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    • Remember the orphan trains of 1890 ? Where’s was all the parents.. Used to repopulate empty cities .. the next reset is coming …they always remove the children

  1. I seem to recall a ‘pretend emergency’ around a pandemic enacted in 2019. I wonder if that ever manifested?

    • Maybe people have forgotten already!!! Like most people have forgotten that we have lived for thousands of years with viruses and never locked down, put on masks etc. and always survived!!

    • These kids are being programmed along the same lines. If I were a parent I would object strongly. Parents need to find out who is behind this “pretend emergency”!

      • Possibly bill gates as he had a plandemic 201 emergency training just 6 months before covid 19 pandemic in Wuhan. And not to forget that the bill and Melinda gates Foundation are funding the BBC and GAVI and nearly All the scientific health organisation around the world including being the second biggest sponsor of THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. (WHO)

  2. I also put this up in the comments on YT, as this is uncanny. When I was at secondary school in the early 80s, in London, I remember them trying an experiment, where we were suddenly told that a highly infectious virus had suddenly put the school into immediate quarantine, and that we were not allowed out of the school for two or three weeks, and emergency measures were being out in place to contain us all, I kid you not! All the kids In my class acted very angrily and some were in tears. We all said we were going to walk out then and there! And then the teacher revealed it was just a “psychological experiment” to gauge reaction, and it was actually going to be an exercise to see how we would act in that situation and how we would plan what we would do! It was based on a book called “School under Siege!” I still have a copy of that book. And people wonder why I’m sceptic!

    • If you read Miles W. Mathis or Omar Jordan from Infinite Papers you will know the Intelligence performs all sorts of psychological tests and psyops on public institutions e.g. schools, universities, hospitals. Since the Joo banksters with their crypto-Joo peerage friends own everything the pubic sector is their ground to experiment with all sorts of stuff. You think they do it in secret in some underground labs but they don’t, they don’t have to and as you currently see were and are their guinea pigs.

  3. What on Earth is going on! Parents need to question this. What emergency?
    When I was young us kids were out playing and making our own camps and having outdoor fun. Never had to go to school for that sort of thing. Surely there are more important things to be taught in schools.

    • So ame as me lol . We used to be playing out all day in the summer months. We used to make our own camps. I live in London and we were doing this. Wtf are they doing to kids ? It’s all to much. Kids don’t have a childhood anymore, it comes to something when the school is doing this as a lesson in the playground.

      • I just watched SanityforSweden on Bitchute. He highlighted the fact that at one school in the North(ish) of England, hardly any children wore masks. Something like 67 out of 1300. That gives me hope. Of course, it was some bod from a union complaining. They were always a pain in the arse when it came to Home Education. Only worried about themselves and not the children.

    • Would it be an emergency where a lot of adults die and the children have to be re-homed to some camp?

      • Yes, I considered this. If both parents die because of the long term effects of the jabs and children are orphans the parents need to know a trustworthy adult who has not been jabbed who will keep their children safe and away from paedophiles.

      • Well they have done this all before. Set a plague upon the adults. Adults die they take the children underground. Brainwash then retain to start again in a new Reset. They cause liquefaction to flood and bury everything to start again!

    • I was at primary school in the early 90s and cannot recall anything like this ever taking place. We visited places to learn about orienteering and nature and even got taken to Chingle Hall (one of England’s most haunted houses) but never anything like this. What I have noticed in so many woodlands lately is these shelters made from sticks where they have a big branch running along the top – something that you might learn from watching Ray Mears. I’ve seen literally hundreds of them all over, but this sort of outdoors survival is fun. Isn’t this why we run beavers and cubs and scouts groups though? What Hugo has highlighted sounds DISTURBING

  4. Someone took the show Invasion on Apple TV a little bit too seriously 😀. Really strange. I know they had that ‘let’s pretend an alien craft crashed to earth’ thing at a primary school, years ago….I think the police also showed up for that one.

  5. That scares me, as we know all too well nothing is done without a reason it’s all done as form of priming so have they already made plans to do something like this for real? I don’t have kids but have close friends who have either kids or grandkids and I can’t imagine any of them accepting this but we know all too many will

  6. Hi, mum, I won’t be home tonight. A nice man from the Covid Ministry has offered us all a free holiday in Butlins Covid Vaccination and Re-education camp.

  7. I know what this is priming kids for the “ pied piper “ scenario where either a war or an infectious disease that was used yrs ago to evacuate kids from they’re homes and many of them never saw they’re parents again and the gov was involved obviously search for the vid it should still be on YouTube – “ don’t let them steal your children “ –

    • This may only happen to the children of the dissenting parents!

  8. I remember as a child and the Cold War was at it’s height we were forever being told that a nuclear attack could be imminent and what to do if such an event happened. Governments like to keep the people worried and in fear. They can then present themselves as the solution to our fears.
    It’s always best to ignore their nonsense and just live your life. Maybe some of what they get taught from this could be useful but just ignore the fear mongering.

  9. Orphans of operation pied piper 2020 history repeating itself – YouTube – this is the video that everybody has to see I watched this last year it’s very relivent to now find it watch it share if as much as possible

  10. The school in Question is 20 mins from me,surely this should be in the School Curriculum if it is a survival course and then we would not have an issue with it.

    • I dont know the school but it is possible that it is genuine. Often schools do topics involving groups and role-play. This appears to be something to initiate the kids into thnking for themselves before they go to secondary school

    • Hi this is my daughters school, I forwarded the letter as I was outraged by it. The school follow a different curriculum. International primary curriculum.

  11. I remember reading the same thing last year but they were doing it in schools in America , prepping for something ?

  12. Dont forget the British government used to shift orphans to Austraila untill the late 70s – Early 80s …………… They were not wanted here !
    Workhouses ~ Nunerys ~ Care Childhomes ~ Mental Institutions / Asylums ………… The Convayer Belt kept rolling

    • Floki, until the 1970’s, I thought it was a war evacuation! Did not hear this in Canada, please keep the rest of the world up to date like that.

    • Ya think they did any of that without monetary transactions. No chance.


    Imagine how traumatic it will be to a young child to be told he or she is being shipped off somewhere unknown away from home. Trauma based mind control springs to mind. Link above tangentially related to what might be going on here

  14. For some reason this reminds me of a scene from the nuclear war film `Threads`.
    The father is there with his screwdriver removing doors in the house following instructions on how to build a shelter inside. The young son standing next to him gets very excited and sees it as an adventure. He says “can I help you Dad. It`ll be great , it`ll be like going camping”.

    • I thought that When the Wind Blows was scary as a kid. Turns out, my husband saw that and had terrible nightmares of impending doom for years

  15. It’s the beginning of another psyop, preparing children for when they are removed from their parents’ homes. The pretend is to instil a sense of normalcy when it happens to achieve compliance. Sick, utterly sick.

  16. OR, could they be using this so they can sample how migrants feel when their home-country comes under attack and they have to flee. Come on folks, let’s not take this out of content and make 6 out of 2+2.

  17. This is a psychological experiment and as such needs to adhere to ethical codes and requires full informed consent of all participants and parents if under 16 years plus there needs to be a plan if any child wishes to withdraw consent or becomes distressed. Otherwise this is highly unethical and should not be given approval

  18. Does anyone else remember the queen’s speech in 2020 when she emphasised “the pain of separation” children having to leave the family, and comparing it to the Second World War. Makes you wonder.

  19. Actually not bad to have a nation of preppers! maybe some useful education for once… 😉

  20. And the letter has a pyramid top right 🤔🤔🤔

  21. Two sinister things come to mind with this – get the child ready for life in a tent city and/or your child will be abducted and sold into a paedophile network never to be seen again.

    So this sounds like a very good time to keep your children at home for good and educate them yourselves. Parents need to get organised and those at home help the parents that have to work. Something needs to be done and urgently.

  22. They are preparing children leaving their homes and parents 😢 😔

  23. When I was in primary school I was in a play called evacuees wtf and in one scene we all had to start pretend fighting & I was whacking everybody & anybody at the time and now all these yrs later in covi land all this hell starts this is definitely covi related and it’s not as easy as home schooling etc bcoz then the child – snatchers – social services- get involved and it’s them you’ve gotta watch & fight trust me I’m bloody expert on those evil demonic sadistic satanic distorted narcissistic scum- child – snatchers 100% and they’re definitely all involved in covi land coz I know the gov etc want all kids in care tnis is truth 100% fact and covi is the perfect exscues cover up just like in the video pied piper that’s on YouTube – an infectious disease- be it fake – but that’s besides the point plus the way those silly buggers abroad are going there prob will be war plus fact they all start wars on purpose so either way it’s the perfect scenario the perfect cover up the perfect exscues and it’s going at fucking lightning speed this is scary shit bcoz this “ tent city “ is exactly what they want it’s all about control power money 100% this needs dealt with urgently like now bcoz this is the perfect storm

    • @Paris – Dylan lee jackson Parents need to lay claim to their property = their children and rebut the child’s birth certificate. Marriage certificates should likewise also be rebutted. All people need to serve a Notice of Understanding of Intent and Claim of Right to all relevant Government ministers.

      • ‘Mr. Meads then asked me “about the sign above my head”, which is the Royal Coat of Arms of Canada, and declared:
        This is an admiral court, your jurisdiction is on water, it’s not on land; I am a freeman on the land’

        From a review of these documents, it appears that Mr. Meads is purporting to split himself into two aspects. One gets his property and benefits, the other his debts and liabilities. The ‘Mr. Meads with liabilities’ has entirely indemnified the ‘Mr. Meads with property’. He also appears to instruct me and the Bank of Canada to use a secret bank account, with the same number as his social insurance number or birth certificate, to pay all his child and spousal support obligations, and provide him $100 billion in precious metals.


        There are allegedly secret but accessible bank accounts that contain nearly unlimited funds, if you know the trick to unlock their gates. You can transform a bill into a cheque with a stamp and some coloured writing. Proponents claim that the government maintain these bank accounts to monetize the state after it abandoned the gold standard. Put another way, the theory, as I understand it, is that people are property of the state that it uses to secure its currency. This is often expressed as some form of ‘slavery’. You are only subject to criminal sanction if you agree to be subject to criminal sanction. You can make yourself independent of any state obligation if you so desire, and unilaterally force and enforce demands on other persons, institutions, and the state. All this is a consequence of the fact gurus proclaim they know secret principles and law, hidden from the public, but binding on the state, courts, and individuals. And all these “secrets” can be yours, for small payment to the guru.


        In R. v. Martin, 2012 NSPC 73, Judge Atwood at para. 6 describes how an OPCA movement member was so ineffectual as a representative that he was denied agent status:

        … This agent, who identified himself as “Patrick”, known alternatively as “Ellis”, stated clearly that he recognized the King James Bible as the only source of law, and embarked on a lengthy inquiry of the Court as to the source of its authority, raising the significance of portraiture of the Sovereign over the bench. As this agent kept getting bogged down in questions and issues that were not properly before the Court, I concluded and ordered that he not be permitted to act as agent.


        In his submissions on the motions, in the actions concerning him, Mr. Dempsey described the “money for nothing” theory. He stated that the banks do not have money. Rather, they create money out of “thin air”. He asks, “where did that money come from”, he answers “it came from us”. He says the plaintiffs create money by signing promissory notes, and as soon as the promissory note is signed the banks deposit money in their own statement of account. The banks do not place hard currency in the hands of the debtors. Mr. Dempsey complains that the banks then charge interest on nothing and that is a criminal rate of interest because interest is charged on nothing. Mr. Dempsey states, “it is not like the old days, when people used to go to the bank and, in the back room, count out dollars, there is no law that allows the banks to create dollars out of thin air.”

        The amounts claimed in Mr. Meads’ ‘fee schedule’ are not atypical. ‘Fee schedules’ uniformly include dramatic, threatening language and instruct the recipient they have been warned and are to watch their step. It occurs to me that ‘fee schedules’ may also have a potential criminal effect. Documents of this kind are intended to impede the legitimate action of government, law enforcement, and court actors by purporting to assign very sizable penalties for actions that are not only a part of their jobs, but very often a duty. These penalties are a threat of “damage to property”. Since ‘fee schedules’ have no legal force, the threats they contain are by definition unlawful.


        When Mr. Meads married Ms. Meads, he said he was told he required a marriage license to avoid commission of incest, but he has subsequently learned, from Black’s Law Dictionary, that a licence is an authorization to do something that is otherwise illegal. But, Mr. Meads said, he is only subject to God’s Law, the “Maximus of Law”, and the Bible indicates that adultery is the sole basis to dissolve a marriage. In this case, he alleged that Ms. Meads had committed adultery with his brother-in-law, and that she had broken the contract of marriage by that adultery – that is God’s law – the remainder is man’s law, statute law: which does not affect or apply to Mr. Meads.


        It appears we are free to make and live by our own laws as we see fit. We are not required to ‘stand under’ any man-made laws. And if we need guidance we can refer to God’s Law – the only Law – with our trusty King James Bible

      • @Henrich Judges sit on the BENCH which is The Bank. Their courts are defacto Admiralty Courts with privateers (pirates) administering them.

        “It appears we are free to make and live by our own laws as we see fit. We are not required to ‘stand under’ any man-made laws.”

        Wrong on both counts. We are free to live under The Law. Without The Law there is no freedom, for The Law protects our freedom, but modern man has no law, for he has chosen to live in SLAVERY, as a CITIZEN, under man made acts and statutes, which are not laws. Acts and Statutes (Admiralty Jurisdiction) are the rules and regulations of the US Inc. and/or The UK Corporation and apply only to CITIZEN treadmill SLAVES who enjoy being fleeced by Jew usury, taxation and inflation.


        “According to the “Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act” 1890 EVERY COURT within British control (including the USA) is a court of “Admiralty” ADMIRALTY = CONTRACT LAW and CIVIL BREACH OF THAT LAW, but to breach it you MUST have a contract in the first instance. e.g. have complied with a mandate

        The “Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act 1890” states that:

        1) “Every court of law in a British possession, which is for the time being declared in pursuance of this Act to be a court of Admiralty, or which, if no such declaration is in force in the possession, has therein original unlimited civil jurisdiction, shall be a court of Admiralty, with the jurisdiction in this Act mentioned, and may for the purpose of that jurisdiction exercise all the powers which it possesses for the purpose of its other civil jurisdiction, and such court in reference to the jurisdiction conferred by this Act is in this Act referred to as a Colonial Court of Admiralty. Where in a British possession the Governor is the sole judicial authority, the expression ‘court of law’ for the purposes of this section includes such Governor.”

        2) “The jurisdiction of a Colonial Court of Admiralty shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be over the like places, persons, matters, and things, as the Admiralty jurisdiction of the High Court in England, whether existing by virtue of any Statute or otherwise, and the Colonial Court of Admiralty may exercise such jurisdiction in like manner and to as full an extent and the High Court of England, and shall have the same regard as that Court to International Law and the comity of nations.”

        3) “Subject to the provisions of this Act any enactment referring to a Vice-Admiralty Court, which is contained in an Act of the Imperial Parliament or in a Colonial law shall apply to a ‘Colonial Court of Admiralty’ were therein substituted for ‘Vice-Admiralty Court’ or for other expressions respectively referring to such Vice-Admiralty Courts or the judges thereof, and the Colonial Court of Admiralty shall have jurisdiction accordingly.”

        “See this for what it is! It’s a scam!! “Silent Adhesion Contracts” and a lack of knowledge on our part have kept us from our rightful place in life.”

        — Richy Landry – Lawful Rebellion.

      • I understand that the DOCK and WELL of the ‘court’ refers to Maritime (Admiralty) Law. I understand BANK to be an aeronautical term.

      • I understand the concept of the ‘Rule of Law’ but there can only be one Law and that is God’s Law.

      • @Henrich The non-legally trained are not brainwashed with legalese bullshit and know The Law.

        “I understand BANK to be an aeronautical term.”

        Then you have no understanding, The Bank is where ignorant people are deposed of their money.

        “I understand the concept of the ‘Rule of Law’ but there can only be one Law and that is God’s Law.”

        Otherwise known incorrectly as The Common Law – The Law of The Land, which is not recognised in criminal defacto Admiralty Courts.

  24. I find this experiment on children very worrying and it should be brought out in the open maybe on GB news. The agenda when it is in full flow is to take kids from their parents the state will bring them up …..over my dead body and theirs..

  25. Sounds like they are preparing them for a future war – Russia ?

    • Predictive programming they are putting the plan into action. Watch out

  26. Well if it is true it must be on experiencing the lives of people wishing to turn up to another country, uninvited to enrich themselves, which we have seen ruins a society .
    It is justifiably illegal, under current law to do so.
    Perhaps next week burnt oak junior school could run a get rich quick scheme on either Bank robbery, mugging or drug dealing and see if the parents, realise that no illegal activity is justified in a school’s curriculum.

  27. This is preparing kids for when a disaster that kills both parents but not them, at the same time, jabs and aids then death frim common cold, ks unlikely to be same time.

    This is in preparation for the 5g kill switch isn’t it, they’ll claim solar storm or ray burst from distant galaxy they’ve made up, I mean detected and it’ll hit us soon.

    Mixed news today, from live with it, to no more jabs, to mandatory jabs and jabbing 5+ year olds to save schools, worked so well for 12+ didnt it lol

    Also these self assembling nano bots there on about, if real??? These are to advanced for us, the alien shit, might.not be shit, alien pllt going on, nothing is making sense at all, so everything is on the table.

    5g kill shot, next satanist approved fake rapture date is Easter Sunday, lookimg like a build up towards the to me.

    • I have noticed a few stories in the news about children in hospital with alleged covid, and kids in the states getting flurona. I think they are paving the way for jabbing younger kids.

  28. I notice that judean magic number just happens to appear yet again in the Daily Fake Mail story. Just a coincidence again, of course. The school should be ashamed of themselves scaring kids even more which no doubt will cause them unnecessary anxiety and stress. They really are after our children.

  29. Thetruthdoctrine
    I have tried to read the essay from said link but it is beyond my knowledge .
    I am not knocking it as I have no understanding of all the figures you write about
    Obviously you are learned on these events but I am not.
    The only name that stood out was Noah for me and the only question I have is did Noah live for centuries ?
    If so is George Soros and Henry Kissinger descended from Noah ?
    All I am saying is , if you have not studied the Bible then it is hard to understand.
    Does that make me thick or an enemy of what you believe ?
    What are the consequences in your belief for thickos ?
    I have lived in the UK my whole life and I thought it was a Christian country all my life and have found it a good place to live, so l am definitely not unhappy with the religion and would never knock it’s belief or the people.
    Though have not even a rudimentary understanding of what you have written .
    This is not criticism , it is the truth .

    • @norrak Don’t worry, you’re not alone, for millions and millions of people are Scripturally ignorant and, believe it or not, most of those that profess to believe in a ‘Jesus’ are the most ignorant and blind of all, for they have heads full of error fed to them by blind guides and ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing in their pulpits (false pastors and ministers).

      So lets start at the time just after The Flood. Noah had three sons, Shem who was white, Ham who was brown and Japheth who was yellow and slit eyed, and the three sons also had their wives, plus Noah and his wife Naamah, that is, eight souls in all which came off The Ark and began the repopulation of the earth.

      However, there was a big glitch when Ham slept with his mother whist Noah was drunk, and that evil union produced Canaan whom Noah cursed. Both Soros and Kissinger being Jews are descendants of Canaan = Serpent Seed offspring of the Devil.

      Have a read of this, for it all starts here: Did Eve Have Sex With The Devil or Did She Just Eat Some Fruit?

      “What are the consequences in your belief for thickos?”

      God is always merciful, hence the reason for the Two Resurrections whereby all mankind will eventually be saved. However, if you’re genuinely interested in learning it could be that The Father is calling you now, so that you become a part of the First Resurrection, not the Second Resurrection.

      May I suggest that you work slowly through my articles on my blog and feel free to ask any questions by commenting there and I will answer you.

      • Cheers the thetruthnotdoctrine, trouble is I am a thicko that argues to much if I read.
        Anyway funny you should say the Eve one, as I did notice the Eve one and flicked it on, after trying to read the aforementioned article, some would call that weird.
        Or could it be I was attracted by the title?
        Hope it doesn’t say a lot about me.
        Who knows ?
        Hopefully God will spare the time to tell me.

      • @norrak The first thing you need is belief and/or faith and if you do not have either, then the Holy Scriptures are not for you, for you will never understand them.

  30. Also Hugo. Can you get to the bottom of this. I had seen Gareth icke saying kids are wearing a yellow star to say there exempt from wearing a mask. Is this true? If so, that’s what hitler did with the Jews.

    • Austria I think that is, yeah freaky genocidal facist madness.

      I heard getting the unjabbed to wear something yellow, they didn’t go as far as a star somewhere aswell.

      Loads of places trying to make the Jab the LAW!!! that simply does not in any way work, infact it makes colds/flus worse so it’s a negative impact, MADNESS!! X 100000000!!

      On about that in the UK aswell today, don’t think they won’t try, they will, what ever is going on is BIG, likely beyond what we can even imagine, starting to seem like Aliens are running this show, that’s how crazy this is going.

      Jab everyone on the planet or we destroy your planet level nuts.

      • I do not trust Mr Icke in the slightly, nay, I positively distrust the Ickes but you present no hard evidence to back up your assertions based on your weak arguments.

      • Gareth Icke definitely looks shifty, the time that would come round to your door threatening you for ‘stealing traffic from Dad’s site’. I also suspect that he would go a lot further than threats. I can see him resorting to physical violence… or worse. I have my own ‘conspiracy theory’ that the Ickes, with this Gareth character was somehow responsible for a ‘researcher’ ‘going of air’, someone who supposedly ‘died’ but of course their is no record of their death.
        His ‘output’ increased considerably when Convid struck. Maybe like all good ‘researchers’ he smelled the money-making opportunities that Convid presented. If you are listening/watching another researcher (unless you multi-task lol ) you can’t be listening/watching another. They each detract from the others audience. And that Gareth Icke has got the look of pure ruthlessness about him. But like all good ‘conspiracy theories’ I have not one shred of evidence to back up my theories, just a feeling in my bones, a hunch. I believe that there is a lot more that goes on behind the clickbait ‘conspiracy theory’
        industrial complex than we know about. I reckon that it is as brutal and competitive as all business.

      • @Senga I never listen to the Ickes, for I know that they are shills and disinfo. I am now convinced that Icke senior is a Jesuit gatekeeper, like Alex Jones. As for his son, I have no idea what he is other than he’s jumped onto his father’s band wagon. If there is alleged violence in the mix then that would fit the Jesuit MO.

  31. As an ex-teacher this looks to me like an over-ambitious head of year came up with an idea in a blue-sky meeting, and the Head has been dumb enough to sanction it. Because they want to “wake up” children to the horrors of the plights of immigrant children. But they’ve forgotten to have mindfulness of the emotional well-being of the children in their care. The “see how you like it!” Attitude isn’t appropriate for children as they are young and naive. I wish I was still a teacher so I could tell my class what bullshit this stuff is and how ridiculous the school system is.

  32. I have said it before, there is not much time left until the rapture of the Christians up to heaven. This happens just before the final 7 year tribulation begins. You will not want to be around for any of that. Get right with Jesus ASAP! It’s all being restrained by God at the moment, but soon it’s going to be satan’s time for 7 years (until the actual glorious return of Christ at the battle of Armageddon).

    The major sign of the end times was when Israel were re-established in their land. It is believed that the generation who return to the land would see the return of Jesus at the 2nd coming, That was 1948, a generation is usually thought to be 70-80 years. We’re in the 73rd year of Israel until May 22, so that means we are bang in the ballpark to be heading up to glory in the rapture of the church. (Look up: Chuck Missler – The Rapture on youtube if you need to understand it more).

    Just pray to Jesus

    ‘Lord God – forgive my sins, Please save me. In Jesus name. Amen’

    If you mean it, He will as ‘All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved’.

    God bless us all.

  33. I dont know the school but it is possible that it is genuine. Often schools do topics involving groups and role-play. This appears to be something to initiate the year 6 kids into thinking for themselves before they go to secondary school

  34. As I understand this, it’s an exercise in empathy. Putting themselves in the shoes of the children that this has happened to. What is the problem with that.?

    • Speaking as an ex-primary school teacher, nothing per se. The problem I see with this is that neither the children nor the parents have been made aware of the narrative surrounding the exercise – therefor the learning outcomes have not been defined or explained. That was a no-no when I was teaching. Children learn better when they know what they are aiming for. And they don’t learn anything very positive when they are dropped into stressful situations without warning. But, maybe that is the intention.

  35. It’s “one” school! Is it possible that many of you are over reacting? If, on the other hand, this exercise was to be more widespread within the education establishments, then perhaps it would be worry-some that something else is planned. But it is only one school that we know of and therefor, should not be over dramatised.
    What is more concerning is the fact that the kids still have to sit in cold classrooms because the windows have to be open.

  36. Looks to me that some one is prepping kids for natural disaster or worst case scenario WW3. Hugo was wright when he was talking about stashing food. War is on the list for a great reset. 1. pandemic, 2. recession and economy downfall, 3. natural disaster, 4. war, 5. one world government, 6. you will own nothing and you will be happy.

    • You left out the wild card – if all else fails – alien saviours!

      I’m not mocking. It’s in the playbook.

  37. From the ‘i’ arsewipe

    Medics fury over ‘deluded’ doctor who questioned Sajid Javid over NHS Covid vaccine mandate

    Senior medics have reacted with fury against the doctor who told confronted Sajid Javid over the vaccine mandate for NHS staff calling him “deluded” and “an anti-vaxxer’s dream” amid fears that tens of thousands of staff will lose their jobs over the policy.

    And then you read Dr James bio


    Dr Stephen James is a Consultant Anaesthetist. He has a specialist interest in cardiothoracic and high-risk anaesthesia and he is the lead for cardiopulmonary exercise testing at King’s College Hospital.

    He has developed a profile of peri-operative medicine skills, including the assessment of the high-risk patient, total intravenous anaesthesia, cardiac output monitoring, enhanced recovery, trans-oesophageal echocardiography and blood management.

    Dr James trained at Cambridge University and then Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, where he qualified in 1999. During his training he researched the risk profiling of patients before major surgery and developed an interest in cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

    He was appointed Consultant Anaesthetist at King’s in 2013 and since then has used his interest in exercise testing to create the Exercise Intolerance Service. The service sees patients that are breathless, fatigued or unable to exercise, and provides a cross-specialty view into the cause.
    Professional Memberships

    Association for Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care
    European Association for Cardiovascular Imaging
    Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
    Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists
    Pre-operative Exercise Testing and Training Society

    Related Services


    The question is: can the NHS ‘afford’ to sack him for not taking the jab?

    • Doctors annoyed, because if the jabs stop, they lose there £20 and £30 per jab given, 30 per hour easy, it’s good money.

    • Of course they can. They can’t build back better until they have burned everything we know (or think we know) to the ground. These are the same people who starved several million Irish people (even though there were ships loaded with grain for export), cleared up to 4500 families per day from the Highlands of Scotland (in the name of agricultural improvement) and kept miners and salters in bondage for the better part of 100 years. And that’s just some of what they’ve done before in Britain – let alone the Opium Wars and the subjugation of people elsewhere in the world.

      They don’t care about us. We are just another resource – like pheasants or grouse to them. And they do not need so many of us anymore.

      I used to wonder how the ‘dark ages’ could have come to be so dark…and now I’ve got a bl**dy good idea.

  38. ONS Stat’s, around 3000 extra weekly deaths, non convid deaths per week obviously and growing consistently about 1000 extra per month, this will be mainly Heart Attacks I’d bet at this stage, some ADE/AIDS very similar creeping in aswell. This needs to speed up a bit ( for us ), sure it will as 3rd jab is in people these days and ADE/AIDS kicking in hard soon.

    More people dying at home aswell, ie sudden deaths massive increase.

  39. All these “crisis preparedness” these days everywhere (governments, schools, businesses (cyber), etc.), all initiated by the WHO. Train them, then create the crisis and your victim will behave exactly as you trained them.

  40. Sounds like a form of “Predictive Programming”.

    I’d have to ask, “What exactly is the academic purpose for this little ‘exercise’?”.

    Are you expecting something – do you have foreknowledge of something that we don’t?

    And if we’re talking about performing exercises simulating certain events, why not also teach our children about independence and preparing how to navigate a world of dictatorship and civil censorship?

    Better yet, why not teach our children real life skills that will actually help them succeed in the real world, like banking, economics or how to navigate the job market, or even business skills, or at the very least, how to apply the skills learned in Sheol to real world applications?

  41. Let’s play pretend we rip off the heads of political leaders , then identify their puppeteers and do the same. We have a wild imagination

  42. I am a mental health nurse this needs to be reported to social services now- if the person who sent this in reading this post the content of the letter is is mental and emotional abuse Who ever wrote this and was compliant by not standing up to other teachers are culpable. Please report this before they do worse- THIS IS SERIOUS

    • It sounds eerily like the yarn they gave to the parents of the Jewish and gypsy kids of Europe leading up to and during the second World War before arbitrarily leading them to their deaths in the concentration camps That would be definitely worth verifying the authenticity of that “school exercise “

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