1. There after pets now….
    Hong kong have culled 2,000 pets…
    Bastard horrible society we live in now…
    Horrible world….
    First humans are the experiment now animals…
    I have lost all faith in human nature…
    And respect as well…
    If there is a god he would be ashamed at what people have become…

    • marjoriealcock131gmailcom@ in a word that is happening now but very few people will call it as it is. Largely our society have ignored the Palestinian & other genocides in action and now the “goose has come home to roost”.

      • Antisemitic garbage propaganda!

        The PaLiestians are arabs from Arabia!

      • I don’t think that’s true at all.

        It may be the case these days – but when I was a student (in the late ’70s) we were very aware of not only Palestine, but Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Persia (which became Iran during those times), Egypt and Israel – not to mention Jordan, Saudi Arabia…South Africa….and Cambodia.

        I think that we had a better idea of what was going on even though there was no, ‘alternative press’, in those days.

        What we had, in those days, was students from most of these countries (not all) sharing flats with us and drinking beer.

        Largely, ‘our society’ was hijacked by a woman who told us that, ‘There is no such thing as society’…and whether you are a fan of Margaret Thatcher or not, she marked the end of all that.

        I leave a link to The Clash. Rock the Casbah. It would never be allowed these days.

      • @kerenibus “Largely, ‘our society’ was hijacked by a woman who told us that, ‘There is no such thing as society’…and whether you are a fan of Margaret Thatcher or not, she marked the end of all that.”

        And she had 6 Jews in her Cabinet.

      • That man Yassa Arrafat..literally..STOLE the monies from Palestine…his family to this day are living in Paris…in luxury…he was not ‘true’ to the people ….

      • @Ericka

        Arafat was a faggot Jew tool.

        Muslim Brotherhood = Mossad
        Hamas (Arafat) = Mossad
        ISIS = Mossad/CIA
        White Helmets = Mossad
        Daesh = Mossad
        Al-Queda = CIA

  2. I’d like to see some of these dictator politicians have a virtue signal jab live on TV then die horribly On the spot like joffrey from game of thrones when he was poisoned.

  3. What more can the vaccine-free people say or do? It’s been so evident what’s happening and yet they continue to play Russian roulette with their lives. I have 2 old school friends, one is in hospital with a stroke the other lives in Japan and gas myocarditis. That’s 2 people out of a class of 42….nearly 5%.!

  4. And these government/ health ‘Criminals’ know the facts yet keep pushing these experimental mRNA ‘so-called’ vaccines and boosters on the people. Why do we have to be threatened to take this ‘vaccine’ for a disease supposedly so deadly you have to be tested to see if you have it. 99.78% of people recover from this covid flu without any issues, whereas the deaths and serious side effects from the covid vaccines are staggering when you research the actual numbers and what’s worse they are not reported in Main Stream Media.

  5. this ‘person’ at the end will surely get his comeupance. theres a theory uv all prob heard of. the first and second jabs did so much damage to people then u have the 1st booster as well. all killed off all white bllod cells and the capacity to make white blood cells. plus theyve been injected with hiv. Now theyre basically dependent on these ‘boosters’. And now theyre starting to possibly withhold boosters (refering to hugos recent vid) which could mean they will die faster now cos their immune systems are whiped out and theyre in ‘need’ of these boosters. wot a plan. they know what theyre doing alright. words cant decribe it.

  6. I have heard that people in Australia are jabbing their dogs with a Covid jab even though they have NOT had any dogs die. Poor animals they can’t tell you how they feel and no doubt many will be ill and die if being jabbed.
    This video of all these sports people being ill or dying needs to be shown and sent out to as many people as possible.
    Years ago a footballer at Spurs ( forgotten his name)had a heart attack and it caused so much shock as it was almost unheard of a young footballer having heart problems, it was in the news for weeks and I don’t think he ever played football again, now it is an everyday occurrence.
    When are these sports people going to wake up and refuse the jab.
    New Zealand are starting to jab 5 year olds now which is outrageous as at the beginning of this we were told children were not affected by Covid. Shame on the parents who allow it.
    We went to a New Years Eve dance and many of the triple jabbed tested positive for Covid some days after yet the people I know who are unjabbed were fine. These people are not even questioning why they are getting Covid when they are triple jabbed!
    For goodness sake Wake Up!

    • I am sure you have friends and relatives thT have not listen to you, I am certainly in the same boat……but I think they will never wake up. They will get sick but they will never t. Think it is Vaccine related. Their Children will be suffering the same.

    • Saw them being interviewed and they all said they would definitely get their pets jabbed as they didn’t know how they would survive without them.

    • shirley@ no one can test positive for covid as it doesn’t exist in a form as a V.
      The test is a fraud on many counts including; 1. Not testing for a v rather genetic debris 2. Magnified to a level that makes it useless for any use!
      People test positive for a “genetic material” that can be heightened if jabbed or have flu/cold or had flu/cold.
      The condition of symptoms they call CVD are induced via methods including exposure to 60 GHz Millimeter-Wavelength Radiation>cvd jab reactions & jab shedding then labelled as CVD (as flu is) via the fraud test.

      • There are NINE others to share if you like! These murders have been happening in plain sight and no one is taking responsibility…..and why should they when the vast majority of sheep don’t think it’s Vax related! 🙄🤬🙄

  7. Been banned on FB for 28 days for sharing the NHS whistle blower on the Phone, whuch proves it was Genuine

  8. Absolutely no sympathy.
    Why would a fit person volunteer for chemotherapy injection?
    The more the merrier.

  9. Sorry HUGO but murdering BAS…… man, I’m from Scotland and can tell you that people r definitely waking up so good on yi, ABSOLUTELY RAGING 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  10. *Depopulation Jab*

    Covid 1984 is just the Flu re-branded so that the Evil Luciferian FreeMasons New World Order can murder the masses for the Depopulation Agenda!

    Jacques Attali, 1981, then adviser to François Mitterrand wrote this:
    “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than it produces and it costs society dearly.
    Then the weak and then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the most stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in any case.
    We will of course not be able to execute people or make camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe that it is for their good.
    Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
    We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
    We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
    The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. ”

    [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981]
    Interviews with Michel Salomon, collection Faces of the future, editions Seghers.

    • This has been debunked. But you still continue to post this. Again and again and again. Why calls you and your motives into question.

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  12. It has occurred to me that this is a good time to remember Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement from Sept. 10th 2001. With the Covid narrative failing so spectacularly, illness and death among the vaccinated growing harder to hide, and news that Ghislaine Maxwell will no longer protect the identities of clients, it seems reasonable to expect some shocking event. It is a good time to warn people to be alert. As I wrote in “We should expect more crises, and condition those that we talk to, to expect them also. Even before such surprises occur, all people must preemptively lay blame squarely where it belongs, on the heads of these known and persistent criminals.”

  13. The fact some people say they don’t have any symphony for people who got the jab is really sick tbh.. they never asked to be killed did they? Just because they went along with it as it was sold as a help the ones around you is imo very close to human nature.. it’s the evil ones who you should focus your anger on not the ones who took the jab to just get on with it! This attitude sickens me because some have family members who took it purely to save the vulnerable it was that simple.. so stop with your harsh words on them. Yeah maybe they should have took some time to re think it but they never.. I’m sure if it was your mum or dad or sister dying in front of you you would think twice about commenting such heartless comments.

    • I agree with you, but these are the people who did not listen or research and went along with the government. They were trying to do the right thing, but some of them wanted to force us to get the jabs as well against our will. Some of them are demanding we cannot leave our homes or work or have medical treatment until we take the jab. Some, not all, want life to be hell for unjabbed, they feed the government machine the votes and support they need to commit evil. Although they kind of have my understanding and pity, they have the same access to the information that we have and chose not to bother. They rushed into a new, experimental vax and bragged about how good they were for doing so, and how bad those who didn’t jab are. It was sold as a social medal to have a bandaid on the arm and a mask on as a little selfie moment, surrounded by a facebook “I’ve had my vaccine!” frame. I have lots of family members and friends that took all jabs, despite what I told them. They laughed at me and some said I was terrible for not thinking of others. At the moment, no one is seriously ill but some have had heart problems, not many but some. Most people are ok. For me, like I said to them, I would wait and see with the jab see if its safe in time, but if they died of covid I would feel responsible, if I told them to jab and they got hurt I would feel responsible also. I gave them info but tried not to force anyone into a decision. Not one person I told has shown the same courtesy to me. In conclusion, they had their chance, I told them and for people I know and warned they will have to accept their fate as we all do.

    • Either it’s been designed to attack certain people worse than others, or they are releasing more deadly batches.

    • Hi Max, I agree… on a few occasions over the past months, I too questioned peoples attitudes on here about the jabbed, how they suggested they will deserve what they get. I struggled big time to understand, and questioned how people can be so merciless considering we all have loved ones who are jabbed.

      Personally I can’t stop thinking and worrying about my own family and friends, if what I believe to be true with the jabs, if they are all going to be ok since they are all jabbed.

      We are all in this together through choice; some sadly coerced to jab for work, though had the choice to leave, some jabbed believing its to save themselves/others and some jabbed because they are really scared of the virus. People had the choice to decide what they felt was necessary for themselves. However, coercion and pressure wrongly played a large part of that.

      That is why everyone has to stand together and offer whatever support they can to jabbed loved ones, because the heartless attitudes of some only serves to divide us people further. That attitude has to be stopped!

      I have noticed jabbed folk wakening up, therefor, this opportunity should be seized to connect with them, love them and help them with their concerns, not push them away.

  14. CEO of PFIZER wont rven het the damn jab. What does this tell the world?!.. the facts are, ALL EMPLOYEES of Pfizer, J&J, Astra Zeneca, and all other big pharma companies ALL HAVE EXEMPTIONS!! NONE OF THEM HAVE TO TAKE IT!
    Same with all staff connected with US governments and UK governments. All are exempt from ever taking this death shot!

    • It may be of interest to you all that Moderna used to be called I G Farben. I G Farben was the company that supplied Zyclon B to the Nazis for their gas chambers. I do not think I would trust them with the health of anyone or anything.

      • Also Agfa, BASF, Bayer and Monsanto came from I G Farben. The scientists were taken to the USA and naturalised under, ‘Operation Paperclip’.

        Zyclon B was developed as a pesticide which also killed people. Look at Bayer and Monsanto. The apple never falls far from the tree.

        Agfa is famous for photographic film and BASF for audio recording…the pre-cursors to surveillance.

      • Zyclon B was used by the Nazis to delouse arrivals clothes at the camps. They also shaved their heads for the same reason. Did they want to keep them typhus free so as to murder them later? Or keep them alive to toil in the work camps which is what they were. Still evil though but who invented the concentration camp? The British during the Boer war. Do some research, you are here and know the media lies to you.

      • @Andy Good comment with one caveat. No it wasn’t evil, it was all the Germans could do with a parasitical anti-German enemy in their midst. Prior to the war they were sending Jews to Palestine with financial assistance, under the Transfer Agreement, but once the Rothschild Jew controlled British and French declared war on Germany it brought the Transfer Agreement to an end.

      • I’ve just seen a shocking ‘ad’ from the ‘British Heart Foundation’, showing a young female footballer falling face-down dead like a felled tree…and suggesting that it’s a common thing which they are fighting to cure. Words fail me.

      • I saw that advert last week and was astounded…..but I shouldn’t have been. On Forth 2 radio in Scotland they are pushing the jabs for pregnant women….. I SMH in disbelief at the constant, incessant Psycho War against ordinary citizens. Like someone said earlier, those in charge want hanging!

      • OMG! I’ve just seen another ad – for an Apple watch which tells the ‘authorities’ exactly where you are and that you are ‘unresponsive’! Under the guise of keeping you safe, of course.

        Things are moving quite fast. I know that my son, who has not been sucked into the Branch Covidian Cult, could easily be seduced by tech like this…and I already know the counters I would get to my objections.

        On the other hand, we’ve got cyber-attacks and loads of power-cuts in the pipe-line – so, how does any of that work…when people are left to their own devices?

      • This is in case you keel over whilst out jogging, fall of your bike, get stuck down a ravine.. In this case the ‘authorities’ are mountain rescue, the coastguard, or an ambulance.

      • I see that they are blaming auto-immune rises on fast food eating……didn’t they bribe the USA people with Donuts and Big Mac’s if they rolled over and had their vaxtermination jabs?

    • yes saw the apple watch one, authoritys can track and trace where you are, just in case you break one of there manufactured lockdowns they bring in next, or 10pm curfews, they will go oh you were out and about breaking lockdown rules 5000000000000 fine, fucking wankers, so you are manipulated to carry the smartphone outside so you can purchase, while thats going on its track and traced breaking lockdown rules or social distancing rules, get rid of anything digital just in case be prepared, don’t give away your location ever, don’t give your freedom away, edward snowdon was right, never sign up, this is the digital trap, protect your freedom don’t let these parasites in to your home. sign up to this smartphone shit its over, italy has complied and look what’s happened, now you cart purchase without a smartphone, there in for a rude awakening, i will be of grid if that happens here. black outs are inevitable, then how do you purchase, all done by design everything we are seeing now, better have our plan B in case the shit hits the fan, be prepared. will be keeping my eye out to see how this materializes, line in the sand for me will be no jab no job.

  15. Shocking! These “vaccines” need to be withdrawn immediately and the people advocating them like our PM and heads of SAGE prosecuted.

    • That’s never going to happen. There’s loads more mRNA vaccines in the pipeline. The latest one I’ve read about is for Epstein Barr virus, supposedly 95% of people have it and it allegedly causes herpes. Recently studies have “suggested” it causes MS.

      • I wonder what happened to the kent variant, yorkshire variant, south african variant, indian variant, don’t here about these anymore, disappeared like the fuel shortage not so long ago, dead buried and forgot about, think were being lied to, so they can find excuses to jab us with there poison, would all end this week if people stopped complying.

  16. Well that’s really cheered me up. What are we going to do about it, send another meme?

  17. Personally, I could really do without the OTT melodramatic music on these videos. This is just the News, is it not? And not some lurid disaster movie.

    • Personally, I like the music on these videos. I think it is appropriate for the news stories covered. Just saying!

    • That is why I never watched it. I can’t stand that maudlin tinkling of the ivories piano music or doom-laden ‘conspiracy theory’ soundtracks. I know it is there to play with your emotions like in a film or drama but it is so in your face in these videos that it is overwhelming and its intent becomes only too obvious and falls flat.

    • I haven’t watched the news for a long time. But before I switched it off completely they had resorted to these manipulation of the emotions techniques; background piano music and ‘Holby City’ style overhead sweeping shots of ‘convid patients’. It was more like a movie than the ‘news’. But the ‘news’ is a lot more subtler than these OTT videos. Well, maybe not. The BBC was even reporting from the morgue. “It is like an conveyor belt of bodies”, “Yes” as the senior mortuary attendant broke down in tears. Like you have worked in a morgue for decades and are fazed at the sight of dead bodies. Not to mention that there was only 80 fridges in the morgue so that ‘conveyor belt’ will soon run out. ‘Reporters’ are always trying to elicit an emotional response; their favourite question is how do/would you feel? “If you as an unvaccinated doctor gave an 85 year-old patient Convid how would you feel?” I actually heard this the other day before I turned it off.

      • These videos also employ the same technique that the ‘news’ do when they show you a ‘montage’ of ‘convid victims’ usually with a piano playing in the background. It is the emotionally exploitative techniques being used.

  18. Very sad….:(
    They are actually reporting these people had previously been jabbed !!!! :):) Thats definitely a turning point ! :):)
    Lots of deaths next winter…huge amounts.
    Then the sh#t will really kick off. People will go mad when they realise its the jabs they have been coerced into.(like one of hugos hypothesis)…..
    Still rather take my chances with some sort of manufactured natural disaster than this jab jab BS.
    Loved end part …haha 😄 🤣

  19. That entity at the end ! proved!what we,ve been saying all along!none of them have had the real jab!

  20. So the 59 year old chairman of Pfizer is not have ing the vaccination. That tells everybody all we need to know.

    • Do you have a link for this please. I feel it’s something that deserves further dissemination.

    • this typical of those ‘elites’ in the government and medicine. they say that they should not take it because there are others that need them first.
      I would force hime to take the GENUINE shots and hear the screams of process from him as they go in. He knows what they are and what they do. All those politicians that are shown taking the jabs are being given a placebo of saline for the cameras.
      What is happening is pure murder and they know it is. No comeback on any of the companies or those that force the jabs. no compensation no trouble at all for those that give it..

  21. These are sad videos, but please keep them coming Hugo, your work in fighting the domicide is important.
    The evidence becomes more overwhelming by the day. People need to hang for this.

  22. Spoke to my uncle today for the first time in ages, he’s a mad football fan and knew absolutely nothing of the player deaths in the past 12months linked to the jab. I guess that’s what happens when all you watch is MSM for your information. He’s been jabbed but was adamant he will not be having the booster, everyone at his work has said the same, pity they didn’t wake up sooner it’s already too late for those already jabbed.

  23. depopulation jab, midazolam springs to mind, or some sort of poison. these prime ministers of the world have blood on there hands, djokovic had a lucky escape, while his tennis mates suffered breathing problems due to the jabs, if they had exercised started running about they would probably collapsed with a heart attack. exercise seems to trigger the reaction and carry the poison around the body and that’s where clotting happens, hopefully we will get to the bottom of it. some bio kill weapon going on. obviously the body is rejecting it, so it must be a poison, it doesn’t come from nature, the cure to anything is like green juices, oils fruit and veg, nuts, legumes, eating cleaner, distiling water, mineralizing water with pink salt, celtic salt, etc etc building up the immune system, a jab and every things going to be alright, yeah right!! a jab for morning, noon, night, a great healthy dinner. they don’t teach or promote healthy living, health and wellbeing, they promote for kababs for jabs or donuts or mcdonald’s. my gut feel says these are death jabs not all but some so they can blame it on covid to justify more restrictions down the line, keep your eyes peeled folks, and never get jabbed, have a green juice instead that will flush out all the toxins.

    • Big advocate of distilled water 💧…tap water is so bad for you. When you eat unprocessed healthy food (low in lectins) your body actually heals itself…:) No need for medicine.

      • You will need to take mineral supplements to replace the minerals found in tap or bottled mineral water.

    • Big believer in distilled water !! Tap water is so bad for you ! ….If you eat healthy unprocessed food (low in lectins) your body naturally heals itself ….Never a need for medicine:)

      • Mineral supplements…not sure i believe that…what can you believe in msm? All minerals are inorganic not needed. The fake stream make people think distilled water is dangerous lol…yea right !!! Distilled water actually have negative ions (unlike chlorinated (fluriodated)tap water) when drinking these negative ions your body goes through a detox and actually draws all the poisons out…mine did….I had a strange rash for weeks. No BS !! Unfortunately I can’t afford the extra electric at the moment so I’m just drinking heavily filtered rain water…but STILL neg ions :):)

      • The only way to add organic minerals to your body is through food 🙂

      • Minerals not essential for human health? That really is absolute nonsense! Your heart will STOP functioning and you will DIE without calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium – ALL minerals!

      • Senga…ur a cheeky shit ! You should watch your manners when talking to people !! I said INORGANIC minerals are useless to the body !!
        Only minerals from NATURAL organic foods are adsorbed by the body !!! Listen fella …and try to learn lol ….If you don’t know then don’t spout ur mouth off !

  24. These young athletes have trained all their lives to perform at such professional levels. It’s their livelihood and what they’ve dedicated their whole lives to..
    To see them being broken and killed is beyond heartbreaking. I always cry whenever I watch the young hearts videos. Such a waste of youth energy talent and spirit. Whoever is behind this is pure evil.

  25. Sheep are all thinking nothing has happened it’s all over and all is fine, little did they know!!

    Deaths increasing, Booster or 5G speeding up the reactions or bit of both ??

    I think the jabs, will kill in many ways, anything wrong with you even if not aware of will get worse and kill you quickly.

    ODD TIMES!!!

      • Handy map !
        I’m okay in my location…Phew ! 🙂

      • I’m in a blank spot, no active 5G near, but I’ve seen the new towers have gone up ready! Coming soon everywhere, no escaping it I guess?…
        Thankfully not got a smart meter either (house not suitable). Hoping and praying this 5G thing is not going to do damage to life. Some people have them literally next to their tower block in cities!


    • An unjabbed friend of mine went into hospital after falling ill and testing positive for covid. He told me there were over 20 covid patients in the hospital and he was the only unjabbed one. He recovered and was released three days later. All the jabbed patients were still in there when he was discharged.

      • Dave, why would anyone unjabbed want to test themselves?

        Can’t people tell they are ill by their bodies telling them, as they have always done?

        You’re positive… So what??

        What did any normal person do going back about 5 years?
        Got a cold or flu so stay at home for a few days to recover!!

        Don’t add to the number of people testing, panicking and ultimately leading to more reasons for lockdowns.

  26. After two years of this supposed pandemic I still know not a single person who has been in hospital with this thing. I know many who said they have had it but that’s all.
    Not a single person who I know has been in hospital because of it.
    Just what is going on?
    It’s supposed to be a pandemic FFS

    • Same but I know 1 person who is dead from a blood clot in his heart (confirmed to be jab related) and another in a wheelchair for life (also confirmed to be jab).

      Some pandemic – know no one who got ill from the diease, but 2 who are dead or disabled for life from the cure.

      Surely I can’t be an anomoly in terms of this experience? Makes you wonder how bad it really is.

      • Your definately not an anomaly, I ve had friends die of blood clots directly after jab. No covid deaths.

      • My 60 yr old cousin forced to take jab by persistent bullying of siblings out of tv news fixation. Fear from relentless weapinised psychological of health decimating scale. Dr’s expressed bafflement (Still do now) at the rapid destruction of liver function explaining there only explanation MUST be return of dormant hepatitis from 42 years before erupting without earlier signs ensuing rapid death in 6 hours from admitting him for tests! 2. Best friend & band mate undiagnosed cancer found inoperable after his undiagnosed heart problem
        Resulting in death from 1st heart attack. 17 months he awaited GPs appointments (100 yards from home) regularly cancelled!! Im beyond angry Now seeing this is a common observation in most families Some unwilling to talk Feeling they’re to blame for GPs avoiding them!!! As truth emerges NHS & Trust. All science as government advice! NEVER TRUSTED AGAIN. NUREMBERG 2 ASAP AFRAID DEATH PENALTY MUST BE ENFORCED. SUCH MAGNITUDES IN MALFEASANCE DELIBERATE & ORGANISED. THE EVIDENCE IS PROVEN THE DEATH

    • Couldn’t agree more, I know heaps of people that have had adverse reactions though…hmmm

    • I know of 4 people now who died from the jabs, 2 who had strokes and have survived, and 1 who had his leg amputated 3 times, as they had to remove more and more of his leg due to the extreme blood clotting in it 🙁
      I don’t know anyone unjabbed who’s “caught” covid, but many now who’ve been jabbed have tested positive with covid!!

    • Me too and I keep asking the question “how many famous people have died of this so called virus”? Surely we would have heard of at least one !!!

    • All these “health officials,” politicians, and “vaccine” companies should be charged with murder.

  27. I posted a link lower down to an article in the guardian where there is a “global epidemic” (or whatever language they used) of auto immune disease, which is being blamed on western diets.

    Have also seen today another story about dogs getting really ill when they’ve been on a beach or near a river. They are saying it’s a “virus” but what springs to my mind was Vernon Coleman talking ages ago about how drugs people take end in the water ways.

    Some people were trying to say it’s because sewage is being dumped in rivers, and maybe that’s part of it, but what are the chances it’s spike proteins from the jabathon? Would be interesting to see if this dog-sickness becomes more active around jabs/booster roll out??

    2 very odd stories that both tie into what the “tin foil lunatics” (us) have been warning since the beginning.

    • Ah yes but the game pharma play is that in trials PLACEBO is not saline, it’s an alternative vaccine that is known to have horrendous side effects, like one of the meningitis jabs.

      So at the end of the trial they can say “there were no noticable difference between the vaccine and the placebo” and you think it’s being compared to water.

      And also it discredits people later, like your comments are trying to do, when they laughingly say “side effects? What side effects? These people are clearly mentally ill, why do you know 66% of the PLACEBO group also reported side effects.” Etc.

      • Guaranteed, good point!

        Makes you wonder why double blind tests have not been used by pharma companies…

        The data needs to work in their favour I suppose.

      • Unvaxxed – since pharmas cheat with “placebos” I wouldn’t be at all surprised if their tests pre selected people for each group based on age, level of interaction with other people, where they live, what job they do, what the infection rates are like in their area etc.

        Like for example, the vax group are all retired or not working, living sedentary lives so they don’t go anywhere often, and are from remote places where there’s no infection.

        The “placebo” group work in supermarkets or other customer facing roles, they take tubes/trains/buses every day, and come from places with high levels of infection.

        The Absolute Risk Reduction was only 0.84% in the Pfizer trial anyway, so if they do or don’t do that it was useless anyway, that was clear before the jabbings started.

        I think they did supposedly do it double blind, but then blew up the trial by telling everyone which group they were in and jabbing the unjabbed so there’s no long term comparison possible.

        RF Kennedy put it well, their business model is to sell products they know don’t work and will kill people. As long as the bean counters can show in a spreadsheet that even after paying compensation they’ve made a profit, they do it anyway – $7 Billion in fines and penalties – they shouldn’t even be in business any more.

        Merck killed up to 500,000 Americans with a drug that they knew was going to kill them before they lied and started selling it.

        But now they want to jab the world in the biggest money making scheme they’ve ever had – they’re the good guys and care about our health?

    • Well obviously it wasn’t a placebo. Believe nothing they tell you.

  28. It’s not nice but you get what you deserve all the evidence was there just need to do a little digging just people don’t want to look at it meanwhile my stepdad did not want to take vaccines but was told if he doesn’t they won’t do his operation he has stage 3 cancer who gives any one the right to play god that’s what pisses me off so much

    • They are complicit in genocide, get their names and take them to the Nuremberg 2.0 trials

  29. No Dr Vernon Coleman in nearly 1 month, hope he’s okay.

    LOTS of Immune System Damage Data going around, I think that’s why they are reversing everything so quickly, we where saying they would before new year, took a while, leaks to prepare people I guess.

    Not dropping NHS Mandate, but Passports going.

    Interesting, very very interesting!!

    Looking like immune system issues, will mainly knock out the weak and the elderly, but there saying months after the jabs, still getting worse so maybe just need longer for all to suffer aids.

    • Vernon’s last post was 18 January on which was also on the .com site but ‘they’ have taken down the .com site yesterday.

      • Well, *that* is kind of suspicious; has been up and running for as long as I can remember. I haven’t had an appointment for a long, long time, mind you.

    • I believe your theory….monyhs down the line….my whole family will be endangered….just the knowledge and not being able to do anything about but just observe….just be kind to those in the firing line..those who have been quite awful to me psychologically…this is the problem for most people….best wishes to all….

  30. Sick experiment that needs to end real life horror story playing out right before our eyes

  31. 90 day FB Restriction, for sharing the GB News, Farage only really 17K of Convid deaths in the last 2 years LOL 50K extra cancer deaths from the lockdowns FFS!

    This is why there dropping it all, people are seeing it, then they’ll be all, well as soon as we realised we dropped all restrictions.

    Farage, is just in on it aswell obviously, there setting him up as hero to the people, to put him into power at some stage then he’ll screw us over aswell, no other way he’d be allowed to say these things.

  32. The format of the videos embedded on your site makes tthem impossible to watch on my tablet. Only a small frame appears on the page, with just a portion of the video visible inside it. Cannot see the full screen. I don’t have this problem anywhere else.

    • Me too when I try to watch it on my laptop. I have to go to bitchute or Odysee to watch them with a full screen. 👍

  33. Prince Phillip made numerous speeches to his private clubs about depopulation being forced soon —and that was back when he was ranting about 7 billion in the 1980s —now headed to 10 billion-there is room for everyone,and food too. William said there are too many Africans,not enough animals.

  34. I was in tears watching this. May God rest all their precious souls. May all the evil monsters perpetrating this gets exactly what they deserve.

  35. We need to go to sporting events and hold up giant banners on all four sides, detailing the number of athletes dead on the pitch/court etc. Some pictures of them too and the question are you next? Then a request that they stop the game for a 3 minute silence for the victims.

    • A very very good idea…… Lets see if they have a minutes silence for all the young footballers who have died needlessly! They’ll be too fking busy bending the fking knee because some criminal black guy in another country died.

  36. And 10 days after the release of video no.10 I come across this load of boolocks from the Bias Broadcast Corp. about yet another young sportsman to succumb to the it’s-not-a-vaccine vaccine. The reporter(?), team manager or anyone in authority CLAIM the heart problem is due to Convid Flu….. FFS!! What utter boolocks!

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