it. They were definitely NOT working for us, the public. If so, who were they really working for?

    Here is Article 13 of the ECHR:

    “ARTICLE 13

    Right to an effective remedy

    Everyone whose rights and freedoms as set forth in this Convention
    are violated shall have an effective remedy before a national
    authority notwithstanding that the violation has been committed
    by persons acting in an official capacity.”

    In my view, this is probably the most important part of the ECHR as it gives us the citizens of a COE member state the right to redress (i.e. in the courts or other official tribunals) if our rights have been violated by state and public bodies associated with it. Without this important article, the Human Rights Act is almost worthless.

    This is but one example of such an omission which can only have be deliberate. There are others.

    Qui bono? Who benefits? Not us poor plebs but hints can be gleaned from the UK’s unwritten constitution. What are our rights under this enigmatic and non-existent document? Who benefits?

    Now, we should understand that the ECHR (and, of course, the HR Act) are designed to protect our rights, i.e. to ‘life’, fair trial, ‘private life’ etc in the event that public authorities violate them. However, the Act and Convention do not apply to non public authority behaviour. In other words, we cannot use these legal mechanisms in private and domestic quarrels should they get to court, for example. Most people are unaware of this fact.

    The Council of Europe have been aware of such behaviour by its wayward member but, as expected, has done nothing about it. Nevertheless, the ECHR is a higher instrument than domestic legislation and domestic courts MUST take this into account. If they don’t an automatic right of appeal applies and the matter can be brought to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Unfortunately, as far as I know, the legal profession has not challenged these very serious omissions in nearly 24 years!. Could this be due to the fact that the legal profession has been bought off or bludgeoned into submission – just like the medical profession is being treated today?

    To conclude, I would suggest that, having got away with it for so long, and despite its international treaty obligations Javid et al are confident that they can get away with it again. This time, the affects will be more more draconian and serious and the government will, no doubt, deal with these omissions in a way reminiscent of applying lipstick to a pig i.e. dressing it up with lashings of propaganda from the lying ‘press’ and media. Having said that, it could be extremely embarrassing for MPs if they were shown to be in breach of a treaty. The embarrassment would be even greater were the UK to publicly withdraw from the ECHR. So, Sahid Jabba the Hut might have a problem or two, I hope.

    On a final point, it was true to say (things might have changed in recent times but probably not) that the UK government has ratified all charters and conventions of the UN (like ’em or loath ’em) but has failed to incorporate any of them into domestic legislation. It all looks good from the outside but on the inside the stench of rot, brimstone and sulphur is overwhelming!

    Keep up the excellent work, Hugo!

  20. There’s only one way we will win this and that’s by hanging the lot of them. Starting with the puppets and collaborators and working our way up.
    This is far from over!

  21. There is no way these tyrannical people will give is easily BUT will we agree to anything, so get ready for a fight

  22. Even if they get these changes to the Human Rights Bill through, we are still protected by the Nuremberg code.
    More and more are aware of the scam now it will get harder for any Government to mandate anything moving forward.

  23. I do hope my previous comment is awaiting moderation simple because I posted a couple of links in it and not because I dared to tell Hugo that he’s wrong.

    • he does like to ban. I think I can only poist replies. I was questioing why he kept promoting Youtube? And shouldn’t he be banned by now. I am and I didnt even have a channel!

  24. You said that they have done a u turn because they can’t fire the NHS workers, because it’s illegal, but didn’t they fire the unjabbed care workers already?

    • The care workers, in the main, are minimum wage and with no union to fight for them. The NHS workers are a different kettle of fish.
      You only get justice if you’ve got the means to fight for it in court. They ride roughshod over your rights otherwise.

  25. “The government is committed to updating the Human Rights Act 1998″………I don’t remember the public ever asking for such ” updating”… Who is employing the government? Are they self employed?

    • @Amber, No they’re not self-employed. They used to be self-employed, but now they’re employed by Messrs Rothschild in The Square Mile and controlled by The Remembrancer who sits behind The Speaker and makes sure Mr Rothschild’s lackeys (MPs) behave themselves and look after Mr Rothschild’s interests at all times.

      • The Remembrancer – thats a new one on me. so:The City of London is the only part of Britain over which parliament has no authority. In one respect at least the Corporation acts as the superior body: it imposes on the House of Commons a figure called the remembrancer: an official lobbyist who sits behind the Speaker’s chair and ensures that, whatever our elected representatives might think, the City’s rights and privileges are protected
        Looks like this needs to gone into deeper.

  26. I’m not convinced that the government made an apparent U Turn because of one’s inalienable freedom of autonomy to choose not to have an experimental medical treatment. What about the 60,000 health care workers who were either sacked or walked after the amended Health and Social Care Act 2008 bill was voted in last summer?

    The fact that they are now eligible to re-enter employment in their sector will come as small comfort to many.

    I think that if the government had succeeded in coercing sufficient numbers of NHS staff into getting the jab, they would have let some go as an example.And then “no jab no job” would have been foisted on other employment sectors.

    I do think that resistance from the unjabbed NHS population had a part to play in the final outcome, although the government may have played Dr Steve as part of an orchestrated climbdown.

    His response to Javid in that ward walkabout may have looked a bit staged, but I’m not convinced by the theory that he was a plant or stooge.

  27. Hugo where is the blog link please, that you mentioned about the human rights bill? Can’t seem to find it in the comments?

  28. Hello Hugo

    I’m not sure weather this was completely just their plan unfolding or they have change their plan depending on public reaction I imagine they have contingency plans. Though it is a possibility that it could have been their plan from the being it certainly increases the psychological trauma and it certainly makes things uncertain so you don’t know if your coming or going so could be more SPI-B mind games . I think they may well have stuck to the mandate if enough rebel NHS staff caved in and got the jab. In my view they want to deliberately make the NHS fail so they can make money through privatisation and also cause chaos so they can use the technique order out of chaos i.e. get the reaction from the public something must be done and the government will offer their prepared solution which advances the agenda. Also if too many staff left at once then it would fail too rapidly and even the deep asleep would raise an eye brow. Which would make it more difficult to give another reason for it failing such as its because of the pandemic or some other nonsense. Although I’m half surprised the BBC didn’t say it was the Russians spreading disinformation that caused so many NHS staff to not get vaccinated or it was far right extremist anti vaxxer groups or some other such rubbish. I also think this is probably just a delay as they will no doubt look to recruit foreign staff and like you say it gives them time to modify the humans rights bill so they will at least strength their position. Though that said as we live in a common law country then our rights are inalienable as they are given by God so even if they did change the legislation of the human rights act it would still mean what they would be doing would be unlawful and common law should take president over acts of parliament.

    Anyhow I am one of those rebel NHS staff and I have no intention of taking any jabs regardless if it costs me my job.

    • Nice one I agree with you 100%, my wife works for the NHS and she was so scared of losing her job, I told her to be strong they will soon scrap it as it is against our human rights, I was right all along, she didn’t take the jab, thank god for that. Sajid Javid is a Cult, he works for satan. I always believe in Commonlaw as it’s our God given rights.

      • Against human rights at the moment… it’s all changing in March, convenient that all you here in the news is boris’ party’s when the human rights act reform consultations are happening now.

    • I have a friend in the letting business, lots of Nigerian nurses and Doctors arriving and looking for accommodation and being given visas to work in UK!

      Perhaps not enough to make a difference!

  29. They have no authority over man,,,none at all only bluff, coercion and threat.

  30. Earlier this afternoon, I submitted a somewhat lengthy comment in regard to the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act (1998) in which I provided links where comparisons by interested posters can be made. The Act is supposed to mirror the Convention. It doesn’t.

    Despite the passage of several hours, my posting has still not appeared and I hope that Hugo will sort this out.

    I made a reference to what can only be termed as the deliberate omission the very important article 13 of the Convention from the HR Act. This omission undoubtedly constitutes a breach of the obligations by the UK authorities to the Council of Europe and should give us much concern for the proposals for reform of the HR Act, now on the table.

    This is but one example of the contempt that successive UK governments have, not only for citizens, but also for international institutions to which they are legally obligated.

    It is also strongly suggestive that, since 1998, the British legal profession has been bought of or knobbled in order to prevent these issues coming to light in much the same way that the medical profession today has been similarly emasculated since the advent of the “pandemic”.

  31. There up to something in the video today your man didn’t look very happy having to say no NHS worker has to get the kill shot in fact he looked really angry hope it’s over but really don’t think so is there plan to distroy the NHS put on a back burner I don’t think it is sorry but I don’t trust these sickos keep fighting back thanks hugo

  32. Well done to the staff who have held the line and who refuse to be coerced.

  33. You are wrong about this Hugo, they did intend to follow this through and it is a major government U-Turn. How do I know?

    They already dismissed thousands of care home workers for not being fully vaccinated back in November

    You forgot about theses already sacked workers didn’t you? Even though some of them have been posting in your connections forum.

    There’s already been tribunal decisions about this issue:

    We haven’t won the war yet but this is still a major victory for the unvaxxed NHS staff and others who are just against the mandate we should celebrate it.

    • I’m with Hugo on this in as much as he suspects, and emphasise suspects, that government never planned to mandate the jab but create a false sense of security that Ministers are listening. No one as yet knows for certain.

      As for the recent tribunal decision…I personally don’t believe what is reported in main stream or local press and would need to see the case details to be certain of anything of this nature. What I do believe is that government, including its shadow counterparts, don’t give a jot if people have lost their jobs amidst their hoax game. Why would they as they certainly don’t care about loss of life either in achieving their end goal.

  34. What about the 40,000 odd care home workers who already lost their jobs in November?

    • I thought exactly the same thing Geraint. I’ve not heard of one story whereby a care worker successfully prosecuted a care home for breach of contract in court, or for unfair dismissal within an employment tribunal. If anyone has one or more examples to show it’d be helpful to hear about it.

      Other than that well done Hugo for highlighting this new ‘fascists charter’ otherwise known as a new bill of human non-rights. Another policy which the Labour Party will salivating at the prospects of licking the jackboots of.

    • All those poor care workers who gave up their jobs should collectively now sue the government

    • Yes, the care workers deserve compensation. I am pleased for the NHS workers though. I can’t even listen to these politicians, corrupt and evil.

      • But, I believe they are just going to review the mandate, so we have a way to go

  35. Oh look, Gollum is back again. That sniffy comment he made to the doctor “well that’s YOUR opinion” and hey ho Uey again a week or so later. If they weren’t going to make it compulsory, then it sure scared enough people to have the killer shots. Bet they are kicking themselves that they conformed now. Well done to those who stood their ground, even if your jobs will now be filing clerks within the National Scam Service.

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