Sky Doctor Sajid STAGED? Paving The Way For Pills / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • So you can catch mumps, chicken pox, measles etc, develop antibodies and never get them again (personal experience). But with convid (non existent virus), your antibodies only last for a month or two. Give me a break, when a bunch of lying muppets.

      That’s the difference between a real virus and a made up one though. A real virus does what it does. The made up virus can do anything you like, become anything you like and have any symptom you like that can be added to whenever you like.

    • Its a running commentary to keep you programmed. Think about it!

    • Jesus Christ is your only hope!! Stop putting your hope in this world that is going to be burnt up and trust in Jesus Christ. No good works necessary, belief in Christ alone is the only condition to be saved. He’s coming soon.

      Acts 16:31 – BELIEVE in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

      John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever BELIEVES in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      The blessed hope we have is in the rapture – encourage one another with these words.

      Faith alone in Christ alone.

      • Well said!Without a shadow of a doubt,the only answer is Jesus Christ.
        It’s a narrow path,but it’s the only one that leads to true strength on the inside.
        It looks to me not even the priests or bishops belive or follow the words of Jesus,not in Ireland anyway.

        God bless.

      • @Kate John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

    • I am going to get a big jug of muriatic acid. If they give the option to take pills, I “will” do that. The pills will go straight into a small container of acid. I will inmefiately cover the container until the reaction ends. The chip will say I have compliant. The acid will be dumped down the toilet after the reaction ends. Perfect….

      • Why go through all that? Just tell whoever tries to give them to you to fuck off.

    • If pills are an option provided I do not have to take them in front of anyone, I would opt for that. Of course, I am not going to actually take that poison. I would buy a large jug of muriatic acid. I will pour a little into a small container. I will let the pill dissolve to prove I was compliant. I will dump the small amount of acid down the toilet. Perfect….

    • The virus is in the enjections, and then you got the nasal spray which is also contentious, so they are creating the next pandemic off the back off a plandemic, im someone that’s been forced to detox x3 and im a man with an eating disorder, so as you could probably imagine, anyone with empathy and understanding how incredibly hard it is to stay above all this trickery. This must stop with immediate effect. But I think we all know the answer to that. Hmm

    • Well I know one thing for sure. If they keep taking the vaccine, booster shots and pills, we’ll be able to turn the street lights off.

    • I don’t want to agree with Hugo but he’s never far from the target. Shit shit shit shit shit. Keep digging people, hope is on its way. Pleeeeaaasse!!!

    • Can’t agree Hugo. You are over thinking too many things. The nurses are genuinely scared to speak up. The doc talks total sense yet the evil Javid still tries (and fails) to counter him. Your tangential thought that this is linked to pushing pills may or may not have any truth in it but for now I am just glad someone was able to get some balancing sense to the argument said on MSM. Its a very rare thing we need more of it

  1. Is this a way for the government to backtrack on mandating NHS staff because they’re fearing for their own job????

  2. I have certainly got immunity.Fact is immunity is long lasting ,antibodies do not have effect on viral,infections, very little.So measuring antibodies is useless, we need cellular immunity measured.Look at Dr Sucharit Bhakti for details.
    Staged for sure

    • Yes, apparently the bone marrow stores the immune cells long term (a lifetime?) so they are not detectable in the blood stream. Zero antibodies doesn’t mean zero immunity.

      • I’m a biology student. Simply put.. If you have symptoms (fever, cough) that is your body’s reaction to a cellular response. That is naturally acquired immunity, this is produced by T-cells (thymus). There is also a memory B-cell response (bone).. they are what produces the natural antibodies. Antibodies naturally deplete after infection. Because producing antibodies, uses up body energy, and your body will always save energy where it can. If you have T-cell immunity. It is there for the long term, and completely robust. If you come into contact with the pathogen again, it activates the release of fresh antibodies. The virus can’t infect.

        Instead of antibody testing.. they should be testing for T-cells. And why isn’t the ‘vaccine’ producing T-cell immunity.. hmmm.. 3/4 jabs in!

      • Kez, I was following T-Cel research 18months ago, they shut it down, Faceass blocked any T-Cel posts and made it wasn’t a real thing, why ?? because that would prove the Mk 1 Convid Flu was absolutely nothing like the current Moronic version or the Delta Cold, or the Alpha/popadom version being lack of taste buds vindaloo cold.

  3. These are the HIV pills I’ve been on about, made by pfizer, they started off 1 a day for ever, but there when you get a sniffle, I suspect your immune system is gone if triple Jabbed and you’ll need HIV antiviral pills to fight of a common cold and not die.

    They’ll be 1 per day well 2 as 1 is a HIV drug, for ever soon ofcourse.

    Could be setting up for 6 weekly boosters aswell or maybe 4 weekly.

    Msm still flooding all over and FEAR same time, confusing all.

    French variant stalled and vanished lol

    Cancers fast dead in weeks started, work mate, 2 weeks to get a 4cm growth in his brain. Sped up by jabs, doubt he’ll last 2 weeks 🙁 loads more reporting same 🙁

    • I don’t actually bother with most people now because of this covidd bollocks, and it is all bollocks. I mean come on anyone that can’t see he’s yet another lieing goverment tosspot is beyond help now. I had to have a plumber in my house today and his phone was pinging of to the sound of BBC news. He wasn’t no spring chicken like myself and we spoke about covid , you could see the man was confused.well he spoke I listened. He said everones got an option on covid and there are some people out there that are just arsholes. Oh your standing in one of those arsholes homes mate. I’m paying you to work not call me an arshole. 😂🤣😂 I just can’t be botherd with people , he’s right everybody does have there own options on this bollocks just because iv never had a jab , relised from the get go march 2020 I could smell a rat I’m no arshole. Honestly that BBC news app on his phone was doing my head in. What have they got to report ? Pills now wtf 😳 the world has gone fucking crazy. Never in my life time have I witnessed anything like this. Fucking NAZIS shit.

      • @cazcurwen “Fucking NAZIS shit.”

        Feel free to give us an example of where the German National Socialists had any genocidal programme against the German people.

  4. I agree it’s getting the vaccinated ready to start taking a pill! No thanks I’ll remain un jabbed and I don’t need no pill thank you! My old immune system is doing a great job through this scaredemic!!

  5. I have to agree with Hugo.. this is staged.. there basically setting up a alternate for people who can relate to the doctor who “ didn’t take the vaccine “ it’s that simple.. is it just another ploy to get what ever is in the vax into your body another way.. probably. This isn’t about your health let’s just keep that in our minds always people. Now electronic tablets sending signals to tell them you swallowed it.. wft. This is insane an the ideas they have planned for us is so dark. The people who you just seen sitting around there with suits on.. make no mistake about it.. they are evil controlled souls being controlled. Stay sharp an most important.. don’t let it bother you.. just laugh it off.

  6. Just when you thought maybe this thing is on the way out. Its never going to be gone!

  7. Just Wow.. The Bullshit keeps on coming.. The only thing I agree with is your Immune System is strong.. It would fight any virus just like we used to with the Flu/Colds etc.. Remember those days!

  8. they cut and edit everything to suit their end and their agenda in the media. if they didnt want it put out like that they wouldnt put it out. its there to serve the next leg of their shit show.

  9. Obviously yet another msm staged psyop as all their so called “news” is.
    There is no virus just rebranded flu. We all know their real aim their precious “great reset” don’t be taken in by them.

  10. I’m with you 100% on this one Hugo!
    100% stated, a bit more gaslighting going on there!
    So pleased I don’t watch MSM, they will literally fry people’s brains!
    Just more theatre!
    And that talk of biological microchips from the WEF, doesn’t surprise me at all!
    Now we can see the next step in this.
    As for them needing funding, what’s the betting old Billy boy gates steps up to the mark?

    • Surley now any one that’s had these jabs will see this pill thing and be horrified? Because if you didn’t no before surley the penny has dropped by now ? I mean WTF pills everday . They can fuck right of. No jabs also means no pills . I get emails from my locial council and there desperately working hard round here to get people to have there 1st jab, 🤣😂🤣💯💯💯

  11. It’s definitely an odd question to be asked in that situation. Must’ve partly also been about changing public perception that vaccines are ok because ‘vaccine experts’ have said they are. And those nurses looked nervous/terrified!

    I was horrified by what the Pfizer chief said.

  12. Dont think this one is staged, Hugo. I think loads of people pis*ed off with all this BS and this guy working in hospital came across pretty well .

  13. key fact the doctor has an innapropriate mask compared to everyone else in the video

    • I work in a Hospital,the Mask the Doctor had was appropriate for the situation he was in,people who have been properly fit tested for FFP3 ( the white ) Masks tend to keep them on permanently as they are more of a faff to put them on, whereas a Doctor would be working in different areas ( covid and non-covid) and have to change them as needed.Im 75% in favour of the Video being genuine.

  14. The compliance pill!everything that you do or say,is in the pill!that you took today!in the year 2525!!maybe it’s not just a song?

  15. 100% staged. What a freak show! Just paving the way for what will become daily pills as soon as they can get away with it. Probably start off bi-annually or monthly, then become daily. Too many waking up now for that to happen. WEF behind all evil happening right now and don’t we know it! We’re not fooled. I wonder if the pills will be red or blue LOL

  16. Everything we see on msm has an ulterior meaning and its never for the common good. So yes Hugo you are spot on.

    • Lol. I know it could possibly be staged but, I don’t think this one was. Doctor seemed a bit cross to me. Nurses looked like they didn’t want to answer. Nobody is going to buy into the pill nonsense.

  17. This is totally staged, like everything else on TV News. They are always at least one step ahead and use the failing narrative to usher in other measures. This seems to go largely unnoticed even when people are (half) awake. I can always rely on Hugo to see what I see and call it out.

  18. Looks genuine to me. Why are you so negative all the time Hugo ? You come across as paranoid. Also, it sounds like an expensive pill (with a chip in it). How does it know if I took it rather than gave it to my dog ? Or just flushed it down the toilet ?

    • If your triple+ jabbed and you don’t take the pill and catch a cold, well they’ll know you wasn’t taking it, because you’ll die, no passport or proof required.

      I wondered the same, as no way to prove you swallowed it daily, but it’s HIV meds that need to be taken daily to stop literal death from Aids.

  19. I think it is just a cynical ploy to disgruntled NHS staff, to say… Hey, we’re listening.. when it’s just lip service. They know the mandate is an unpopular authoritarian and draconian move, so are just trying to appear empathetic and humane. He has the final say though when he mentions he gets his info/advice from vaccine experts..a nice little f-you at the end

  20. the Convid pill will be needed to keep the jabbed alive as the next cold to them will be the Convid they where all promised 2years ago, they’ll buy it’s a new convid super deadly when really it’s just they have no immune system what so ever.

    Then you have control over the stupid masses, behave, eat insects, sell your home to the government for 6p and rent it back for ever, or no magic pills and your dead next sniffles.

    • Time will tell if that’s the outcome, now we have triple-jabbed people everywhere, soon to be quadruple-jabbed. Not long to see the effects. I’m deeply upset they are still going for the kids though, still on about jabbing 5+ year-olds to stop “cases” of a common cold that doesn’t even affect them. Even JCVI say it’s a no-no for goodness sake. World gone mad!

  21. The last clip did you hear compliance piss off you disgusting human this is getting beyond a joke now all of this bs my step dad has cancer and has just been told today that if he does not have his vaccines they won’t do operation on him who give them the right to play god unfortunately I was not there with him because I would have told him a few truths we all need to just hope people wake soon and quick other wise that is the sort of crap we have to deal with so all us unvaccinated won’t be getting treatment people vaccinated or not need to say enough now

    • That’s sick, and if he has the jabs and any cancer left it’ll be explosive and he’s dead aswell, FFS this world has gone stupid.

      A Jab that after 8weeks, you might aswell of not had in there words obviously does ZERO for the colds/flus going around, worse than actually.

      Sorry dude!! 🙁

  22. YES Hugo Spot On As Allways………………………… Been Watching vid’s & keeping up,,, aint said shit coz got to watch me stress levels .. Nuff Said on that

    100% Staged as it all is on the media whore networks of bullshit & Yeah Compliance ………………….
    Nurse Rachid can fuckity Right Off & Shove Her Pills Up Her
    & She Can Use This To Do It
    & Have Seen the british heart fundation ad’s…………………… With the graphine oxide flowing through the vein before The Girl Drops On Her Pitch … CUNTS !!!!

  23. The situation feels authentic and natural and the body language seems to be authentic also. Javid even has a dig at the end saying “We take the very best advice we can! From people that are Vaccine experts” hmm and he even slips up and says “Yeah we are” to the opinion that you can’t give boosters every month!! So he intends to make it so that these jabs are ongoing forever.

    • According to some ‘stand in the park’ people I know, say this Doctor is genuine, but as we all know anything that appears in the MSM is vetted and censored before being transmitted. …I believe he went as far as he felt comfortable within the context of their flawed narrative.

      He did miss an opportunity though to pose an obvious and fundamental question namely

      “The experimental modified gene therapies that are misleadingly labelled ‘vaccines’ are responsible for hundreds of thousands adverse events and thousands of deaths. They do not prevent the recipient from catching the modified ‘gain of function’ influenza strain labelled covid-19 or indeed transmitting it, so it begs the question what actually is the point of this jab? …and why are you cooercing NHS staff to have it? unless it is about ‘introducing wider control’ and to ‘usher in’ a tyrannical society!

      Obviously the reason why the NHS is under mounting pressure is not because of convid isolation absences, but because staff are leaving in droves rather than have a kill shot.

      • Yes mate, the Doc did ‘skirt around the edges’ a bit, when he cut have ‘cut to the mustard’ and really put Jabbit on the spot. On 2nd viewing I realised that the Doc accepted Jabbits put-down, that Jabbit would consult HIS experts about what to do AND that there were other opinions that other Docs had, far too easily! By now, we know, all there is to know, about virology, germs, infections etc through 1000’s of years of research, so when the Doc said about antibodies etc, thats the end game, nothing more to add, thats how it works….. Jabbits ‘experts’ and their opinions can’t alter all the facts about these things. But Doc accepted Jabbits comments too easily instead of arguing the toss and eventually, like I would have done, knocked him out for questioning my qualified knowledge! 🥊

  24. Hmmm these people are always up to new tricks. I actually wondered why they would air this since it’s contrary to their proposal. So I don’t doubt it being staged. You can’t trust these people…this is why I always wait for Hugo’s verdict. Thank you very much Hugo you confirmed my hunch.

  25. He’s a medical professional he’s mentioning mere antibodies? There’s t cells that retain life long immunity after any illness, there’s tonnes of things going on in the body beyond antibodies. I find that suspicious for sure. Meek NHS workers shrugging. He seemed pissed off yet meek too.

  26. Just throw that smart pill into glas of cola and it will dissolve the same as if is in you…
    Or in something similar.. There is always a way… They can tell for now…

  27. One sentence that boils my blood… ‘I had covid’.

    • And here’s another iv got long covid, 🤣💯🤣🤣 ffs what a shame.

  28. I agree Hugo, ‘looks like a big sell for the pills. Even if it wasn’t deliberate (Ha Ha), then it will still be grist to the mill for the pills.
    I note the huge put down for the doctor when Savid Javid said ” I shall take advice from a real expert, someone who has experience of vaccines”. Feck me, I’d have ripped his head off for that.

    • Yes, a real vaccine expert…Bill Gates probably.
      It struck a chord with me too that bit!

    • Don’t no if this doctor is genuine are not maybe he is just piss off with the bullshit anyone who hasn’t took these Japs is certainly not going to take there pills he got one thing in about his immune system really the worlds a stage just say no to any thing these scumbags want to pump into you you know by now they don’t want to protect you are your children please wake up protect yourself and your family

  29. Convid Pfizer pill got approved Xmas day of all days, but supply issues as they need BILLIONS of them and the HIV pill literally you take it with.

    From the German data 3 jabs + time is all that is need to reduce your immunity to anything to 0.00001% there saying by the end of Jan, but April would do.

    So no more jabs needed, why there saying 4th jab, not needed currently, mission accomplished.

    Why they want 100% jabbed, kill most and the 1’s left, depend on there pill so can’t exactly rise against them, or no pills and dead.

    That’s the plan from the look of it 🙁 Even when the jabbed start dying on mass, they’ll spin it and literally force us to join them.

    • Even those of us that don’t take the pills it will end up in the drinking water supply like hormones from contraceptive pills.

      • Not an issue to us, we dont need them but they won’t harm us, slightly help even.

        Ofcourse there is no way they’ll let not controlled people off, we can fight back!

  30. Its staged I dont trust none of the MSM it was too good to be true

  31. cadbury cream eggs back. yes probably to get nano particals in the body for the track and trace app, (transhumanism) 100% not a cure, because there no virus to begin with

  32. I am sorry but what the f**k do they teach GP’s and doctors these days? Anyone who mentions the words ‘Delta’ and ‘Omicron’ without laughing out loud is clearly an utter cretin. Listen mate – there was NEVER a virus, there was and IS NO variants therefore. Its all a con. How does a doctor seriously think that the effectiveness of a “vaccine” can “wear off”???? Does he know nothing about how the body and its immune system works???? God help me.

    • Nick Hall@ Halleluiah! Exactly! There is no virus! The so called awake community seems not to know this and they continue with “i had covid” nonsense. Q>How do you know? A> Oh I had a positive PCR test. John O’Looney living up to his name with similar nonsense. GOD help us.

    • @Nick Hall “I am sorry but what the f**k do they teach GP’s and doctors these days?”

      How to prescribe toxic drugs in order to make their lemming patients drug dependent and with no foreseeable cure.

  33. I’m in 2 minds it could be staged but could be not, what throws me is sky posted this then immediately after they cut off the last 20seconds

  34. Fuck this site is shite. Anyone else had massive problem’s posting absolutely anything ?

  35. It could be staged but maybe to pave the way to change the mandate so it does not happen.

  36. You are absolutely bang on hugo it’s all staged …

  37. Research the micro needle array patch, a sticky plaster with fine needle like projections that contain what ever they want to give. No nurse or doctor required. The patch can be posted out and the person applies it themselves.
    Anthony Patch has been exposing this for a while now.

  38. I believe I may have been the chosen victim for what has been termed “patient zero” when all this nonsense began in March/ April 2020. In case you’re wondering what patient zero is, basically I may have been the first in the UK to be targeted – if I can emphasize that word targeted – with this coronavirus. This theory is reinforced by the fact that I was previously targeted with the most serious influenza strain on at least three separate occasions beginning in 2016. Interestingly, where the flu completely incapacitated me for weeks and then took weeks to recover from, this coronavirus simply gave me a nasty cough whereby I continued to ride my bicycle and go for long walks. Nobody else in the tiny Yorkshire Dales village of Dent showed any symptoms. Then the pubs closed. Then the sheep were standing outside clapping. Deny, Disrupt, Discredit.. this is how the killer government operates when it identifies a target

  39. Sajid is one of those little aliens from the vending machine in toy story one.
    Apparently he and his wife met over a stapler.
    How riveting for the boring little untrustworthy, crook, who has gotten everywhere for being an alien, apart from respect.

  40. Theres a 4th jab out now you got to have no kidding just see it

  41. All CONvid is is a rebranding of the Flu or pneumonia .And the governments are using psychosis to spread fear amongst the populace…The SHEEP NEED TO WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TO LATE

    • I fear it is too late for many….l will be kind…as this Christmas/New Year has been grim for much anger around…

    • Yep 100%!

      But looks like too late, immunity to anything is gone with 3 jabs, they’ve won, they’ll come hard for us, very hard!

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