IKEA To Cut Sick Pay For Unjabbed / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. @thetruthnotdoctrine thank you so very much for your support and prayers, all hugely appreciated. I’m feeling absolutely terrified right now as the surgery I’m having is huge and very serious with very high risk of complications. A very scary time indeed, so please can you also pray for courage as I need it in bucket loads! I’m having the most awful emotional wobbles, huge panics! Absolutely terrible! I will be away in a London hospital for at least 3 weeks, could be longer, surrounded by strangers and having major surgery! Really need to keep as calm as possible which is very difficult. I just can’t believe this thing is real, and I will be facing the biggest fight of my life! If the restrictions in hospital are still the same, then neither my husband nor my Dad will be able to visit me either! Truly testing times ahead. Anyway I know I must live by faith not live in fear, so I have to cling on to the Lord with all my might, heart and soul. Thank you all so much for your support, and I will be back soon. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • Best wishes, Carolyn! Praying you find the courage to get through it and it all goes well x

    • @Carolyn King “Anyway I know I must live by faith not live in fear, so I have to cling on to the Lord with all my might, heart and soul.” I am sure you do and will Carolyn.

  2. All this aside, you’ll never guess what has happened folks! I’ve finally got my date for surgery, and it’s next Friday!!!! Got a phone call on Monday afternoon, so now it’s all systems go!! Bad news is that I have to do one of those ghastly PCR tests, otherwise the hospital won’t do the op. Bloody thing arrived in post this morning, and I all I want to do is chuck it in the bin!! Been told to do it at 7am too! All this shit for something I know I don’t have, and if I test positive then my op will be delayed again! Doing my best to keep as calm as possible. Anyway just want to say thank you to lovely kind people here who have been very supportive to me, hugely appreciated. I will be away for a while, probably in hospital for about 3 weeks or longer. Doing my best to stay positive as lots of lovely family and friends are being very supportive and prayerful which makes a massive difference I can tell you! Everyone has been so wonderful, and I’m deeply thankful!! I will get back here as soon as I can when I’m recovered from surgery. Take care everyone, God bless you all. Lots of love, Carolyn Xxx

    • Hi Carolyn
      I told you you get a date

      Good luck
      & I wish you speedy recovery my dear take care yourself

  3. Haven’t shopped at IKEA for years, and certainly wouldn’t now if they’re treating their staff like this, absolutely diabolical! Definitely boycott them, then when they go bust, they will come to their senses one hopes! And oh yes I do remember their ghastly meatballs! Yuck!

  4. By can’t I share links on here??! It’s like being on flaming Youtube! My comment won’t even appear – even after allowing for a huge delay.

    • GinaW I had a comment disappear yesterday and had to repost it, albeit worded differently, as it wouldn’t accept a repeat of the same comment.

  5. lesson learnt from this don’t tell employers jab status, blank it, say mind your own business its private, don’t tell anyone not even family friends, forget about it, the un jabbed are under attach because we know to much and know there plans and they don’t like it. lesson learnt don’t clarify anything to anyone anymore work related, why grass yourself up, same as the track and trace app, why on earth would you give away your location and shoot your self in the foot to having to self isolate, your smartphone leaves the house and there going to know you left the house. future fines you never know, don’t give them anything, another lesson learnt from this, don’t link yourself up to anything digital, keep yourself private as possible, the jab passport accomplices everything, the contents of the jab are linked to what’s going on, million dollar question what’s it really doing. transhumanism keep well away, and be on your guard and protect your energy, keep your eye on these devils, watch them like a hawk

  6. ‘Dr Shillary tells Good Morning Britain everyone is likely to get Omicron’ But can we really believe a word this shill says?

    ‘ITV has been issued a warning by Ofcom following a Covid segment with Dr Shillary Jones on morning show Lorraine . The broadcaster has been told to take “greater care” after Dr Shillary shared inaccurate vaccine statistics in December.’

  7. Has anyone wondered WHY so many people are off work at the mo? Could have something to do with this…

    It reads: For Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), where employees go off sick on or after 10 December 2021, employers can only ask employees for proof of sickness (such as a fit note) after 28 days of sickness (including non-working days). Proof of sickness cannot be requested earlier than 28 days.

    Fit notes do not have to be provided for DWP benefit claims until 27 January. This will not affect claims to benefit.

    These changes are to give GP’s more time to work on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) booster programme.

    See for yourself: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/fit-note

  8. I’d be resigning from IKEA on the strength of this. But as I’m lucky enough not to be an employee, I’ll simply embargo their products until my toes turn up and I depart this mortal coil. Thanks 😊

  9. You are right hugo. Ultimately every one will have to stand before the judgement seat of God, if the worlds judgement system doesn’t get them first. Romans 14:10-12

    • Maybe you can explain this, but something I have always wondered, but how do things work logistically on ‘Judgement Day’? You say that we are all pulled up in front of God for a hearing but realistically how many ‘cases’ can God get through in one day? *reaches for calculator* Say we are given 5 minutes each to put our case and be ‘judged’ even if we were given just five minutes each and God worked for 24 hours straight then God’s court would only be able to ‘process’ 288 cases in one day (Judgement Day). How does that work? Is ‘Judgement Day’ just one day? Are a series of God’s ‘delegated’ to Act of behalf of God?
      In any case wouldn’t it take more than one day. You have billions of people alive today to get through, and the dead outnumber the living by 30 to one! It is kind of like Santa Claus, as a kid I realised that the maths don’t add up; although Santa now explains this some way in that the Earth spins slower as he is doing his round hence giving him enough time to do his rounds. Maybe there is an equally simple explainable to the ‘Judgement Day’ conundrum? Is there?

      • Senga, I presume you’re are being sarcastic. Nevertheless, since we are responsible for our own actions as human beings as this comes in one package with free will, the concept of judgement day can be twofold. The one is the personal judgement day upon the person’s death, the other one – corporate one – is simply a guess as to how that could be possibly conducted. But it would be done outside of our regular understanding of time and space.

      • @Senga, God is outside of time, so has eternity to judge each and everyone, individually, who is to be evaluated, some will not be evaluated – the saints. The Judgement is also known in Scripture as The Last Great Day and a day to God is a thousand years, so perhaps The Last Great ‘Day’ represents a thousand years to us mere mortals, but still only a day to Him.

      • @Common Sense Fallen man does not have free will – fallen man does Satan’s will, whether he ‘chooses’ to do ‘good’ or evil.

      • Not sure what you are trying to say, Charles. Everyone has a will and can chose how to exercise it. Heroin addict will not have much strength in their willpower compared to a professional bodybuilder albeit both of them are free to make choices on how they what to live their life, use their brain, engage with the world, think abstract thoughts or ponder if there is a Creator.

      • Common Sense None of that makes an atom of difference, both the drug addict and the body builder are slaves to sin, and slaves have no freedom at all, for as sinners both do Satan’s will, not their own will.

    • @Keith 1) There is no justice in this world so no one can be judged justly in their system. 2) The saints, those called and chosen by The Father will not be judged. Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus.

  10. IKEA refused cash in their Birmingham branch ‘restaurant’, when questioned ‘Managers orders because of health and safety of touching potentially contaminated money’.

  11. DEEP documentary series, if you’ve never heard of this, I HIGHLY suggest investigating this:

    Cult of The Medics:


    (DEEP Dive into the facts of what’s happening, and the medical establishment who currently have the entire world under it’s sorcery)

    • Call me a dumb conspiracy theorist if you wish, but is suspiciously reminds me of the Bill Gates Patent WE/2020/060606 for microchips in the body……Hmmmmmm,

      Maybe i am just a paranoid retard, what you’all think?

      All those who believe me a dummy, i reckon you also believe we went to the moon, Michelle Obama is a woman and Satan and God do not exist.

      Good luck with that view, and i will forward to saying ‘I told you so”

      • Actually i won’t being saying” i told you so”, It comes across as smug and conceited (but i will be thinking it, i am only human)

        i will just be waiting for your humble apology if you have any self respect.and honour.

        God bless you all,

        (except the Satanists and Pedophiles from the NWO/WEF/UN/WHO/IMF/Royal Family/Governments/Hollywood and the Music Industry and of course our slimey illuminati Satanist Novak Djokovich)

  12. Not related BUT the old bird flu (avian) nonsense is back in the game, has anyone noticed? Anything to keep the hamster in the wheel. I have truly had enough.

    • Deltacron another (flu and common cold) and more pics of india cremating bodies to scare people yet again…
      Rumour has it mers and spars are due for 2025….
      Anybody with half a brain must see these jabs and mental brainwashing is not for peoples health benefits…
      Then again many are so far gone they just go with it…
      Wearing masks and acting accordingly like the spineless weak minded people that they are

    • ‘A person has contracted bird flu in a UK first.

      While the government has insisted there is no reason to be alarmed – is there anything you should worry about?

      Although human cases of bird flu have been recorded in other areas of the world, the case in South West England is the first time it has happened in the UK.

      The man has been identified as 79-year-old duck keeper Alan Gosling.’

      Gosling is a specialized term for a young baby goose, typically still covered with soft, fluffy down feathers and unable to fly. Because these chicks are precocial, however, even at a young age they can easily forage on their own and both walk and swim well.

      They are laughing at the fools that believe this rubbish a duck farmer called Alan Gosling, It could be a musical farce.

      ‘They killed his budgies aaaaaaaaaand his Cock – a -Toooooooooo’

      Predictive programming. get rid of your hens and fowl, no eggs and meat for you, next your cats and dogs no meat allowed to feed them. The sad thing is I can see the British people getting more excited about the pets than the fact they are murdering babies and the elderly.

    • We are well aware, Charles. Loccie was just citing from an article. Perhaps you missed the quote marks. Cheers

      • @Common sense, Quote or no quote it needed a response and I gave it one. Oh and a lot of people are not aware, so speak for yourself and not presumptuously for others.

      • That was on behalf of three people in the conversation that you butted into. Not sure who is presumptuous here.

      • @Common Sense This is a public forum so ‘butting in’ cannot take place other than within your cliquey mind, and you didn’t make it clear that you were only speaking for three people.

  13. Care home mate works for, there getting in boxes and boxes of Convid Pills, she thinks the Pfizer HIV 1’s ready for ?? guess when there immune system is shot, trying to get more details and a reserve to treat sheep mates quickly when they get killer colds.

    Got a video, comparing a Convid heat map of the world, to a 5G heatmap and it’s impressive as to how well these 2 line up currently.

  14. Lol great maketing strategy by Ikea I will be going elsewhere for Furnishings!!

  15. I’m getting tired of all this discrimination. When are we hoping to see some real resistance? Boycotting shops is one thing but we need to fight back

  16. It’s simple you never fail a Covid test and if you do while at home ( not that you should be testing yourself). You have the shits and committing and you take as much time off as you need. Because you have D&V you can’t leave the house. And remember you always take a week off for one day. Never disclose your jab status and if anyone asks just replay I haven’t had my booster if you want to through a manager off. Tell them it’s none of their business and ask them if they have had any venereal diseases in the past or are currently suffering from one ? If they say you can’t ask me that say precisely.

  17. What these companies will never realise is that soon they will be closing down if they continue to comply with these psychopaths

    • Hospitals are flooded with jabbed folk now yet still the stupid thick bastards keep having them jabs….🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑…
      I dont really go into shops anymore and buy online…
      Shops are flooded with masked mongs and as for companys discriminating against people that have human rights to make choices…
      I would not bother at all with them

      • @Stuart You should patronise the small independent shops and pay cash, or they will go out of business and the high street will die and cash will disappear. By shopping online you’re playing right into their hands.

      • Yeah exactly, small shops and pay cash ONLY.
        Always ask for a receipt because at some of these shops owned by the Asians they can rip you off. Asking for a receipt prevents that.
        The governments and their Jooish handlers are our top enemy.
        Read Miles W. Mathis

    • Messenger Charles,
      I found you on this forum and have been binge reading your website since then. I am so into what you have written and how I have been deceived by the “churches” interpretation of scriptures. I truly believe you have been inspired by the holy spirit (or I am just too gullible … NOT).

      I an really just a baby having been born again just this past summer (and I am in my 60s) as I had written off the Bible as being nonsense, but that was because I didn’t understand it and now, especially with your help, I am really starting to understand it.

      So I just finished reading your article on the rapture (I had to read it three times). I knew the “churches” rapture beliefs were nonsense but I never heard any other interpretation until I read yours. However, you do a great job showing how those alive and “remain” and “left” and other similar words were misinterpreted etc, BUT you really do not really conclude that article with what YOU BELIEVE is actually being said in Luke and Matthew that has been misinterpreted.

      What exactly do you think is going to happen when the first resurrected and those who are still alive and “remain” meet the lord in the clouds?

      • Hi Seeker, Many thanks for your positive and encouraging comment. As it happens, I have just started an article on the return of Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) which I believe to be very close. It is a very big subject to cover and will take quite a bit of time, for there are so many off shoots or tangents to it that have to be included in order to make full sense of it, especially when dealing with the historical prophesies in both old and new testaments. So watch that space as they say.

        “I an really just a baby having been born again just this past summer (and I am in my 60s)”

        We all have to start somewhere and better to be called in this life than in the next, for the First Resurrection is a far better resurrection than the Second Resurrection. My article on that subject here: Why Are There Two Resurrections?:

  18. Very, very powerful, truthful and NECESSARY talk, Hugo. And very appreciated. Your tone was perfect: like a wise, stern parent talking to their misbehaving child. That’s exactly the tone that’s needed, to try to wake up about 80-85 percent of people. Most ARE behaving like little children and doing everything that the fakestream media tells them to do. I have a feeling that a very strong shock is about to happen. Listening to you as I drive across the U.S. state of Tennessee, where about 25 percent are not following the herd. Thank you.

    • thomas@ Agreed that was a powerfully delivered script. Bang on! Only that the people who really need to hear it won’t. Even so, many who follow here don’t really understand the depth of the cabal conditioning for us to believe we need to follow their rules.

  19. Not to worry as the fast majority getting ill are the jabbed, better yet when these people fail to return to work the un jabbed will become invaluable to the bosses, potential bonus’s and pay rises if we choose to carry on working for these idiots.

    • You may have noticed the size of the Lidl adverts for staff. Their pay on offer has gone up again. We have a firm near us that makes packaging. They have two large banners and flags on their fence near the road, crying out for workers. They recently had a recruiting open day as well, which I have never seen in the thirty one years I have lived here. All very strange.

      • I heard a radio advert for the NHS yesterday. They need more nurses apparently! lol….. and come next April, they will need a fking lot more !!!

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  21. People have adopted this idea that society would collapse if we didn’t pay tax or have a system that we do in place.. this has been a government brainwashing tactic to have you believe people are selfish an wouldn’t work together an yeah maybe a percent wouldn’t but I think you’d be very surprised how people would come together through any obstacle was placed in front of us! We humans are born to solve problems an this has been the governments plan to make us think different.. isolate.. lock us down.. stop us from communicating etc. all part of there separating tactics to make us weak. Your government is your worst enemy make no mistake about it. The biggest wealth transfer ever from this pandemic while ruining the working class down further! The tables are turning slowly! David icke is the one to follow!

    • Didn’t the Great Toilet Roll Panic Buy put paid to this quaint ‘oneness’ notion? If nothing Convid has taught us that when the chips are down it is every man, woman and dog for themselves. Human nature’s true colours has been exposed. All these shiny-happy-clappy hippy co-ops turn to shit before your eyes. There will be a ‘leader’ who has all the fun, the beasts of burden who do all the work, ‘law and order’ will be ‘restored’, a tithe will be collected. If you are lucky you will end up back where you started but books such as Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm tell us otherwise.

    • If you follow David Icke you will end up down the proverbial rabbit-hole. It is never a good idea to ‘follow’ anyone.

  22. Outrageous! There surely has to be legal action taken over this.

    As for the face shields malarkey surely IKEA ought know that a face shield ALONE does not qualify as a face covering under the ‘Regulations’…albeit that those Regs are unlawful under our constitution.

    • Yeah, but the welders masks do make me larrrrrffff…. so please let the sheep continue to wear them. They think that they are safe (😁) and we get a laugh out of it too! Double Bonus! lol

      • Exactly
        I admit I do laugh to myself A Lot as I pass by the
        Welders/wearing mob lol

  23. Hold on a minute. If you’re self-isolating or participating in track n trace, you’re in the nefarious game. Some employers are demanding the swab routine from staff. Is IKEA one of them?

  24. People need to boycott any business or shop that treat their staff in such a way.

  25. In 10 years they will have the baying mob behind shouting

    Its just a chip

  26. Uk govercunts site stating most of the triple jabbed will have AIDS by end of Feb, obviously a less deadly disease than convid, be ause they still want everyone to get there booster.

    This really is insane isn’t it, guess ass covering, ohhh we told you so, not our fault if you didn’t spot it on our site with zero msm attention.

    Germany saying end of jan, stats to backup both, oddly specific, stats also back up much much safer to be unjabbed. 🙂

    Don’t know whats going on this year, but ill 3rd time in a month, I blame shedding and over doing training.

    Pfizets doesn’t work, tweaked version in March to work with this cold, by then this cold would of course be over and burnt out and it won’t work with next cold/flu and doubt it’ll even work with this 1.

    3000+ extra deaths per week and growing none flu related, also no msm mention.

    • “Uk govercunts site stating most of the triple jabbed will have AIDS by end of Feb” – Link?

      • Yes, link please. And why does no one else know about this. I mean, all of the jabbed coming down with AIDS by the end of Feb 22 is pretty serious stuff. Has anyone got David Icke’s phone number?

      • News Article vanished and my link I was sent on FB Messenger, got a screen shot but can’t post on here.

        You understand AIDS is just immune deficent, HIV is 1 of the causes of this, although ex testing HIV+ and others after booster so not ruling that out aswell.

      • You can still post the link to the Gubbercunts website since it is on the ‘screenshot’.

      • All I can find is The Expose website report and True Defender website referring to this :

        “The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publishes a weekly ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ report containing statistics on Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by vaccination status across England over a period of four weeks.
        By comparing the previous two published reports we have been able to calculate the real-world effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections over a period of 6 weeks as well as the immune system boost or degradation among everyone over the age of 18 in England,”

    • Elon Musk to blast a ray-beam at the Moon, moon to crash to Earth and meet the Sea, cause a giant tsunami and wipe out the jabbed. What do you think the rocket launches were for? And all this on the Gubbercunts and Musk’s site. Wake up sheep!

      • Elon Musk is one of the biggest grifters on the planet right next to Gate & Bezos.

  27. Managed to survive the majority of my life without crap flat packed furniture, if IKEA fell off the earth tomorrow I wouldn’t lose any sleep and the world would keep spinning. No real polite way of putting this, but if your stuck in a job working for IKEA your probably not the brightest person walking the earth anyway.

    • The world spinning?! Wash your mouth out with carbolic soap before the truthdoctrine pounces. You should know that the Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of the Universe and the Sun orbits the Earth? And the planets move in the Aether.

  28. IKEA is a Swedish company and Sweden is
    Well a head on the road for the great reset already. I’ve never seen a people that are so happy to get a micro chip implanted in there body to be tracked and trace. Their so liberal they believe they don’t own their own bodies.

    • True they Swedish & yes we seen the chip in hand shite!
      Nut jobs!!!

      It’s a total disgrace to the people it’s being pushed on
      theses poor people
      it’s affecting
      it’s cruel.

      The government moan people don’t find jobs..
      now they want sack or not give legal sick payments to healthy, innocent people for just simply not wanting to be forced into something they don’t need!
      It is discriminatory & if I worked there I would be going C.A.B Immediately, getting some of my employment rights at least.

      This is insanity.

      Cheers Hugo by way

    • Funnily enough the only place you won`t find a chip in IKEA is in their restaurant. Because they only serve fries 🙂

      • Lol
        Yes & other Nasty-ness,s

        Terrible place in general!
        You are made to walk like sheep around it?!!
        You get home with it then you end up nearly in a Mental asylum trying to erect it!

        I went once years ago wanted to go back & blow the place up it was that much of a traumatic experience!

        Awful place to shop & now they are treating loyal staff like Shite!

  29. Totally agree – we can only be responsible for our own actions, and it is the colluding behaviour of people following immoral and unethical orders that are perpetuating and enabling this freak show.

  30. There are nearly 200 replies to IKEA’s latest Tweet (announcing new employment opportunities), and they appear to be universally negative.

  31. At work is getting that way, heard many more are following the narrative too the tee. So basically, everyone who not got the vaccine. Are basically fucked. And some may break, and take the poison. And others will wait until they are sacked for some setup by the company or business.

  32. Unjabbedandfree you mean Tort law under English Constitution common law. Takes it to the high court. Anyone need any more assistance on rumble look up the full English with Graham Moore who is a real Constitutionalist of more than 30 years and has helped people win tort law cases. Also go to http://www.englishconstitutionparty.com for more information!!

  33. It happening at my work. Letter given to all employees at my work – Saying don’t worry, if you are double vaccinated and have a booster, we will give you sick pay. Those who have not followed the government guild-lines, and not followed the vaccine program, you will not be paid, when you are sick. Coronavirius support program. Fucking bunch of twats, all of the brainwashed morons. I keep getting asked – Have you been vaccinated? I always reply – My fucking medical history or anything doing with my health is my affair. So fuck off. I have not been asked afterwards.

  34. All tax is stealing and should be voluntary!! What a load of absolute rubbish, i’ve never heard anything so stupid. If we paid no tax we would be living how they do in the most impoverished parts of Africa, including having no healthcare.
    Ikea have already done enough in past regarding their refusal to take cash in their restaurants etc for me to boycott them.

    • As much as we all hate paying our bills especially dreaded tax, I have to agree if we all stopped paying into the system society would quickly collapse into chaos. It makes me laugh when people say stop paying this and stop paying that, these same people use the footpaths, roads, have street lights, live in a house use gas / electric, when they turn their taps on water comes out, how do people think this happens by magic?😂😂😂

      • This is why I can’t understand why Jeff Bezo and Amazon don’t pay tax. I see his vans driving around on public roads. Who paid for these?

      • “live in a house use gas / electric, when they turn their taps on water”
        People pay private companies for these.
        Societal collapse is desirable, let roads and footpaths crumble.

      • @Senga Because they pay top money for the best accountants to make sure they never pay tax = off-shore tax havens and all that.

    • Mark@ USA didn’t pay income tax until private banking families formed the Fed-Res in 1913. I agree with Hugo that tax is theft with a threat of violence for non payers. You pay if you want but I personally want out. If we survive this and come out into the “Golden Age” then you will see how the new world will work. No parasites then no need for us to pay tax.

      • It is not tax you don’t like it is INCOME tax you don’t like. You would dump the tax burden on the poor via regressive taxes such as VAT otherwise known as sales tax. You are a smug greedy fucker who would throw the poor to the lions. There is nothing golden about your ‘golden age’. It is the same old agenda in a different wrapping. You want the turkeys to vote for Christmas.

      • @Senga There is NO LAW in the USA that states that American people must pay tax on their wages. Aaron Russo proved this in a Jewtube video. Most likely the same applies to The UK as Income Tax was ALWAYS a temporary tax introduced by William Pitt to finance the Napoleonic wars against the French.

  35. I’ve been once for bedroom furniture!and shelves!won’t be going again!who do they think are!?what about the saying!the customer is always right!I thought they were a retail store!,not a medical center !

  36. To anyone suffering this kind of unlawful discrimination, get onto The Sovereign Project for resources on fighting back through the law. For example, how to serve notice on the individual, not the company, but the person who is forcing anything like this on you. Don’t try and sue the company, company names like ‘IKEA’ are what’s known as ‘a legal fiction’ and will be much harder to take to court. But the individual will no doubt back down when you inform them you’re going to take them to court for £10k in damages for discrimination. If EVERYone threatened starts doing this, these tin-pot Hitlers will soon back down.

  37. Not as many mask wearers in the shops I visited today!Chicken barbecue!not one masked sheeple!except the staff!the jabbed are behaving like!play ground bullies!

    • I tend to find the more jabs someone has the more frightened they seem to be. Wearing masks, cancelling Christmas parties and diving out of the way of other people.
      The jabs certainly aren’t returning the population to normal.

      • Unjabbed, untested, unmasked and walking around like a BOSS and lovin it 🙂

        The Jabbed, quickly become even if sceptical, CONVID Believers and JAB believers and anyone who questions there safety or reason is EVIL and must be killed, or atleast never spoken to again, on 2 weeks with ex wife, so lovin that to 🙂

  38. You certainly manage to make people think, Hugo! IKEA has just lost two customers – my wife and daughter. I’ve never been there, not even for their meatballs.

  39. Ikea are quite clearly not worthy of my sweat equity then 🤷‍♂️

    Oh well not a great loss 😃

  40. My list of baddies !

    William Gates & Melinda Gates
    Anthony Fauci, Director of the NIAID
    Peter Daszak, EcoHealth Alliance,
    resident of EcoHealth Alliance
    Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer
    Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna
    Pascal Soriot, CEO of Astra Zeneca
    Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson and Johnson
    Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO
    Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister
    Christopher Whitty, UK Chief Medical Adviser
    Matthew Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
    Sajid Javid, current UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
    June Raine, UK Chief Executive of Medicines and Healthcare products
    Dr. Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation
    Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum

    All the above have been CHARGED to appear in court.

    • Charged? How’s that going to work exactly when they own the court system & the corrupt judges the rules are written to protect them not protect us

      Wakey Wakey 🙄😏

      • What’s happened to the unions, citizens advice, hooman rights organisations etc?. Pre pandemic employers pulling this shit would have been nailed to the wall.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine
        I don’t think all the members of trade unions are communist.
        Trade unions if very old are most likely legit socialist gatherings but high-jacked by the son’s of the Jooish factory owners e.g. like Marx.

        Read Miles W. Mathis
        How many papers of Miles W. Mathis and his fellows have you red?
        If none then you are late with your homework but better late than sorry:

      • I don’t know what 10 naive people have liked this list.

        None of the people from the list will face justice and punishment.
        In bad case scenario Intelligence is going to orchestrate a fake trial so the public is excited.
        In worst case scenario the Intelligence will orchestrate a fake trial and fake prison stay e.g. like for Gislaine Maxwell or Tommy Robinson.

        Don’t be a fool and read Miles W. Mathis

      • I don’t know why you keep posting these links on every single comment since the website doesn’t even exist. You obviously don’t even read what you preach.

      • @FlaviusStilicho Unfortunately you’re the CLASSIC example of “a little knowledge is very dangerous!” Now read these quotes and take it as lesson:

        “There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

        — Ayn Rand

        “Socialism of any type leads to a total destruction of the human spirit and to a levelling of mankind into death.”

        — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        “Socialism is the acceptable face of Communism! They are one and the same!

        — Francis Wright

        And stop promulgating that lying disso Miles Mathis.

      • ‘Communism is socialism in a hurry’

        — Senga

      • @Senga

        “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” – V. I. Lenin

        “Socialism leads to Communism.” – Karl Marx

        “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communising a nation.” – V. I. Lenin

        “Without big banks socialism would be impossible.” — V.I. Lenin

        “Capitalism and Bolshevism are the two sides of the same Jewish coin.” – Adolf Hitler

        “Marxism’s ultimate goal is, and always will be, the destruction of all national states…” — Adolf Hitler

    • Including all the corporate businesses and the NHS they are all in it together pure evil

    • …if my ropes must be single use, that amounts to sixteen!!!

    • I thought these and many others have already been tried, convicted and executed at Gitmo bay? Bill Gates was hanged and Melinda Gates was guillotined a few weeks before him towards the end of last year. And they have now all been replaced with ‘clones’?

      • @Senga “I thought these and many others have already been tried, convicted and executed at Gitmo bay?”

        Wow! I had no idea that Noddy and Big Ears were so powerful and had so much authority. They always said there was a dark side to Enid Blyton. LOL

    • Guilty as charged. Sentence to be carried out immediately. You will be taken from here to a place of execution, were you will be hung by the neck until you are dead, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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