They Don’t Want You To Be INDEPENDENT / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Well I’m obviously too dependent… on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, that would indeed make people like me appear to be too independent!

  2. “They” can want all they like they’ll get fuck all from me fiercely independent and staying that way.
    They’re getting more like daleks by the day obey! obey! exterminate! exterminate!

    • I agree!!! It’s sickening to think independence and inner strength are not great things. They can go to h-e-l-l.

  3. Your absolutely right. The last thing our trillionaire ruling elite want is independent thinkers who might influence others to start questioning the narrative.

  4. This Absolute CORRUPT British Government need our money in any way they can get it. I mean let’s face it we have to pay 652 parasites £82,500 a year, plus expenses, Blackford claims over £85,000 and that’s a hell of a lot of OUR English money for what ?? To be controlled by trough guzzling Pigs, (not peppa) beaten up by THEIR Nastazi Cops, and for THEM to do as they please and Party at OUR expense, time has come when we MUST have a change in this CORRUPT system. com’on folks its time to grow your OWN Spuds !! ………(pun intended)

    • Well said Jack exactly my opinion the only thing to add is in order to get rid of the parasites in this british swamp we need a party that is NOT controlled opposition and that has a plan to get rid of them…the only party can be found here: and its “manifesto” is the English common Law Constitution, the Bill of Rights 1688/9 and Magna carta 1297 and other statues and laws that can NEVER BE REMOVED by any parliament/monarch as they are an Englishman/woman’s birth right under God. We are standing our 1st candidate in the Southend West by-election on 3rd Feb but will be holding a rally meeting at the “kiosk” in Warrior Square just off Southend High Street near the Southend central railway station (Fenchurch Street line) but the other end of the High Street has the Southend Victoria line from Liverpool Street and from Shenfield you can connect from the East of England, etc. All patriots welcome to hear the truth and support the only party that gives THE PEOPLE THEIR INALIENABLE RIGHTS BACK…forget the rest they’re ALL CONTROLLED and are gunning for us we know but then again WE’RE ENGLISH & much more alert than our foreign invaders in parliament…bojo American, pretty useless Indian, Raaaaab can’t even decide how many “a”‘s to add, And don’t even think about the Afghan bloody minister for education??? All damn foreigners…NOT the England I want as England needs English people that know our English history not the lies they want us to believe!!

    • There is more than just English money in the treasury pot. There is also more than just English voices representing us all. I agree though that they are all self-serving pigs who don’t give a toss about us, and bought and paid for by the establishment to represent them and not us. Its all about taking from us to give to them,,, always has been, always will be until we change the political system …

      • @DC There is no money in circulation AND THE TREASURY HAS NO MONEY, only DEBT and DEBT NOTES = IOUs = PROMISES-TO-PAY = WORTHLESS CREDIT = DIGITS ON A COMPUTER SCREEN. Economies are fictions, as are corporations – the whole financial system is a criminal fraud.

      • @Truth – ofc there is financial liquidity (money) in the system. We earn it and give it back plus some. They create it out of thin air to give to us in the manner of a loan, for lets say a house. When they decide to crash financial systems, putting people into poverty, and making people homeless, they have magically turned nothing (a house paid for by nothing) into a liquid asset for themselves to sell on! That is the cycle and the deception!

      • “ofc there is financial liquidity (money) in the system.” ‘financial liquidity’ is a bullshit fictional term used by deluded people who believe in fictional economies.

        Further to you have not understood my comment, try again: THERE IS NO MONEY ONLY DEBT NOTES = IOUs = PROMISES-TO-PAY. BRITAIN IS 100% BANKRUPT AND OPERATES IN A CHAPTER 11 NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY and Bankrupts have no money. Here, listen to the Queen, she’ll tell you:

  5. Latest vid from Pres Bolsonaro – Brazil: Unable to post a link to it.. when I can I will…. It’s all in Portuguese… but essentially .. Bolsonaro is saying hes not getting his 11yr dtr vaxxed and that ppl can follow his example… that Dr’s MUST provide all the info re adverse effects.. and that schools are not allowed to restrict entry for education on basis of vxx or no vxx…despite what any Governor or authority says. He’s signing a declaration forbidding any restrictions..
    God protect and bless him! 🙏❤🙏

  6. Not only is it good to grow your own food, but now is the time to go further and learn to save your own seed. Also whilst you can see buy seed, this year buy double and put half into the deep freeze and make your own emergency seed bank. Independent people are just that…not dependent upon others. Cooperate by all means, but first be self dependent and therefore a living example to others.

  7. Trolls are through the roof as more wake up, argued with a few on FB, trapped them playing dumb and prived them to be laid trolls, thread gets deleted immediately whuch also proves paid troll, lots of here aswell.

    Link IQ test to digitial passport and on!y people IQ 120+ can comment on important stuff and I’d be happy, falling deeper and deeper into the IDIOCRACY trap, the stupid leading the stupid.

    100%;whoof whoof lone wolf here and proud, don’t do that as multichoice online test, have you red flagged straight to concentration camp.

    What was that shit scifi dystopian film, trilogy kept secret till 2nd how weak plot was, basically if you where good at more than 1 thing in a test, then you where a threat and they get rid of you, that’s coming isn’t it 🙁

    Atleast I’m going to get to go out fighting like all ex soldiers should, dying in our sleep is a waste to us, purpose to our death thanks.

  8. Excellent advice Hugo, I grow most of my own fruit and veg. You don’t have to be an expert and I recommend everyone gives it a go. Now is the time to get rid of the shackles of “the authorities” and be independent. It’s the thing that scares these control freaks most.

  9. its great being independent, i feel better on my own, i cart be doing with the bad energy out there, no one talks anymore, i make my own fun, dance in the living room to zumba raise the vibration, off grid is appealing with what’s going on, so i’m not complying after what they have done, im alright on my own best time to be alone with whats going on, while everybody stuck at home in prison on the metaverse, im out all the time in nature practicing, where under attack that’s for sure, waiting for everyone to wake up, i talk to more people in nature because they get it, i hate going in to town now, i do avoid at all cost, i used to be one for going into town, not now, i dread it, walking past empty shops, everyone masked up fuck that, no one talks, i just get out the situation, off grids the answer as well as ditching the smartphone, will never except ubi slave tokens, no thanks, no jab no ubl, digital trap, glad i ditched it 3 years ago, im to switched on do what they are doing.

    • I know its not the usual but always exceptions to the norm. We chat now to a specific teller at Aldi who is full of good cheer and humour. No I don’t wear a mask or a badge. No judgements made.

  10. The ‘Daily Fail ‘strikes again 🙂 voted worst truthful paper in 2018 and still stands 🙂

  11. I wondered about the trolls on here. Names you have never seen before, posting negative thoughts. I may not be the sharpest knife in the box, but sometimes it just sets off an alarm. Don’t respond is my motto. Keep it up Hugo.

    • We need an emoji with a sign on a stick saying `Don`t Feed The Trolls` 🙂

      • Comments need three choices: Like – Dislike – Troll


  13. My maternal grandfather said to me when I was a young lad: “Whatever you do in life make sure you get your independence.” And I’ve never forgotten that advice.

  14. I am very lucky to be financially independent through years of thrift and have been growing my own food for years. I never buy anything unless it is essential, when I do it will be of high enough quality to last a lifetime or longer. It is easy to learn new skills like gardening, wine making, dehydrating, blade sharpening, sewing etc to not need to buy hardly anything. Now is the time to seek as much independence as you possibly can. If the globalists win life will be hell unless you can exist outside the system. However, if the globalist Great Reset fails through exposure of the truth then all faith in institutions will be gone and our economy will be in ruins. Self sufficiency is one thing that will help to secure your future. I wish everyone luck. We are on a knife edge. We all have to get involved and take action. I work for a large utility company. A colleague joined me to explain what is going on to the HR director and he agreed to not bring in any mandates. That took 2 phone calls and less than half an hour of effort. Scale that up and we win easily.

  15. Yes, keep it up Hugo….we will not give in to their absolute crap……she’s obviously a well paid deep state bitch…

  16. You are a Sovereign Individual. YOU are Royalty. You are a ROYAL SUBJECT of the MOST HIGH Creator. You have Royal Vassalage over the Good Green Earth that has been submitted unto YOU – Follow the Royal Law -To Love the Most High above all things, and extend the Royal Law unto your fellow Creation – to love one another as you love yourselves.

    Subdue the earth, sow, reap and multiply and enjoy the riches, wealth and blessings that are rightfully yours – To live out your existence in full capacity as God intended you to – to live well and be well.

    P.s, The “World” and the good green “Earth” are divisible. We care not for the “worldly system”, but instead are made rich by that which was our promised inheritance from the beginning. our Earth, our lands, our creatures and all things that were decreed as submitted unto us since the foundation.

    • @G Minds You’re describing the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve had ALL of that and more then gave it all away to Satan. Only Yashua Messiah when He returns can restore it to us.

  17. Yep that’s my middle name – miss independent and happy to be so!

  18. You are right, Hugo…but…these phuckers are interfering with the weather. You only have to look up to see the white (jet) stripes interweave and gradually unwind into complete cloud cover.

    They deny it, but they have been doing it since the war in Vietnam – and, Abu Dhabi (or somewhere like that) was crowing about having made it rain last summer.

    I have twelve fruit trees (whose blossoms were battered off, by hail, at exactly the right/wrong time (delete as appropriate) to stop any fruiting last year. Same with my grapes – I had none (nor did the vineyards of Bordeaux)…nor aubergines…nor courgettes…nor tomatoes. First time ever in the twenty years I have lived here.

    Now, having seen what I have written, I’m thinking that a poly tunnel, or any sort of cover, might be a very good idea…and I am away to investigate.

    • In all honesty I’m sure the chem trails are a major player in people getting sick. Weirdly enough, not long before the covid numbers start to go up they start spraying heavily in my area. I’ve witnessed this every time numbers have supposedly risen. I’m sure that’s what is causing this fake “virus” tbh, cold and flu being thrown in too for good measure and all the poisening through water, food, household products, clothing, more or less everything all helping boost sickness. Makes sense when you also add in that they haven’t got any proof it even exists and the vax is based on computer modelling because of that. Everyone’s just concerned about good old ronny rona now though, even the people who are awake are forgetting to look up.

      • @Samii In my neck of the woods, since the Cov-Yid crap, I have noticed a huge decrease in chemtrails due, I presume, to far less numbers of people flying.

      • They’ve definitely uped it here, even spraying at night. That was the first thing I found odd at the start, as there wasn’t supposed to be many aeroplanes in the sky. I do live near an airport though, so I’m going to see more aeroplanes than the people who don’t live near one. Thing is, that junk they’re spraying gets blown around the country on the wind. There’s no escape from it.

  19. @Hugo Talks – The more you are attacked, the more you are OVER THE TARGET!! Keep up the great work you do. Godspeed

  20. In America they have a saying when everything is the same. Cookie Cutter.
    What the powers that be ie the NWO really want is something close to the film The Stepford Wives.

  21. Seen videos where magnets stick to frozen meat and to chocolate bar and one with the capsule from antibiotic dissolved in water leaves black crystals that rise up to a magnet being put on the outside of the glass. People unjabbed reporting being magnetic. Graphene oxide in the body intended to potentiate 5g kill impulse – see the video of the cyclist who collapsed on an emf impulse published by la quinta columna. Mad scientists trying to put mrna into lettuce..

    • Been tracking the kill switch a lot, lots of trails recently, I suspect it’ll be a backup kill method, if they start revolting against them, when they all realise they’ve basically got Aids in the next month or 2.

      Black Cyrstals, Graphene Oxide, using it in filtration, as a way to get it into the water supply. ( need to get a silver magnet and try my water here )

      Yep on about putting jabs into food MRNA, also MRNA cure for heart disease aswell in mice so far, MRNA ruins the heart and can also fix it LOL

  22. The authorities want you to be completely dependent upon them! They want you to be helpless without them! Then they will have full control over you and they will be able to dictate to you and tell you exactly what to do and when to do it! The authorities will have global power and control! They will be rich and they will have us all as their slaves! But I just tell them to fuck off! Nobody tells me what to do! Everyone knows that!

  23. You have to understand that China is the new and future role model when it comes to organizing the society. The asian mindset is to put the community BEFORE the individual, whereas the western mindset is the opposite.

  24. I think there’s more hyper dependent and it has been that way for years, resulting in a entitlement attitude

  25. Hey @Mbmb, sometimes it’s quite nice just to have a bite-size morsel of truth.

    I wouldn’t characterize the issue of having our God-given individual sovereignty and independence stolen from us as a ‘teeny tiny story’.

    Keep up the good work, @Hugo!

  26. Slow day, he’s making do and having a ramble, as he’s fed up of this BS like all of us, didn’t make you watch it.

    Loads of Kaz video footage on BNT, Expect Putin to move troops in to help and then take it back, there putting the USSR band back together.

  27. Fairly independent here, but not totally – I can’t grow cereal for flour etc. But I agree with Haydn, save seed and if you buy veg seeds then avoid the F1 hybrids as the seed never comes true. Also want a polytunnel as we get battered by winds here. I’ve looked at a few sites – there are a lot of them about so which to choose! Try and grow something – keeps something real even if it is a flower pot with a herb in it on the windowsill. I have found it swings and roundabouts with growing veg. One year is better for beans, another year is better for onions. Not counting the artificial weather interference. Our excess eggs are given away to family and friends, same for excess veg given to family and friends too. I’m so selfish that way. Doubly selfish because I choose not to be stabbed with those experimental serums. The Daily Fail – the comic that my mother loves to read and she passes the old ones on to me so that I recycle it in a much more useful way – no, not loo paper, don’t want that ink on my bottom! I put it under my vintage sewing machines when cleaning them and on the floor when I use the treadles so that I don’t get oil all over the place.

    • I have an even more appropriate use for passed on dailyfail / the times i put them in my rabbits litter tray !

      • Reminded me – at the bottom of the chickens nesting boxes too! Yours is the perfect place!

  28. The shit film was “Divergent” I think, sharp me, give me a few hours and I can remember, errr things maybe.

    Boris scrapping free Lateral PH flow tests, as part of leaked plan to LIVE with this, guess 3 jabs is enough to ruin your immunity after all, saying a few weeks.

    Meanwhile, he’s still DESPERATE to get the 2.4Mil that could be boosted boosted, it’s like his life literally depends on it 🙂

    New 2nd Convid pill out, different maker than Pfizer, no idea on details, not checked into, odds are it’ll be a HIV pill rebranded.

    • I don`t know if you saw it or not Turveyd love. But I posted a link on Hugo`s community forum on Nov 5th 2021 with info about the covid pill from MERSK. How is that for ominous. I spent ages combing the UK Gov database and found the uploaded PDF document from MERSK. It lists every single ingredient. And I do mean literally every single one right down to the ink on the capsule shell. It also contains some very interesting trial data as well. It mentions rats and deaths and actually calls them `early sacrifice`. Someone told me that UK column also covered details about it as well. I haven`t had chance to spend a whole lot of time recently researching the Pfizer one. But you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be the same god damn thing as the with the jabs. The pills whichever brand they try to sell them off as will be the same thing.

      I have a neighbour who has been diagnosed as having long covid and is now being given the pills. I have pleaded , begged. It falls on deaf ears. What can I do.

  29. Did you see Dr Yeadon on with Neil Oliver on GB News tonight? First time he’s been allowed on any MSM I think. It was a little short time-wise but he got his main points in that government have lied to us with bullsh!t false science to induce fear, which was in his opinion done a) to get us all jabbed and b) to enable passports and digital I.D. Shill or not, at least more people may be woken up from their slumber if they see alternative opinions that don’t support the narrative on the telly box for a change.

    • It was great to see the interview of Dr Yeadon on the TV!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine – watched it, thanks. I’m completely willing to accept (and slowly but surely come to terms with) the fact we have been lied to about lots of things by the people who wish to rule and control us.

      • GinaW Yes, and even this dear lady from our history knew The Truth all those years ago:

        “Diseases are not individuals arranged in classes, like cats and dogs, but conditions growing out of one another.

        “Is it not living in a continual mistake to look upon diseases as we do now, as separate entities, which must exist, like cats and dogs, instead of looking upon them as conditions, like a dirty and a clean condition, and just as much under our control; or rather as the reactions of kindly nature, against the conditions in which we have placed ourselves?

        “I was brought up to believe that smallpox, for instance, was a thing of which there was once a first specimen in the world, which went on propagating itself, in a perpetual chain of descent, just as there was a first dog, (or a first pair of dogs) and that smallpox would not begin itself, any more than a new dog would begin without there having been a parent dog.

        “Since then I have seen with my own eyes and smelled with my own nose smallpox growing up in first specimens, either in closed rooms or in overcrowded wards, where it could not by any possibility have been ‘caught’, but must have begun.

        “I have seen diseases begin, grow up, and pass into one another. Now, dogs do not pass into cats.

        “I have seen, for instance, with a little overcrowding, continued fever grow up; and with a little more, typhoid fever; and with a little more, typhus, and all in the same ward or hut.

        “Would it not be far better, truer, and more practical, if we looked upon disease in this light (for diseases, as all experience shows, are adjectives, not noun-substantives):

        “– True nursing ignores infection, except to prevent it. Cleanliness and fresh air from open windows, with unremitting attention to the patient, are the only defence a true nurse either asks or needs.

        “– Wise and humane management of the patient is the best safeguard against infection. The greater part of nursing consists of preserving cleanliness.

        “– “The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.”

        — Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, 1820-1910.

  30. Of course, too many independent people will foil the strategy of enslavement to furlough, the jab, the smartphone apps, jab passports and ultimately comprehensive digital ids. SO let’s all embrace independence (and the stressful and lonely existence that goes with it LOL)

  31. The video was a pertinent observation of the establishment’s abhorrence of independence – because this is a threat to the strategy of enslavement to furlough, the jab, the smartphone apps, the jab passports and ultimately a comprehensive digital id tyranny

  32. I’m fiercely independent, that’s the way I was brought up to be, most parents instil this in their children to become independent. I brought both my son’s to be independent. If they want something in life, they need to work hard to achieve this. Thanks @Hugo for bringing our daily news. xx

  33. if anyone reads the drivel thats sold as news these days then they you do have to question their intellect . due to prolonged mask wearing and lack of oxygen to the brain [people have become a bit thick …but if they actually believe nonsense like that they really are a lost cause..

  34. There was fashion, we wanted to have and wear what others had. Initially out of genuine curiosity and to distinguish, but later to belong. By not participating, you became an outcast. With the introduction of the ‘we-society’ it became increasingly important that you do not speak out, do not engage in difficult conversations, do not express views that differ from mainstream views. As a result, difficult conversations about faith and politics had to be avoided in private and out-of-home meetings. When you did, you were treated as otherworldly or as a schemer. Now we are finally being pushed into a woke society. Identityless, sexless, opinionless. It is just one step in a long process. Sheep, meanwhile, show more individual identity than most people. And meanwhile, the person complains to the other person or to the medical professional that he does not feel heard…

  35. Wouldn’t worry too much. Those of an independent mind are hardly likely to turn to the Daily Fail as any credible source of news. Right, back to my broad bean plants…

  36. Universal basic income is being brought into Ireland for “artists”, people in the entertainment industry. If they accept it they’ll become the Irish governments jesters

  37. Stop buying national newspapers and cancel your online subscribtions to them – bring them down.

  38. Yes, this is were the term “breaking” comes in, there trying to abuse and break us, but there are so many chickens to break it is difficult to not spook them. In there terms! Chickens like alot of domestic animals are completely dependent on there owners, they’ve been breeding and conditioning for this upon generations upon generations. Very similar to China they didn’t become a Communist/Islamic state overnight it took centuries! Of chemical, psychological, dietary and environmental conditioning, indoctrination (not education), selective breeding, narrative controlled information and legal measure to reinforce it, destruction of history, culture, expression and freedom of thought that goes against the will of the state and specifically those who are in power. This is what has been happening here in the UK and Western Free world. Regarding self-sufficiency I also take my own security and safety into MY hands, I am armed and have survival checkpoints all over my area and I am expanding being self-sufficient, prepper means to be prepared for anything (or anything as much as possible) I even know people who have weapons and firearms that are deemed illegal in the UK but these people are good, moral and responsible people. The right to bare arm was scrapped under false and unjustified guns (especially handguns) the only reason why handguns and firearms rights have been cartaled was because a curropt politician was shot! That should have been a reason for hold on to our rights not give them away!!!

    • In addition to being armed, having survival packs and checkpoint. I am also growing my own produce, learning how to build, repair anything and everything myself, also I am researching means of supplying my own utility services if possible my own sewage management, water, electricity and gas in order to beable to supply my own and not be dependent on these thieving rackets! The only thing left for me to get rid of is the Council Tax, Benefit dependency and Council Rent! I am tired of funding these Curropt, Oppressive, Slavery driven, Totalitarian and Orwellian entities that is frankly turned against us all in the most unconscionable ways!

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