Trudeau has an obsession with children and ๐Ÿ’‰


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    • I agree. I’ve always felt a bit sickened by him, even before all this, and had a sense there was something badly wrong about him and hasn’t he just proved me right in recent years! It must have been his deep moral rot I was picking up on. He’s a repulsive specimen!

      • Dang straight. This guy gives off them “creepy” vibes, no matter how shaven and bold faced be tries to appear. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜•

      • You are correct. He is a psychopath A very sick person . And a sorry excuse of a man .

    • Plus Klaus schwab and the economic forum.hes a blatant lier.

  2. What an absolute knob jockey! Telling children to ask their parents for a poisonous arm spear!! Makes me sick!

  3. If they have no qualms about a seven yo girl dying from the jab, they will soon be rounding up us in-jabbed and sending us to โ€˜quarantineโ€™ camps where we will be euthanised.

  4. They need to get it approved for kids to protect them from liability,

  5. I do not blv for one second that the canadian people voted this guy back in power. I blv they just spoon fed the people the result the that they wanted

    • If the allegations against Trudeau is true regarding the payoffs to a minor, then he maybe in good company with his yank cousins, Mr Trump and Mr Biden. Again all allegations.

  6. The bastard knows this toxic jab will make them infertile, and heโ€™s asking 5 year olds to think about saving front line workers. Fuck that shitโ€ฆ all they wanna do is play with lego and dolls n stuff. They dont care a fuck about nurses. They expect nurses and doctors to be there for THEM when they get poorly, not the other way round TRUDAU is a maggot from a long family line of maggots!!!! Heโ€™s sold his country out and its the UN running things over there im sure

    • The UN will soon be running all countries. Surely you heard of the Great Reset and everything aligns with the year 2030. There is Agenda21 whiich we are living and then UN Agenda 2030. It’s survival of the fittest with these jabs as they are geared for depopulation to be sure. Get more facts on this at and also see

  7. A very sick individual, obviously constructed with the use of psychologists.
    Many psychologists around the world have a lot to answer for and they will.

  8. And after them kids going through all the stress, why poisoning them. He’s sick sick sick and psychopathic sick ๐Ÿ˜ท . The voice of the devil himself. I cast you out in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen ๐Ÿ™..

  9. What a f…ing dirt bag, bypass your parents!!! Sorry pedo, we teach our children not to talk to strangers and there’s no one stranger than you

  10. What is wrong with the people of Canada…………..what are you waiting to HANG This Psycopath……..

  11. Of course he has an obsession most psychopath’s do..i wonder how much this satanic filth is being paid to push this vile agenda, what a fucking disgrace he is to himself and his country..

  12. I think ive just had the so called omnicron and no i didn’t get one of their false tests to tell me this..a slightl tickle in the throat and nose for two days now I’m as right as rain..Grow a fucking backbone all you sheep getting tested on a daily basis and this will all go away..No tests!! No cases!! No fake plandemic!!We have selfish individuals clogging up the NHS with nothing more than a cold, because they have been scared shitless by the media and a drunk on power government who aren’t worthy of wiping our arses!!!

    • 100% correct, the brainwashed, braindead sheeple will destroy humanity because they are conforming 2 this SCAMDEMIC BALLSHIT.

  13. I wish I could say ‘forgive him he knows not what he does” but just look at that evil face, he is plain cold and calculated. Let’s see if he is so eloquent when swinging by his neck.

  14. Looks as if he dyed his hair , the thinking I guess is to be more youthful looking when appealing to the children

  15. It’s all about manipulating the children by carefully selecting words. These people love to target children as they are maleable and eager to please. Soon will have them turning in their parents who refuse the jab.

  16. Shame on him. He is absolutely disgusting and creepy. Only creepy weirdos talk to children like that. There is something seriously not right there with him.๐Ÿง

  17. Things are bad in the US but Trudeau is on another level of evil. When are people going to wake up?

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