BBC Attempts To Explain FOOTBALL FANS 💓 Heart Attacks / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It is a little strange that before 2020, football matches were played in the football league up and down the country for over a century and no-one had a heart attack whilst watching a game. Suddenly there are so many people having heart attacks that even the beeb have to admit there are people having heart attacks. But in typical misinformation form they report it as being due to a symptom of covid, even though it has been proven many times that covid doesnt exist. The fact that these heart attacks only started after the jabs should be obvious to everyone. There is a direct link – having the jab results in a heart attack.

  2. Sadly, people will go along being programed and few will wake up, only divine intervention will wake them all up.

  3. She does not need no lie detector, from Oxford and Kent unis sponsored by Gates foundation, works for BBC Sky Channel 4 so she obviously struggles to pay the bills. Her trials from 2014 were she found fans were about to drop dead due to stress, I dont remember hearing about any of these cases stopping football matches while being treated until last year, thats strange , just after people were given the trial jabs. Whereas before 2014 hardly any occasions at all, there must have been one or two but they would have made the main news headlines, especially if someone died, let alone a young fit healthy footballer.

  4. hugo lee johnson sunderland manager top of the league nearly has been suddenly sacked after concerns about vaccines on his players

  5. So ask where were all the young weakened hearts in the “peak of the pandemic” 2020? Same with “covid induced blood clots” they weren’t a thing until 2021 when the jabs arrived.

  6. My highly intelligent but gullible friend, environmental engineer, asked me for a PROOF of the rise in emergencies during matches and STATISTICS of sportsmen dying in the past compared to the current situation.

    The “silly” video compilations of articles are simply not enough.

    BTW she found out (after her jabs) that something is wrong with one of her Fallopian tubes and has recently had two failed IVFs. Obviously just another coincidence.

    • That would be from the Gardasil jab no doubt…infertilty is high amongst the ignorant jabbers …your friend needs to wake up and stop wasting money tryg to bring a child she’ll just poison with jabs into the world…what a clown.

  7. That Fulham fan has died now and still no mention of the vaccine. The comments of ‘Evening’ in the comments section are so pompous and annoying, saying it’s just a nornmal vaccine and the unjabbed don’t deserve to be treated. You’d think they’d get it by now. It’s like an IQ test for 5 year olds. What’s the common factor?
    Clue 1: This has become more common since the vaccine rollout!!
    Clue 2: The majority in football stadiums are vaccinated!!

  8. Only current risk is them dangerous experimental jabs….
    BBC are chronic liars and scaremongerers…
    There not worth a shit

  9. We all fully know what it is. The main stream will go the same way as all the crooked politicians, its not going to end well for them.

  10. If I understood well, music helps to prevent cardiac issues according to the BBC. Why not play the soothing music that ends Hugo’ videos right after each goal or during the whole of the match ? Just an idea …

  11. I still want to know why the “CHEM-TRAILS” are STILL NOT being talked about. We are being poisoned from above every day/night.
    Nit a single MP has ever brought this up in Parliament. It is serious. And NOTHING is being said about it. 😡🤬

    • Yes it NEVER gets talked about. My advice is take Zeolite! Good luck my friend

    • The thing is with that theory is that it poisons the very people that are spraying them, I do believe it’s something else – open to suggestions ??

    • At last , someone else who realises , they are going full steam on this and the silence is deafening. David Yates has tried so hard to get this out , the man is a legend in my eyes

    • Totally agree, its crazy as soon as we have a clear day, they are trailing shit. I walk my dog early the skies speak volumes…

    • Exactly! Just before the numbers start to rise they start spraying heavily where I live, even spraying through the night. I don’t think they use it just to manipulate the weather, they also use it to poison us. I think that could be why you get the trails that stay in the sky and spread out, turning into clouds and the trails that disappear fast. They are both poisoning us just one is killing two birds with one stone, blocking out vitamin D to help with the poisoning. When I was a kid they never left any trails, unless it was for effect at airshows. Its not only this though, there are a few factors at play in making you fall ill. They have poisoned everything. Our food and water for a start is shite. The spraying of our crops is killing our soil and making our food less nutritional. The herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc, are not only poisonous (carcinogenic, causing endocrine disruption, etc) but they also cause our food to have poor phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are like the plants immune system. If a plant isn’t put up against pests and disease it won’t build up it’s immune system, just like us. Phytonutrients are things like, antioxidants, carotenoids, flavenols, etc, these all help plants fend off diseases, insect attacks and sun damage. They give the plants their colour, flavour and smell. They also help us fight off disease, help with free radical damage and so much more. The soil is being damaged too from all the ploughing and chemicals sprayed on them, killing off the microbiom of the soil. No1 rule for growing good, healthy food is good, healthy soil, we don’t have that now though. And then not only do we feed our selves with this shit, but we feed it to our animals and then eat sick animals. So we’re feeding this junk to the animals as well as feeding them unnatural diets, by that I mean, food they wouldn’t have naturally ate in the wild and lock them up all their lives away from the sun. Which creates more sickness. Sick animals will not hold the best amount of nutrition, the same as sick plants. We also ship in a lot of food which means its not as fresh by the time you get it. From the moment food is picked it starts losing nutrition, so it’s better eating locally grown. Then there’s processed food, the more processing food has been through the less nutrition it will have. Also processed foods can be packed full of toxic, synthetic chemicals, ie nitrites for a start, go look that shit up. They love to shove that shite in a lot of pork products. Remember all the studies saying bacon causes cancer? Nah, nitrites/nitrates cause cancer. But they try to cover up the evidence. I could go on further about our food, but we’d be here all year. Water is full of chemicals too and pharma drugs just for that little added cherry on top. The junk you’re washing yourself with, cleaning the house with, your dishes with, the stuff you’re rubbing on your skin, make up, clothes, furniture, carpets etc, all helping to poison you. Go look up Phenoxyethanol a preservative used in a lot of things like shampoo, body was, etc. And how it can cause eczema yet its used in aveno baby wash which is marketed to baby’s with, you guessed it, eczema. But I suppose if aveno actually helped clear up the eczema they’d go out of business. It used to be used in nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers before they found it was causing nervous system problems in baby’s, but they still use it in some baby wipes that mothers use to wipe their children’s faces with. Go look up forever chemicals that are found in Teflon coated pans and clothing. Basically we are toxic as shit! Now if you know all about this and keep your ass aways from as much of this as possible, the healthier you will be, but it will be very expensive for you. The elites, or should I say el-ites, that are pushing this junk have the money to keep them safe and snug at least.

  12. Having researched the stress level phenomenon I have found that the reason soldiers die in was situations is because of highly stressed bits of metal entering their bodies and so it is with sportsmen and their fans when highly stressed substances enter their bodies, I am working on identifying these substances…….

  13. Your spot on. There’s no getting through to stupid people. Ignorance is a didn’t matter by stupid no . Let them get on with it now. My sympathy is gone. I have had enough. If they haven’t clocked on by now I doubt they ever will. It’s actually getting on my nerves 🙄

  14. What a stupid BITCH. If u are still unclear as to the fvcking lies then do some back tracking into football games b 4 2020

    • I’ve supported Preston North End for over fifty years and haven’t suffered any heart problems at a game. If I haven’t suffered, with some of the results we’ve had over the years, then no one should.

      • I was only talking about Preston the other day. They’re the biggest club in my 56 years of following football who’ve never played in the top flight of English football.

      • They were last in the top flight of English football in 1961 before I was born so plenty of reasons for me to have a stressed heart.

    • … and here is Lee Burge. ex Cov City, ex Nuneaton Boro and now Sunderland keeper…. for now! The BBC warped this story too!! The Convid has caused the heart problems…. yeah, of course it has!! FFS!!

  15. Many people hate to admit when they’re wrong, or even that they might be wrong. Especially when they have invested a great deal of faith into something which is coming under intense scrutiny. So faced with a problem like this they will search around for any other possible explanation rather than seriously consider the most obvious one. The roll out of the experimental C19 vaccines to the general population should have been terminated months ago based on the safety data alone. But instead the inculcated just keep on pushing them. The tipping point will inevitably be reached eventually but it will be too late for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people by then.

  16. Well wheres the figures from years ago! Didnt see people dropping like this ever before! BS propoganda

  17. What a load of absolute rubbish!how can that so called Doctor!look people in the eye and spout such BS!disgraceful!I wonder how much her and the BBC are getting in bribe money!?Great Post Hugo!👍

    • Thanks, I listened to him last year, I knew from Dec 2019 that there was a problem as a virus doesn’t jump around, China,Iran,Italy missed Germany because it has a better health care bit came back for it 6 mths later. But now listening to him and the deaths at the football if people dont deal with this its the end of us

      • @Andy, Yeah the Covid stuff is the only thing he gets wrong. He even thinks he’s had it, when it doesn’t exist. All he had was a cold. LOL Someone needs to educate him. Otherwise the video is top notch.

    • Just watched!Well we all predicted!they would blame !hyped up flu(covid)for the adverse effects of the jab!thanks for the post !I couldn’t get on the John Olooney one👍

    • @videoman1959 – Urggh what rubbish pushed out in that article! Convid causes myocarditis (but only 2021 onwards) – tick! Despite the average age of convid death being 82, it’s dangerous to the fittest people in the world in the prime of their life – tick! The last bit was the cherry on top, “this dreadful virus”. Yes, perhaps if you are over 80 with one foot in the grave and multiple health conditions. In which case a simple cold or dicky tummy can finish you off.

      • I did mention the article to my sheep-like wife….. and it appears that she has, grudgingly, accepted that what I say DOES have some credence. Yesterday she said, ‘well, you cant’t believe everything that you read… I never have done”. ( the last part floored me! lol ) She also said that the normies are taking no-notice of anything on the news now ( possibly because they realise the deceit etc but will not address it) and it’s only we Thinkers who are getting upset about the news etc. It looks as though she will not be having the booster…… unless her friends convince her! We live in strange times, sadly. Stay Sane, Stay Strong! 💪

  18. By Jove….. !! There is one thing, the Boolocks that the BBC expect the Nation to believe is getting sillier by the day! The more stupid this narrative gets the less the sheep will believe it. If they still believe it, well…. good luck to them! lol

    • Remember, the bigger the lie, the more they believe , first rule of the nazi propoganda.

      • @Keith Mccardle When AH spoke of the big lies of propaganda he was referring directly to the Jews Roosevelt and Churchill, who were lying through their teeth non stop to the American and British people.

        “Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run.”

        — Joseph Goebbels

        “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. When bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe…President Roosevelt has been given the power to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.”

        — Count Jerzy Potocki, Polish Ambassador to the USA, 1934.

    • I’ll take that back, as my second comment with a World Truth Video link has just appeared above, but the comment below with a link has not appeared after posting twice = very strange.

    • FYI: Safari blocks WTV website on my iOS device altogether.

  19. If anything, a jabbed football fan should be stressed seeing all these emergencies every week. They won’t know if they will make it to the end of the match. I also think the stress hormone cortisol can be released from the tears of your eyes, so if anyone is getting too emotional that is the body’s response to expell the stress. Either way, we know it’s more mainstream propoganda that alot of sheep will buy.

  20. Ah it all becomes apparent. Football will be classified as a dangerous sport. All sports will be dangerous and soon children will be banned from kicking a ball about. Stay indoors the sky is falling.

    A bit of a sidetrack – people are still wearing masks to go in shops! One woman holding a cigarette was heading for the shop door while still wearing a mask! I actually did a double take, laughed out loud but she didn’t look up as she was studying the floor – probably for the covid germ that might jump up and devour her. I imagine she would have put the cigarette out before going in, just couldn’t be arsed to turn around and find out.

      • Lots of people still happy to wear their comfort blankets even after the rule change on Thursday. I think people have grown to like them which is sad. They think they are making a sh!t of difference to anyone catching a cold so it’s still a virtue signal. I genuinely sympathise with deaf and hard of hearing people more than ever this last fortnight as my ears have been blocked and masks are a nightmare, speech is muffled through a mask and you can’t even lip-read to get by! As if life isn’t hard enough for them. I detest the new normal, there is nothing normal about it.

      • Hi GinaW Normalisation Is classic Communist/Bolshevik newspeak = programming the proles for their dystopian new life under their Orwellian master’s boot heel – “you will own nothing and be happy”

        Talking of deaf, my good lady is very slightly deaf, and whilst in Tescos the other day she was trying to have a conversation with the check out girl, who was still hiding behind her useless till screen and wearing a mask as well – communication was virtually impossible – leaving the girl apologetic and embarrassed, until I intervened and spoke to her from where the screen was no longer a barrier.

  21. Q. “do they really expect people to buy this?” ~ Hugo
    A.. YES! And they will angrily argue with anyone who suggests otherwise.

    • It’s UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE all of it. I mean WTF was that silly bitch going on about. Iv none men my sons included that go to used Togo matchs all the time. NEVER in all my years have I ever heard anything so CRAZY. Going back to 2019 when did these things ever happen? She’s talking bool9cks and I’m sick of the LIES just who do they think there kidding ? People need to back track on this. See how many people suffered like this at football matchs before 2020.

  22. Very Very Vaguely Plausible Deniability comes to mind and that’s all the sheep need.

    My football mad mate was, it’s cause there playing too many games and not getting enough rest, he’s 48 and looks grey and 70s very odd.

  23. Wonder how many will drop at the Beijing Olympics – I can’t understand why this young woman would explain this away as if it’s the fans/players fault. Are they so short sighted, this is going to affect their lives and the people they care about also.

  24. How come stressed out football fans haven’t been dropping dead from heart attacks before the jabs then? Answer that one you bbc paedophiles!

  25. Don’t care what the Gates Broadcasting Corporation say about anything. Defund them.

  26. Oh Yes Dr Newman from the Gates funded Oxford University 🙂

  27. Thank Much Hugo for the Calming music at the end of your excellent article. It seemed very fitting that it appeared longer than usual today. You may of just saved me from getting over exited and i need to be careful about that. Don’t want to be putting my health at risk you know! Great Job head!

  28. It’s as if they are writing things that they KNOW we won’t believe

  29. Do these people think we are thick as fuck?! So what about all these people with anxiety that have high levels of cortisol, stuck in the fight or flight state? Why haven’t these people been dropping dead left, right and centre over the years? People will just believe this shite as well

    • I think Samii…BECAUSE they have been jabbed..something with the rise if adrenaline does something to the heart….fibrillation..beat out of normal synchronization…

    • But! Surely the question must be, how did a ( possibly ) serious ‘expert’ in her field get conned into talking such BS on a BBC talk show? Of course, we know a lot of these experts need their 15mins of fame to keep this scam rolling on. She may make it onto The Lorraine Kelly Show at this rate as a side-kick to Shillery Jones!

  30. If a football manager has said heart problems with his goalkeeper could be due to the jibjab then you can bet he’ll be getting the sack soon.

  31. Never watched a football mqtch, millionaires crying over a ball doesn’t work for me lol

    All the mental disorders and autoimmune are due to fast foods, odd how only kicked in 7months ago, coincidences hey!

    It’s jabs obviously, clots being created by EMF ( don’t ride ebike if jabbed ) ,so getting everyone to switch off there phones, unplugging the 4g/5g near and not sure if lights create EMF!

    Lots of reports morgue’s filling up with jabbed people, massive up tick in deaths, mainly clot related some ADE aswell.

    Sheep are going to wake up soon, and they’ll wake up angry!

  32. I can’t believe that people will not see a correlation, I live in hope. Though my sister in law who I love dearly, has actually stated she wants her nurses to be jabbed as she’s vulnerable and having a hip replacement. She has long term disabling illnesses and I understand her fear, she’s in her early seventies and I have to try real hard not to state the obvious, like we don’t live forever kind of reply. I have to try and understand that coming to the last years of your life is a wee bit daunting. Being 65 I’m facing this truth myself and the NHS is not like the place I worked in as a young nurse in the seventies. This last two years have got me thinking more about my demise than living. We have to reverse this, a lot of psychological damage has been done.

    • During a busy Saturday afternoon of EFL (English Football League), four contests stopped due to medical emergencies in the crowd.

      Fulham, Oldham, Wycombe, and Bradford all saw their home matches halted due to medical incidents in the crowd on Saturday afternoon.

    • Teresa!I’m early seventies!have dynamic screw,in my hip,due too slipping up! and ending up with fractured femur!2 years ago!I have osteoporosis!I do 45 minute workout on my exercise bike!30mins treadmill fast pace!and 15mins twist and shape machine! 4 times a week ,also walk my dog!I refused the prescribed treatment, just take calci.D!I haven’t had any convid jabs or tests!staying fit is the best medicine!👍

      • And if we all lived like yerself, we’d be the happier for it. My auntie is 85, when I talk to her it’s a pure tonic, makes you not care about age or the ‘what ifs’ of advancing years. We need more people like yourself, keep up the good work and continue to live life.

  33. British Heart foundation are trying to normalise the fact that young football players are dropping dead on the pitch with their latest ad.
    All these charities and MSM are only interested in lining their own pockets.
    They are all beyond EVIL , CUNTS AND MURDERERS.

    • Well if this wasn’t’ so tragic you could almost laugh. It really is awful these people getting heart problems and good that one football manager has realised the connection with the jabs. Why can’t people see this is not normal to have a heart problem whether you are playing football or watching it. Such a rare occurrence before the jabs now it’s every week.
      We all know what the BBC are doing, luckily less and less people are watching or
      listening to them now. Soon people will realise what is going on when so many get ill and there will be a shortage of NHS workers as many will lose their jobs if not jabbed soon.
      People believed the government when they said they had to wear masks yet don’t believe them when they say you don’t have to. Lots of people still wearing the germ filled face nappies.
      Thank you Hugo.

    • Yes, EVIL , CUNTS AND MURDERERS. 100% Totally…………. QUOTE: British Heart foundation are trying to normalise the fact that young football players are dropping dead on the pitch with their latest ad……. I Have seen it &
      At 16 seconds in you can see the Graphene Oxide flowing……………….
      How I Noticed this was through a tv series i was watching called CODE 404,,,, 2 coppers in the future & 1 of them is an A.I. infused cyborg – android….
      In Season 2 he go’s wonky & needs updateing,,, when going through this linked up to computers ect, The scientist mentions Graphene nanotubes ….
      The Injection ~ Graphene Oxide — Now put the 2 together & Do The Math………………………………………….

  34. Instead of kidney cells in the jab they want to take some monkey brain cells to help these sheeple learn to think better.

  35. I have been attending football matches for 50 years or so, these things would happen once every 10 years or more not weekly!
    WTFU world!

  36. In light of your good work Hugo, including others, hopefully the majority of people are beginning not to believe this bullshit. BBC, CNN and other broadcasters are losing viewers. That says a lot to me.

  37. If that is the case then play behind closed doors. What utter drivel from the bbc etc

    • He didn’t pass away, pass over or pass out – he died!
      Noel Coward – This Happy Breed. I always remember this, and it’s a bloody good film.

  38. I used to think the BBC & MSM manufactured stories like this to deliberately fool people. Now I believe it is they who actually believe their derange propaganda.

    • Sadly the jabbed still believe all of the bile spewed out from the msm. Last night I spoke to an Irish lady who’d come over for a party. She said it was her first visit to the UK since this began. I said I’d read and seem that Ireland were more severe with their restrictions so it must be a relief for everyone now it’s relaxed. To my shock she started to rant about unvaccinated feckers being responsible for everything and how she feels that the covid passports should remain to stop the unvaccinated feckers from infecting everyone! I was literally lost for words and just walked away. What has happened to the world??

      • WEF and their puppets are doing what they set out to do, unfortunately……… It’s working, obviously. 😔😔

  39. The sickening thing is the jabbed will buy into her claims.The last thing they will believe is its there life saving jab causing this.

    • They buy into anything because they enjoy being brainwashed & controlled because they think they going be rewarded!

      Crazy town were I live the masks been O so kindly said to wear or not but
      Yesterday I saw loads still wearing napkins looking so stupid now it’s not even needed!
      It’s division & they unfortunately are letting it continue??

      By way Cheers Hugo great share as always

      • Janie
        Thats exactly why Bolshevik Boris had no worries about stopping the mask mandate’s..He knows that the sheep have been so brainwashed they would carry on wearing them and still be willing to use there health passes where necessary.People are still wearing there nappies whilst walking down the street where i live and at least 75% in the supermarkets..The worst are the ones that wear them in there cars absolutely ridiculous..😂

      • Hey Darren

        Yeah don’t even get me started on the ones in cars & worst for me as well
        the ones wearing them OUTSIDE!!!

    • @Darren 100%
      I was speaking to a football mad friend, who is 3 times jabbed and who was on the books of a premiership club in his youth.
      Playing devil’s advocate I said what do you make of all the players and fans keeling over he said “they have all probably had the rona and it’s weekened their hearts”
      The msm has done such a number on the sheep.

      • You cant fix stupid mate let them get on with there shallow lives,they probably still believe in the tooth fairy..

      • To be honest I don’t argue or try to wake the sheep any more it just gets me down and wastes my energy.
        My personal situation is that almost everyone around me, my partner, friends, family and colleagues are all jabbed up rona believes.

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