Trudeau has an obsession with children and 💉


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  1. He doesn’t deserve to breathe fresh air.
    He is a despicable excuse for a human being, keep fighting this and when we win he and his cohorts will feel the rope around their necks.

  2. I,ve seen criminals like him! On true crime programmes!enticing, children in to their cars!so creepy!

  3. Falsedeau
    …and the art of insincerity, earnestly delivered.

  4. With us in the Netherlands it is no different though. Here it is also children first. It is unprofitable that there are still parents who go along with this.
    Then you come out from under a stone.

  5. Just Listen to the words of a Satanist he isn’t sorry you have had a bad Christmas and stuck at home, He loves to make you unhappy. He wants you to take the Jabs Kids the more he makes you Cry and feel ill The Happier he is. Arenas when you take your child to where he wants you to go to make them sick he will be so so HAPPY.
    Marvron is very unhappy that People are not taking Vaccines that will make them sick.

  6. The way he talked directly to children and attempted to bypass parents was sick! “Ask your parents if you can get vaccinated”. He reminded me of a toy seller who asks a child if they’d like one (of course they will say yes) knowing full well it will be the parent who will have to pay for it. Sneaky!

  7. He’s a Dorian Gray! Perhaps the beard went in order to look younger for the children. They are all sick and twisted.

  8. How is this piece of 💩 still alive? Judgment Day is around the corner & this slimmie f**KS going down with the rest of them! 🤢🤢🤢

  9. I’m sure the lefty schools will be showing the kids this. Making them feel guilty. How disgusting! Rot in HELL Trudeau :((

  10. he’s chatting shit, he’s to far gone. he’s been watching to much msm, people like him prolong it and comply to it, that’s why where in this mess. Forget about it and it go’s away, like a fuel shortage its go’s away quickly as it came, but oh no they don’t what you to forget pumping it out daily and barking orders. keeping us in fear. our fear is there kryptonite, this could all end tomorrow, never comply never give up.

  11. Listening to him speak it wouldn’t surprise me if you pull his face it will come away like one of the characters from V and a lizard be underneath. He needs eradicating of the face of the earth and his remains burning as not to infect the environment this is a truly vile Demon.

    • Do you know what? I always felt his face looks sort of “rubbery” and now you’ve said that, yes, I can just see it! Uuuugh!

  12. These cunts never give it s rest! Obvious there making barrow loads of money or theres dirt on them! I wouldnt walk past anyone of them twats without giving out to them

  13. frightening…very, very frightening ….. i pray the Canadian parents keep their kids far, far away from this evil dictator/politician and his syringes

  14. I really hope that one day these evil tyrants are brought to justice for their crimes

  15. Just how many kids does this lying piece of shit think watch his press conferences? More fear mongering from a petty tyrant who will eventually be thrown under the bus by his handlers because, try as he might, he’s not delivering the numbers as promised.

    • @Michelle, Or the man should serve them NOTICE that he’s taking possession of his property = revoke and rebut the marriage certificate and all birth (berth) certificates.

    • Most, if not all wives would be too old for this vile, sick paedo.

  16. “it sucks”! This prick is so down with the kids, isn’t he.
    Something very set up with the world’s “elected leaders” (mmmmm?). Can it be a coincidence that we have Macron, Johnson, sturgeon, drakeford, this wanker trudeau, the fud in Australia, Biden, the Austrian tosser etc etc all doing what they’re told and also very arrogant in their certainty of winning the next election.
    If democracy worked they would not let us have it

    • @David Beattie “For monarchy to work, one man must be wise. For democracy to work, a majority of the people must be wise. Which is more likely?” – Charles Murras

  17. Parents know best for their children weather u believe in v or not….but this sicko is appealing directly to children, something very, very unsettling about this video.
    But when you see this type of video you know the cabal are losing and losing big time.

    • Poor little girl! Those censoring and suppressing the sad news of her death and the deaths of tens of thousands of others due to the jabs because it interferes with their profits and agendas, and continuing to push jabs, will have to answer to God one day.

  18. He must’ve had more young victim’s blood injected Intro him in the Netherlands as he seems to be getting younger. I can’t wait to see him swinging from the gallows’s pole.

  19. It’s all on GETTR that he paid a mother 2.5 million for her silence over having sex with her teen daughter some years back ?

  20. “To get through this”… not necessarily alive due to side effects but through 😑

  21. All I can say is if a parent finds a speech like this normal and dont find anything suspicious about it then nobody can help them… save the children please!!!!

  22. let all the parents alone in a room with this derranged bastard

  23. 🤮🤦‍♀️
    On subject of children’s jab, the ONS in UK refusing to publish the data on results related to children’s covid jabs. Hmm wonder why that could be 🤔 Must be very telling, that’s for sure.

  24. Sick, lying, puppet psycho. Life with no chance of parole awaits him.

  25. Trudeau’s going to prison, along with many others. A from now on sentence. Remember, at the end of the day, they’re all just another bunch of skins.
    It’s falling apart.

  26. He keeps dodgy company, but don’t most of the elites, close friend convicted regarding child porn

  27. FFS, he has lied during this 70 seconds video more than some people have lied in their entire life.
    This, right now, knowing what we know about the risks of the vaccines and recommendations from many health agencies around the world including from UK trying to forcibly vaccinate children is criminal intent.

  28. Notice that his left eye is lower than the right. According to the book “Crooked” by Forrest Maready this could have been caused by a vaccine given to him when he was a child. Just a bit more brain damage we have not been told about.

    • I was actually fortunate enough in 1969 to have been out of school for 3 weeks with an illness when the vaccines were given to the other schoolchildren here, & I slipped through the cracks having never received them. I never came down with anything they were inoculated for, soooo…. What WERE they for?

      • Well for adults jab passes only…
        Even on official clinical trial pages them jabs are outlined as experiemental and only on stage 2/3…no longterm safety data behind them and for efficiency…
        Boosters now are on stage 2 only…
        They supress the immune system and actual data says these type of jabs have never been put into a person ever before…
        People are just being used as lab rats to go on jab passes longterm under no proper scientific proof and nothing was tested on them..
        Even the swabs are void as they dont test for infection or sickness

    • @Diana – he was maybe dropped as a baby like Sloth from The Goonies

  29. How on earth does taking a medical procedure protect someone else? This scumbags logic is screwed….He needs to go.

  30. Two SRA keywords he used; kids and sacrifice. I say no more as some will understand but many won’t…

  31. Total and utter slimeball, it makes my skin crawl this guy trying to talk directly to children.

  32. Seen parents come out with there kids in england from jab sites…
    Wankers and not fit to a parent any of them

    • They’re serving their own children up as test subjects in a pharmaceutical experiment. God help these children with parents like that. They would have handed their kids over to Dr. Mengele to save their own skins!

  33. Get rid of the biggest communist tyrant dictator in north America before it’s too late! OH, and get rid of Trudeau, too while you’re at it… 😂

    • Number one is Klaus schwab who hates democracy who believes that people should be slaves to he’s establishment keep this piece of filth out and take the followers with them we’re stronger than they are come on Canadians speak up.

  34. Inspector Clueseau needs to get the kids sterilised to get his bonus cheque off bill Gates

    • He kisses the ass of Klaus schwab.
      By the way who hates democracy.

      • @nottingham14 Then I have something in common with Herr Schwab, for I hate democracy too. And here’s why:

        “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” – V. I. Lenin

        “Socialism leads to Communism.” – Karl Marx

        The sooner we’re rid of democracy the better it will be for mankind as a whole.

  35. He is acting like the pied piper of Hamelin.Don’t let them come after your kids.

    • He is a vile snake who needs to be taken down, now! Sick 😫

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