Sky Doctor Sajid STAGED? Paving The Way For Pills / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. I have read all comments on here and on Carl Vernon’s site and have stayed silent but it remains that most see this as Genuine but I do agree it is about pushing the ‘Transmittor Pill’

  2. little bold prick..xome round my house let me beat u to a pulp you low life fkin scum…you need assassinating..go die with cancer u cunt

  3. 100% agree this is totally staged, totally set up, from the participants the way they have been chosen to the primed questions. Total utter bullshit MSM reporting. But hey if your surprised by that your still asleep 🤪

    • Looking at this again it does appear to be staged. Nurses not giving no answers but the Dr did and Savid couldn’t give a decent reply

  4. I was sispicious when it was broadcast on Sky as all other dissenting voices are cut. Maybe you’re right Hugo

  5. When it was reported on MSM BBC NEWS CHANNEL they left out the beginning of what the doctor said and only said he did not want the vaks because the science did not add up. NOTHING about having had covid and natral immunity or working on the C0vld ward/ICU during the whole paindemic. They don’t want people to rely on naturally acquired immunity because if the do the vakzines will be null and void very soon.

  6. We live with idiots (people) who say “i had it, i know someone that had it or got it”…
    People almost enjoy some sort of self importance around it…
    Far as i am concerned they can have pointless jabs and take swabs not designed for the job there doing…
    If a two tier society happened i rather be a free thinker than a slave…

    • I agree with you! A Free Thinker is far better than being a Zombie Drone, just following orders etc. Live Free , my like-minded friend. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone 💪

    • My husband being one of them took the test came up positive I had to self isolate as he had informed NHS yes I will admit he wasn’t well for awhile but it was only what we’ve always had the flu after rest and bed rest he recovered oh and he had 2 jabs so that didn’t work I got it from him yes I felt rough for a couple of days but got over it bed rest what we used to do years ago and no I didn’t have the jabs and got over it quicker than what my husband did

      • @Jacqueline Angus As long as you realise that colds and flu are not contagious. Colds and flu as contagions is all part the Germ Theory BS that’s been around since Victorian times = 100% a myth. Colds and flu are just bodily responses to toxic poisons in our systems – a purging. These are caused over time by lack of good sleep, bad diets or poor nutrition, emfs from wifi, household pollutants and toxins in our environment at large.

      • Them jabs supress the immune system and jabbed folk get more unwell…they really are the blind leading the blind people getting them things…even that nhs app they brought out originally was just a prototype for the jab pass…
        I was called foolish when i knew them jabs was for them passes for society and travel only…
        Even now on clinical trial pages them boosters are on just stage 2 and inactivated jabs meaning they last 2-3 months only…and all previous jabs come under experimental…none are worth anything with no longterm safety or efficeincy data…

  7. A year ago, I would have said that your take on this video is complete paranoid bollocks. Now, not so anymore.

  8. Yes, nowadays you can’t really know what is re or staged. It may very well what you said Hugo, it can also just be genuine. Especially as the Health Minister initial reaction was showing through he was pretty annoyed. And I saw some people in the comments said that other news stations left out some of the doctors arguments to make him seem like an anti-vaxxer. The doctor makes sense. My wife had covid in December 2020 and she has tested for antibodies from time to time and after a year she still has high levels of antibodies.
    But as I said it’s the MSM so who the heck knows if it was staged or not…

  9. MSM are censored, so the people are only allowed to see and hear what they wish you to know. So much for a free press. I would like to see everyone cancel the BBC license fee and stop buying newspapers.

    • Better still the BBC should be stripped of their licence to broadcast as they are incapable of accurate news reporting. They are also one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations and actively encourage child abuse.

  10. Surely it would make sense to create test for immunity and antibodies, then only those who have low immunity should be considered to be vaccinated.
    I have had covid, just fel like man-flu with loss of smell, but I have good immunity so had good recovery.

  11. “Electronic” pills on the way. The long term objective is to change human DNA for good and make humans compliant under the control of a World Government and World Bank. This criminality will only end if we reform the Central Banks and our money creation system.

  12. why would you belive anything in the MSM … we all know they have an agenda and arent capable of telling the truth …theyre bought and paid for have been for years ..their job is to shape and influence the population’s minds… not report on the news….

  13. I knew there was something odd about it but couldn’t work out what it was. Thank you Hugo for explaining what that could possibly be.

  14. Well done Hugo!

    Of course it is staged.

    It might be the doctors are assembling against it so the video is primarily to address that problem.
    First of all is to confirm the main narrative that the virus is behind all of this.
    But even if he opposes them according to my poll people in the opposition who believe that the virus exists it’s ONLY 26%.

    The rest does not believe in COVID: 39% thinks it does not exist and the next 32% that the whole VIROLOGY is a FAKE SCIENCE (viruses do not exist).
    But you can see this 26% is pretty close to the mainstream agenda so they can only allow for them to appear on MSM to actually backup / to support the Agenda only question the deadly vaccines bit. But don’t forget that the same doctors kill people with Midazolam, Remdesivir and the ventilators combo. Did the doctor mentioned anything about that?

    Well done Hugo that you don’t trust anyone

    “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see” Richard D. Hall

    • By now 100% of people should have worked out that covid doesnt exist. If there was a deadly pandemic we would have seen people dropping down dead in the streets or in supermarkets as they picked up their shopping off the shelves. And why were all the hospitals empty in April 2020? And allegedly Boris had covid (or so claimed the beeb). But where were the pics of him in ICU and how did he manage to make such a remarkable recovery???

      • Johnson had a cough with a positive test turns out and sore throat….
        Bearing in mind PCR and lateral flow tests dont pick up sickness or infection it was just a publicity stunt…
        Whole thing is a sick agenda for profit and control…
        All variants are just rebranded common ailments under a different name….
        Delta (flu) Omnicrap (common cold)…etc…
        They rebrand everything under this “covid” umbrella…
        Now they increased the cycles on them swabs to gain more false positives which have gone through the roof..
        It amazes me how many people have been fooled by it but will learn the hard way eventually…

      • Correct my like-minded friend. The sheep are so desperate for LFT etc ( due to controlled availability…. make/tell there’s a scarcity and EVERYONE needs it! ) they are asking on fakebook and local community forums if anyone has any ‘spare tests’. They are panicking to get tested for a cold….. FFS! 🙄

      • What a great comment! I agree fully with every word you have said.

  15. So in effect the Jabbed have been turned into HIV patients forever dependent on oral medication for what will be the rest of their lives. And Big Pharma went happy with that they also want to monitor your compliance with the revenue stream. Absolute Cattle 🐮 herding at its finest. The Jabbed have been completely deceived due to their gullibility and ignorance. I genuinely feel sorry for them though because as foolish they have been they are all victims. The sooner they awake the sooner they can stand with the awake and join in the fight if not for them but for their and our children. My advice is don’t ridicule the awakening jabbed embrace them we need as many awake as we can get it’s our duty to Humanity. Anyone who can carry still carry a sword into battle is not a lost cause. Keep the faith and keep strong, we and heading for choppy water but we will come through it. Trust in Jesus Christ and don’t be swayed.

    • The number of people on our bus can only get larger, IMO. At this point in time, none of the Vaccine-Free folk will ever have a jab. However, some/lots/many of the jabbed will/could realise the scam and come over to our way of thinking, or if not that far, will stop being so complicit and the jabbed numbers will deplete either through death or a change of mindset. Hopefully, our numbers will rise quickly……and then see where we go from there.

  16. @stuart I’ve been wondering for a long time if the scariants are just Covid 2020 rebranded. And why is it they suddenly appear shortly before something good happens. The most recent is obviously Omicron appearing before the build up to Christmas. I’m wondering if another will appear before valentines day which is only about a month away (almost)

    • Yeah
      he is making some BIG coinage ain’t he!

      Unfortunately we are intelligent people so it’s going take a bit more than this man’s Staged moment
      for me.
      As we say so much on here,,,
      who knows …
      They Lie so much!!!

    • How do you know the doc in the video is called Steve James?

      • I wasn’t questioning ‘ Steve Jones ‘ credentials. I wanted to know how you knew HIS name WAS ‘Steve Jones’ . Was it mentioned in the report, in the newspapers or where? That’s all.

  17. 100% staged doc ops. if he is a real doctor carrying his patients, he should ask Javid about yellow card system, people are suffering sick and dead of these experimental vaccines and not about booster.

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