BBC Attempts To Explain FOOTBALL FANS 💓 Heart Attacks / Hugo Talks #lockdown

113 Comments on “BBC Attempts To Explain FOOTBALL FANS 💓 Heart Attacks / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. It makes life very difficult doesnt it, my like-minded friend? You are lucky that you can leave them alone in their own fairy-world…. I am still trying to educate them but that is to my health detriment really. I suppose I’m also showing them that WE were not the crazy ones that they’ve always thought that we were!! I’ll try and leave them alone and let them sleep-walk to the vaxtermination centre for booster number 4, 5, 6, 7…….

    • I’m glad you played that calming music after all that stress on the video 😜

  2. Wouldn’t people who watch football at home or in the pub who are passionate about their team also be at risk according to this freak but of course, they’re not all dropping dead. You’re damn right we live in clown world Hugo, and TBH its fair to say you can discredit and strike of the majority of crap that comes from the MSM

    • Your right of course u r. That’s because u have a mix of mostly none jabbed people in pubs watching football and other sports. Next they will be putting it down to lockdown and our unhealthy eating and drinking habits. That so called women chatting complete crap needs to get her facts right. Who is she anyway ? Never seen or heard of her b 4. Mind u I don’t watch or listen to crap from the MSM.

  3. Please check out Megan Kelly on you tube, she has a report from a famous BMW world champion, who explains what happens to stress levels with this jib jab. It nearly killed him and now he cant cycle ever again. These fans get so involved with their teams it is part of the joy…… please do not judge these people. These fecking jabs are the problem……. but there will never be a discourse

  4. Unfortunately Hugo.. too many people will buy this BS from the likes of the BBC.. until the MSM is taken down our battle will be hard to win. I completely agree with your views and greatly respect you and others like Rebel News.. all fighting for truth. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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