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  1. The biggest joke is it isn’t the house of commons anymore since all the bankers and lawyers took it over and as for power well, they’re still stealing the people’s money to waste without even asking US what we’d like it to be spent on…well that one I can answer…US YOU IDIOTS of Doris”!!

    • See as many at the protest tommorrow in Central London. Hallelujah. They never take our freedom !! Well done Hugo keep up the good work! Hallelujah Jesus is Lord.

  2. boris sister saying he knows ghislane maxwell, wonder what the powers who should’nt be, have on our boris, then.

  3. Gets more stupid – but does it matter when the people are so stupid – Looks like they are making their move to remove the old system with our old MP illusion of democracy – And the people will demand a new system, ushering in the future Glowball UN or Chinese CONtrol. Then things will get really stupid!
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  4. Pretty much anything Doris says is, as he would put it, ‘mumbo jumbo’ and who really gives a fuck if the current Crime Minister stays or goes? They’re all puppets as you say Hugo and I suspect Doris’ replacement would be an even bigger c-u-n-t.

    All theatrics to distract the public from the crimes they’ve committed, with evidence against a police investigation building rapidly. So many people across the country are now giving V injury evidence via their local police stations, it’s going to be very hard for the masons in the police to shut this one down. Doris hanging onto “power” must be the least of his worries atm.

    • I like how you use the word ‘ hanging’, very, very apt!!!

    • We all know about the Asian grooming gangs too but nothing ever happens!

      • jackrossbak – just so people are aware I rang my local police yesterday with that crime number and it is real. The policewoman was happy to take details of jab injuries to support this investigation. It is real. If you google it they say that it is a favoured scam number but it isn’t, it’s a real investigation.

      • Put it in to Duck Duck Go and it all comes up. I printed it off from The Expose and put it in my front window. I’ve had a few thoughtful people staring at it.

      • You gave the cops your details? Have you had a follow-up visit from the mental health team yet?

  5. Nice to hear that they are admitting they are liable to be blackmailed.

  6. It’s called #inflation. Who would have thought that there would be consequences of locking the economy down, whilst simultaneously printing trillions of pounds on crazy schemes like help out to eat out, which has boosted spending?

    • Got this when you shared it on one of Hugo’s other videos. Brilliant.

      • The video helps you understand things in an easy chat- style and well explained too.

    • This should make people realise the true cost of this BS scam. If they paid back the £37billion apparently budgeted for track n trace at £1 per second….£60 per minute, do you how long it would take to repay?? …… Over THIRTY SEVEN YEARS!!!! That’s at £1 every second of every minute of every hour ….etc. if I posted that on fakebook, no doubt the fact blockers would take it down, but it’s as true as can be! Sad ain’t it! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

  7. Most people do not enter any form of high office unless the puppet masters have something on them. How else could they have total control of everything the sheople see.

  8. Oh what a shame.. now they know how the NHS staff feel.. blackmailed with their jobs.. my heart bleeds!! Now they know how it feels!

  9. Tit for tat I would say. Down with vaccines mandate for jobs.

  10. Don’t no if this is the right place to vent but iv just bin told that my friend daughters school is putting red stars on the children who are exempt from mask….. don’t no the school name but Why am I not surprised

  11. A mere attempt to distract attention from those who are really calling the shots.

    • Teresa, exactly!

      He’s the current store manager…. Not the owner!

    • No, William Wragg is sincere. He gave a personal comment before a committee meeting. This has been going on throughout the scamdemic. Vote with the government or your constituency will lose funding. It is blackmail and it doesn’t matter if this is normal for the whips office. William Wragg indicated he would report the matter to the police and we should all hope he, or someone else, carries out this threat. You may not like or accept it, but there are a few sincere politicians at Westminster. We should applaud and encourage them; we must take our friends where we find them.

      • Keith, it’s good to have hope in one or two of the MPs but…
        History has shown that it is all for show and the real decisions are made behind closed doors.

        If the buck stopped with them and they took some personal responsibility for their actions then maybe could be trusted.

        As there are many agencies behind the scenes calling the shots, the real answers need further investigation.

        I think we need the sheep farm gents to do a little expose on them!!

      • Look blackmail is the lubrication of all political manoeuvring, it is used it every situation that requires extra force they even tell you this because every party has a ‘whip’ an enforcer sent out to make people stay in line. Let us imagine a theoretical situation, you have a load of corrupt politicians under control via blackmail. Those politicians only interests are power, money and not letting the details of their dirty dealing becoming common knowledge. Let us imagine one is trapped in a situation where he is on the verge of losing power if he continues on the path he is forced on and decides to try to slow it down. Obviously he is going to resort to blackmail to try to get the troops inline to get himself some breathing space.

        The big difference is what becomes readily available in the MSM for fake condemnation and then what is shown as punished. The really powerful have control of the earthly ‘law’ the false ‘law’. So if BoJo were to say “I need to slow down lockstep for a while because it is damaging my ability to stay as PM” and to slow it down and he uses blackmail it will become common knowledge, but when it is used to increase the speed of lockstep it will never be shown or punished unless it serves a greater purpose.

        Once you leave the path of righteousness and enter into contract with satan you continue until you repent whole heartedly and truthfully to God because if you continue you will be destroyed, there is no safe way to exist in that world. Always ask yourself if what you are doing is good and that means what is good for and AND everyone else. Only evil can ever come from evil and you have been given free will to choose to do good or evil.

    • Go to 1000’s of FOI’s to see on this scam. And they will alert you to any new answers to old requests too. 👍…. But! We Free Thinkers know what’s going on, we know the numbers that the BBC put out are skewed, we don’t really need confirmation. The sheep will NEVER want to see the real numbers because it will burst their bubble of feeling superior over the Thinkers and also make them realise they’ve been fooled as well. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

  12. Have a look at the ONS data provided through a FOI request in how many people died of covid, so covid was the main reason for their death and what was the average age of death.

    • All this has been known from the beginning. It ain’t changed as the truth doesn’t change. Only their lies change.

      • Wow!!! What a comment!! “The truth never changes, only lies change!”. I’m going to try and remember that! Cheers! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

    • I’m shocked that the BBC haven’t been all over this yet. I mean they were super quick to sing from the rafters about 152,000 people dying WITH Convid

      • Thackett, maybe something to do with Gates funding… Wild guess??

  13. You should all watch the original House of Cards series, the Ian Richardson version, not the American screwup, it shows exactly what is going on in the background. Blackmail is part of the job.

  14. Hugo, I think you should tie what is going on in UK with the situation in US because I think the events in US influences the agenda in UK and the rest of the “Commonwealth”.
    The turn of events could be because of the recent Supreme Court rulings – of course Supreme Court is another Intelligence theatre.

  15. There’s definitely something going on, today I found a page I read often heath impact news has been totally blocked off the internet that’s very telling. Obviously they were exposing far too much for the Cabal so had to go. More evidence of their deception and also evidence of desperation.

  16. We are defo living in the matrix aren’t we.

    Ohhh it’s over, convid is 1/3rd as bad a regular flu, only 17K deaths, everyone back to normal, no sorry, no how they got it so wrong, when it’s obvious to me, no answer to forcing jabs on all for no reason, no sorry for the lives ruined, lost, jobs lost, kids education screwed up, mental damage from 24/7 fear porn, WTF!!

    And the best part is the SHEEP just don’t care, all of the above and there just, errrr what ever,it’s over move on, not happy, no omg we are sorry you was right and lose jabs I wish I didn’t take, just errrr nothing at all, don’t care, either way,.

    Likey annoyed, can’t talk about convid 24/7 and how bad it is and omg I’ve got that and I’m doing tests and getting jabs and look what a great muppet I am.

    3 Jabs, forced onto them pretty much, for absolutely nothing, and there not concerned at all.


    • Just done my usual Lidl run. EVERYBODY with a mask on! Brainwashed? Hypnotised? I despair of these idiots.

      • Just spoke to a client and he’s like, errrr yep hoax, you was right, but madness but errr don’t care.

        Okay the news we read is faster than the plebs news, so maybe BBC won’t report it for a few more days.

        Guardian, is know Convid has been defanged as a title!!

      • Yes mate! You’re right! Do you think that some sheep will NEVER dispose of their face nappy? Will they continue to breath-in their expelled nasty air because it can’t get away fast enough? Will these poor souls live in fear for the rest of their lives? I think that they will. It’s called Illusory Truth Effect, whereby they’ve been told lies for so long that even when the liars say it is all a hoax, they continue to believe the lies…. I despair too!! Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

  17. The last article I read on heath impact news was about Novak Tennis boy the false prophet. It states that him and his wife have a combined share of 80% in a biotech company and you guessed it they are producing a peptide Covid 19 Vaccine. The Australian thing was all about marketing in my opinion. But who will take Novak the great anti Vax prophets vaccine ???? Well I’m again guessing the Cabal is better all the Anti Vax brigade will and then take the passport maybe ? Or the Novak identification chip in the belief they have beat the system with the help of the false prophet Novak. I wonder if that’s what got the site kicked censored ? The Novak thing was far to played out and reported in the MSM to be anything else. Where’s the Maxwell trail ? What channel is it on 24 hours a day ?

  18. This is not over, this is to lull the sheeple into a false sense of security, then Bam!! We must know its not ended they have an agenda and waited years planning and scheming they will follow it through. This is just a taste of whats to come. I wish it wasn’t so but it is.
    There is something else waiting in the wings and it ante going to be a picnic afternoon down the park. God Bless us all.

    • As Hugo said, the USE of passports may be halted, but they still exist. They have to go.

  19. I will only listen to the Scarecrow when he stops the mad testing scam and outlaws the vaxxes.

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