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  1. I sure hope this doesn’t turn out to be such a big news story because it is a dry run in social purification. Test the waters for the reaction of the public if some crazy took him out. Here in the US in the state of Rhode Island and possibly elsewhere, the Rhode Island Health Department is allowing covid positive healthcare workers to go to work but refuses to bring back unvaccinated workers who test negative. When society has reached the level of indoctrination where that is acceptable I would imagine the belief that ridding the world of the unvaccinated for the safety and betterment of the collective would not be too far of a leap for most brainwashed minds from the point they are currently at in their controlled thinking.

  2. Novak Djokovic: Questions raised over tennis star’s travel declaration

    Australian officials are investigating whether inaccurate information was given, local media says.

    The possibility of deportation still hangs over Novak Djokovic
    Australian border officials are investigating whether Novak Djokovic’s travel entry form included a false declaration, Australian media report.

    Djokovic’s visa was revoked on arrival in Melbourne last week before being reinstated by a judge on Monday.

    But Australia’s immigration minister still has powers to re-cancel the visa and deport the unvaccinated player.

    Djokovic – who is hoping to defend his Australian Open title next week – has not commented on the latest reports.

    The 34-year-old Serb player’s entry form stated he had not travelled in the 14 days before his arrival on 6 January.

    Social media posts appear to show him in both Serbia and Spain during that fortnight.

    Djokovic told border officials that Tennis Australia completed the Australian Travel Declaration on his behalf, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. It is not clear whether this would help him in the event it is challenged.

    The Australian Border Force (ABF) did not immediately confirm the reports. Djokovic’s lawyers told the BBC they had no comment at this stage.

  3. European Parliament president dies aged 65

    The Italian was admitted to hospital last month due to a serious complication with his immune system.

    European Parliament President David Sassoli has died at the age of 65, his spokesman says.

    The Italian former journalist and centre-left politician had been seriously ill for more than two weeks and cancelled all official activities.

    Mr Sassoli was admitted to hospital in Italy last month due to a serious complication with his immune system.

  4. ITV Lorraine issued Ofcom warning over Dr Hilary’s false Covid remarks

    ITV has been issued a warning by Ofcom following a Covid segment with Dr Hilary Jones on morning show Lorraine.

    The broadcaster has been told to take “greater care” after Dr Hilary shared inaccurate vaccine statistics in December.

    The programme attracted 3,833 complaints from viewers over a discussion about the number of unvaccinated Covid-19 patients in hospital.

    The segment, on December 6 2021, saw host Lorraine Kelly and resident medical expert Dr Hilary encouraged viewers to accept the offer of a coronavirus vaccination.

    A clarification was broadcast on the show two days later, explaining the statistic related to patients in intensive care units rather than the proportion of unvaccinated Covid-19 patients in hospital.

    Why did ITV viewers complain?

    Dr Hilary encouraged viewers to accept the offer of a coronavirus vaccination

    ITV viewers lodged complaints after ITV’s resident medical expert, Dr Hilary, shared inaccurate information.

    He said: “Those people who haven’t been vaccinated, we’d really love you to think again and be vaccinated because 90% of people in hospital are unvaccinated right now with Covid.”

    Ofcom issue ITV with guidance

    On Monday, media watchdog Ofcom ruled it would not be launching a formal investigation, but has issued ITV with guidance.

    In a statement, Ofcom said: “This programme incorrectly referenced the proportion of unvaccinated Covid-19 patients in hospital.

    “We have told ITV that greater care should be taken by trusted medical experts when presenting facts and figures on public health issues.

    “However, given official statistics and research have consistently shown that vaccination against Covid-19 offers greater protection against serious health consequences, we do not consider that the error was sufficient to materially mislead viewers on this main point of discussion.”

  5. Wow some of the comments on here by people who are going bat sh1t crazy. Where did Hugo say Novax is on the dark side? He is merely questioning why has the web page suddenly disappeared, his links to the WEF, the pics of him doing the peek a boo sh1t etc. Since the start of this scamdemic we have all questioned what is happening & with the help of people like Hugo we all get a different perspective to think about, whether it be right or wrong. Seeing his links to the WEF has certainly made me suspicious & I am watching how this will all unfold. Thanks Hugo & keep up the great work.

  6. There is nothing suspicious of the huge media coverage in this whatsoever. Novax is the greatest tennis player of all time so it has to be headline news.
    I get the WEF link criticism but most people think the WEF is there for our benefit, maybe now Novak has realised they are a sinister organisation, hence the removal of the link.
    I don’t think you need a script to think Novak and Rafa will meet in the final, they are two of the best players in the tournament! It could be a script though, none us know for sure.

  7. If Djokovic is barred from playing the competition title ‘Australian Open’ would be a misnomer. The tournament is no longer ‘open’ By knocking out the favourite the eventual winner will have ‘cheated’ their way to the top. If Djokovic is barred from playing the whole tournament should be scrapped. And if Djokovic is barred and it goes ahead the legitimacy of the tournament winner’s award should be challenged. Djokovic not being present would upset the whole tournament apple-cart. If Djokovic goes the tournament should go.

  8. Whether you agree with Hugo On this or not it’s great that he is researching and asking questions. It’s encouraging independent and critical thinking … we are in scary unprecedented time’s

    • @Hannah Webster Times have been just as scary in the past with WW2, it’s just that now the people are much wiser and thanks to the internet have sussed out their government’s criminality. Be informed that same treacherous criminality was active and operational in 1939 when we declared war on Germany.

  9. Evidently he was arrested again when he came out of the courts..did you not see the filthy pigs pepper spraying his supporters absolutely disgusting behaviour..

  10. Hard or easy to say.
    Most likely they are promoting this story just like that because someone decided that they don’t have anything better to fill in the “air time”.

    It could be he is a bad man because he is/was a member of WEF, UNICEF and other fake foundation but they collaborate with many other top sportsmen.
    Considering the level of corruption in some of the top sports e.g. golf, tennis I would not be surprised that this is THEIR BOY.
    No surprise his wife is endorsing Marina Abramovic who officially is Serbian like Djokovic but in reality she is Jooish (like the famous “Russian” billionaire with the longest super-yachts – Abramovic) and she was hanging with Jacob Rothschild.
    It can be Djokovic similar to Tiger Woods is entirely Intelligence creation.
    We know that a lot if not most that is going on in mainstream disciplines, fame, wealth is in many cases fake.

  11. Who gives a fuck? I’m just happy doing my thing, holding my line, watching and waiting for the psychos to play their best hand. I’m immovable and as long as you’ve drawn your personal line in the sand, you are too. Fuck them and fuck their theatre, whoever the actors are. I refuse to be an extra in their shit movie.

  12. I agree with Hugo. This is circus distraction. It’s the same routine in this cycle of abuse. Govt & media are one

    The positive swab angle is the giveaway

  13. I agree with Hugo. This is circus distraction. It’s the same routine in this cycle of abuse. Govt & media are one

  14. From what I can see so far from media headlines over the last few days is….. Djokovic is being used as an example to what will happen if you are not vaccinated. Recent newspaper headlines are good news, nearing the end, endemic etc… But, today, it’s now only going t be over depending on how many get booster jab. Looks like it’s all being lined up to make the unvaccinated being blamed for our freedoms, health and normal lives ever being returned to normal. Which of course they never will be as the unvaccinated are the canary in the coal mine.

  15. Pfizer CEO just admitted there V1.0 Jab doesn’t work, no never, but don’t worry V1.1 will be ready by March.

    Anyone going to line up for that ?? do you think they owe the entire world a refund ?? YES!!!

  16. Hugo, love your videos, been watching you for more than a year now, I’m from Serbia and have been watching Novak ever since he started his pro career. There is no freakin’ way he’s operating by a script! He’s a genuine fighter for freedom, I’ve been listening to his interviews from the start of this plandemic, and he has been consistent in his support of freedom and he has not been inoculated with the poison shot. So please, I applaud the scepticism, and your great research so far, but when it comes to Novak, rest assured that he is on the side of freedom. He has proven that over and over again, and has just made a huge victory for us all, so cut him some slack! Love from Serbia!

  17. Hi Hugo
    Just like to say thanks first of all for your communications and the integrity and humanity you share with us as you strive for justice and truth.
    With regards to the Djokovic situation I like yourself have became distrusting of every piece of information that comes my way and that is a direct result of the misinformation propaganda agenda we are purposely being exposed to by not only mainstream media now as they the cult as I will refer to them have begun to infiltrate the smaller independent media outlets now which is making it more difficult to decipher who is sincere and honest and who is not.

    But the solution to that is just research the commentator whoever it might be more deeply.
    But the strategy I am adhering to at the moment is to focus on the mainstay of the subject being projected.
    In the case of Djokovic it is simply that he has taken a stance on the side of true science and the evidence on that is insurmountable so my point is as long as he doesn’t retract or reverse his stance on that then he remains valid and an extremely important advocate for human rights and our fight for survival in this silent war we are immersed in due to the fact his voice reaches an enormous amount of people and that is definitely positive.

    With regards to his associations to organisations we recognize today as nefarious and corrupt I have my doubts that he personally sits down and directs his staff with each specific directive in his financial and public relations and other concerns he maybe connected to let’s not forget he is arguably one of the greatest tennis players of all time and to maintain that level of excellence I suspect he spends the majority of his life on the tennis court, gym etc.

    I know I myself until a few short years ago trusted lots of various institutions, charities etc because I am like the rest of the 99% of humans on this earth and we are inherently good people.
    When I started to SEE the truth about this world and the evil that we have all been subjected to it shook me to the very marrow of my bones.

    But that what we all share as human beings is our gift and our strength.

    I apologise for going a bit I intended this to be brief originally.

    But I’ll end on this note we are up against a force that has planned this for hundreds of years they have infiltrated every single position of authority and power in the world they have all the money and still they are terrified of us the people of the world.
    We all share a connection and the ability to love and that isn’t by accident.
    Stay strong everyone the truth doesn’t even bend in the wind!

  18. Think your spot on hugo if it’s all over the ms there’s something going on think of the air time he’s getting till now I didn’t even know him so it’s one of two things he’s been in the club but now wants out but if he was in the club he would never be made to take the Jap anyway so maybe it’s a script maybe just watch and see what happens next it will all come out in the wash

  19. Nadal has to cede to Djokovic in the final because he collapses on the court…?!

  20. Don’t give your Freedoms away because it will be hard to get them back. keep saying NO. We dictate technology, not technology dictate us where not a computer game like the metaverse there trying to bring in, that’s there world and can be manipulated and will cut you off if you don’t comply with there rules, I’d be happy if it all went down and we could all go back to pen and paper and yellow pages, solve all our problems, none of this computer says no shit. we would get on better that’s for sure and make the effort, none of this happy birthday by text of fake book shit, make the effort and go round, and if there not there, go back later. Its easy bring Back the 60s 70s and 80s where everyone got on. Don’t waste your life, QR code is mark of the beast that’s for sure.

  21. There is a choice here. Believe in Jesus Christ and you worry about nothing or you end up worrying about everything.

  22. Test, jab, mask, smartphone, self isolate, track and trace, qr code to get through your home door, so if you check in and out during one of there manufactured lock downs, they will know you left the house during lock down, fined, £10,000 etc etc, also the electric car will know you broke lock down rules, it never ends once you start, it’s the wise that never start, because we know where it leads…. Absolute nightmare if we lose. Lockdown, curfew, unvaccinated, social distancing, social credit system, etc etc, are coordinates of control, same as a speed limit, you are bad if you break it ffs, this is why the smartphones have got to go. Spying going on, don’t give away your location. I’ve got hope we will win. Don’t check into anywhere with a qr code, walk away

    • Chris I mentioned to my friend one evening about all the mud on my fog walk. She said she now wears wellies.
      Next morning amazon recommended wellies!

  23. I happen to disagree that this is a psyop – but the next few weeks will likely be very interesting as the story develops.
    Imagine for example if Novak goes on to win the Oz open and what that would do for people’s morale against the tyranny – they would take that as a victory for their own battle for freedom – and it would humiliate the Oz fascists. Also, look at some of the comments his family are making. They are mostly nailing it and this is getting out there bigtime – because tennis has a huge global following as does Djockavich himself. The media can’t contain the story, they can only spin against djokavich which is what are doing. Nadal however ….that’s the place to do some digging…

  24. I heard they rearrested him an MP, over rode the court ruling. Who knows.

  25. Hugo please do not refer to these as covid ‘fines’ a fine can only be issued by a judge. These are notices, a notice is a contractual agreement between two parties. As it is a contract you can negotiate what your side of the contract is before you agree, I require £250 to answer any letter £500 per phone call £20.000 per court appearance, to your hearts content.

    Although as the original act (Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 states you can not isolate healthy people so any act drawn from it, for instance the ‘covid’ one can NOT take more powers than the original, thus the covid act is Ultra Vires as it requires the ‘lockdown’ of all people proven ‘infected’ or not.

    Definition of Ultra Vires
    Meaning to go beyond the powers that were granted by parliament under the enabling act.

    This Novak Djokovic story is testing the water for the enforced locking up of the unvaccinated as unsafe, if any ‘outbreaks’ should occur now the obviously highly infectious Mr Jockstrap is release to the wild then so much the better for their narrative, they could call it the Novax strain.

  26. After the way he was treated, I would have thought, when he was released and free, he would have immediately left the country with his selfrespect. And vowed never to return. Strange that he chose to stay and play. He doesn’t need the money nor the title.

    • Not strange at all. If he had left of his own accord he would have been banned from entering Australia for 3 years by law. Hence the legal fight. At his age, a ban would be the end of any further Aus Open title hopes. As it stands, the law has sided with him, however this can still be overturned by the immigration minister by decree. He would then be arrested, deported and banned for 3 years anyway.

      • @Ropek “As it stands, the law has sided with him.” LOL there is no law other than bought and paid for ‘law’. Western Courts are as bent as a Freemasonic copper.

  27. This is very odd to say the least ? High level stars have people who arrange and check everything well in advance especially when the prize money is 4M plus they don’t just jump on a plane and hope for the best !!! I really don’t know if he’s in on it or not but what I do know is the NWO needs a divided herd to succeed and its certainly achieved that …..🤔

  28. I agree with you Hugo 💯%. But I also think this is a plant that has gone totally wrong and who knows maybe the MSM are getting confused like everyone else . God can cause confusion for the good of His children.

    • Especially when, world wide ‘HE/SHE’ has so many different guises!

    • He doesn’t have to be to be used by them, what about his handlers, trainers, managers? He is a puppet, a performing monkey, a tool to be used & they will use & then discard him when he’s outlived his usefulness.

  29. Let’s be clear. If Djokovic is part of a psy-op, how many of us would conclude, “Oh well, the Covid vaccine must be safe .. so I’m going to book mine” ???

    I think I can safely say categorically, “None of us”. So if this is a psy-op, can someone try to explain what it could hope to achieve?

  30. 100% psy op! Had he simply said something like: “I love Australia and its people and would love to have taken part but I cannot compete in a tournament run by a government which does not respect a person’s right to bodily autonomy”, he would have earned enormous popularity and respect from sensible people. But no. Media circus, peek-a-boo club, link to WEF which is promptly removed, family members getting their five minutes, now bloody Farage having his two pennies worth. Red flags all over the shop! Not entirely sure why or with what goal in mind but, frankly, who cares? It’s top level sport, it’s mainstream, it’s bollocks. As usual!

  31. Novak the sir name is Very suspect , reminds me of let’s go BRANDON either the interviewer at the time was amazingly quick to make the association or it was a set up.

  32. look at his Wiki , ,no mention of WEF but mentions on World bank and Philantrophy and his views on medicine and science and self healing and he don’t need the money,ny belief is he is rebelling against the Elite Regime . Just a Thought but trust no one 🙂

    • Yes that tweet about the obvious satanic “so called artist” Maria.A-Witch is a big red flag. Massive! How this unfolds will be interesting.

    • Yes, his wife being a friend of hers definately gives me pause about what side he really is on. I can overlook some of the peek a boo pictures because I sometimes feel maybe the photographers are the ones pressuring these celebs to pose that way. To associate yourself with someone as Satanic as Marina Ambrovic doesn’t shed one in a good light.

  33. It’s getting harder to discern as each day goes by, however this quote springs to mind from Albert Pike, 33rd degree Freemason

    “Whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him”

    • @Lenny Oh yes they have been doing that with blacks for a long time: “While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

      — Israel Cohen, 1912, Jewish Secretary of The World Zionist Organisation and co-founder of The Fabian Marxist Society with George Bernard Shaw and Israel Zengwill, author of “The Melting Pot” in 1910.

      That same quote in full:

      “We must realise that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

      – Quoted by Thomas Abernethy, Republican Congressman of Mississippi, June 7th 1957 during a debate on the Civil Rights Act of 1957

  34. Let`s not fall into the premeditated trap of double guessing everyting and then doubting our own beliefs people, that`s the game they want to play.
    Novak, I believe has no axe to grind, is certainly not in need of money, and you do not succeed in sport at the extraordinary level he has achieved without the extraordinary self, and moral belief that he very obviously has by the bucketload..
    He is doing this to expose the poisonous, mindless, viscious, Wuhan linked nobody that is Scott Morrison.. and his dispicable band of cronies with their tongues up his arse..
    Research his connections with Fauci and his `Gain of function` research over the past two decades with the Wuhan Lab.. then give Novak the loyalty he truly deserves..
    Like so many others that are fighting for YOU! and those you love, he is risking EVERYTHING he has.. EVERYTHING!!

  35. There has recently been a development of a criminal investigation by the London Met Police.
    Dr Sam White, Mark Sexton and a couple of very successful lawyers have intiated this investigation and the case has a crime number and two detectives assigned to it.
    The Complainants are, lawyer Philip Hyland of PJH law, lawyer Lois Bayliss of Broad Yorkshire law, Medical Doctor Sam White and retired Police Constable Mark Sexton. There are a significant amount of victims to these crimes, some have already come forward and hundreds of thousands will identify themselves in due course.
    All Chief Constables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are now aware of the live criminal complaint/investigation with The Metropolitan Police, the allocated crime number and the ICC application to The Hague and their acknowledgment.
    They were all emailed (some already acknowledging) on the 23rd of December.
    Also, Sadiq Khan, Mayor and Police crime commissioner for London was emailed on the 27th of December and made aware of the above.
    The complaint is against a number of UK Government Ministers, C.E.O’s of all Covid vaccine manufacturers, Dr Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum, Tedros Adhanom W.H.O, Peter Daszack President of the Heath alliance, June Raine of the MHRA and Dr Rajiv Shah of the Rockefeller foundation.

    Case OTP-CR-473/21 is at the International Criminal Court (Hague) against GATES, FAUCI, JOHNSON, TEDROS & others. Filed by UK Attorney H. Rose

    Metropolitan Police crime number
    Hammersmith Police Station
    Officers allocated,
    DS Mallett
    PC Irvine.

  36. You can give him the benefit of the doubt but it must also be said where there is smoke is fire. It may be small things that point to it, but then again. The same with the Formula 1 race there is also a smell to it.

  37. We need to get these studies out to mp’s and doctors and anyone who can make a difference…please share, I sent to my MP.
    Why is natural acquired immunity being down played throughout this pandemic? It has always been the gold standard in other infections and these studies show it still is.
    30 scientific studies done on natural immunity v Vaccine immunity.

    • Thanks for sharing, I’ve had this I’ve had the virus, and I’m hoping I’ll be showing that I have antibodies when I pay for my own blood test. Thing is they could tell me I haven’t got anti bodies when I have. I’m becoming very sceptical.

  38. I agree Hugo it’s getting far too much publicity, which if it isn’t a pys-op would surely be adverse publicity for the mainstream narrative- and bad publicity for the narrative to forcibly removed- so if you ask me it stinks.. there will surely be a twist in the story which makes gets the viewer on board. I think it will likely be he gets ill from Covid and is hospitalised and can’t carry on the tournament .

    • Hows he getting ill with covid?…theres no test or anything to actually determine a covid infection or sickness…The swabs wont say it

  39. No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.

  40. Don’t know about novax being part of a script but I believe in farage 100 per cent.

  41. Hugo, think Gavrilo Princip. That is Novak’s mental template. Sarajevo 1914. No collaboration with enemy once the divide is clear.
    Fellow Serb

  42. I could be completely wrong but if he is genuinely linked to the Davos divs, then surely he’d have had a saline shot and an authorised obedience passport a long time ago? Unless of course, it is a psy-op…but a fucking bizarre one at that!

  43. Of course it’s a fucking script!
    Ooooh there was something on a website which was easy to find which has now been quite blatantly “taken down”, thereby drawing attention to it.
    The whole tennis thing has been a fsm circus. Now we’re getting sturgeon flag waver Murray saying he’s on Djokovic’s side after 2 years of supporting masks and vaccine chemotherapy, fsm suddenly fully reporting on the protests (eg Glasgow, Paris).
    All day on radio it’s been “maybe it’s time to live with the virus”.
    The bastards are concocting something.

    • They’re concocting civil unrest, an uprise so they then have an excuse for Marshall law.

  44. You don’t win Wimbledon, or other awards if you are not part of their club. Are people ever going to wake up?

    • Complete over the top idiocy. He’s an incredibly talented sportsman sticking to his principles. I’m going to stop watching these videos from now on as it’s boring to keep hearing everyone’s a shill and controlled opposition. Just as bad as lazy “normies” calling us conspiracy theorists or tin-foil hats. I know it’s a scamdemic and an attempt at a global reset and have known it from the start. I like positive messages and interpretations like from Max Igan and David Icke and if they’re shills or CO, then so be it, that’s the stage I’m at. Hopefully we’ll all get through this shitfest as best we can.

      • @charlie winston Griffin That’s the wrong attitude. Once you’re informed you’re obligated to do the necessary research to either prove the informer wrong or yourself wrong and perhaps that’s your problem.

      • Always assuming everyone’s guilty as a starting point doesn’t float my boat.

      • Did you not think maybe the point you’ve decided to stop watching these video is the reason they put the Djokovic story out their. Make you start questioning your own beliefs and to go back over to the darkside. Why not get a jib jab while your at it, prove your virtuous.

      • Once you realize who is an albino lizardman from planet Icke, you know the truth…. but shhhh, don’t tell anybody!

      • @Charlie Winston Griffin Totally agree with you. This is exactly when things go that notch too far. And everything reasonable isn’t so any more. What’s worse it gives other side (usually the oppressor) the opportunity to brand reasonable people id*ots. This is the perfect recipe how to get there.

      • Pre fkn cisely. A lot of folks around these here parts be smoking far too much weed methinks…..or are just fkn retards.

      • Let me get this right. Sooo, you’re not willing to believe that a celeb could be helping push agenders, but you’ll believe in a guy shouting about lizard people and that the queen’s a lizard because that at least makes you feel good?! It’s because of the likes of lizard, loving icke why we’re being called tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy theorists in the first place! Seems to me like some people just love being molly coddled, can’t handle the heat. Can’t handle that the world is not what they thought it was, so have to claw some sense of OKness from somewhere. “as long as I’m happy” attitude. In all honest, you shouldn’t be believing 100% in anyone anyway. Has that not become clear to people yet. That’s how we are in this mess, people 100% believing in gov. You don’t just watch a vid and believe it, go do some searching yourself on the vids topic. If you can’t be assed then just keep it in mind and see if you can see any patterns or any info, really, that may seem off along the way. You know, maybe like the talk of lizard people!

      • You come across as just the sort of smug, know-it-all twat who gets right on my tits by using the same sort of gaslighting tactics that you supposedly loathe in the elites. Just because you have a picture and a narrative of the way things are, doesn’t mean they are that way, whether you’ve “researched” something or not. Life is subjective and totally down to a person’s perspective and virtually everything can be argued in another way should a person so wish. There are no certainties in my world and I doubt everything that I’ve ever been taught or told. However, I stand by the premise that most people are essentially good and here on a journey to learn and experience, just as I am. I have to use intuition as much as logic and data, as data always seems to become distorted to meet the person’s agenda that is being promulgated and peddled. Until a person is found to be a cnut, I’ll judge them on their actions. Politicians are obviously a different kettle of fish as by the very nature of their job, they have to be liars and macchiavellian conmen, from my observation and experience. A chap saying he doesn’t want a vaccine for 2 years and then fighting his persecution through the bent system available ie the courts eg Djokovic can only be admired, until and if he comes out and says he’s had a vaccine. The only point to any of this paranoid bullshit you’re advocating is that his missus says she likes Marina Abramovich, though maybe his wife is a completely ignorant retard, who knows.

      • You have every right to think for yourself as does everyone else ?
        Listening to and believing are two totally different things.
        Believing is that which got the jabbed to line up.
        Come on , divide is not what allies are.
        Not for me.

      • You have a fair point, but not everyone are CO’s or shills. Hang on in there, buddy.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine mmmmm well if that was the case then he would be parading exactly what they want him to (ie the only acceptable narrative) But he isn’t , clearly and that should tell you something at least.

      • @Saaaaaa In the play there has to be an opposing voice or two, if only to keep the show interesting and stop the audience from falling asleep.

      • @Saaa,

        You would be wise to listen to thetruthdoctrine he has been spot on so far, but not all can make the journey to the truth, some stumble and fall along the way, it is too difficult for most and we can’t carry you all the way, i wish you luck and pray you see more pf the truth:

        In the meantime here is a song that i think will inspire you:

        God bless,


      • Interesting how most of the members of the England cricket team currently touring all of Australia are continually, and presently, going in and out of consciousness with Covid yet there doesn’t seem to be a fuss made, or any mention in the MSM.

      • @Billy I thank you but I honestly didn’t need you to tell me anything. I have been awakened long time ago. Life thought me to always be awake. So pls don’t worry about my path. I appreciate it but no need to. I understand the need to win the argument. Egos are flying. All I am saying you are wrong with re to Djokovic. And I will stand by that till the end. That’s all.

    • Do you not have to be a pretty good tennis player to win Wimbledon? Could YOU beat Djokovic at a game of tennis? Well could you?

      • Nah….You just go on the court and give the umpire the Masonic nod n wink, and Beezlebub will take care of the rest……Fucking clown fest in here likes and these videos are getting laughable.

      • But Klaus Schawb, who is higher in the NWO hierarchy than Djokovic, definitely can. I think Hugo is becoming a little bit too paranoid lately: NHS doctor and Djokovic now. He might be right or not. But if we think anyone that has a voice against the narrative and appears in the mainstream media is a shill there’s no way a proper resistance against this can be formed. Maybe Hugo himself is a shill. Maybe the elites have good intentions actually and they are trying to protect us from some big cataclysm. You can double think this to the point you go crazy. Just stick with the facts and realize that the narrative is collapsing so ofc there will be more and more voices against it appearing in the press.

      • I have big doubts that Klaus Schwab would beat Djokovic at game of tennis. But you never know maybe Klaus is much better tennis player than his appearance would suggest..

      • Apparently Klaus cannot lose at Tennis .
        He uses a Hapsburg jaw as a net and the player the other side just plays himself.
        Just like real life

    • I am no.1 Russian Hacker. You tried to scam my mother. Now you will pay. Do you know who I am? I am no.1 Russian hacker Mother fecker, I have destroyed your computer. Etc. The whole world is a stage and we’re not even bit part actors.

    • While I’m dubious of the whole thing, to say you don’t win Wimbledon unless you’re part of their club is stretching it a bit far. Think of all the players who would have to be paid to lose deliberately along the way. This means they would ALL have to be complicit in allowing a player, who’s better than them anyway, to beat them. Is it worth it? There’s no logic in that assumption. Tell me how they would work it, year after year….

      • Wouldn’t they have to split the overall prize money among the paid-off players? But that wouldn’t leave much for the one-eyed member of the peek-a-boo club who didn’t know one end of the tennis racket from the other? You only have to watch them play to see that they want to WIN. And the pay-off money would be dwarfed by the amount of money they earn in sponsorships, adverts, endorsements etc by winning Wimbledon. The prize money is chicken feed it is the WINNING Wimbledon. Do you think that these guys (and girls) train from dawn to dusk, since they are kids, or like Andy Murray, go through hip-grafting operations, to be ‘paid-off’? Seriously? Think before you press your keyboard.

      • Try rocking up to Wimbledon & demanding to get in on the action & see how far that gets you without being in the club.

      • So you are saying that Djokovic isn’t a particularly good tennis player but he IS a part of the club? And what about Borg, McEnroe et al were they all rubbish tennis players but WERE part of the club? Does the same apply to all ALL sportsmen and women who apparently excel at sport? Are they ALL ‘part of the club’? You know what, I used to play tennis, and still do occasionally. I think I am going to challenge this Djokviv to a game. I reckon I could run him around the court. He looks a pretty rubbish player anyway. “SENGA, PUT DOWN THAT BONG PIPE”.

    • @piabandara ohh how pathetic!! This man deserved to win everything he’s ever won. Not because he is a part of the club. Go and learn about Djokovic before you speak.

      And @Hugo seriously, this is too much really. Love your videos and observations BUT isn’t this man doing exactly what you preach for months – fight for Freedom AND choice of ordinary man and woman?! His fight is actually a fight of EVERY freedom loving person on this planet. And the attack on him is exactly the Attack on the same freedom!!! It’s ok to question things.. but sometimes things are taken too far , and you have done that just now! Again, you need to ‘know’ Djokovic to be able to talk about him. And fyi the reason why this particular tournament means so much to him is because by winning he writes tennis history.. So no not everything is a theory. Disappointing.

      • @Hugo One more vital thing to note – whilst Djokovic back in time together with his family fought tooth and nail to make his tennis dream in a NATO bombs stricken Balkan Nation, whose citizens have been sprayed with depleted uranium.. not many comfortable sitting western citizens of even blinked but sat on their comfortable ar*es trusting their garbage msm propaganda they were fed. And why would they even flinch? It wasn’t affecting them anyway. But some Serbs in Balkans. And hey they are bad people. Aren’t they. The media told us!!!Now , after Former Yugoslavia, the same Globalist governments and their western puppets dismantled and destroyed numerous countries around the world. Using the same propaganda. Still westerners sat comfortably. And then 20 years odd years down the line – the Globalist Gov came for – everyone!!!! The moral of the story you conclude yourself but it goes something like ‘be aware of the fire in your neighbours house..’ Half of the western world is still asleep- unaware that now it’s their turn. They have come for them. They will probably never wake up. But what’s most disturbing is the ones that claim to be freedom fighters picking on the totally wrong person. A person who has spent his life fighting for equality and justice. And just for the record- Djokovic’s family was not rich… He is where he is today only and ONLY because of his determination and hard work. But clearly not many will ever understand Serbian spirit. And that’s ok. We love you Nole!!

      • Only time will tell if he has indeed gone over to the dark side. The point is, he has spoken out about his anti jab stance for a long time now and coming from a top athlete that can only be a good thing. Remember, everything is hidden in plain sight, the controllers need some of us to survive, they need their slaves!!!

      • To be honest Novak’s platform has drawn attention to this, more than all us lot put together.
        Nothing bad about this positive, and he puts his name on the blessing.
        Bless him.
        I just hope he does not get sponsored by 5g after this lol

    • Disappointing to see that so many viewers want us to think that ‘ it could be a psy-op, but maybe not ‘ is a blanket accusation of some kind. Go watch Icke and Igan if you like, but try to engage your critical thinking faculties ( they’re in there somewhere ), why don’t you? Hugo repeatedly states that he doesn’t know for sure what this tempest in a teapot is really about, and to pretend he does is blatantly dishonest – not to mention rude. The only reason for such comments is to get others to stop listening, to turn off their ability to reason. Just go away, quietly, ffs.

      As for the possibility that it may be a psy-op… why is that so threatening to some people? It’s a simple fact. Celebrity worship has gotten to a deplorable level when people feel personally offended by a suggestion that their heroes might – just might – have feet of clay. And yes, athletes are celebrities. Their innate talents would be worthless if they couldn’t afford the years of training to develop them, and that training is wicked expensive and requires the sponsorship of the billionaire class (whether fronted by a corporation or not).

      If you rely on others to help you feel good, more’s the pity for you. I watch these videos (and sometimes even Igan’s and Icke’s) for information, not for a feeling. Get outside and hike a little if you want to be happy. Sing or dance. Being happy is not incompatible with being informed. I can’t imagine being truly happy if it entailed shutting my eyes to what’s happening in the world.

    • Nigel Farage gave the news that under Victorian State Law Novak was entitled to exemption because he had covid recently, under Australian federal law he would not be entitled. Farage, by the way, is a good man; he’s on our side.

    • Hello Sir. Do you mean every tennis match in the world is “fixed”? How do you determine the outcomes of all matches? Or is every single professional player part of their club?

    • The Nadal interview was misrepresented. He was joking that it would be better if Djokovic didn’t play as there would be less competition. The media seem to be trying to ratchet it all up at every opportunity

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