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  1. This sounds like rubbish! I don’t believe Mauritius has 100 monkeys to sell, there are monkeys but not huge amounts like that

    • What a load of rubbish I wonder how much she got payed get ready another variant on the way

  2. It’s all about scaremongering. No matter in which respect. Be it biological, chemical, atomic.

  3. Hang on. 4 escaped, 3 caught and euthanised… my math bad or is there an infected Macaque on the loose?

    • In that printed bullet-point page it said the last of the 4 escaped monkeys was “accounted for” by late Saturday.

    • This is a really bad film with really bad actors how would anyone believe this bullshit last thing you would at a accident would be to look and see what the lorry was carrying be more inclined to help the driver how much more of this shite do we have to watch there getting really desperate now it’s falling apart

  4. What do I think? I think monkey magic on TV years ago made more sense!…lol…

  5. Anti-vax Hungarian Olympic gold medallist dies of Covid aged 51

    A Hungarian Olympic gold medallist and anti-vax conspiracy theorist has died of Covid-19 at the age of 51, weeks after getting the jab to continue his work as a coach.

    Szilveszter Csollany fell sick in December and was hospitalised and placed on a ventilator for weeks, with local authorities announcing his death on Monday.

    While Csollany had shared several ‘anti-vax’ posts on his Facebook page, he had been vaccinated in order to work as a gymnastics coach, Budapest newspaper Blikk reported at the start of January.

    • Has the jab then get convid oh ffs. The lies . He didn’t have a bloody cold before the jab the dies of covid. More like the reactions to the experimental poison.

    • Noone deserves to die but he volunteered for his death. Tough

  6. Who knows what other Fauci-made disease they were carrying. And yeah the whole scene is surreal. Who the frack goes to pet a cat involved into an accident that had a cloth over it’s crate? Also, how the heck is this considered safe to drive around a bunch of lab monkeys without having a mor secure enclosure that prevents the monkeys to escape in case of an accident?
    Fishy, very fishy, especially considering the haste of governments around the world giving up lockdown measures green passes, etc. Even the CDC just published a report confirming thet natural immunity is better than that from the vaccine, whereas, jus recently they doubled down on the fact that natural immunity basically does not exist…

    • Very fishy and spooky. They have something up their sleeves 😭😭😭

  7. I’ve worked with monkeys and apes my whole life; but I don’t need to; to know that this is movie script nonsense.
    Fake as you like; but after it’s out there, even if the story is discredited you can’t pull back the psychological impact and assumptions it has already laid.

  8. Definitely to scare, a scene from a crazy zombie film definitely too🙄

  9. Like a script, but what isn’t nowadays thats in the mainstream, its all BS along with all the other BS stories they come out with – once you are awake and you can see what they are doing you can never unsee it…Live Love and Peace

  10. That story does sound RIDICULOUS !! Lol….
    must admit (hugo) you have made me understand the true extent to the msm BS ! Thanks :)….So seems like its an excuse to release a REAL pandemic ! Rabies would be a nasty one !? Done some research on smallpox and that isn’t as dangerous as I thought and would mainly kill the weak….seems I might have to research rabies lol…..
    If this is a real pandemic then I’m sure it won’t be that dangerous and Will be their usual tactic of scare mongering…..leading to more jab jabs….that will be the killer. I still think they will have a job convincing the 20 million pure bloods to take it up….no, they have no chance !!! 🤣

    • Things are getting full on this year !! Seems like they might try to hit us with everything !?
      War, pandemic, cyber attacks, natural disasters ….
      How exciting 😀 whoop whoop

    • RABIES is OK if u get the vax early enough lol. No its true. 😂🤣😂🤞❤

    • Funny you should say that, I saw a public info on tv this week in relation to shingles….which I thought was an odd one

    • Monkeys probably had something in them. I mean why kill the poor harmless things.

  11. Type in pink eye in search and this is all over msm. Made up bullshit to bring in the next variant probably. It’s getting ridiculously stupid now, but I suppose there are still a lot of really asleep people to wake up so going to get even more ridiculous. curious to see how much more it can get?

  12. What a load of BS they would have a secure vehicle to transport this kind of cargo and i been in this industry this is total BS they do not do this whatsoever, a total false flag

  13. They don’t expect us to believe it was an accident do they!your right Hugo!as fishy as hell!! shades, of outbreak or the virus!we’re the monkeys green by any chance?is this what Gates has been on about!?were all Doomed!give us a break!from all this BS!

    • These monkeys were alive – Duh – all the ones injected with the virus/vaccine died.

  14. “humanely euthanised” LOL
    they were killed basically. What animal cares that it was killed “humanely”?

    A big coincidence that these were monkeys from Jooish CDC. Very suspicious.
    It could be they are testing new pandemic scenarios straight from Jooish Hollywood.

  15. Seems to me like they are just sowing the bullshit seeds for the marburg /ebola /hemorrhagic variant which they plan to/have already released in China? In their completely childish minds, they thought “oh yeah,we can say lab monkeys escaped from a crashed truck” and hey presto, it all kicks off again,just like the bat from the wet market rubbish….They are really not very plausible are they? I wonder how much they paid that stupid woman to say that stupid rubbish. God give me strength.

  16. So the Globalists actually believe we all watch films and Netflix and can’t decipher fantasy and fact ? Do they really think we all are that stupid ? Then again there are lots of people walking around proud they have three injections of God only knows what in them so maybe the Globalists are into something with this strategy 🥱😂

  17. Hollywood bullshit to instill the fear of contagion of “viruses”, which has never been proven possible in any scientific test in history.. all of which failed 100% of the time to demonstrate contagion possible..

  18. Poor monkeys

    What load old crap.
    They are so desperate now, it’s really all getting that pathetic to have to see or hear.

    I’d like to know how much it cost the tax payers for;
    The road closed because of the crash, the traffic cops, ambulance for the
    Sue,s Boyle lookalike,
    Clearing the crash scene, recovering trucks, Vets for the Poor monkeys
    Investigation teams (smh lol) into this Disaster on the high way !
    I don’t know about anyone else
    but most of this has me in stitches now days .

    Thank you as always Hugo

    • Susan Boyle LOL
      I know it’s mad, Janie. And I’m an animal lover but I wouldn’t be trying to pet anything that fell out of a lorry in a crate lol

      • Morning

        I love animals to
        But I also Gina
        wouldn’t pet a wild monkey, & one that’s already pissed off that it’s been in a serious lorry accident! & being used as an experiment ..
        On a busy highway !

        No wonder We all end up laughing at theses media insanity stories.

        Have great day Gina

  19. And the names given to the four monkeys were of course…………drum roll…………..
    Mickey , Peter , Michael and Davey.
    Then I saw the article , now I`m a believer 🙂

  20. Crab-eating macaques…and the lady was called Michelle 😉
    Couldn’t make this stuff up.

  21. “… a movie plotline…….” is the world we live in. Remember the film ’12 Monkeys’ had nothing to do with monkeys!

  22. Hmmmmm guys let’s read between the lines. They are planning another plandemic. Remember Hugo you taught us how they have to announce their moves to avoid karma….this time its a no no because even the sheeple who are still holding on to their masks are beginning to see through their lies although I think they will continue masking themselves even if it is supposed to ending soon🙄🙄

  23. It’s funny I heard this story a few days ago and searched on Google, but it was saying the monkeys escaped in India and were chewing vials of blood being sent for testing. I wondered why monkeys would be shipped with vials of blood on its way for covid testing, and why the same story appeared in India and the US – sounds like a load of bollocks to me.

  24. These entertaining stories are so funny nowadays! I’m in stitches. No wonder I threw my tv away. More than enough of this comedy online. Who needs to watch TV anymore. LOL

  25. Testing the gullibility of the public no doubt. If the fake story catches on (no pun intended) they may run with it or
    it it gets laughed out the water it will be dropped.

  26. 100th monkey syndrome…maybe it’s happened, awakening!

  27. oh ffs first up if there’s a crash there would be police taping the crash site off so nobody could get near it so that stupid bloody woman walking up to it wouldn’t even happen 2 nd of all who the hell walks up to a crash nobody and as if that woman was allowed to just walk up pull back a cover stick her hand in wtf yeah right bullshit and millions of folk already woken up to this covi crap so they’ve gotta find something else to scare crap outta everybody with a mean anything to do with cdc would have extra security obviously no way would some stupid bloody woman be allowed to just walk up they’re ffs n if anybody sees a crash they phone the police ambulance fire engines not walk up to the bloody crash scene that’s bloody ridiculous n then oh she got ill how convient then it’s all tv press interviews MSM going nuts over it huh stars the obvious seriously

    • Come on folks that woman is an actress.
      Wake up People.

  28. Part of the agenda animals are dirty and dangerous spread disease, The current bird flu cull. Swine flu outbreaks. Cats and hamsters with covid. Small mammal cull in Hong Kong after hamster tested positive. Even so do they really expect us to believe this nonsense? Yes setting the scene for another pandemic and moving us to meat free ‘safe’ food, pet free medicated lives in smart city enclosures. Ice age (or telegram) has some good information and links. Thanks Hugo and to all who comment.

  29. Another pathetic attempt to scare the people and don’t you just love how these animals are spoken about like they’re a disease not living creatures that were stolen from their own environment and tortured why is this acceptable? As for supposedly sticking your hand in the box of an injured animal that’s just brainless and sounds like a complete lie.

    • Hi
      Everything the media push out is angled for their narratives only & pushing fear.

      Mad as Haters lot of them

  30. So this sillybilly woman went to ‘help’ and pet one of these animals. (Honestly what a fool!) and now has pink eyes and so forth…

    The fact they had to euthanized these monkeys afterwards tells you all you need to know. I’m certain I heard something about how this bug came from experiencing with monkeys.

  31. It’s all about demonising animals along with the recent swan cull. We had the needless hamster cull as well.
    Don’t forgret owning a pet is bad for the environment because 12% of all meat production is for pet food. All this is priming.

  32. So, those perfectly intact cardboard-and-pine-slat crates that were hurtled from a backless truck onto the road are used to transport quarantined animals around. And this woman stuck her hand in one, straight through the cardboard apparently. The hand with the cut on it. And through the cardboard (which is strapped on, not openable) she got spat at. Also, there was feces smeared all over the road from the undamaged crates, and she walked right through it.

    And these tropical monkeys were surviving the bitter-cold Pennsylvania winter on their journey to somewhere in Minnesota, without heating in the truck. And after being strewn all over the roadside, they were perfectly quiet and calm until this woman’s finger came through the magic cardboard to pet one of them – so quiet that she thought they were cats, which would also maintain their composure in that situation.

    That picture of Anthony Fauci on the left is the first one of him that doesn’t make me feel nauseous, but this story sure turns my stomach!

  33. So much to say about this scenario. Firstly, what were the CDC thinking transporting infected lab monkeys around the place. Secondly, the whole thing, as Hugo said, looks like a scene from “Outbreak”. They are up to something, and that witness is a part of it.

  34. “The accident was at around half past three” = 3:30………..

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