Next Up EUROPEAN TRUCKER CONVOY #Canada / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Funded by “gofundme” over 8.1 million in donations as of yesterday. I’m not sure who the organisers are but I have the same reservations about everything even this.

  2. Yeah, but UK trunkers are going to need a vaccine to get onto continental Europe aren’t they, so that is not going to work is it Hugo?

    • The UK truckers could converge on number 10, Anything that will send a tyrant running has got to be good.

      • Jeez….Who is ‘at the hehm’…who is steering this organisation….here is the problem…

    • I’ve seen posters for UK truckers canvassing for a convoy coming down to London from Scotland next Saturday 5th Feb. Other posters for N.Ireland to Dublin and also for Glasgow to Edinburgh. There was never any suggestion I’m aware of for a British convoy going to Brussels. Where did you hear that?

  3. It does make me wonder if a planned food shortage will come of this. Although it is inspiring to see the good people voming together

  4. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan. Proverbs 29:2

    The fact is that most of the world is being ruled by such rulers now, they are following another agenda dictated to them by the ruling elites and our protests are disregarded we are just collateral damage,

  5. I’m in Toronto, and I can’t confirm, but apparently the main convoy hasn’t even arrived yet. They should be arriving Today.

  6. With us here in the Netherlands, small trips are organized locally in preparation for the big trip to Brussels. Had already heard that the turnout was a bit disappointing here and there. The police have also already banned a ride here.

  7. Truckers in europe have been talking about this for some time. But many were afraid to do anything because of truckers being in different countries.

  8. There is a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $7 million for the trucker convoy.
    That fundraiser has two names on it: Tamara Lich, and B.J. Dichter.

  9. There is a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $7 million for the trucker convoy.
    That fundraiser has two names on it: Tamara Lich, and B.J. Dichter.

    • Important to qualify/:secure the ‘business base’……these ‘Truckers’ need assurances there is a ‘financial support ‘ for their efforts………costs/fuel etc…

  10. the truckers can organize themselves very quickly with CB- Funk (citizens band radio), not sure if it works the same way in America

  11. For some reason I believe that this is possible – people are tired, driven to despair, two years of this circus … and even more so, communication in social networks allows people to be together and organize something in our time. they have three conditions – completely disperse this government, start a criminal investigation of this circus and who was involved in it for the last 2 years and remove all mandates. I really hope they can🥺

  12. I am sure the truckers are well handled by the Intelligence through unions. Unions for over a century was perfect tool of the banksters to accomplish all sorts of stuff.
    I don’t think the truckers are immune to this and this will lead to shortages and this will be blamed on irresponsible anti-vaxer truckers.

    Why do we need them to do these long queues of lorries?
    It is better to do your business as usual but just display some graphic or slogan on the back and sides of the lorry/truck.

    • but on the other hand French farmers are notorious for coming to Paris and covering the government buildings with manure. It is a form of protest I hope this will not be infiltrated or false flagged by the Intelligence.

  13. read Miles W. Mathis:

      • sorry mate, you have been delegated by your superiors to discourage people from looking into work of Miles Mathis
        And you don’t have anything to offer.

      • FlaviusStilicho I have no superiors apart from Yashua Messiah and The Father, and you can ask me any question you like and I will answer it. You also seem to have a selective memory, for I exposed you and your Mathis shit re Adolf Hitler for the disso fraud that he is. You’re running on ego and that can only end in humiliation and failure for you.

      • you have not exposed anything
        I have seen a number of Joos hiding behind Yashua Messiah because they cannot simply say Jesus Christ.
        If you are not a Joo you must belong to one of their little sects they have created.

      • @FlaviusStilicho Now you’re lying, and that’s that standard behaviour of disso vermin. I taught you The Truth re Hitler which went straight over your brainwashed head which is full of Mathis crap.

        I use Yashua Messiah because it separates me from all the fake Christians here, of which there are more than a few. How about you?

  14. I think overall what it has done in Canada is unite everyone….both vaxxed and unvaxxed as most people are sick of the mandates and division. The truckers were the only way for us to ‘gather’ as otherwise there is really no way. This happened very quickly with no real ‘planning’ and has just escalated with the support of all Canadians. They have raised close to if not more than 8 million dollars within a few days and people are opening their homes, making food for those still coming etc. I believe they are stubborn enough to last out the gov’t and I can only see good in this! People will help their neighbors if someone has no food in the interim.

    • Exactly and this kind of emergency (even if scripted by the Joo banking carter and other crypto-Joo peerage psychopaths)
      is going to bring people closer what was not possible before because most people are under the TV spell, hypnosis and other psyop work of the Intelligence done to them throughout not years but decades..

  15. We don’t need to go to the EU. Blockade London or the ports

    • This is why I think this is not organic. It’s controlled demolition by EU Governments. Send them to Brussels, it will make no difference to any of them.

  16. Sounds like there will be empty shelves here too. Guess who’ll get the blame? All part of the plan

  17. Definitely stock up on food and supplies.these puppet tyrants know what is going on its been in the planning a very long time.they anticipate everything.they know there will be pushbacks but they are not stopping .all you can do is prepare and dig in for the long haul.

  18. What the truckers are doing is amazing and hopefully organised genuinely. However, it means the globalists will need to speed up their plans e.g. financial collapse, attack on power grids, releasing other viruses.

    Wise words Hugo, where would we be without you. X

  19. I wonder if Hugo has a point about being set up? This report from is disturbing in that it is conceivable their plan is so complete that even when we rebel, and bring the front & second line to justice & disband Government, they (the cabal of the chosen) will be ready to jump in a la INGSOC and complete their plan.

  20. If we have a general strike it should be all the big companies shut down. Keep the small stores and businesses open.

  21. Yea a real truther cannot get a gofundme account it will be shut down. Also since when is an organic protest advertized by J. Rogan, Petersen, Musk, the others. No this is controlled opposition but to what end, I do not know

  22. French truckers threatened to go on strike and were exempted from the jab mandate (along with the gendarmes) before it was even applied, last summer. Truck stops are the only restaurants in France which are exempt from requiring to see ‘the pass of shame’.

    Yesterday, on a French website, I saw a video clip of two Simpsons episodes (from 1999) spliced together showing Bart and Homer in a truck with a Canadian convoy coming up behind them…then it cuts to Trudeau being informed about something and slithering out of his office window.

    I, too, wonder about who is organising this.

    • Come on peeps we already know what the game plan is – HUNGER GAMES = FOOD SHORTAGES = BLAME IT ON THE TRUCKERS. The people applauding are just like the seals clapping the tik tok useless NHS.

      • Definitely something fishy going on, trust absolutely no one! All these organised rallies and protests are merely a distraction.

      • Yes. I completely agree, ttnd. That is the plan.

        I’m not sure that there are that many independent truckers in France. Mostly, they drive company trucks so we’ll have to wait and see, here, how they engineer the shortages.

      • @kerenibus Glad to have your agreement. However, just for argument’s sake, if we look at this from the other side, and this is a genuine trucker revolt, for the people, even that is self-defeating, for the truckers and the people, due to the loss of income for the truckers and the shortages they will create in the shops and in industry in general – so I cannot see how the truckers or the people win.

    • Perhaps it is just the excuse they need to bring in the military with guns. No one will stand up to them then. We will be truly fucked!

  23. I just been on a live on YouTube
    Had mad conversation lol with all different people on chat
    Things are going on big time people out here are Pissed Hugo!

    I am trying get my garden sorted for home grown this year
    So fingers crossed with that.

    We got each other that’s a start
    Keep strong
    & keep smiling at theses people who have made life unbearable
    We must become Undivided again

    I send blessings to All
    Have great evening everyone

    Thank you Hugo as always


    — What they DO once they they’ve arrived?
    — Where will they GO TO THE BATHROOM?
    — Where they will go to EAT?
    — Where they will SLEEP?
    — What will they do if its gets VERY COLD?
    — How will they DEPART, such as if an individual Truck Driver wants to depart BUT IS BLOCKED BY ALL THE OTHER TRUCKS?
    — Have they figured for (Antifa?) VANDALS destroying their trucks? Is that covered under the drivers’ INSURANCE?
    — What about AMBULANCES and FIRE ENGINES and POLICE TRACKING CRIMINALS OR RESPONDING TO EMERGENCIES? If the roads are clogged with TRUCKS, how are they supposed to PASS?
    — SAME QUESTION: What about PEOPLE who have to DRIVE somewhere, whether for business or for other necessities: what ere THEY to do if the roads are clogged with TRUCKS?
    — Would the “Authorities” PIN THE SUPPLY-CHAIN TROUBLES on the Truckers?
    — SAME QUESTION about any alleged rise in CRIME or any DEATHS of people NEEDING AMBULANCES or to go to HOSPITAL — BUT THE TRUCKS (allegedly) BLOCKED THEM FROM DOING SO?


  25. Hugo, can you do a talk about shedding? When I’m in close contact with the jabbed I get an ache in my chest. Put it out there and see if this is happening to others please brother. 🙏 extremely worrying being around the boosted.

    • There are many protocols you can do to protect yourself. its your body reacting to the toxins. I use essential oil mixes and drink them and body oils also make teas and drink them. When you really realise we are being hit with 5g and the transmissions, the fight becomes even for real. Research shungite and C60. As I said there are many natural things we can do to fight it.

  26. Thank you, Hugo for your brilliant videos! Your concerns are well-founded. Please listen to Magenta Pixie explaining what’s going on from the spiritual perspective. Procession of Indigo Fire Chariots into the Khanadarian Domain

  27. Its all a scam to create shortages. Never trust anything the MSM reports

    • They don’t need to use thousands of truckers as a scam to create food shortages. The UK government did it in March 2020, ordering supermarkets to remove certain items off the shelves which the BBC then showed pictures of and reported as panic buying. Typical of the misinformation broadcast by the beeb but certainly much easier than needing to involve thousands of truckers. It is obvious that the truckers have become fed up with having a nutter like Trudeau as president (how he became president in the first place is inexplicable and was probably due to vote-rigging)

  28. I like the idea that was suggested about truckers carrying truckloads of manure and dumping it over the house where Trudeau is now in hiding. He wont be coming out smelling of roses!

  29. yes got my eye on this convoy story its important as the nhs mandates story in the u.k, im keeping a eye on both story’s, see how it materializes, we have arrived at that line in the sand, basically the so called powers that be over in America/Canada, have cut the food supply because they won’t let the truckers in because of the mandates, the so called powers that be have caused this, all done by design i suspect. also the truckers and vans in the u.k are taking a pounding because of the new clean air zones popping up anywhere where they like, its becoming expensive to travel, all done by design again so you will get electric car, so you can be tracked and trace and monitored, wankers, its shit to drive now, in fact i dread it, would sooner walk or bike, will opt for a push bike soon, not to mention the new high way code rules, way out of this now is cycling with camping equipment on, think van life will soon be over, we will be drip fed soon with a 1000 calories a day to save the planet then it will be 500. plus carbon tax, and climate lockdowns, we lose this its over, we are at a stand off, that line in the sand, that we must win, they cart chase us all down the streets with there transhumanism jabs, fucking wankers, there days are numbered, we will win. will be time to boycott the city’s, I’m not excepting there plans they have got for us, never, i know there game like many others on here do.

    • ‘U-turn’ on mandatory NHS staff jabs in England

      Health Secretary Sajid Javid is set to scrap the requirement for compulsory Covid vaccinations for NHS staff in England, the Daily Torygraph reports. The paper says Mr Javid will today meet ministers on the Covid-Operations cabinet committee to finalise the “U-turn”. It follows warnings the health service could face “crippling” staff shortages caused by 80,000 health workers leaving their jobs over the jab requirement. But the care home industry – where jabs are already mandatory – say government “flip-flopping” has “devastated our workforce and brought providers to their knees”.

  30. Whilst I agree with most of what you say Hugo …in this instance I’m not sure that waiting to see what happens to the Truckers in Canada is necessarily a sound tactic before the convoy in Europe gets started. It would seem that the establishment have, for the moment been wrong footed and overlooked such a strategic move that has galvanised the nation thanks to the Truckers. Is it not a sound idea to maintain the momentum ASAP and keep the pressue on and kick the European bastard kabul while they are somewhat technically ‘down’?

    As ever you do an excellent job …just saying!

  31. Health Secretary Sajid Javid is set to scrap the requirement for compulsory Covid vaccinations for NHS staff in England, the Daily Telegraph reports. The paper says Mr Javid will today meet ministers on the Covid-Operations cabinet committee to finalise the “U-turn”. It follows warnings the health service could face “crippling” staff shortages caused by 80,000 health workers leaving their jobs over the jab requirement. But the care home industry – where jabs are already mandatory – say government “flip-flopping” has “devastated our workforce and brought providers to their knees”.

    • Despite all the concessions that governments are willing to make, I would never give them confidence again..with corruption through and through … expecting them to change is very deceptive..

  32. I have been watching several independent live streams coming out of Ottawa since Friday including walkabouts and CB radio chatter. And from my observations I would say it is definitely genuine. The vibe , spirit and party atmosphere is definitely there. There are thousands of rigs , pickup trucks , cars are people blocking literally every single street. The place is at a complete standstill. This really is huge and very very noisy with horns going off all the time. Some of the rigs arrived early on Friday and parked up some distance from the main city center. Food and other supplies have been donated by both other truckers and some of the establishments in Ottawa. The CB radio chatter has admins on there and they seem to have been controlling the various convoys into the area. This also includes clean up crews for any mess. From the chatter I have listened to the truckers are genuine with lots of comradeship heart and soul. At one point they even asked for medical assistance for a pregnant woman at Parliament Hill.

    I have just been watching some more walkabouts tonight and it seems armed police have now turned up. Obviously they are completely outnumbered. But they are there nonetheless.

    Just two of the many channels I would recommend to anyone are the following:
    Ottawalks ( for walkabouts )
    audio kaos ( for CB )

  33. Problem is not just removing the mandates it should be about removing ALL laws, mandates, guidelines, passports etc etc because they’ll only bring them back. The accountable NEED to be removed and this goes for ALL countries around the world.

    • They are actually asking for ALL mandates to be removed- I am Canadian and was there all weekend.

      • They are actually asking for ALL mandates to be removed…

        Instead of asking (bowing, or even grovelling to those self-appointed false gods that have no legal or moral right to tell you to do anything), why don’t you ALL just act like ANY and all of the mandates DON’T EXIST and never did?
        IOW: en masse civil disobedience. ALL Canadians in ALL areas of society and all walks of life, just resume normal life and IGNORE ALL of the ‘ruling class’ elite’s ridiculous, dehumanizing mandates and diktats. Or, to put it another way: everyone, should just STOP COMPLYING.
        You people don’t seem to understand that they cannot really control you at all. They only do now, because you all allow them to! You seem oblivious to the simple fact that there are orders of magnitude more of you than them. They can’t possibly arrest you all and throw ALL of you into prison camps! They know this and they’re even showing that they’re afraid of you, so give them reason to be afraid! Throw away your hideous shame muzzles and STOP OBEYING THEM!

  34. You still have to identify the enemy and going after the “officials” is not going to solve the problem.
    You have to go after the Elite and their holdings, their palaces and mansions, their trusts and fake charities where they launder money.
    Read Miles W. Mathis then you will understand more.
    The ancestors of the current Elite have carried out similar genocides in the past. It’s a family business.

    • If none of the MPs come to talk to them, then what can they do? Can they believe any promises made? They have already boarded off the parliament building. Ifthe truckers go in, it will be Jan 6th all over again. Trudeau has gone into hiding. Its -20c outside. Where is everyone going to stay? Are there enough hotels and all this costs money. Are none of these people working? Its a waiting game while the press ignores it or makes up stpries about Swastika flags and dancing on war memorials. Who can hold out longer? What’s the plan. MEanwhile pollution levels in Ottowa must be getting pretty high.

      • The media will turn public opinion against them, because with all those trucks there, the supply chain will drop. They need to storm parliament and the elites homes. But I fear the govt will hold out and this will be the last battle.

    • Most, if not all European ‘nobility’ – especially the progeny of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and George VI Von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha. They were infiltrated long ago. In the ‘Queen Mother’s’ ancestry, lie all of the not-so-noble perpetrators of the so-called ‘Glorious Revolution’, the Irish famine, the Highland Clearances and the Opium Wars.

      Prince Charles is an ‘apex of the pyramid’ predator along with his European cousins. I didn’t mention the Queen because I think that she is already dead and has been for a while.

      The WEF is Charles’ project now.

      • Spot on. The rothschilds, schwab, rockefellers, bloombergs, gates. They can’t be that hard to find and they dont have armies

      • @Kim Punter, The Pentagon is run by The Rothschilds from The City of London, which finances it via The FED. The White House is a theatre – a complete distraction, hence the dribbling imbecile Biden as ‘President’.

  35. Hi was in Ottawa all weekend- will try and send you some footage. The convoy def wasn’t 50k- but the trucks went a lot further than what that drone shows.

    Plus they parked up on another highway leading into the city- that was bumper to bumper for like atleast 10km. Also more truckers are on route but getting stopped because they are trying to stop it obviously 🙂

  36. I’ll take anything at this stage to buy us unjabbed, some time before they start hunting us down, the deaths and health issues from the jabs are climbing rapidy already that 3rd jab pushed many over the cliff, 2 – 3 months and even the sheepiest sheep won’t be able to deny it.

    Ofcourse, they’ll have a plan for this being Marburg/Small Pox or just whack out the 5G power and heart attacks for millions close enough to transmitters and don’t forget the Ukraine ( gone dead odd ), and Civil war brewing in the USA!!

    Atleast, Life isn’t the same old same old boring crap these days 🙂

  37. time to stock up on the grub.they will now have an excuse to point the finger at the unvaxed ,of course you do realise this means war.

  38. The ‘news feeds’ on YouTube seem to be fading away. There used be eight, sometimes twelve, with all the crappy newspapers and TV channels. Very little on there now.

  39. its the national and provencial truckers orginizations that came together, and now the rest of the people so I have been told.

  40. 70,000 trucks, over a million people standing in solidarity and standing up for Canadian rights and FREEDOM.
    I’m watching the live feeds and speeches, it’s incredible watching the people of Canada stand up for their rights and humanity. This is going to be a huge movement and they NOT LEAVING until they get the job done. The convoy travelled from West to East over 7 days, thousands and thousands lined the streets in the bitter cold ( it was reminiscent of Princess Diana’s funeral) the spirit and determination of these people is incredibly moving. This protest will make history and change the world for ever, this WILL END THE PANDEMIC as we know it.
    They have raised over $10 million and they will not leave until this is over. They have fought so hard to get to Ottawa, they have so much support and they will not give up!!!
    Lawyers, doctors, politicians, anyone who had been silenced is now given a platform to speak. The speeches are awe inspiring and the truth is coming out!!!! They want to take this to the Supreme Court and have Trudeau held accountable for what he has done.
    I have never seen determination and spirit like this. The crowds are too big to ignore. This will bring about change!!! Please follow and support and share this. The mainstream are not reporting the real story . Thank you Canadian Truckers – you are true hero’s!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

    • Where have you been watching it. I hope they get the result. We need this in england and not stop till these bastards face justice

  41. Now this gives a new meaning to “Big Mother Truckers”.

    In the future, the joke will be: “How many truckers does it take to stop a vaxxine mandate?” A. “As many as you can pile on to a freeway”.

  42. Stop complying is the first thing ALL people should do and ignore the stupid tyranny. Don’t forget I think they want mayhem and they want the existing governments to crumble so they can bring in their new World Order. The people responsible for all the lies they fed the masses should be hunted down and dealt with in Nuremburg 2 and trialled by the people according to Common Laws. Almost anything else can play to their advantage.

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