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  1. He’s not invading anywhere. Putin wants NATO to leave his borders. This is more ridiculous propaganda blaming Putin for something he hadn’t done nor will. Sounds like Soro is at it again

  2. I watched a video by John Pilger this morning, on BrandNewTube. His view was that all the other countries were doing the threatening, but the MSM did not report that. I think I got that right, but I do not have a razor-sharp mind!

  3. When inner politics fail, an outside threat is been created to distract from the inner failings.
    Always been that way..
    It is a plan B from THEM, different threat but further fearmongering, scaring the weak minded or brainwashed people. Anyone with a fraction of common sense left, will see through that crap.

  4. I think your bloody right again . War is looming , media is in cahoots with the crooked war mongerers , and also the covid narrative is crumbling. Cheers Hugo . I’ve really appreciated your work these last 2 years .

  5. They wouldn’t make a war in Ukraine, just to distract us while sacrificing there own soldiers just to keep us all scared and controlled and not asking the real questions, like so Convid was a hoax then ?? and if so, why did you drive those jabs into us so hard ??

    Ohhh they don’t care about soldiers they would entirely do that.

    Convid is being dropped faster than a french assualt rifle in a lot of countries, but not all, some are still going hard, must not of hit there jab targets yet.

    Jab Deaths are 4000 area per week currently, expected to peak in 2024 and get much much much worse soon, CPC wants a 50% population reduction to make it easier for them to invade.

    ODD TIMES aren’t they!!

    • Yes I agree the Troops will be sacrificed…….New World Order. All fit young men and Women ..Athletes are being Sacrificed. They are all still following the World Economic Forum. Governments no longer exist.

      • Gillian….lm of the same opinion….a sudden ‘switch’…still trying to ‘jab’ our 12>15 yr olds north of where l live…children being tested..found to be POS…sent home…Mum a carer for a Domicillry care Agency….tested NEG no symptoms…told to ‘isolate’ for 5 days too…care Agency rushing around to find staff to assist elderlies in their homes…terrible running a business these days…I said to the manager who is a friend…”when people have to start PAYING for these ‘test kits’…the flu/colds will go away….

      • NATO countries will not take Russia on in her own backyard … period. The consequences would be too embarrassing for those NATO countries.

  6. When inner politics fail, an external threat is created to distract from thei inner failings. Most common and blatant from of it…
    This is Plan B from THEM. as the C0$4lt lie is no longer pulling they propagate the continuation of the old Russian threat…
    Anyone with a fraction of common sense will see right through things.

  7. Putin is responding to the threat being imposed by the west, who then use the media to paint him as the aggressor. It’s all Kabuki to try and blame Russia for the impending stock market and economic collapse, so the politicians can try and blame him for their own distaters. Watch the DOW today, I predict it’s going to be a drop of at LEAST 1000 points. The reality pigeons are coming home to roost – realz does not care about feelz. Politicians for their own gains have focused on feelz and denied the realz even exists.

  8. Do they still have the old fashioned lamp posts in London with a bar going across the top? It would save money on building gallows, just sling a rope over the top and pif paff poof…

  9. History does have a habit on repeating itself !
    So could there be another world war? Food ration books, people conscripted, blackouts….hope im too old now……maybe ill be called up for dads army then? Lol
    They would have to find me first.
    Surely it wouldn’t be nuclear as that would fu@k up their wild playground for years !??

  10. Wow I’ve been listening to Hugo & reading comments from his first vids yet this is my first comment …
    If anyone isn’t stocking up yet, they really should… I feel war of some description is inevitable, posturing about war doesn’t make money but having them does & look at Bidens past financial interests in Ukraine…but Russia has the gas pipelines …
    Is this all part of the theatre as we are led to believe Putin is the wests enemy, yet we see videos of him singing at grand A list US celeb events … Uri Bereshminov is looking like their prophet right now… seems pestilence ( autoimmune syndrome, another variant / pox type bio virus) & famine ( record inflation, rocketing energy & food shortages ) then financial crashes incoming…
    Klaussy did ‘ warn us ‘ cyber attack next … Russia is more than capable or of being blamed for one, imagine the grid going down , they have so many options for chaos … think we’re in the eye of the hurricane

  11. Wow. What a total waste of time and energy that was. A feeble news update that we get more info from the actual fake stream. Yawnnnn

    • Hugo just wants people’s opinion on recent developments….If you find this site so boring you should stop coming on here,
      Rather than just being a dick about it !

  12. Notice the obviously paid trolls on here and Facebook have also vanished ?? 🙂

    Seen all of the ohhh it’s this vitamin or food type that’s causing your clots or your auto immune system, trying to create vaguely plausible deniability and the sheep love it 🙁

    Sheep are confused aren’t they, 2 years of FEAR beamed directly into there singular brain cell and suddenly, ohhh it’s only 1/3rd as bad as flu, all back to normal, but but but but we are still scared and think we are about to die! not that anyone has died!

  13. 1.Obama sent troops and tanks along the Ukraine Border….very Agreesively.. MSM do not report that..2. I think this is just theatre ….or is this another way to Depopulate the World?

  14. (((They))) like nothing better than winding up the war psychosis in the minds of the plebs. The subversive Commie Jews, Roosevelt and Churchill, did it with aplomb in the 1930s.

    “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. When bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe…President Roosevelt has been given the power to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.”

    — Count Jerzy Potocki, Polish Ambassador to the USA, 1934.

    • Steady on you know you mustn’t accuse the jews of anything even if you are correct..Have you watched Europa The Last Battle by any chance i highly recommend it..

    • These are facts many choose to ignore, or, don’t even know.
      I’m not sure Bolshovism actually ended, and Putin isn’t who we’re lead to believe he is.
      This is the same story since the “Cold War ” days, and throughout the 1980’s when Thatcher and Reagan were, “in charge “.
      This is just another act in “their ” show to bring in a single government, the social credit system etc.
      Of course, we can’t say anything about “them ” because it’s antisemitic. 🙄

      • Putin has done right by his people and his contract he got the matter debt and Russia is basically get free to any country and I bloody world hopefully it might just go back.

      • @Tony Mcnamara Putin is not even Putin, they replaced him with a doppelganger circa 2010. This was also at the same time that the whole Polish government was allegedly killed in an air crash. The alleged real story doing the rounds at that time was that the Polish government were taken somewhere and assassinated, and they used the air crash as a cover story. A whole load of shenanigans was going on at that time.

  15. Putin doesn’t follow the Agenda of One World Government/Order and the rest of the world are just so to say ganging up on that country pushing MSM with all this BS, Just a thought…..

    • @julian As long as you realise he’s not your friend and Chabad Lubavitch Jews are frequent visitors to the Kremlin, just as they frequent visitors to The Shite House.

  16. ALL the problems of the world start with our governments, who do not represent our best interests, and have not done so for a long time – if ever. The problems will only end when they are all removed. Unless this happens this shit will continue until the end of time.

  17. 48 Hours to go before my 9 day FB Ban ceases , how Convenient 🙂

  18. America is only interested in the Ukraine because there puppets have been put into power there by the likes of Obama and Biden..One of the same if you ask me..

  19. The world has to have a bogeyman or bogey thing. It was C19. It is now Russia. It should be the vxx.

  20. Clearly there covid narrative has failed so they are doing what they do best.. start another wasteful war. Who cares anyway what they do or say.. we are in the great awakening never forget it! This is a desperate attempt to once again distract out attentions to more bullshit.

    • Max@ the CVD narrative is going as per plan. They have & are injecting billions of people around the world. The supposed halt will be as planned for whatever reason and other aspects such as war or climate scam will run alongside CVD as of when they want. Not being negative but just saying as I see it!

  21. There’s not enough wars going on in the world so they’re going to make one. Keep poking the hornet’s nest until it happens. The industrial military machine needs to sell more arms paid for by our taxes to make the very rich even richer.

  22. Empty vessels make the most noise. Muppets like Raab and the rest of the muppet cabinet saying things like, “Russia will pay a heavy price if it invades Ukraine”. What price would that be Raab? Cutting Russia from SWIFT – nope that will hurt the west more than Russia who’ve already developed their own inter-bank messaging system. And how would Europe pay for the gas it needs from Russia? Care to answer any of that Raab? Cancel the Nordstream 2? Well given that was a German request in the first place, not a Russian one I doubt Germany would be impressed by cancelling it. Meanwhile Russia is already building a 2nd gas pipeline to China giving her the ability to ‘swap’ customers for that Nordstream 2 gas at the flick of a switch.

    Russia couldn’t have been clearer about her red lines :-

    – No more NATO expansion
    – Post coup Kiev does not attack the Donbass again

    Clearly too complicated for retards like Raab and that parasitical muppet in NATO, Stoltenberg to understand.

    • The Nord pipe stream to open finished and full of gas sitting in Germany it’s the EU you and NATO that’s stopping us from receiving any I agree with you 110% and that’s a very good comment

    • This has been on the list for a while now, and unfortunately it’s other countries having to club together to fight between two of the worlds largest and strongest populated countries, but sadly so many more lives will be lost, and for what?….greed,power,etc? Haven’t enough ppl been lost recently? C’mon world,we’re ‘meant’ to be civilised,start behaving as such!

  23. Some of us have been expecting an atom bomb attack for a while…

    Perhaps also why all this meatier strike keeps being brought up ?
    Chinks apparently have nice new powerful nukes.. 45 minutes to the uk ??

    Project blue beam.. who said it’s going to be an alien attack ? Could be a meteorite storm movie 2012 😂
    Boom atom bomb drop..

    And yes of course you are right Hue..

    They are following a program..
    and they are worshiping lucifer..
    They are deluded..
    Lucifer Deceits…

    On the UN website speaks. Everything burns and will re grow..

  24. If war is indeed one of the next events then I think we are all looking in the wrong place. Look towards the Korean peninsula and Taiwan. Here is the scenario. China invades Taiwan and is within striking distance of Hawaii and Japan. Who has the largest population on Earth ? China. It will be Nagasaki and Hiroshima all over again but with Shanghai. But personally I still think they will go for another virus release before that.

  25. I have Russian relatives and in the years of my visits I watched a grave change, from the people going about their business and camping and having freedom to mortgages and wanting new cars and all the crap that is pumped out via advertising. In Russia I spoke to a lady who used to be a teacher in Germany for many years we spoke about the changes I had seen in Russia in regards to material desire. I tried to explain that the ‘innocence’ they were losing was far more precious than the material crap they were gaining. The problem is satan and TPTB do not have to work through the government anymore they can use more subliminal direct methods in imported TV shows, films and of course the rotten influence of the internet and social media, convincing whole generations that if they have not got the latest tech or crap they are missing out.

    My relatives feel encroached on, pressured and under threat, NATO and the European nations agreed not to use the joining of East and West Germany to move eastward but they broke that promise and continue to break that promise because as we know satan and the NWO requires a one world government with 10 kings leading it. As I have said before certain leaders will never go quietly into the good night because they crave power and maybe feel some responsibility to their people and ‘motherland’. Putin is an old world politician, he is by no means ‘innocent’ but he plays to what is best for him under the law of politics and as much decency as that allows. Putin broke his neck to pay off Russia’s debts to the world bank and did so in 2016? He is in with the system but wants to select the tune he dances to and he wants to maintain his power in his country and will use the any threat pushed against him to motivates his people.

    The NWO has a plan to reduce population and now they know the extent they can achieve this through jabs, may be the new wave technocrats persuaded the old war monger brigade they could achieve similar results to war but the old school are getting itchy feet as it is failing to produce the results promised? My opinion is they are fully aware of the plan for The End Times prophecy and are putting the final pieces in place for satan to take his place on the throne of God. satan has convinced them that if he sits on Solomon’s seat he will become undefeatable. This is a lie because God made us all his temple internally when he gave us the ability to repent and perform Passover to take the bread and wine, the flesh and blood of The Son of God within us making us the temple. This is why satan is convincing people to take his mark inside themselves (the jab) as he always tries to copy God but in a way that is an abomination and disgusting.

    I see the people here crying Jew Jew but they are either complicate in the lie or have been brainwashed to believe a lie that a corrupt family or few corrupted interconnected families means an entire people are corrupt. I have proved God himself says this is a lie and I will not be drawn into a conversation about it, the word of God is final, you have been warned The root of all evil is satan and his only desire is to take as many of us with him as possible. Keep your eyes open for the coming of The Lawless Man he will stand up and show himself to be powerful. it will be the catholic church that shows itself to be running the show but if you have true faith in Our Father in Heaven and the flesh and blood of his Son within you from Passover nothing can harm you.

    • @Loccie Still pumping your pro Serpent Seed ‘Christian’ Zionist satanic nonsense I see. You’re addicted to it aren’t you?

      “it will be the catholic church that shows itself to be running the show.” Complete tommy-rot The Rothschild Jews OWN the Vatican.

  26. The covert 19 fraudsters also invest in war , so they create a distraction for the theft from covert 19 as easy as they bribe frauds in government that do their corporate bidding.
    As plain as the fan boy of covert 19 Mayor of London’s nose.

  27. I was asked the other day, what did Hugo Talks do before the invention of the fake virus?

    • Probably minding his own business.
      Untill the massive lies poured down over the Earth, then he looked around and noticed the majority bought into the lies and got shocked.
      So then he decided to wake them up by just speaking his mind up.
      Gladly he did, as me too I am s Hugo.

  28. Honestly I think this is all part of the plan everything we know is cos they want us to know you think if they didn’t want us to know we wouldn’t look at Hitler look at everything we been living how they want us to live they have been fucking with us since the beginning of time they knew people where going to find out what they was up to they probably planned on it there trying to trick the untricked

  29. Why has Ukraine seemingly been the most important country on the planet in the the last several years!! Why oh why:

    Crime family Biden connection, in particular Hunter’s business dealings

    Malaysia Airline Flight 17 shot down over Ukraine with 100 Aids specialists on plane

    … and other significant connections…… do the research, join the dots…

    My understanding is Ukraine is Deep State controlled. If the media is attacking Putin, he is probably a ‘goodish guy’ and trying to take back control of Ukraine from the DS.

    Or are we seeing yet another distraction – the biggest child sex trafficking trial in history that will ROCK the world beyond like we have never seen before. Any ‘war’ will pale into insignificance …. don’t look there, look here there’s a war brewing!

    Maxwell, Maxwell, Maxwell

    Russia, Russia, Russia

    Sound familiar with the Russia hoax and President Trump …….

    When the truth about CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING AND SATANIC PEDOS REACHES THE MASSES this pandemic is over!

    • It’s the calm before the storm …. What storm Mr President? [journalist to Trump] …. You’ll find out [President Trump] … we are at this point ….

      • No one can stop what’s coming. Better grab more popcorn.

    • You DO KNOW that Trump is in on the sex trafficking stuff RIGHT? He is ONE OF THEM. You have been fooled.

      • You DO KNOW that Trump was FBI; this allowed him to go undercover and be close to these offenders to expose the truth. I guess you are are not aware of the work of Liz Crokin, ex MSM journalist, who is exposing the truth and supporting President Trump’s good work…. Clearly you are not aware of the Executive Orders put in place by President Trump to prosecute these offenders from death penalty to seizing of assets …. go check out his Executive Orders…. they are on the White House website. How many high profile people at this time are having to sell their homes!!? Are you living in a cave? Don’t be fooled by MSM ….

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Never mind. Liz Crokin explains the lies behind the video you have posted ….. You will understand one day …

      • It was President Trump that saved the children from the traffickers. Just because he knew Epstein, doesn’t prove anything. The truth will come out Lucy

      • jezlucky You’re 100% delusional, The Rothschild Jews own Trumpstein lock, stock and two smoking barrels, which included bailing him out of bankruptcy, and he showed his appreciation by pimping out his family to the Jews. He’s a sell out like all criminal politicians. Wake up!!

    • Spot on, he’s has no intension of attacking.
      It’s almost like last year when the flu disappeared, nothing to see here!

      • Correct, the fake Putin puppet loves Chabad Lubavitch. That’s why his laws against anti-Semitism are so strict in ‘free speech’ Russia. He’s a member of The Club 100%.

  30. War with Ukraine is immenent, vs russia last about 2hours, and it’s over.

  31. They faced too much resistance. Now vaccinees are also seeing their plans. Covid lies have been revealed and they are saving their skin. A war is the best distraction, cause
    nobody wants it, and I think Russian globalists have been planning this theater for a long time. Putin is saving the globalists and will certainly be rewarded for it. Without this circus, all their great reset would have failed because Australia is not going to give up, the UK government has lost, US courts do not support Biden’s mandates, etc.

  32. Yeah…and just like that, the virus flew away …. but something should torment the already tortured people. Reminds me of “2 minutes of hate” from *1984*. now they are meat (since a lot of money has been invested in promotion of the “virus “,now in a horror story about the war) will turn against each other and the meat grinder will go. war, I think this is the plan b. they show what they want !!!!! they want it. only you need to set the fools against each other, otherwise who will go to war, you need to give an idea for what …. and just clean up “their green planet “even more.🙄

  33. Just what they want , another way to get rid of the peasants……

  34. For those amongst us who are worried about the situation in Ukraine or would like to glean a proper and well founded understanding of what’s happening with this so-called crisis, I thoroughly recommend Alexander Mercouris from The Duran. His understanding of Russia and the geo-political scene is unparalleled within corporate MSM.

  35. Iron Mountain, UN, NWO/1WO.

    Russia are a thorn in the side of the globalist plan to commence all sovereign forces to be reigned in and brought under the big bosses arm. There necessarily NEEDs to be a sovereign force of resistance, against this incoming tragedy called UN’s under NWO.

    Expect Russia and Putin to be demonized, and coerced politically to stand down, demobilize and submit to some sort of treatise of merger under UN.

  36. I think there trying to back Putin into a corner where he’ll look weak if he backs down, his demands are, Ukraine can’t join Nato, as he doesn’t want missiles nearer to his capital, obviously he won’t be able to invade Nato easily, he still could, but greater loss of life.

    Putin, is the only politician I actually like, he’ll work out a solution no doubt and do without BS what’s in the best interest of his people.

    Won’t take long, for him to cripple Ukraine with missile strikes alone, till they surrender IMHO!!

    Then troops advance to the next border and possibly repeat, repeat, repeat!!

    No way to tell which way this will go, just waiting to see!!

    DOW -1000 to +200 MADNESS, wish I still traded!

  37. You have to know that the Jooish banksters work hand in hand with arms industries around the world and the objective is to bribe the military forces and contractors with new conflicts and wars on both sides (new contracts, new orders) and you, regular Ukrainians and Russians are going to pay for this, not the financial criminals.
    I don’t think there will be any big fight, most likely some muscle flexing at the border but we will pay $$$$$$$$$$$$ regardless if they fight or there is a stalemate.

    The next thing is so called “war on drugs” none of the involved parties want to end that war:
    1. the drug cartels (income)
    2. police and border force (bigger budgets to counter the cartels)
    3. bankters (money laundering and other benefits)

    Do you remember Opium Wars in China, Rotchschild and Sassoons?
    They replay all sorts of stuff not only the plandemics.

    If you think that Russia, China, Iran are bringing balance to the equation you are wrong.
    This scheme is global and it does not discriminate anyone who wants to participate in it.

    Rothschild makes money in US, UK, EU, Russia, China, Israel, Syria and Iran.
    If you think that by watching RT (Russia Today) you are supporting good guys you are wrong.
    Putin with Assad and Israel are all conducting controlled demolition of Syria.

    Read Miles W. Mathis

  38. A conventional world war, financially benefits the Banking cartels as they will be financial partners to both sides. Jesus again knew that the usury would amount to such things, so they killed him… Not the Jews! The miseducated!!!

    • @Justin John 18:36 (KJV) Jesus answered, My Kingdom is not of this world: if my Kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, THAT I SHOULD NOT BE DELIVERED TO THE JEWS: but now is my Kingdom not from hence.

  39. Deep State needs a cover to collapse the economy as it’s convid narrative falling apart. It’s reverted to its original plan that it had in place before Trump became President. It wanted a war but Trump prevented that. Be interesting to see what happens next 🍿

  40. And it’s confirmed, the winner in the next hoax super virus is…………………….


    WHO going on about, nurse mate of a contact being trained in it, expected in March, they’ve got a jab ready and it’s all ready to make 7.9Billion doses yeahhhh aren’t we lucky, Pfizer has made them to, there great.

    Obviously BS, it’ll be the Jabs via AIDS/ADE with a 5G twist causing the deaths, they’ll blame it on Marburg, why they dropped all restrictions so they can pretend it can spread, and the jab will just increase the deaths and get the people where 2/3 shots isn’t enough to get them over the edge.

    Enjoy the 6weeks off, before all hell breaks loose, get us all relaxed then FEAR!!!!

    • Well, they were never going to let their gravy train stop were they?
      Stay strong and prep any way you can, folks! If it doesn’t happen, great, but there will be something in the pipeline…

      • Been tracking this BS since september, looks like this first then Small Pox after, or that was a false avenue ??

        23%-90% Mortality rate, they’ll definately force jabs onto all 🙁 So prepping for Forest April, atleast warmer by then.

        If they carry on with FEAR for too long, the sheep will lose interest, so they’ve backed up, everyone will be happy the fear will eventually go then BOOM, Marburg !!

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