Lockdown News Roundup 14 / 01 / 2022 / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Whf. I am single and as soon as I see I face mask , I am turned off.

    • Diane, you never know what’s behind it and the fact it signals they conform to the fear.

      • What makes me laugh the most is you get called a “anti vaxxer” yet i say to folk “how can i be a anti-vaxxer when what your having is not even a vaccine in the first place”…
        That shuts them up with there media induced slang words…

    • Hahaha Hahahahahaha indeed why would you date a spineless sheep with marshmallow balls 🤣 😂

    • And its a dirty horrible thing they put in there pockets and wear on there wrists…
      It signals weakness and i dont bother even talking to people wearing them

    • Also they either wear them right up to there eyes or under there nose😕…
      None work anyway as they are a virtua signalling tool…
      “Hey look at me i am keeping people safe”…

      • Tim, to me it says…
        I’m a brainwashed bell end that’s totally buying all the fear being dished out by the MSM.

        This time round it’s the booster and in a few months time it will be the spring / summer variant… Which is so deadly it requires yet another booster.

        Feel sorry and just staggered at the number of people not willing to open their eyes!!

    • My badoo profile has, must not be jabbed, must know this is a hoax or I’m not interested, not many hits these days.

    • Same here Diane. A mask tells me I do not want to know that person. The pool of available people is now tiny!

  2. You forgot the story doing the rounds that men’s penis’s can get smaller if they contract the lergy. Makes you think, is it more men than women refusing the state injectable!

    • More like peoples brains have shrunk wearing them face nappys with the oxyegen limited to the brain

    • Think it is more men than women in the know .. .
      But know offence ladies X

      • Apart from my 2 sons most men I no have all been jabbed up. You would be surprised the amount of 20 / 30 year olds that haven’t. Yes I seem to be the only 1 left I no as a women that hasn’t had 1 jab. It’s been pretty hurtful some of the names iv been called last year. I don’t even bang on about anything now. At 1st I did try and explain to people I loved the reasons why they shouldn’t get that 1st jab. Bloody hell I gave up it was as tho I was under attack verbally and then got cancelled good and proper..my sons haven’t been jabbed there friends are the same. That’s really all that matters is the young ones can see through the crap , after all it’s there futures.

    • Where can I watch the bear and relaxing music at the end of your vid… hugo.. thanks

  3. I really am indifferent to anyone from present government leading the country because their all rotten to the core imo, but I literally cannot stomach Doris. Though that feeling came about many years ago when he was mayor of London. As for men in masks being attractive…jeez I personally can’t think of anything less attractive and a sign of a weak individual which I could never respect. Thanks for all you do Hugo.

  4. Going to share on gettr, have you been demonitized from you tube, if not will share that link.

  5. Absolutely spot on again Hugo! Good to see the Revolution has started in South Shields. I’ve only just started on Telegram but Mark Steele has put up a video of how they used ex P C Mark Sextons case against the vaxinators! Tried to post it to you , but I don’t know if you’ve seen it. It’s a great start, we all need to follow and keep the pressure on!

    Praise the Lord, there are still people who have faith in Him and He will give us ALL we need to get through this if we follow Him! God bless you!

    • I’d give Mark steel a wide berth tbh. He has links to gateshead Council, the very council he tries to convince people he’s against for their 5g activities. He also has links to organisations who are pushing the role out of 5g. He was booed off stage in York a few weeks back apparently too, people finally waking up to the shill.

      • I dont know the man personally, I know he was involved in some of the technology, same as Dr Robert Malone was with mRNA, doesn’t make them evil, neither of them got involved expecting it to be sold on to Govts to be used against their own people. if they did they’ve got some serious explaining to do on Judgement Day! At least they’re doing something!

        A court ruling in Britain upholds right of people to know of the dangers of unproven 5G microwave technology. In Gateshead, UK Recorder Nolan QC refused to ‘gag’ anti-5G campaigner, Mark Steele.

        The judge asserted that “The public have a right to know” whether the next generation of wifi communication, relying on directed powerful microwave energy, causes cancer and other health risks.

        Thank you Mark!

      • @Samii A woman by the handle of Annie Logical outed Steele two years ago. For me he smiles too much, almost as if he’s taking the piss, and you should never trust anyone who is always smiling.

  6. Men wearing face masks deemed ‘more attractive’, CARDIFF UNIVERSITY STUDY SUGGESTS!!!!!!!!

    What the blazes is a UNIVERSITY doing wasting its time on such a pointless, irrelevant, useless, immature subject!? It’s time these shit holes posing as places of education were cleaned out.

    • It’s England’s money it’s wasting as well mate never mind the illiterates time ffs they should be on the dole looking for a proper job not another load of parasites with zero brains like we already have all over the “free” world!!

    • Yes, fearfulness and/or virtue signalling is so attractive in a grown man!

    • Gary neville another 🍾 swilling socialist. Net worth 20 million quid.

  7. Many are sick of this crap now although some have gone through with it and still doing the “ virtual signalling” crap wearing masks in cars on there own and in public and having pointless experimental jabs…
    Far as johnson goes and his goons hes not just lied recently but the last 2 years…
    People have been sold down the river and far as i am concerned its game over and has been since day 1…
    They can chuck jabs out and threats and blackmail but personally i never listened to them or done anything they asked in the first place…
    There little project i hope falls to bits as the cracks are appearing

    • Time to stand in elections and vote for the English Constitution Party the only party NOT CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and definitely NO POLITICIANS REQUIRED they’re the parasites that got us here in the first place…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH find it on The Full English or http://www.englishconstitutionparty.com and get your inalienable rights back from your british controllers!!

      • I always knew the British had no constitution, but I was unaware that the English have always had one. Their manifesto is “The English Constitution” which dates back to 1688. Vote for them!

      • @Diana Don’t waste your time, there’s no remedy for the people via the ballot box. Democracy is a hoax.

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and hence clamorous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

        — H. L. Mencken

    • Exactly…..lm alone in my family/friends….succumbed to the ‘trials’…..but…little by little l actually think ‘the wheels are coming off”…MSM ..are giving some ‘airtime’…debate is happening….but in town…still see ‘ Vax popups”…just trying to catch some stragglers..with a booster!!..

    • Yes, Aubameyang has been diagnosed with heart lesions “after recovering from Covid” – this was never a thing in 2020 at the “height of the pandemic” ?? – funny that. And Alphonso Davies of Bayern Munich, myocarditis, similarly blaming “covid”.

  8. How can you stay strong when All around is going crazy.Even here it’s all doom and gloom, everything is against you so what’s the point.DONT listen to any, don’t think because that is your begining of your end.

    • @David, Now is the time to ask The Father if he is calling you, then it won’t matter how many are against you, for we who believe are more than conquerors.

      • It sounds to me like the FATHER as u call it , is already in him. Its in all of us we are it. I make him right when he says doom and gloom is ever where. Even on here. Switch it all of that’s what I do. Any thing that bangs on with the doom and gloom switch it of even for a day. Because your not missing much are u really.

      • @cazcurwen Him not it. So have you arranged for your Baptism (full immersion) into Jesus Christ’s name alone, with the laying on of hands in order to receive The Holy Spirit?

    • U just have to learn how to switch of and I will b the 1st to admit it fvcking hard. Turn everything of phone news . Don’t do it for a day at least. Clear your mind. In 2020 I found myself hunting for answers to all this crap. I found them cause its all out there. Depends on how deep u wanna dig. I actually choose now to keep myself to myself. If people don’t like me that’s fine. I’m sick to death of all of it. I’m quite proud that now being alone most of the time isn’t even lonely. U just have to switch of from the craziness of this world. It was always going that way but the dreaded plague mad people turn into arsh wipes. B strong 💪

      • So true ! I’m in the exact same position as you. Even the truth community becomes draining after a while. I’m giving everything a week long break (including Hugo). I need to for my sanity.

      • Take care of yourselves, guys! I agree, you have to stay mostly withdrawn from it all of you would go raving mad! I’m kind of lucky I’ve had decades of practice being an introvert and relatively invisible, no social media crap or anything like that. It’s toxic in general, and being controlled, the truth is quickly deleted on there anyway.

      • 100%

        I on my own a lot I withdrew many years ago
        I have a life to live.
        Not listening to theses Insane people who are just ruining many lives.

        Yes.. you keep strong to
        And keep Smiling the best you can … enjoy the life you have been given is how I live personally

        Have great day now

  9. Neville was best make with Beckham (Freemason) in their playing days. Sold their souls in unison? For what? More dosh? Enjoy it while it lasts as your day in near!

  10. “Parliament, which would be the political expression of fundamental rights in the British population if it were a straightforward representative institution, is characterized by an extraordinary mix of prerogatives and disabilities, which combine to weaken all other institutions without creating real power in the Parliament itself.
    No British court can override the laws it passes. (…)
    To this day Parliament can expunge an official crime by legalizing an action of government retroactively.
    It has almost perfect legislative freedom, in theory, but in fact it has no right to any information, the Prime Minister does not give it.
    A bill, while in preparation, is an Official Secret, forbidden to Members of Parliament as to anyone else.
    Experts on modern Britain describe the system as an elective dictatorship, but I have my doubts about that formula.
    Whitehall, the bureaucracy that is actually charged with developing legislation, collecting information, and implementing policy, is not elected, and does not change with parties or ministries.
    Question time, when Prime Minister replies to questions form Members of Parliament, can deal only with specified subjects. It is forbidden, for example, to inquire into purchases made by the National Health Service.
    As Ralph Dahrendorf, head of the London School of Economics, says in this book On Britain, “what happens is not decided in Westminster in any detail.
    As a result, the visible political game becomes strangely superficial” Mr. Dahrendorf admires the system, on balance. However, that the “deceptively lively adversary surface” of parliamentary activity is a surface, rather than an authentic and consequential process of deliberation, means that even the right to vote is a very small concession of power on the part of those who do decide “what happens.”
    In other words, there is a pervasive absence of positive, substantive personal and political rights in Britain.”

    Excerpt from the book titled ‘Mother Country’ By Marilynne Robinson

  11. Facemasks makes males more attractive eh? That tells me only 2 things:

    1. Bad breath
    2. A man (“Natural Genetic Male”) who is WILLING to be castrated in anyway (Physically or emotionally) is a weak ass man who has no business even sitting on the bench. Get off the bloody team! You lost one too many balls already.

    In my opinion, that article is really just a subtle stab at destroying the already faltering manhood left in our world. When once the men have been made effeminate, there will be left not many staunch defenders to stand the line when it comes to crunch time… In fact, the women are becoming more masculine, as I’m seeing in the military recruitment drives – Butch birds and hench honeys, meagre men and broken boys. Sad days really. SMH.

    • You can smell the breath as the aerosols go right through the face nappy….
      Cant stand hearing people talk with them on…
      Just a muffle and i say to people “take it off and talk or dont bother talking to me”

  12. You must admit chris whitty would look better in a mask, I vote for a jason vorhees one…much better.

  13. Top corporations, governments, media, universities, healthcare, science, art, entertainment, Hollywood – all part of Intelligence spoiled by the money from the central banksters.
    It’s not like they show you in the movies.
    You don’t comply they unplug you the following day.
    They want to apply the same top to bottom principle on everything that has left.

  14. You are right that nothing is going to change.
    Even if some things you see are done by the real people the Intelligence has means to high-jack any grass-root action.

  15. That is why if you look for some leaders “to follow” you are better becoming your personal leader.
    They can high-jack big movements but if people in these movements still display some critical thinking and independence then this can prevail.

  16. Movie don’t predict anything. They blatantly tell us what’s to come.

    • Whenever I see a grown man with a mask on his face i feel sorry for them because they are acting like weak, spinless, cowardly, brainwashed baby boys. And there is absolutely nothing attractive about that.

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